The Drool Gallery: Panini America’s 2011 NHL All-Star Game Box Wars Prizes

January 26, 2011

Among the most buzz-worthy events at any show Panini America attends are the company’s wrapper-redemption and Box Wars promotions that strive to put cornerstone, event-specific cards into collectors hands while generating brisk business for dealers on the show floor.

That absolutely won’t change when the company’s booth opens Friday at the NHL All-Star Game’s Fan Fair in Raleigh, N.C. In fact, judging by the gallery that follows — including quite possibly the sickest Jonathan Toews patch card ever created — it only gets better.

Earlier this week we gave you first looks at the base cards from the NHL All-Star Game wrapper-redemption set, including some of the autographs. Now, we present a saliva-increasing peek at the landmark 1/1s that will be awarded throughout the weekend to winners of the various Box Wars contests that take place at the Panini America booth.

If you weren’t planning to attend this weekend’s show, what you’re about to see might very well cause you to reconsider. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for more information on the company’s NHL All-Star plans, including the announcement later today of the three NHL superstars who will be signing — free of charge — on Saturday.