The 2010 Playoff Contenders Football SP Reveal: Rookie Ink, Tebow Variations

March 07, 2011

As if last week’s barrage of 2010 Playoff Contenders Football quantity revelations wasn’t enough, we return to kick off a new week with the pertinent numbers on two other hotly chased elements of the product: The all-on-card Rookie Ink autographs and the Tim Tebow Rookie Ticket and Rookie Ink inscription variations.

First, the short and sweet: Every player in the Rookie Ink insert signed 50 copies of his card. Now, the for shorter and perhaps sweeter . . .

Tim Tebow Rookie Ticket Variation 1
314 Regular Autographs
85 “GB2”
1 “o6/08 Champs”

Tim Tebow Rookie Ticket Variation 2
318 Regular Autographs
75 “GB2”
7 “Go Broncos”
1 “07 Heisman”
1 “25th Pick”

Tim Tebow Rookie Ink Variations
27 Regular Autographs
9 “GB2”
5 “God Bless”
4 “John 3:16”
3 “Go Broncos”
1 “Go Gators”
1 “Phil 4:13”

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