Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks a Box of 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball (Contest)

Basketball fans, rejoice. For while the NBA regular season is still 12 days away, the NBA collecting regular season starts . . . now. Hot off the presses, Panini America's 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball arrives in hobby shops across North America today with a loaded rookie class, a bold, colorful design that captures most of the offseason's biggest player moves, hits aplenty and two autographs per box. In short, one of the hobby's most endearing brands provides a perfect start to the new season.

Basketball fans, rejoice. For while the NBA regular season is still 12 days away, the NBA collecting regular season starts . . . now. Hot off the presses, Panini America’s 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball arrives in hobby shops across North America today with a loaded rookie class, a bold, colorful design that captures most of the offseason’s biggest player moves, hits aplenty and two autographs per box. In short, one of the hobby’s most endearing brands provides a perfect start to the new season.
In the gallery that follows, we showcase just some of what 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball has in store by taking you pack by pack through one enjoyable box that delivered 34 Rookie Cards and 24 inserts or parallels. Take some time to appreciate the imagery and when you’re done, tell us two simple things in the comments section below: 1) What you like most about this year’s release and 2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season. On Sunday, we’ll pick 10 commenters at random and each will receive their very own box of 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball.



118 Replies to “Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks a Box of 2016-17 NBA Hoops Basketball (Contest)”

  1. 1. i like the hot signature of this years product and the design is so Great and mayny Inserts to have this year.
    2. I want to see next season is add more inserts and autos please i want a james harden auto in every product 😀 thanks panini.

  2. 1. I love the inserts in this year set. It is nice to see the inserts are still numbered so they can hold value. 2. I would love to see more on card auto’s. I know this product is not one of the higher end products, but I would love to see these medium end products receive on card autos.

  3. I would not change a thing! this product is awesome especially for the pricepoint 2 hits and lots of numbered inserts. Very simple design and I love the action shots!

  4. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    I love the Highlights, this gives flashbacks on last years season
    2) What you would like to see added for next season
    “Commentators Corner” We hear them on every game but how about before the season starts. Their predictions on how the top rookies will do in their first year or how well will a veteran player due on their new team.

  5. Parralels are really cool because they habe such a large view of the shot still. Pretty good inserts with specific game stats too.The only thing really missing is jersey patches and maybe on-card auto’s.

  6. The foil looks really good on the inserts and its really cool that the parallels are all numbered! However the veteran auto checklist seems really weak and no kobe all rookies this yr?
    Premierhobby Singapore

  7. I love the inserts and parallels in this year’s release.
    Only thing I would like to see changed is the Rcs having on card signatures.. But overall great product for the price point

  8. Another year and another great release of hoops. I LOVE THE BASE CARD DESIGN.
    I tried to find something to change but I can’t so great job Panini

  9. I like the foil parallels, especially on the autos.
    For the future is like to see a new design for the Hot Rookies/Hot Sigs. I haven’t been too pleased by the aesthetics of the design for a couple of years now. I actually think going in a simpler direction would be ok considering that it’s Hoops. Also, I have always loved minis, but you don’t see them in Basketball products much. Hoops seems like it could be a good product to try that out. Or maybe a release like Court Kings, since you already have minis in Diamond Kings.

  10. I like the that you included so many great rookies in the set. The only thing missing is Game Used Memorabilia cards. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  11. 1) I really like the look of the Hoops Dreams Insert.
    2) I was a little disappointed that the only difference for the parallel /10 is the color of the lettering. why not add a nice effect for the low numbered parallels next year?

  12. 1) What you like most about this year’s release – I love that it is before the season starts and gets players in their new uniforms
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season – An insert set for all the All Star Game MVPs/Finals MVPs

  13. 1) I like that more of the parallels are numbered this year.
    2) I’d like to see the inserts seeded at longer odds and made like some old school Hoops. 500 Volt High Voltage? 911s? Hooperstars? Yes, sir!

  14. 1) I love the variety of inserts and parallels in the products. Adds tons of value.
    2) I wish the veteran autograph checklist had some bigger players on it. Would be great to be able to pull some bigger names from a lower end product.

  15. 1. I like everything about Hoops Basketball. Hoops is a great entry level product well worth the $66 Internet Retail price tag. Two autographs per box, great looking inserts and great photography.
    2. I would like the Hoops base set to have a more complete checklist (20 cards per team when including rookies on contract) of each team’s possible season starting roster. There are so many people that are looking for a more complete team set of their favorite team. This would encourage more people to bust boxes of Hoops and trade team sets on forums.

  16. 1. I really like the parallels. It’s fun trying to collect the whole rainbow of cards.
    2. I would like to see some buy backs inserted in the packs. Have them numbered and some autographed. It would be cool to pull some original updated Hoops cards.

  17. What I like: Price point, it’s almost the perfect product for everyone. Autograph collectors get two autos, kids get a ton of rookie cards and inserts, there’s always a chase insert and all for under $100.
    What to improve: I think getting the “exclusive” signers to start signing on card again. There was a time that Kobe and Durant had to sign on-card autos. I’m not saying have everyone do on-card, that would be asking for too much, but the top signers would be appreciated.

  18. I love the photography of the veteran cards and the designs of the inserts. For next year I would change the hit format to one auto and another hit either relic or another auto.

  19. Panini’s NBA Hoops is a great value buy as always, lots of numbered inserts, rookies, and some of the first autos of the most recently drafted rookie class, the retro look on the hot signatures is a very nice touch, i like it more than the previous 2 years of releases. Not much to change about Hoops for the price it is great value, One thing I would add would be some on-card rookie autos that fall maybe 2-3 per case, 1 more thing would be the players that changed teams have a split card with the players from last year and this years team, something like a same face/new place kinda deal.
    Anyways thanks for the opportunity as always Panini.

  20. 1) I like the team colors in the backgrounds, especially the corners on the Rookie Cards with the team logo.
    2) I wouldn’t mind if they added ledgends next season or have a throwback set reflecting on retired players from the 90’s draft classes (Garnett, Duncan, Bryant, Iverson, etc)

  21. 1) What you like most about this year’s release.
    – I like the way the Silver parallel /99 and the Artist Proof /25 have a vibe akin to 1990 Skybox (if it were done with modern technology). I also love the various inserts. I also love one thing that this release doesn’t have; die-cuts. I love that all of the cards are the standard shape. The die-cut craze should be saved for specific sets or inserts and not spread out over several releases.
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season.
    – Next season (and each following season) I would like to see Next Day Autographs be exclusive to Hoops. I feel like they already have a look and feel that fits with the usual Hoops designs and would love to see them take the place of the Hot Signatures set. It would also put more value in a box of Hoops.

  22. 1. Love the retro look and inserts look great. 2. Memorabilia would be an awesome addition as well as more mix of veterans/retired players

  23. 1) I like Hot Signatures and product price.
    2) A chase card for that product. 1 very rare insert (1 per few cases).

    1. Good feedback. You’ll be happy to know that there are a few of those chase inserts in this year’s release, including Champions, Finals MVP and a Kobe Tribute card. Tough, tough, tough to pull.

  24. What I love about this year’s release is the rookies from the draft class. I think this year has a lot of rookies that would be exciting to watch, like Buddy and Kris Dunn. One of the main reasons why I want to start collecting basketball cards is to try and collect Buddy Hield, Kay Felder, and Thon Maker rookies. I want to see them be successful, as well as pulling some sweet variants from the set.
    I think on card autos would make the set way better, but I can’t complain about pulling sticker autos. An autograph is an autograph.

  25. 1. I like the autographs, they look great!
    2. I would like to see patch or booklet cards in the future even though it is considered an “entry level” product. Another chase would make it more appealing to a wider audience I think.
    Thanks for the contests!

  26. What I love about this year’s release is the rookies from the draft class. I believe there are many players that would be exciting to watch, like Buddy and Kris Dunn. One of the main reasons that I want to start collecting basketball is purely based on the rookies; I want to try and pull Kay Felder, Thon Maker, and Buddy Hield rookies. I hope they blossom into great basketball players and also hope to pull some sweet variants of their rookies.
    I believe having on card autographs would make the set better, but I can’t complain in pulling sticker autographs. An autograph is an autograph and it’s about owning something personal to the player.

  27. What I love about this year’s release is the rookies from the draft class. I think this year has a lot of rookies that would be exciting to watch, like Buddy and Kris Dunn. One of the main reasons why I want to start collecting basketball cards is to try and collect Buddy Hield, Kay Felder, and Thon Maker rookies. I want to see them be successful, as well as pulling some sweet variants from the set.
    I think on card autos would make the set way better, but I can’t complain about pulling sticker autos. An autograph is an autograph and it’s about owning something personal to the player.

  28. I wish they would do more autographs and make them more lower numbered and have some type of contest associated with the cards.

  29. 1. I like the over all look especially the inserts. The price is always a big plus to. 2. I would like to see a nice patch set and a couple more auto sets even a redemption set of some sort like top 10 RC or All Star set.

  30. First time collecting basketball this year since I was in elementary school in the mid-90’s. Cool product!
    1). Love the design on the Autographs.
    2). Some Die-Cut Inserts, Since it is NBA Hoops, how about a memorabilia card embedded with a part of the actual hoop? Net, Rim ,Backboard? Or even a “Guarding the Glass” insert featuring the big men that is made out of acetate and resembles a backboard?

  31. I really like the SSP non-GU/AU inserts. Really need morein the products than parallels and “hits”. More well designed 90s style inserts, with great themes and tougher odds than just inserts/numerous parallels just to fill out packs/boxes. Seems like not enough goes into making the inserts worthwhile and well thought out.

  32. 1) I love two things most about this product: the large, in-game photography and the simple, yet appealing designs. I like that the photography is of a player in a game, rather than just his picture on another background. Not that those cards can’t look nice, but this takes the cake in my opinion. Even the high flyers photography, for example, which doesn’t include in game photos is action based and great. Also the inserts, are beautiful. Not too busy, but not too plain. I love the simple, yet appealing design.
    2) The one thing I would change about this product is the sticker autographs. The design of the Hot Signatures set is great with a natural flow to the autograph location, but that gets a little bit ruined to me when it is on a sticker. I would make all the autographs on card next year.
    Thanks a lot for such a generous contest!

  33. I love everything about this product-variety of current players, price point and value-as a in person on card autograph collector I love getting cards of the random bench players and Hoops seems to do a great job of getting as many players of a team on a card as possible. Like others I’d like to see memorabilia added in the future but considering how this is so reasonably priced already I wouldn’t want to change the cost all that much. Thanks for the chance to get a box of one of my favorite releases.

  34. I love the Kobe 2K inserts from this year’s set. I am a 2K fanatic and though I am not a Lakers fan, Kobe was easily the best player of my generation, and for him to have one final insert set in retirement is pretty damn awesome, plus you’re getting gamers into the hobby, which can’t be a bad thing at all. More collectors = more chances to trade, and more sets
    I also love how you incorporate the rookies into your product; I am a Hawks fan who wants to super collect Taurean Prince & DeAndre Bembry, and the cool parallels and autos in this product make super collecting more fun for me.
    I don’t really think anything needs to be changed for next year. Two ideas I’ve had, are to maybe put in a rare RC set, featuring the rookies on stage with the commissioner, which would be an awesome chase for set and player collectors. Another idea of mine is to make the Trading Places retail insert from 2014-15 another ultra rare hobby set, featuring players being traded in the offseason, and maybe free agent signings and their replacements. However, regardless of new changes you guys make, Hoops is one of he products of the year.
    Thanks for another awesome product!

  35. 1) What you like most about this year’s release?
    I love the price point of the product and the HOT signatures are awesome looking!
    2) What you would like to see added for next season?
    Even though I love the price point of the product, it would be nice to mix in a few jersey cards. Jersey cards are starting to become standard mix, but I would imagine it will be hard to pull those HOT signature cards.
    Thank You.

  36. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    ANSWER: This years release for the anticipated 2016-17 Hoops line-up brings to fans and collectors amidst the imposing talent line-up, a detailed photography and information for rookies, current and veteran players. Source of facts are very substantial.
    2). What you would like to see changed or added for next season
    ANSWER: If I may recommend, Rookie Jersey Auto’s and/or Rookie Patch Auto’s be incorporated in Hoops. This, as an initial product for the season would entice everyone in the collecting world…”memorabilia+auto in Hoops” let’s bust!

  37. 1) I love the fact that most free agents and trades players (Serge Ibaka!) are pictured on their new team.
    2) Buyback autos from guys in earlier hoops sets (like Kendall Gill, Nick Anderson, David Robinson, Gary Payton, etc) would be fun to chase. But I feel like you may have done that before.

  38. 1. I like multi-colored parallels in the set in that the colors feel loose and slightly mix with each other.
    2. What I would like to see for “hoops” set is maybe a die-cut parallel of the number of hoops they made last season. Say a prayer made 347 hoops/scores last year. The card would be a die-cut of 347 with a pic of the player and name and number of hoops. Thanks.

  39. 1) What you like most about this year’s release:
    I like the look of the insert sets. They pop nicely and stand out.
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season:
    Would love to see maybe a handful of RCs be very shorprinted (not a variation, but the actual rookie card) to add some fun to the chase. Even more so than the short printed inserts! That’s my opinion, anyway.

  40. I’ve always been a big fan of Hoops! 1. I really like the refactor parallels. The Isaiah Thomas is a beautiful example. 2. To build off of some of the ideas of adding a chase card, how about buybacks from earlier sets like the 1990’s edition of Hoops. Imagine pulling an original card; maybe it’s numbered or, even better, autographed. Some of those names could include Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, Dominique Wilkins, and so many more!

  41. I love them. I would make them thicker/heavier, with the ball/player sticking out like a contoured map.

  42. 1) Love the look of the parallels this year and the more defined color differences, and the autos look good. Seeing the first rookie cards is great as well.
    2) First thing is I’d love to see players on new teams in their new uniform or at least not in their old one, get them in a suit holding a new jersey or something else that’s better than just putting a Derrick Williams Knicks uniform card that says signed with Heat. A multiple player super rare chase insert (can either be numbered or not) would really add more value (not just to hoops but any set really) as you’ve seen things like Kabooms and Galactics are really successful.
    A personal thing is I would’ve loved to see a Georges Niang rookie card, he was drafted in the 2nd round and I feel with Hoops just about any rookie that’s made a roster should be in the set; more rookies make getting the elite ones more valuable, and you never know when you’ll find a Draymond Green or Jeremy Lin type.

  43. I like the design on the base cards, and especially like the way the Hot Signatures cards look.
    I would like to see full career year-by-year stats on the backs of Panini products in general, especially the lower-end releases like Hoops/Donruss/Complete.

  44. I love the new design of this years Hoops. Simple but nice! I would love to see some patch autos in next years Hoops. Keep up the great work Panini!

  45. Wonderful cards! I would love a box!
    1.) I absolutely am in LOVE with the autographs this year, they look so nice
    2.) This is a tough one because there’s really not much I would change… But maybe on card autographs?
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  46. I always like the photography Panini uses-always good action shots.
    I would like to see fewer inserts and variations. Fewer would make them more special.

  47. 1. The value! My kids are young and just starting to collect, and this is a product I can enjoy with them!
    2. Fewer parallels. It’s so hard to make rainbows, which we enjoy!

  48. I like the high flyers and all the retail parallels.
    I would like to see on card autos and a return of kobes rookies….Or maybe it is time for LBJs rookies

  49. I am looking forward to picking up KD’s first auto in a Warriors uniform. I believe his first will be in Hoops?
    In the future, I’d like to see a Hoops release mirroring the 1993-94 release. Exactly the same, with obviously the current day players. Even for 2018-19, 25th Anniversary parallel set instead of the 5th Anniversary from back in the day. Magic’s All-Rookie, Supreme Court, David’s Best, all the insert sets.
    Cheers for the comp

  50. Yes…. First and Foremost, thank you for the Contest and the Cool Giveaway!
    I’ll probably buy a Hoops Box just to give away the Hits On YouTube…. This is a perfect product for all ages… I would love more tidbits about the player at the back of the card.
    Everyone will be looking for the Autos and Game used… What we looked forward more are the Limited edition inserts and the new Players with their new team Jerseys.
    Thanks and God bless!

  51. I like the inserts they are on point i think you should fix rookie cards and give them a cool design and you should do throwback auto or memorabilia card

  52. There’s lots to like about this set every year, but if I had to choose one thing it would be the Picture Perfect insert, which is one of the best looking inserts in any product.
    As far as improvements go, I’d love to see some on-card signatures!

  53. 1.The inserts are fire i love the designs 2.The rookie cards are really plain you should make them have nice design and shiny. and you should add throwback auto or memorabilia cards

  54. 1. I love the retro feel of HOOPS..Brings back the old days. Simple design, yet it presents some great action shots of the players. 2. I hope to be able to see more legends or NBA’s greatest moments in the past 50 years in the cards.

  55. 1) I love the insert sets this year. They look really sharp and have a really nice use of foil.
    2) It would be cool if there were more inserts/parallels per pack like the 14-15 Hoops release. I felt I got a lot more for my money opening those.

  56. 1. I think the hot signatures cards look absolutely fantastic. The parallels are great as well.
    2. I think it is difficult to collect all of the parallels. I do think some rookies could be short printed much like you have done in the Prestige 2016 football product.

  57. I think that this year’s NBA Hoops is solid for a entry-level and early release, featuring a simple design and good variety of inserts. I like that the parallels are much more short-printed this year than in previous seasons.
    In order to make it even better, I would add a few rare higher-end hits that would add a chase element to the product. That could include patch autographs or cards (perhaps even booklets) with multiple autographs on them.

  58. 1.) I love this year’s Road To The Finals Insert Set design and how the statistics from that player’s specific game in the playoffs is displayed on the front of the card. Also, it is great that the Finals inserts are serial numbered and feature players from not just the Cavs and Warriors, but multiple playoff teams.
    2.) Next season, the addition of a Hot Dual Signatures Set featuring autos of former college teammates on one card would add another chase element to the set. College basketball fans are passionate about their teams and featuring the players in their respective college’s uniforms would attract even more collectors to Hoops Basketball.
    Thank you for allowing collectors such as myself to share feedback on the product and Panini Rocks!

  59. 1) I love that it’s the perfect earlier adopter product. Nice design, good base set, the color/parallels and the inserts. Also, fairly easy to pull rookies. My favorite part about this years set would have to be the Prizm artist proof parallels. Nice cards.
    2) for next year, I would like the product to get more in sync with the dunk Panini app. I think that’s a good way to hook some young fans. Specifically like one card per pack redeems on dunk, as a parallel/special set.

  60. The brand new design of the base set is really appealing!!
    Also the design of the hot signatures are much attractive than the previous ones.
    I hope memorabilia cards can return to Hoops next year, not only enriching the content of Hoops, but also offers collectors a fun experience when breaking boxes of hoops.

  61. 1. Base photography looks better, with a bit more variety in angles and composition. Inserts look better than ever. 2. Keep working to improve-IMO you guys made big strides in the design dept last year and are off to a good start this year.

  62. The brand new design of the base set looks more appealing!!
    Also, the hot signature hits are more attractive than the previous ones.
    I hope memorabilia cards can return to Hoops, not only enriching the content of Hoops, but also offering a better experience for collectors who break Hoops.

  63. I really love how the rookie cards look this year! The thing that i would change for next year if I could chose would be putting less inserts and making them more short printed

  64. I like and enjoy the gold foil on inserts and autos as well as the double image of the player on the autos.
    I would like to see an insert set titled
    “To the Hoop”
    Which showcased the best slams, jams and ally- opps from the past season or perhaps even a “Greatest To the Hoop” insert set.
    Could even showcase the greatest set with autographs of the games greatest players throwing down the rock. Yes that is somerhing that i would love to see in a future set.

  65. 1) I love the clean classic design and its always a great way to start the year. I like the variety of inserts and that theres still a real chance to get some awesome autographs and rare cards
    2) I would like to have an expanded autograph checklist. So not just the young players especially second years, but more of the stars. Even making them SP’d. Also making jerseys with large swatches and they can also be Sp’d

  66. The 1 thing I would change and NEEDS to be changed is the fact this is Hoops the first product to get the NEW RC Autos, I was pissed when i opened my first box and hit the same 2 autos you hit even though they are both good players I purchased the box to hit one of the NEW RC’s so I feel like EVERY box should have atleast 1 rc auto if not 2, but at minimum 1

  67. 1. Top notch! Digging the inserts & Kobe 2017. Hot signatures are HOT! 2. For the next season I would like to see Short Print Variations & Parallels. Coaches autos also!

  68. 1) i love the base cards, i love the fact that there are action pictures on the base cards, not taken out from the context.
    2) Cards about the best dunks of the season/the history of the NBA, the best photo about each of the dunks what is available, signed by the players. (and maybe cards about the best facial dunks signed by both player, the one who dunked and the one who was in the receiving end)

  69. This is always one of my favorite products of the year because it signals the season is really beginning. I love the clean, simple design of Hoops, the terrific insert sets, the large number of rookies and the outstanding photography. If I could add one thing for next year, it would be to include a card for each of the NBA coaches with some information on their background and previous records. It would be nice to have that going into the season.

  70. 1. The serial numbered cards -That are serial numbers are on the FRONT
    2. A tighter action shot on the Base card with a 3-D effect such as Gortat and Paul George’s card have the Basketball in front of the Border.

  71. (+) Including full color action shots and lots of packs and inserts makes it a lot of fun to open. I’m still a sucker for that kind of thing.
    (-) Gold foil on the edge of a card shows imperfections really well and is susceptible them during the cutting process. Makes the card look a cheaper IMO and might be better employed elsewhere on the card.

  72. 1. I love the photographs on the card, as well as the refractor parallels.
    2. I would love to see more RPA (rookie patch autos) in this product, so it would give something higher end to chase after.

  73. I love the design of the cards, especially the rookies and their photoshoot pics. And the parallels are nice too. I hope none are numbered higher than out of 199, because to me, that just makes a product bloated. I’d rather have parallels that are lower numbered than to even have them at 299 or 499, etc.
    For next year, I would like to see either of these two options: 1) More autos (including a mix of rookies and veterans and not just 2nd or 3rd year players for the veterans) or 2) Keep the autos at 2 per box, but make all autos ON CARD. There is so much more appeal to an On Card autograph versus a sticker auto. Obviously, this might not be possible with this product being on the lower end of the basketball product scale, but it certainly would enhance the product overall.

  74. 1) I love the design of the product especially with the rookies and parallels. And I’m glad the highest numbered parallel I saw was only out of 199. I don’t really think they are even necessary if they are numbered higher than 199.
    2) I have two options for my suggested improvements: A) Increase the number of autos per box and include a mix of rookies and veterans (including veterans who are not just 2nd or 3rd year players) or B) Keep the number of autos per box at (2) but make every auto On Card. To me, there is a much larger appeal to an On Card auto versus a sticker auto and they LOOK so much better. I realize that might not be an option for this product as it is on the lower end of the basketball product spectrum, but it’s just an idea.
    And on another note, I think Panini as a whole with all of their products (especially the high end ones) should strive for all On Card autos. I’ve seen them in Immaculate Collection and National Treasures products and to me, that is unacceptable for such a high end product when it’s like $500/box or more.
    But either way, I LOVE many of your products, especially Football and Basketball!!!

  75. We really enjoy seeing players in their new jerseys and of course all the affordable rookie cards that this product delivers. Not much needs to be changed because this is a set of cards that delivers what it says it will at a very reasonable price. Keep it up Panini!

  76. 1. The basic design of the base cards. The action picture tack me back to my beginning of collecting.
    2. Fewer Autos would be nice so that it makes the chase for them much more enjoyable. Right now too many autos are not worth a whole lot.

  77. As a collector of NBA trading cards for the past thirty plus years NBA Hoops and I have known each other for awhile. This years version looks wonderful and I can’t wait to open some with my grandson. Winning a box would make it all that much better! Like the majority of commenters I am very happy with what I’ve seen so far and am excited for the rookies and autographs included in the set. Also, like others, I would like to see memorabilia added because it’s always fun to pull something game or event worn by these players.

  78. 1) The insert designs are very nice. I like holographic (prizm-like) backgrounds as well. Appreciate that free agent signers are pictured in their new uniforms.
    2) On card autos in one of the insert sets would be cool, but I do realize that entails higher logistics costs.
    Great product and I look forward to the new season!

  79. I started collecting in 1984 and have been a fan of Hoops since 1989. I’ll start with the cons and some suggestions, before I get to the pros. I don’t mind foil on cards, but a little goes a long way. When the foil runs to the border and especially the corners of a card it is too easy to damage the card. Just a little lift is the foil makes the card look dinged. also I fail to see the point of redbacks. Sure they are scarcer than regular cards, but unless you have them all they sort of stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t mind parallels, but I don’t see the point of the redbacks. I think the autograph list for retail this year is a little weak.
    I would like to see most consistency in the inserts. We had Sparkplugs for a few years, then we didn’t, and now we do again. We had Class Action a couple years and now it is gone. Above the Rim was great, but it only lasted a year. One insert set I would love to see (and this goes for all sports) would be a Hall of Fame series, from the beginning over several years, 10 or 20 cards each year until you catch up with history. A picture of the plaque and what is printed on it, on the front, career stats and accomplishments on the back. It would be great to have a mini Hall of Fame reference right in your very own man cave or living room.
    I like the design of this years card. The hardwood stripes really pop. I really like the Rise n’ Shine jersey patches. No more floating heads. I will miss the large card numbers on the back that we had last year, but this years aren’t too bad. My eyes are old. I like that the set is large and shows so many players from each of the teams. I think you have done a very good job all things considered.

  80. 1.I love all the action shots and the simple but great design.
    2.I don’t think anything needs to be changed since it is already a great product with and affordable price.

  81. 1) I love the low serial numbered cards, especially the golds!
    2) I would add some really rare inserts (ala the 90s era of cards) that would fall about 1 per case for people to chase. Also, make them cool looking! 🙂

  82. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    * What I like the most about this year’s hoops is the design of the inserts. Specially the “picture perfect” I really love the design. Its Picture Perfect. Haha 😀
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season.
    Next season I would like to see rookie cards that action shot. Maybe instead of pictures from photoshoot maybe you can use pictures from summer league of maybe pre-season I would really love that to happen.
    What I want to be added next season is the All rookie insert. I noticed that there are no kobe all rookie insert. Maybe you can use KD? Or Anthony Davis all rookie or maybe Steph Curry. That will be awesome 😀

  83. David Robinson’ Hoops RC has been one of my first basketball card back in ’89, so I follow this brand from the beginning. I always appreciate the action photos and again this year are great. It’s very nice to have 2 auto per box and all the players in the new uniforms. If possible, I’d like for next year a more complete checklist and a slightly small border. Even coaches cards are welcome. Thank you.

  84. As a parent with two young boys who are just starting to collect basketball cards, I like the relatively low price point of the product. It makes it easier for the boys to try and build their sets. The boys also loved pulling inserts from their packs and I am glad to see there are a fair number of them per box. The only thing I would like to see is the addition of memorabilia inserts to the Hoops product. I think this would add more excitement and a tad more variety to the line-up.

  85. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    -> What’s great about this year is that it’s like a fantasy draft! Superstars being traded and Super teams are created and because of that road to championship is much harder now which is I like the most since its so exciting that its hard to guess which team will win the NBA Championship this year.
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season.
    -> As a new collector, I would like to see next season is like a throwback jersey of players being traded like Drose, LeBron and Durant. It would be cool! 😀

  86. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    ANS: Base Rookie design – simply and clearly for new entry level collector.
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season.
    ANS: Cut down parallels and add more rarely insert.

  87. 1) What you like most about this year’s release
    Ans: Base rookie design – simply and clearly for new entry level collectors
    2) What you would like to see changed or added for next season.
    Ans: Cut down all level parallel and add more rarely inserts.

  88. 1. I really like the gloss look to the High Flyers Insert Set. The shine allows the set to stand out from the base.
    2. Next season I would love to see the inclusion of a “Collect Them All” Promotion where anyone that collects the complete Hot Rookies Signature Set will receive an Exclusive Autograph of one of the NBA’s top stars such as Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  89. Thanks for sharing this preview. Here are my thoughts:
    1) What do I like about this year’s NBA Hoops release?
    I like the fact that you kept many of the inserts and parallels numbered, even the higher prints. That shows scarcity and gives us collectors a good sense of what’s really out there. Great job on that one as provides added value knowing that our cards are indeed short printed.
    2) What would I like to see for next year’s Hoops product?
    I’ve been collecting a long time and Hoops has had some of the most iconic inserts from the late 90’s era. Please bring those back and keep them just as scarce! That would be awesome.

  90. Like the Kobe cards tribute though not a Kobe fan wish Tim Duncan has cards like that since he retired too.
    Sig cards are awesome. Like to see legends cards in the sets. Good set overall

  91. 1. I love the Kobe Bryant 2k17 which features iconic images from his playing days while also featuring images from the NBA 2k17 Video Game
    2. Next season I would love to see Hot Rookie Autograph Variations that feature the player in their college uniform.

  92. 1).I like the fact that hoops has been around since I was a kid&the added shimmer to the brand.
    2).I would love to see some patch/auto cards in the product.

  93. I hope I’m in time to enter, I love this product
    1.) I LOVE the autos this year
    2.) I would maybe add a few more parallels, it’s tought to find much to change about it

  94. 1. I really like the aesthetic look of the inserts specially the High Flyers set, it’s glossy foiled design looks totally awesome!
    2. Hopefully you also include a team photo card, bring back the decals and team logo sticker and get rid of the white border
    Thanks Tracy and to all the Panini Team!

  95. We have winners! Thanks for your patience and, even more importantly, thanks for your feedback. This kind of information is valuable for our product development folks and is much appreciated. Congratulations to our 10 winners: Greg F., elburritodog88, jcsluyter, Jon Hanes, Justin C., rossderrick, Dean S., Nick Gauder, Joey E. and Matt Eichelberger. Winners, check your email. Everyone else, thanks so much again.

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