Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Four Early Boxes of 2013 Playbook Football

October 10, 2013

Panini America 2013 Playbook Football Teaser (1)

As we prepare to put the final touches on tomorrow’s highly anticipated release of 2013 Playbook Football, the time has come for one of our favorite pre-release posts: The revealing Knight’s Lance Teaser Gallery. For those who may not know, this is where we grab an early box or four of a new product, break it (or them) them and provide pack-by-pack pics of what we pull.

For 2013 Playbook Football, we settled on four boxes because, well, we just couldn’t help ourselves. And like your favorite amusement-park roller coaster, these four boxes went quick but provided enough high-octane thrills — and enough flat-out cool cards — to last at least until 2014 Playbook Football rolls around.

These particular four boxes delivered four Booklets numbered to 25 or less (including two numbered to 10 or less), four Autograph Booklets (with two numbered to 25) and eight additional autographs ranging in scarcity from only five copies to 99. You can check it all out for yourself in the gallery that follows. Enjoy, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage of 2013 Playbook Football.