The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2011-12 Titanium Hockey (51 Sweet Images)

After seven long seasons away, the venerable Titanium brand will return to the ice with Panini America's early-June release of 2011-12 Titanium Hockey, a re-imagined tribute to the trendsetting original that will deliver one autograph or memorabilia card in every pack and trademark Rookie Cards numbered to the featured player's jersey number.

After seven long seasons away, the venerable Titanium brand will return to the ice with Panini America’s early-June release of 2011-12 Titanium Hockey, a re-imagined tribute to the trendsetting original that will deliver one autograph or memorabilia card in every pack and trademark Rookie Cards numbered to the featured player’s jersey number.
Earlier today, Panini America NHL gurus Chris Barr, Joe Reyes and Tim Trout tag-teamed the quality-control bust of one case of the product to make sure everything was falling as it should. But before they could rush the cards back to the production line, I snapped as many pics as I could for the following first-look gallery.

The product is rife with nostalgic nods to Titaniums of seasons past, including the instantly recognizable red “ROOKIE” diamond on the front-numbered RCs and familiar-feeling design elements. But the product also includes some welcome new twists such as die-cut Home, Road and Third Sweaters, Titanium Reserve Autographs and the continuation of Panini America’s popular Private Signings cross-brand autograph insert.
“Each pack of Titanium Hockey will provide collectors with either a memorabilia or autograph card from some of the biggest rookies and stars in the league,” Barr said. “The return of NHL Rookie Cards serial numbered to each player’s jersey number could provide some of the most exciting pulls of the hockey card season thus far.”
Stay tuned for more information in the coming days as the release date draws closer. Until then, feast your eyes on this eye candy:


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  1. Two words: OH YEAH!
    I always liked the Titanium brand, good to see it make a comeback. Those multi-patch cards are quite impressive, solid looking release!

  2. Just out of curiosity, only because I’ve seen it a few times now with Titanium and also Prime Signatures football, why have you guys put the numbering of the cards on the front? Normally Panini puts them on the back. Doesn’t matter either way to me, just one of those thoughts I had.
    Not much of a hockey collector, but this product is very cool looking. Nice overall box design too. The jersey diecuts with the dual jersey is a interesting looking card, and by interesting I mean cool.

    1. Good question, Joshua. That was actually done in response to feedback from collectors, dealers and distributors. Would love to hear your thoughts on it — as well as the thoughts of other TKL readers. We’re all ears.

  3. Now that is a stacked product! Can’t wait to rip a few boxes of this. And very glad to see the return of the ‘Private Signings’ set. I know we are a few days from a checklist but any idea of how many PS’s I can look forward to Tracy? Thanks.

  4. Great looking product!! Glad to see you guys bring back titanium. Was and def now is an awesome product.
    Out of the gallery, the jersey’s with the pieces of memorabilia and an auto really catch my attention. I had to go back twice and look. Gotta admit love that design.
    Base cards are nice as well. Very titanium 🙂 They remind me of Elite except with a rainbow shine. This product has shiny items…something us collectors love!

  5. The Die-cuts are superb and really stand out very nicely designed!This product is a must for any hockey fan….was hoping Geoffrion was in his Hab’s uni though hey can’t win them all …this product is an A+ in my opinion….

  6. To hot to handle and to cold to hold, i think its great that there coming back with it!!! I also like the way those New Wave autos look they got a different look to them!!!

  7. Those hattrick patch cards just look amazing, hopefully i pull one out of one of the boxes i get

  8. Is all this really from one case? If so this product really is stacked!!!
    A handful of rookies, 2 Ovechkin autos…RNH and more! NICE!

  9. Hi Tracy,
    Just wondering why Joe Colborne is in a Bruin uniform and in Certified he is in a Leaf Uniform. I know he was traded to Toronto but Certified came out way before Titanium is due to hit the shelves and Colborne is in a Bruin Jersey. Just an end point, I have his 1/1 Certified Mirror Black Auto Patch.

    1. The Colborne is from the Draft Day Signatures set. It features players pictured from the day they were drafted. Colborne was drafted by the Bruins that draft year. Likewise, the Tim Erixon card pictured has him with the Flames, while he didn’t make his NHL debut until he was with the Rangers.

  10. Titanium was always one of my favorite hockey products and I pulled some pretty sweet hits so I am looking forward to picking up a box when this comes out. You did justice to the original sets, these look great.

  11. Wow another expensive over priced box of cards from Panini!!
    Don’t you guys get it we want boxes that retail in hobby stores from $50.00 to $90.00
    not dealer costs over $100.00 per box.
    You do great job on Score,Pinnacle better last year.Elite and contenders a bust,
    Crown Royale and Certified too expensive per pack and what you recieve!!
    These cards sell for next to nothing on E-bay unless you hit get players autos,patches or best rookies. Titanium was bad back in 2000-2003 unless you hit good rookie out of 99.
    So its 9 years not 7 since this product was made. 2004 product just a bad regular product,now worthless in stores and E-bay.
    I expected alot more from Panini,with all the product names you own(all Pacific/Score/Leaf/Donruss/Pinnacle brands) products do not sell in our area of Canada.
    Also lets not forget all the damages these high priced cards made out of foil and super thick cardboard always have!! I realize many will spend their money on it,but not me!!!

    1. Appreciate your perspective and candor, fedupwithfoil.
      As you know, not every product we make is intended for every consumer but I would say we’ve fared well with products across all price points. Can we continue to make improvements? Absolutely — and we will.
      Keep the constructive criticism coming.
      Thanks again,

      1. Tracy, I love that you’re here answering the tough questions. I can’t help but feel fedupwithfoil is bang on with his statements. In Canada the prices are high, I would buy more product if the were in the 50-90 retail range. As it is I take my chances and try at least 1 box of every product you release, and that’s it. I try to sell off the cards I don’t collect in hopes of putting it toward more of your product, If you look on eBay, unless you have patches, or superstar rookies/players good luck breaking even on your average 140/box purchase in Canada, that’s a tough hit to take.The only product that seems to do well for the box value is pinnacle. Only 1 problem there you forgot to bring back the Pinnacle mask subset.
        Please don’t take it that all I’m looking for is a way to make money of eBay. I like to collect I love opening new packs, chasing the thrill of pulling the player from my favorite team or my buddies, nothing gives me more joy than sharing like this. I only sell in hopes of making back some of the money I paid out, to support my hobby and sickness of buying more cards.
        I love that you have more hits in your product versus UD, but most of the hits are plain, or parallels or unknown rookies. Where is the fun in that. If your going to do parallels, make the images different on each card, have them link together to form something special. Make us want to chase these. I feel the Prime numbers in Elite was a great example of what can make this hobby fun.
        Sorry this was not meant to be a rant, just feedback from a supporter of your product, but after my experience with contenders, an absolute horrid box, no jersey, no patch, and 5 hits with 1 semi decent player. Be very luck if I make 10 of these, I will save my money and buy the card I want off eBay instead of enjoying the thrill of chasing the players I want to collect.
        Like you said not every product is intended for everyone, but these are the reason you see why people post Panini sucks on collector fourms. Prove them wrong and bring value back to the Panin brand.

  12. Question
    Why is the Smith-Pelly RC numbered out of 42? Also, why are some of the rookies pictured numbered out of 100?

    1. From our venerable NHL Brand Manager Chris “@PaniniPuck” Barr:
      “The cards at the top of the gallery are the Draft Position parallels. Players drafted before the 100th spot will be numbered to the Draft position. Smith-Pelly was selected 42nd overall when he was drafted. Players drafted beyond the 100th pick are all serial numbered to 100.”
      Hope this helps.

  13. Great looking cards guys. Loving the Ducks hits!! Especially the quad patch. Is there going to be a competition or something where we can get our hands on these beauties.
    Cheers BEN

  14. i love em all—
    except for the “new Wave” cards-holy 80’s !
    though i will gladly accept any and all ovechkin cards please!

  15. Some very nice looking cards in this product. Too bad it has all sticker autos. Probably won’t be buying any since I’m trying to not by any Panini products until my remaining 2 rookie redemption’s, which I don’t even know what rookies they are, from 2010/11 Certified get fulfilled. Been waiting for around 18 months now. Original goal was to complete the 1st ever set that Panini released and have almost all the cards except those 2 and some inserts plus the #212 missing auto Brock Trottier rookie, which is rare. Also have most of the Plat Red and a lot of the Mirror Red base and inserts plus some FotG. Based on my recent Panini breaks and the long redemption wait I just have be turned away from buying boxes.

  16. Sticker autos are a reality that people need to accept for mid-end products. Players are busy and not always timely, so it would be impossible for a totally on-card product to release without a huge delay and lots of redemptions. Though it would be nice if a few subsets in Titanium were on card, and a few sets were stickers, not just the private signings. Would make the product even better. Or somehow making the stickers look less noticable, meshing in with the background of the card. I have seen it done in a few sets you guys have made, and it looked nice and worked very well. Loving the designs of this stuff though, good work giving it a retro feel back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Can’t wait to try a pack or 2 of this when it comes out! And if it is good to me maybe more!

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