That New-Card Smell: Fresh Autos Arrive at Panini America HQ (Must-See Gallery)

Panini America June 22 Arrivals (7)

The checklist of on-card autographs that have arrived back at Panini America HQ in recent days is as impressive as it is varied. Hall of Famers from multiple sports. Legendary actors. Up-and-coming superstars. A jockey. And the products they represent — 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball, 2012-13 Elite Series Basketball, 2013 Cooperstown Baseball, 2013 Golden Age Baseball, 2012-13 Prime Hockey — are kind of a big deal, too.

To help invigorate your Saturday morning, below we’ve offered the handsome handiwork of all-time greats such as Tony Gwynn, Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson (the first three returns for the upcoming 2013 Cooperstown Baseball), Roberto Alomar (whose 2012 Cooperstown Baseball autos arrived too late for last year’s product so they’re going into 2013), Magic JohnsonGeorge Karl, Grant Hill and Jerry Lewis.

Heck, even the unsigned cards shown below are cause for excitement. Just yesterday, we received the first to-be-signed 2012-13 Prime Hockey cards hot off the presses from the Panini America printing facility. The company’s acquisitions department processed them quickly and began expediting them to their respective NHL stars on them for on-card autographs.

But we think you’ll agree that they’re worth taking a long look at even in their unsigned form.

Enjoy this Saturday sneak peek, and be sure to follow the Panini America Twitter feed tonight to get in on the #PaniniWildCard promotion during Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.


11 Replies to “That New-Card Smell: Fresh Autos Arrive at Panini America HQ (Must-See Gallery)”

  1. Magic Johnson, Grant Hill!
    Very clean, then the auto pops out!
    Super liked. Keep the amazing cards coming!

  2. Wow some great cards on deck! Im really excited to see what the Panini Prime looks like auto’d! Also some legends on the basketball side of things with the Magic Johnson, George Karl and with me being a Blue Jays fan over on the baseball side the Roberto Alomar SP is awesome!

  3. Looking good Tracy, the Bob Gibson auto looks very much like the IP auto I got from him 20 years ago. Thanks for the preview!

  4. Tracy,
    I know I have already mentioned it, but do have glimpe of any new Huberdeau autos? Or can we not technically, talk about these until the current season is done?
    Thank again,

  5. Loving the sets that are about to be released, just when I think you guys have plateaued with great ideas you release something even cooler. No wonder you get all my collecting dollars LOL

  6. Wow..pretty impressive. Really like all of it but something with those Golden Age autographs that are just eye catchy.

  7. That Jerry Lewis card is awesome! Absolutely love the design ofthe Logomanc cards int NT and those Elite cards are just stunning! I love how the common theme amongst these cards is the nice white area for signing, there is absolutely nothing obstructing the signatures at all!

  8. Hey, Panini! You sure know how to make it look grand! By showing Magic Johnson on top! You totally got me in! I am already so excited to see all these cards, just cannot wait to get my hands on ‘em! Keep ‘em coming, guyz! There is no other place which can revive the old times like you do!

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