On Thursday, Sept. 28th at 10 am CT, Panini Craft goes live on the Blockchain website and the Panini Direct mobile app. The headliner event is the crafting of Gold Kabooms from the 2022-23 Best of NBA Inserts packs. These packs were sold out in less than 48 hours.

Panini Craft allows Blockchain customers to burn their current NFTs to craft new items including NFTs, exclusive crafting NFT packs, Panini Reward Points, physical prizes and special events. When a NFT is born, it is called “minting.” The natural opposite of minting is called “burning” which permanently removes a NFT from the Blockchain. For instance, a user would take a card from 99 and a card from 49 and burn them to mint an exclusive card numbered to 20.

The Panini Craft module provides users with real-time data about the cards they are choosing to burn, including the current floor price in our Marketplace, the amount of that specific NFT available to burn. This allows the customer to make an educated decision as to how they wish to proceed.

On Day 1, Panini Craft will have different events across baseball, soccer, UFC and basketball. Users will be able to craft through the website or the Panini Direct mobile app.

To craft new NFTs, users will have specific card requirements to pick NFTs to burn and in turn mint a new NFT. The highlight of the launch will be crafting Gold Kaboom NFTs starting with Giannis Antetokounmpo on the 28th starting at noon CT. The crafting requirements will be in varying degrees of difficulty and will have a limited number of completions available.

Similarly, to craft NFT packs, users choose a specific set of required cards to receive an exclusive Panini Craft pack that is not available for purchase in our NFT pack store. These packs will contain cards that have not been previously available on the blockchain. The initial exclusive packs will showcase Snake Eyes and Tiger Eyes from the 2022-23 Best of NBA Inserts.

In addition, Panini Craft awards can include physical items like merchandise and boxes of trading cards. Panini will also utilize crafting for special trips and experiences.

To craft Panini Rewards Points, users will take 10 common NFTs from a specific card collection to receive 100 Rewards Points. The points can be used to purchase additional NFT packs or physical rewards from the Panini Rewards Store like merchandise and exclusive packs. They will also be used as a crafting requirement for Panini Craft.

Panini Craft ushers in a new experience for our Blockchain customers.

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