Special Appearance: Cincinnati Pitcher & Avid Collector Bill Bray Stops By Panini HQ

Part of the excitement of being on the Panini America marketing team is you really never know what you’re walking into on any given day.  Friday morning started off with a bang, as our email inbox chimed with a note from Product Development Director Ben Ecklar asking if someone from the marketing team would be available to conduct a quick interview with Cincinnati Pitcher and noted trading card collector, Bill Bray.

After taking a tour of the Panini America facilities, Bray sat down with Panini’s own Scott Prusha to talk baseball and collecting.  As you’ll see from the video, Bray is not only well-versed out of the bullpen (career year last season), he’s also a card collecting guru.  He first appeared in Panini baseball product as a top prospect in 2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition (see image in gallery) and now, he’s not only looking forward to seeing his new cardboard in upcoming Panini America baseball releases – he’s also ecstatic about busting some packs.

Enjoy the ensuing video and image galley.  Make sure to post your comments about the interview for a chance to win the autographed baseball Bray left behind during his visit.


11 Replies to “Special Appearance: Cincinnati Pitcher & Avid Collector Bill Bray Stops By Panini HQ”

  1. Awesome that Bray is a TRUE collector! Great to have a guy on both sides of collecting who is EXCITED about the Donruss product. And I cracked up when he put the one pack between his teeth 🙂 Looking forward to this product, Panini!

  2. Its great to see another reds player there at Panini you had x=player reds josh hamilton and now Bill Bray what great interview with a really good closer for the reds ,I like the fact that he loves to collect and bust open packs of cards and has a sport cards room as I do ive been a huge reds for 42 yrs I went to there to new stadium 3 yrs ago and seen them play a 3 game series they won all three games I was pumped they did that and saw ken griffy and joey votto both hit monster home runs I really tried to get them and other players to sign some baseballs but couldnt any to sign I was bummed but the experience was still great I love cinn reds stadium is really awesome go reds in 2012 there getting some really great pitchers this could be the year they go all the way and win the world series and Bill Bray will be part of that cool.

  3. Cool interview. Nice to see athletes as collectors as well. Sweet baseball. Pitchers are the most important players on the field. You cannot win without em. It doesnt matter if you score 10 runs, if you cant pitch and stop the other team. He is going to be a great one.

  4. Pretty sweet interview…so neat to see a pro athlete who still collects and is enthused about it and understands the perspective of true collectors…seemed like a great guy and hope to see more pros visit the Panini HQ’s and tell us about their tales

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