Timeless Treasures: Must-See Memorabilia Arrives at Panini America Headquarters

A few weeks ago we broke the news that Timeless Treasures would be introduced as an NFL brand for the first time ever in 2011. One of the highlights of that announcement was the fact that the product will feature several game-worn memorabilia insert sets that tie specific jerseys to the actual games they were worn.

A few weeks ago we broke the news that Timeless Treasures would be introduced as an NFL brand for the first time ever in 2011. One of the highlights of that announcement was the fact that the product will feature several game-worn memorabilia insert sets that tie specific jerseys to the actual games they were worn.

On Friday, the first batch of jerseys slotted specifically for those Timeless Treasures inserts arrived at Panini America HQ, creating one of the most splendidly soiled mail days in recent memory. Check out the video above and the gallery below to see exactly what we mean.


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  1. Sweet! It does’t matter if they are soiled or not! What a GREAT Collection of jersey’s you got in! Seems like I’m going to have to try and sell some stuff to get a box of these when they come out! Great Job there Panini!
    Dave in Mass

  2. Hey Tracy, I’ve never pulled a stinky jersey card before, so I was wondering if the jerseys stink that bad, do you put them through a wash, or are they actually cut and packed out as is? What about some of the patches with autographs/notations by the players/equipment managers, are they cut and send out as is (ie partial auto patch cards)? Thanks for the insight on the behind the scenes work that goes into making a Panini card. Have a great weekend!

    1. Good question, Kevin. We DO NOT wash these jerseys after they arrive. They’re cut and prepared for packout as is. We usually cut the autographed pieces as well. On occasion you’ll see cards on the market with parts of the signatures on the memorabilia piece.

      You have a great rest of the weekend, too.

  3. It would be awesome to find one of those jerseys folded up into one of those boxes 🙂 lol. Great pictures!

  4. Tracy, if a Tebow GW arrives, will you allow it to make the cutting room table? If it does, Panini should let you cut it up for insertion…….;)

  5. love these, especially the dirty ones.

    Also, it gave me a chance to compare+find out where the awesome ’11 elite Cassel patch I bought came from… he signed the C, didn’t he?

  6. SIMPLY PUT!!!! Awesome…. You can’t get any closer than that!!!1
    Filthy , Filthy , Filthy….

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike Druga
    Pittsburgh, PA

  7. I asked this earlier, but still hadn’t heard. Is Timeless Treasures REPLACING Classics, or just adding another stand alone set?

  8. Awesome, but you guys really cut up a piece of patch that is already autographed? Are they too large to fit onto cards? What about a very jumbo like 5×7 sized patch autographed card redemption ready to send out upon entry of the code? It’s a shame that the autograph gets cut up.

    Otherwise, getting a dirty jersey card, in my opinion, is awesome. And thank you for the tie-in with the date the jersey was worn on the card. I’ve brought that up on numerous occasions (as well as other collectors) and I’m VERY happy to see it starting to get done. I hope it becomes standard in Panini cards soon.

  9. WOW. Thanks Tracy! Been spamming you about bringing back the dates on GU cards for about a year now 😛 Can’t wait to see some of those captain patches, REALLY Hope you guys put the whole “C” on one card if the whole patch doesn’t fit. the stars will make a great seperate patch as well.

    This will bring some more value back into the GU Market that us collectors have been dying for. Thanks alot for the video, the jerseys look AWESOME. Love the filth :o) I own the home jersey of McFadden from the first game of 2010 with about as much dirt as that one, I’m pretty sure the stuff on the shoulders is some type of glue he likes to use for his shoulder pads, It’s in the same spot on my jersey as well…..

    Thanks again, really looking forward to this product with this announcement! Keep up these great “Inside Look” Type Videos. Really appreciate the extra work you do to get us inside the making of a product.

  10. I have to say for the first time in awhile I would be excited to pull a jersey or patch card without an auto.
    Thank you for doing this.
    Instead of cutting up the vick auto you should just cut that auto out and send it to me for my birthday 😀

  11. I love game-used memorabilia! I love when the players inscribe “Game Used” or what game they played while wearing the jerseys, makes them more unique then just the autograph which is great in itself.

  12. I hope you guys are able to get McFadden to sign some cards this year. can’t wait to see what these cards look like.

  13. The return of game-dated material is fantastic news and something I have been suggesting for some time now, whenever card manufactures ask for opinions. Are there plans to include a picture of these jerseys on the back of the cards, like early 2000’s Donruss products? It was always fun trying to match the cards memorabilia piece to the actual game used item pictured on the card.

  14. Pretty nice stuff. I know ill be buying Timeless Treasures. The sell sheet looked great and I think some unbelievable stuff will be pulled. Hopefully in my boxes. Thanks for sharing Mr. hackler and GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  15. Great video Tracy! I would love to be in the same room with those jerseys like you were, even with the terrible smell. I am even more pumped than i already was for Timeless Treasures Football!!!!!!

  16. great video again panini thank you, love it when you show these stinking jerseys you use to make stinking cards and i mean that in a good way, i hope you know. love the game used elements, plus i wish you did not have to cut up those autos, do something special with those please!

    plus, my hope is more people see these videos so they can examine what real game used stitching and real patches look like, too many altered cards with fake patches out there in the hobby

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