The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2013 Prestige Football (162 Sweet Images)

First things first: The Quality Control Gallery you're about to lay eyes on is massive; at 162 images strong, it's easily one of the biggest ones we've ever done here on The Knight's Lance. But when you have a product as brimming with compelling content as 2013 Prestige Football is, well, you've gotta show it off. So that's exactly what we're about to do.

Panini America 2013 Prestige Football QC Gallery (1)

First things first: The Quality Control Gallery you’re about to lay eyes on is massive; at 162 images strong, it’s easily one of the biggest ones we’ve ever done here on The Knight’s Lance. But when you have a product as brimming with compelling content as 2013 Prestige Football is, well, you’ve gotta show it off. So that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

A lot has changed for the proud Prestige brand since last we saw it in 2012. Once the first licensed NFL trading card product on the market every year, this year’s edition was moved back in the schedule so that the trailblazing 2013 Score Football could kickoff the collecting season.

But Prestige promises to follow up that seminal Score release next week with a thunderous, redemption-free 2013 edition that delivers 24 Rookie Cards and four autograph or memorabilia cards per box (with at least two autographs guaranteed). Much of Prestige’s autograph content was signed on-card during the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

In addition, collectors can find traces of Totally Certified in Prestige’s Prestigious Picks and NFL Draft Picks inserts, and an alluring array of die-cut acetate in the Stars of the NFL, NFL Shield, Fantasy Team and Inside the Numbers. The brand’s venerable Extra Points parallels return, as does the NFL Draft Materials insert that includes the actual jerseys and hats presented to the top picks on stage inside Radio City Music Hall.

Short-printed RC variations? Printing Plate 1/1s? Leon Sandcastle autographs? Yep, they’re all packed inside 2013 Prestige Football.

Clearly, we could go on and on about the power of Prestige; or we could shut up and let the following 162 highlights from the just-completed QC process speak for us. Yeah, let’s do that.


25 Replies to “The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2013 Prestige Football (162 Sweet Images)”

  1. Terrible idea putting “ROOKIE” in giant letters at the bottom of the rookie cards when there is already a “RC” logo in the top left. Last year’s Prestige RC cards were perfect. These rookie cards just look hideous. Thanks for telling me twice that this is a rookie card as if I didn’t see the RC logo in the first place. Not sure about the “Totally Certified” influence in this set this year. There also seems to be an overkill of “die cuts” this year. Four different types that I can see so far. However, where you get an “A+” is in the “Gamers” set. Great job of putting a different photo of the players face in the backdrop/background of the main picture. Gives that card an amazing look, and a potential set building opportunity. One of my favorite insert cards from last year’s Prestige is the “Draft City Destinations”. Glad it’s back and it looks even more incredible this year. Glad to see the holokote variations are back. Also great to see the Draft Day autos and Passport autos getting an upgrade in terms of appearance. Nicely done. Will probably do another case of this as I do every year.

  2. Any clue as to why Te’o’s auto is not on foil board and is using a photo shopped photo? Looks kinda out of place with the rest of the sweet looking cards!
    Thanks for all the photos!

    1. Good point. But looking even more out of place is Matt Scott! He has the body of a 17 year old and the head of a 37 year old– The football looks enormous in comparison to him!

    2. The on card autos were produced before the players got their numbers, and this allow everyone an on card auto of the player produced quick enough that the preseason hadn’t started yet. Had they waited until they got their numbers, all of the autos would have been stickers, because they wouldn’t have had time to get the players to sign on card and get the set out. This way, you can have a sticker auto of them with their number, or an on card with 00.

  3. OK now what about the checklist and print runs of the Father’s Day set you have been promising?

  4. Always a fan of Prestige, I’ve enjoyed watching the product develop a very distinct identity. The Passport autos are bangin’, the shield die-cuts are eye-pleasing, and the “connections” mem’ cards are sharp. A very impressive looking product replete with some sharp cards of some real hobby sleepers.

  5. I wish more of the players were in their actual jersey numbers on the cards. I just don’t really care for the “00” jersey’s. The shiny rookie cards look nice. Are the Connections card in patch version or just jersey relics? I liked them acetate rookie autos last year, are you guys gonna do some more of them this year? Need me some Cowboys rookie autos. Like the numbered rookie cards and will pick some up. Loved the die-cut numbered ones from last year.

  6. Will DJ Hayden be in this set?? He was the first round pick of the Raiders, and im a huge fan keep on hoping that his auto will pop up but don’t see one in the photo’s. If he’s not in this set, will he be in the next? But overall this stuff looks pretty nice!

  7. Excellent looking start to the set, that Andrew Luck with the NFL shield in the back ground was my favorite. Thanks Tracy!

  8. Been alittle side tracked but ready to get back in the game, I love the way the Gamers insert set looks!!!

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