The Short Report: Panini America Reveals SPs, SSPs in 2020 Contenders Football (Part 1)

Panini America’s ballyhooed 2020 Contenders Football arrived in hobby shops across North America last week to a ready-and-waiting collector base that has spent the last few days or so in a wrapper-ripping, Rookie Ticket-revealing frenzy. That’s certain to continue in the weeks ahead as the many Contenders completists work on building their sets, with one eye always on the set’s various variations and short prints.

Today, we’re going to devote some attention to clarifying or demystifying some of the set’s SP and SSP mysteries. The initial list below details some of the SPs and SSPs featured in 2020 Contenders Football’s Rookie TicketsRookie Ticket Variations (identified by the letter “V” on the top-middle of the card back), Rookie Ticket Wild Card Variations, Rookie Ticket Swatches, Rookie Ticket Swatches Variations and Veteran Tickets. For 2020 Contenders Football, an SP indicates cards with a print run of 250 or less; an SSP indicates cards with a print run of 100 or less. Enjoy the initial list and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for Part 2 next week.

109Justin JeffersonRookie Ticket Variation RPS50
6Rob GronkowskiVeteran Ticket Autograph10
11Tre’Davious WhiteVeteran Ticket Autograph100
286L’Jarius SneedRookie Ticket100
237Thaddeus MossRookie Ticket Variation73
103Tua TagovailoaRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card50
108Jalen ReagorRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card100
113Tee HigginsRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card50
118Cole KmetRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card75
122Jalen HurtsRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card75
125Denzel MimsRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card100
128Ke’Shawn VaughnRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card100
131Zack MossRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card75
136Jacob EasonRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card75
141Tyler JohnsonRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card75
102Chase YoungRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation25
106Jerry JeudyRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation50
109Justin JeffersonRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation25
112Clyde Edwards-HelaireRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation50
115D’Andre SwiftRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation25
120Chase ClaypoolRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation50
126AJ DillonRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation38
131Zack MossRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation38
136Jacob EasonRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation38
139Gabriel DavisRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation50
142Jake FrommRookie Ticket RPS Wild Card Variation50
5Henry Ruggs IIIRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs100
26AJ DillonRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs100
1Joe BurrowRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
7CeeDee LambRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs25
12Clyde Edwards-HelaireRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
15D’Andre SwiftRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
19KJ HamlerRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
24Van JeffersonRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
27Antonio GibsonRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs100
30Bryan EdwardsRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
34Joshua KelleyRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs50
39Gabriel DavisRookie Ticket Swatches Variation Autographs100
107CeeDee LambRookie Ticket RPS250
126AJ DillonRookie Ticket RPS250
140Antonio Gandy-GoldenRookie Ticket RPS250
104Justin HerbertRookie Ticket Variation RPS250
108Jalen ReagorRookie Ticket Variation RPS250
114Michael Pittman Jr.Rookie Ticket Variation RPS125
118Cole KmetRookie Ticket Variation RPS125
123J.K. DobbinsRookie Ticket Variation RPS250
130Bryan EdwardsRookie Ticket Variation RPS125
154Jordyn BrooksRookie Ticket250
172Antoine Winfield Jr.Rookie Ticket182
270Jeremy ChinnRookie Ticket250
204Darnell MooneyRookie Ticket Variation200
8Jalen ReagorRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
14Michael Pittman Jr.Rookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
19KJ HamlerRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
24Van JeffersonRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
29Lynn Bowden Jr.Rookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
33Darrynton EvansRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs200
38James MorganRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs150
42Jake FrommRookie Ticket Swatches Autographs200

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