Special Panini Unwrapped World Premiere: 2012 Prominence Football (& Checklist)

Join Panini America's Carlos Torrez and Tracy Hackler for a special four-box bust of the new 2012 Prominence Football, out in hobby shops across the country today. In this revealing break, Torrez sheds light on the product's multicolor base-set chase and Hackler reveals the details of a special Robert Griffin III scavenger hunt of sorts.

Join Panini America’s Carlos Torrez and Tracy Hackler for a special four-box bust of the new 2012 Prominence Football, out in hobby shops across the country today. In this revealing break, Torrez sheds light on the product’s multicolor base-set chase and Hackler reveals the details of a special Robert Griffin III scavenger hunt of sorts.

You can also find the complete checklist for the product after the jump, as well as a chance to win the best hits pulled as well as a few boxes.

Here’s the checklist: 2012 Panini Prominence FB Checklist

To be eligible to win the some great Prominence goodies, simply follow these quick, painless steps:

1. Subscribe to The Knight’s Lance by clicking the “Sign me up!” in the upper-right corner of the page, follow the Panini America Twitter account and like Panini America on Facebook.

2. Tell us which of the five Rookie Card types incorporated into 2012 Prominence Football that you like the best ( Autographed Nameplate LettersAutographed NFL Team Field PlatesAutographed Team Logo PatchesAutographed NFL Team Helmets or Autographed Event-Worn Jersey Cards) and why.

We’ll give you a week or so to leave your responses and then pick winners next week.

Thanks for watching, good luck and enjoy.


65 Replies to “Special Panini Unwrapped World Premiere: 2012 Prominence Football (& Checklist)”

  1. I like the autographed Letters best because it gives you a chance to complete a set of names. Putting together a set is fun and enjoyable and once that set is finally complete it brings you much joy.

  2. My favorite rookie card type has definitely got to be the helmet autographs. Typically when you get a relic card it’s of a jersey or a jersey patch. The helmet idea is so unique and such a neat thing to have in a collection, especially if its someone you like to super-collect. Also, some of the helmets have such cool designs on them, and then add in the shiny-factor that everyone loves and you get an incredible card.

  3. 1. All set there!

    2.Autographed Nameplate Letters, Autographed NFL Team Field, Autographed NFL Team Helmets are quite a battle going on…But I gotta narrow it down…for me…the winner…of the three…is Autographed NFL Team Field by a narrow margin over the other two. I just really like the design on these. They stand out and would look so sick putting a set together of!

  4. The field plates are nice, but what I like about the typical-looking rookie jersey auto is that the player is big (more than just a head like on the nameplates) and they seem to “pop” out at you. I noticed that even on the Legends cards, the players have a nice three dimensional look which many cards now days just do not have.

  5. Cool stuff!!! I love the autographed Field plates!! Make sure I get one every year for the player I’m gonna PC. Cool to incorporate different elements from R&S, Gridiron and Threads and make it into a one pack product. Looks really nice!!! Love that you guys pulled a SANUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! GO RUTGERS baby!!!!!

  6. First off I really like the base rookie auto die-cuts thought you had done a great job on those…….although I did not get to see one in this break I am rather fond of the autographed NFL team helmets ….I pulled one quite a few years back of Reggie Wayne ever since then I found them really way cool….Thanks for the break…

  7. I love the autographed team helmets the best because it reminds me how cool it is to see an autograph on a mini helmet:) Thanks again Panini for another great product:)

  8. Loving the Autographed NFL Field Plates!! They autos look sharp and the field plates are really unique. I’d love to get my hands on one! The Doug Martin in the video is really magnificent.

  9. I’m a fan of the Field plates mainly because of how unique they are, plus they look sweet!!!! Thanks for the contest you guys at Panini rock!!!

  10. 1. I’ve been subscribed for a little over half a year now, as well as liking you on Facebook. I love your videos and previews for upcoming releases.
    2. I love the Autographed NFL Team Field Plates. When you blogged about them a short time ago with the quality control pictures, I really liked the Trent Richardson auto field plate. I also can’t wait to get my hands on some boxes in hopes of winning the scavenger hunt!

  11. Liked you on twitter! Liked you on Facebook! And following you here!
    I would have to say my favorite set are the auto field plates. In my opinion using the coolest technology. Also it is really cool how the whole field is captured not just part of it. Each end zone unique with the team name. My goal of this product is to get all the Stephen Hill Autographs. Thanks for this contest.

    – Mark

  12. Autographed nameplate letters are really cool to try to make a set out of. I was already following on facebook and twitter so signing up for this was painless. thanks for the contest Tracy

  13. I’m going with the Auto jersey card but this whole thing is just sweet…so glad I caught this video or I might have missed out on getting myself a box..thanks guys!

  14. Im feeling another sold out product! prominanace looks great, adds a different aspect to collecting with all the different rookie card possibilities! gonna be a fun chase for me, a set builder, im thrilled for this release! great job! my favorite thing about prominanace is torn between the field autos and the helmet autos. the helmets are just a different element than a plain jersey or something, they stood out really well in previous products and were beautiful. i like the whole idea in general of adding alot of different elements of collecting and putting them all into one product! gives attraction to all cause everyone has there collecting preference, and now we can get it all in one product! you guys have out done yourself, once again!! congrats Tracy and team!

  15. My son loves the Field auto’s, After watching the break he already has me looking for the Martin, I loved how they looked. I cannot wait to get my hands on these Cards.

  16. Done- I absoluely love the autographed nameplate letters because who doesn’t want an autograph on a part of game worn memorabilia! Thanks again Panini for another great product:)

  17. Great looking set as always Panini! I love the die-cuts incorporated into the Rookie autos and jersey cards.

    1. Done.
    2. I like the NFL Team Logo Patches the best of the rookie cards. They all have a nice design, but the patches really do it for me. Excellent job!

    Hail to the Redskins!

  18. I like the autographed nameplate letters because I love how you can make the whole name. When yoiu complete their name it just looks so cool and you feel good about yourself…and you can brag to your friends:).

  19. did I see ….. DIECUTS !!! 🙂 ….. auto’s and mem !!! 🙂 absolutely love it bud ….. been waiting for a 2012 set featuring both 🙂

    also love how you mixed the field auto’s and lettermen into the set, kind of like Epix, R&S, and Crown Royale all in one pack 🙂

    thanks for the great contest, good luck to all that enter, and look forward to seeing Prominence as soon as it crosses the border 🙂

  20. Great stuff as usual on Panini. I prefer the Team Logos Autograph as they seem to really pop out and I like to show my students at the school I teach at that those things that have a WOW factor – y’all know that kids today never have anything that fazes them so its gotta stick out!!

  21. I think that the autograph team logo patches is very unique and It makes this product what it is which is a awesome product! Btw. Subscribe to the knights lance (check). Follow panini on twitter (check). Like panini on Facebook (check). Love panini!!!!!

  22. Helmet cards. They display nicely. I enjoy cards for the “art” factor as well as the pure sports aspect. Very visually appealing. Helmet cards always incite a “Wow”!

  23. Well it might be a little to late to win but i still got somethin to say about this product! Out of all the products that have come out so far this product ive been waiting for the most to come out! I love what Panini has done wit the product! My fav insert set is deff the Auto nameplate latters! So ill be deff hunting for some of those puppies!!!

  24. 1 – Done and done

    2 – Definitely the letter patches! Spelling your name with your favourite pro’s signature, now that’s fun!

  25. Nice looking product, the different color levels sounds pretty cool.
    Of the choices, I would have to lean towards the autographed NFL Team Helmet cards but would prefer if they were hard signed.
    The Nameplate Letters, Team Field Plates and Team Logo Patches are just fancy sticker autos and quite a few end up with obstructed autographs, as players end up signing areas that will be covered up by the card design.

  26. I like the Autographed Nameplate Letters the best because its fun to try to finish the nameplate the design is nice and although they are manufactured nameplates its still fun to try to complete the players name or even make your own words.

  27. Outstanding job Panini!
    Done-I love the autograph nfl field plates because the autograph designs on the fields contrast amazingly with the background color. Thanks for another great product. Keep up the great work Panini!

  28. Joined

    The field plate autographs look great. Even though it could be considered a sticker, it gives it the on card field that I really like.

    Can’t wait to see who get those 3 x I’s

  29. I love the Auto Nameplate Letters, they are great to display and show off to friends and clients! Thanks for another opportunity to win, hope I win this time. Last night I was told at my local card shop that I was the barometer for what I think is hot and is coming out and what they should order. Most of that is thanks to your daily blog e-mails and videos.

  30. Done- Great job Panini!
    I love the autographed logo patches because an autograph on an nfl team patch looks awesome and is something I would be more than happy to add to my collection. Keep up the super work Panini!

  31. To be honest in my opinion the nicest cards out of this set are not the rookies, I like the Illustrious Signatures of the Legends numbered to 30, My first box of Prominence and I pulled the Junior Seau, I’m sure I will not complete that set but I am going to give it my best shot.

  32. Done-Fantastic job Panini!
    I love the autographed name plate letters the best becuase the autograph color fades into the background of the name plate letter and looks amazing! Thanks Panini for another awesome product.

  33. First of all: Love the LEGENDS cards with the player in color and the black and white background! Very classy and classic!

    Anyway, subscribed, but not on facebook/twitter (sorry).

    I’ve always liked the NFL Team Field autos because they represent the game so much. I don’t mind the helmets, logos, or event-worn cards, but the autograph on that green football field with the team name at each end makes the card look like a mini football stadium. Hey, here’s a thought-make the auto on the field and make the card around it resemble the home stadium (like Lincoln Financial Field for Eagles Autos). Sorta like a blimps-eye view looking down on the field. Maybe it’s just me but that would be cool.

    Thanks again for another great video!!

    PS-I didn’t appreciate the Vick fumbling comment near the beginning. It only hurts because it is true (hahahaha).

  34. I am all signed up to the knights lance, follow on twitter, like on facebook. I am socially connected to Panini!
    Great video – i enjoy the still shots of the hits that bring them closer to the screen so we can see them better. I enjoy all of the rookie card types, and i have chased some of the nameplates in the past, but i think my favorite is the NFL Team Field Plates. I am a big Lions fan so i think the auto over the replica field is just a cool idea. These are always the ones that as i look through the different types that catch my eye and make me stop and look at them.
    Thanks again for the break and the video!

  35. Done, and i love them all but if i had to choose it would be the autographed nameplate letters, i just love those and i will be lookig out for GRIFFIN, and i love the brian quick auto patch.

  36. The auto jersey cards are the best! My favorite player is Robert Griffin the 3rd!I like jerseys because its cool that the players wore that material and authographs say it all! Please pick me!

  37. First, thanks for another great give-away! I like the Autographed NFL Team Helmets, there classic and sharp looking.

  38. I really like the team logo patches, I am a big fan of Panini and Prominence Football! Hope I win the contest/giveaway!

  39. Well unfortunately getting a box of this didn’t pan out like I mentioned above. Not giving up though. Xmas is coming. And ima hoping.

  40. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this contest. Your feedback is invaluable and will continue to help us shape our products. After a quick visit to random.org, we have our five winners. Congratulations to The Issue Fixer, Roger Blough, Frank Foster, fatcatt and Ryan Garris. We’ll be in touch soon to get your mailing address. To everyone else, thank you — and stay tuned for a similar contest coming soon with the Panini Unwrapped episode starring 2012 Certified Football.

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