Stick with Math: Productive Ways to Use the Official NBA Sticker & Card Collection when You’re Stuck at Home

Although the word “collection” is a big part of Panini America’s Official 2019-20 NBA Sticker & Card Collection, there’s plenty more to do with it than just collect it. In fact, with just a little guidance and some free time, it can serve as a valuable and entertaining educational resource. And since we all seem to have more than our fair share of free time right about now, well, we’re going to provide the resources required to teach a bona fide math lesson using this year’s collection.

After the jump, we provide links to helpful PDF documents that offer DIY guidelines for Elementary and Secondary math lessons as well as a fun, statistics-based “Who Am I?” game. Enjoy the insight and if you play your cards (and stickers) right, your stay-at-home students might not even know they’re doing math.

Elementary Lesson

Secondary Lesson

Who Am I?

Panini America’s official 2019-20 NBA Sticker & Card Collection is available now at the official online store of Panini America.


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