Stunners Abound in Panini America’s Immaculate, LaLiga Prizm Blockchain Lineups This Week

April 05, 2021

Bona fide collection-makers featuring Patrick Mahomes II, Justin Herbert, David Beckham and more headline the Panini Blockchain lineup this week as 2021 Immaculate Blockchain and 2021 LaLiga Prizm Blockchain unveil a plethora of new stunners.

Just as with the recently completed 2021 National Treasures Blockchain and 2020 Trifoce Blockchain offerings, purchasing the 2021 Immaculate Blockchain and 2021 LaLiga Prizm Blockchain digital cards on the Panini Blockchain site entitles the buyer to receive the physical version of the card free with the purchase.

Each week’s new cards will be released to purchase on Mondays beginning at 10 a.m. CST through the Panini Blockchain site or by using the Panini Direct app. The cards will be sold in a Dutch Auction format with prices dropping incrementally until the card is sold. Week 1’s cards are available now.

By using the Panini Blockchain site, collectors will be able to maintain ownership of their Blockchain digital cards and also have the ability to auction the cards securely on the Panini Blockchain to other buyers. In addition, collectors can search the Panini Blockchain site for other auctions. In the near future, the Panini Blockchain site will offer additional functionality such as personal galleries, ownership histories for individual cards and more.

In the must-see gallery below, we offer a glimpse at all of the spectacular cards available this week.