Totally Late: Panini America Finally Breaks a Box of 2012 Totally Certified Football

First things first: We apologize for being late with this episode of Panini Unwrapped. Yes, 2012 Totally Certified Football released exactly one week ago today. Yes, we usually try to have Unwrapped episodes posted no later than the day a product goes live. But between last week's 2013 Industry Summit and a slew of other events between now and then, we simply dropped the ball on this one.


First things first: We apologize for being late with this episode of Panini Unwrapped. Yes, 2012 Totally Certified Football released exactly one week ago today. Yes, we usually try to have Unwrapped episodes posted no later than the day a product goes live. But between last week’s 2013 Industry Summit and a slew of other events between now and then, we simply dropped the ball on this one.

But we’re about to make amends for that. Earlier this week, I filmed a down-and-dirty, alone-at-my-desk, webcam edition of Panini Unwrapped starring one box of the aforementioned 2012 Totally Certified Football. That video is below. After you’ve watched it, simply let us know your candid thoughts on this year’s release by answering two questions: 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?, and 2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013.

Leave your answers as a comment to this post and we’ll select four winners early next week and give away one box of 2012 Totally Certified Football to each winner. It’s that simple. Thanks in advance for your participation. Enjoy the video.


186 Replies to “Totally Late: Panini America Finally Breaks a Box of 2012 Totally Certified Football”

  1. Thanks as always for the contest Tracy and Panini.

    1. I like the different nickname subtitles you have for the hits such as down and dirty.
    2. I would like to see more patches in this product.

  2. I love the big beautiful patches this product has. Most patches are multicolored and have more than one break in them making the look spectacular. I would like to see all the best patches in certified have an auto. This would make me and other collectors buy more in the hopes of pulling one! Great job as always!
    PS Do you guys have extra summit black boxes for sale?


  3. 1) What I love? I love the stitches in time checklist this year, and the duals. Being a Buffalo Bills fan, I always thought that Jim Kelly doesn’t get enough hobby love. I love the fact that he has several cards in this product, some of which are very low numbered to keep the value up. Gives me more cards to chase 🙂 I also love the continuation of the video cards and gold cards

    2) What can you do better? Add dual/triple autos. I would love a idea that ties in signatures within different generations. I know quite a few sets have this already, but I feel that they add a lot of value to the sets out there already! And they are just fun to pull

  4. Tracy-that shot of you with the certified logo on your head: are you trying out for a future IRON MAN villain? hahaha!

    LIKE: veterans, colored/numbered parallels, 1auto/mem per pack, micro-etching, quad jersey cards (especially when numbered to Ronnie Lott’s jersey number)

    Dislike: perhaps more cards per pack and/or more packs per box.


  5. 1. I love the inclusion of so many veteran autos in the set. A lot of the sets this year focus almost entirely on the rookies and here’s one of a few sets that has a bunch of veteran autos. I also love the large amount of hits in these boxes, that’s a major plus!

    2. I’d like to see fewer sticker autos. I know that’s tough to do, but it really makes the product so much more valuable to the customer. Not just in monetary terms, but to a person’s collection. I hate when I get an auto of my favorite player to later find out that it’s on a sticker.

    Thanks for the contest. Keep up the awesome work, Tracy!

  6. I really like the chance at the video cards I think those are really cool. I also like you get retro players in the base cards. I do wish that you would put more upper tier players in the jersey and auto cards and stay away from second tier players. These cards aren’t cheap and your kinda of disappointed in spending say 20 bucks on a pack and pulling a Sidney Rice patch card.

  7. I like the colors that are being used, and the effect the cards have at different angles also the cards of the older generation of players. As always I like the autographs and the game used memorabilia along with the numbered cards. The futures of the game is another great addition to an already awesome card company. I would like to also see pieces of game used gloves, I think that would be a great addition to the 2013 collection. Another great addition would be autographs of coaches, I know they are not as valuable and exciting as the players but it adds another perspective to an already awesome collection of cards.

  8. 1) Love the mix of old school stars and current players.
    2) Would like to see more multi autographed cards of a certain position (i.e 2 HOF 2 current star players at same position)

  9. I really like the consistency of the product. Totally Certified is one of few products that I know I can always look forward to enjoy breaking. It does change a bit each year but not so much that the design had ever taken a bad turn.

    If I absolutely have to put something in here to change about the product would be to put more Legends auto’s in it. I know its a lot to ask for, but you guys said we HAVE to put something to change. I am completely satisfied with the product already though. Great job once again on TCERT!!!

    Thanks for the contest as well Panini. You guys are awesome.

  10. I have like all the releases this year. But the most draw I think was the Contenders 1 or 1 cards. Thank you for all that you guys do.

  11. 1. I like the mix of today’s football players, with years past. Always nice to open a Collinsworth card at any level.

    2. The base level cards are kind of boring. I would change them to not all look identical.


  12. Nice break! I really like the etching on the cards that really make them “pop”! For next year, it would be nice to see less sticker autos on the rookie jersey autos.

    Thanks again for the break and the contest!


  13. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?, and 2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013.

    Definitely the strong rookie crop of 2012 adds up but 2012 design was an upgrade of last years design

    as for improvement

    how bout dual autos, triple autos ,quad …or simply multi auto cards for this product … an emerald multi auto of griffin, luck and wilson should be interesting if it was made

  14. the micro etching is a great effect. much finer than past effects like this. from what I have seen, I am not sure about improvements. sure, there is always a desire for lower numbering (the quad 49ers card/199?) and/or more variations in colour swatches (again, the quad 49ers had 3 white/1 red…maybe go red/wht/red/wht). a very nice product. thanks.

  15. Panini with the 2012 Football Product line has brought me back into collecting Football cards and this was an awesome way to cap of the year . For improvements next year I would suggest as many on card as humanly possible makes the cards more enjoyable and maybe redemptions for Autographed footballs would be really cool 🙂 Thanks Panini

  16. I love the look of the micro etching in the cards, it really makes the cards stand out. Only thing I can think of to add for 2013 products in general would be more die-cuts. I really like the look of die-cut cards. Besides that, just keep on going with the creative genius you guys have. I have yet to see a product from Panini that I didn’t love.

    Joe Reynolds

  17. I would first like to say that i agree with Tracy about the micro-etching. I LOVE IT! also love the fact that there is a hit in every pack and that the players from the past are not forgotten.

    Now as for what i would like to see for a an improvement for ’13…this is just in general not specific to this product. But i would LOVE to see a legends of the game product. So many amazing players paved the way for today’s stars. I think that my fellow collectors would enjoy seeing players that they grew up watching or their parents watched in a set of their own.

  18. Since I am a lover of all things shiny, I love these cards. When a base card looks like an insert, I can really appreciate having the base as well. I like the layout of the cards with the silverish trim lines directly behind the players image. Oh, and the Certified Future auto jerseys are so cool..

  19. 1. the legends are a nice touch to add to the base set. the cards are awesome to look at.

    2. for 2013 i think you could add some other colors besides the blue and red. maybe some sort of gold 1/1 like from prizm

  20. I have bought a few packs of these myself and I must say I LOVE the patch colors and choices for the low numbered cards! The improvement I would maybe like to see is…hell I can’t really think of one. The image choices for the players are awesome! The design of the cards is great! The historical players are amazing! I TOTALLY LOVE TOTALLY CERTIFIED!!! Thank you panini!!!!

  21. Totally Certified looks like a really sharp product that is loaded with hits. Love the placement of material swatches in the cards and the rookies look great. Cropping out the backgrounds to spotlight just the players on each card is also great as it makes this product stand out from some of the other products released this year, such as Gridiron -also a great product by the way!
    I also love the micromotion but that leads me to my one negative point; why is this product called ‘totally certified’. It seems the word micromotion should be instead worked into the product’s name. Besides the logo for totally certified on the cards, I don’t see much else of the card designs that scream the meaning of why the product is called totally certified and if anything, micromotion looks like the unifying theme of the product. Regardless, you guys at Panini have produced a good looking product that has great collector value in each box!

  22. These are my candid and sugar-free comments of Totally Certified:

    The absence of any on card autos is disappointing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the product was first marketed as having one on card auto in every box. We know sticker autos are inevitable in most released products, but I believe a better job could have been done with them blending in with the crisp design of the card.

    I also expected a better checklist and wonder if this product was just a filler before the much anticipated releases of Playbook and National Treasures. With that said, I have always placed Panini in the leader position for overall quality, presentation and customer service in the card industry and expect nothing less in the future.

    Thanks for the chance to share my thoughts and thanks for the excitement you’ve brought back to this collector who had been away for quite some time.

  23. I bought a box of this product last week and was of really satisfied with the content inside. The positives of 2012 TC is the gurantee of at least 6 hits which equals out to 1 hit a pack. This allows the buyer such as myself to feel like they are getting a good bang for the buck they spend. My best hit out of the box I purchased was a #5 of 5 Rod Woodson autographed Platinum Green card which was awesome! One improvements I would like seen is the decrease in hits being lesser tiered rookies and if possible replaced with either more current vets, retired stars, or maybe feature inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with a line of autograph or relic cards. Thanks for all the fine product you put out. I just started getting back into the hobby within the last few months and have had a blast starting up my collection again and Panini product has been the biggest contributions to my collection.

  24. 1) I appreciate the shift towards on-card autographs. It’s always nice to see them, and frankly, I’d love to see even more in lieu of stickers.

    2) This isn’t so much about the product itself, but the time of release. It seems like products are getting pushed further and further into the next year. If I recall, the latest it got back in the 2006 days was around the end of January when football was still happening. To almost be to the 2013 draft and still have 2012 products being released is a little odd. I just don’t have the same hype for the product when it’s released after football is over!

  25. 1) I really like the design of the cards, my favorite being the relic cards with multiple players.
    2) I would like to see more numbered parallels in this product. I love the numbered parallels in Totally Certified basketball and would like to see something similar in this product.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  26. 1) The designs of all your product is just unbelievable. You know when you’ve hit something good right away. Keep up the great work.

    2) If I had to choose I guess I would pick on having less redemption’s. I know it’s hard not to have them but…….

    Thanks as always Tracy! BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Another nice panini product!!
    1. Just the all round appearance, love the micro etch effect.
    2. More Big multi coloured patches. Love em love em love em!!!

  28. My favorite part of this product is so many rookies, and many that have very few autos out this year, such as Evan Rodriguez and Damaris Johnson. I think that really helps player/team collectors searching for a card of every player, and they have it in this set.

    If I had to improve something, I’d suggest a few things. First off, I liked the RPAs better when they were on card last year, compared to this years sticker autos. Next, I’d like some dual or triple rookie autos from players on the same team (ex. RG3, Alf Morris, Kirk Cousins)

    Thanks for the contest!

  29. Hey Tracy!!!

    I love the metallic with the etchings. Awesome. I also love the inclusion of the veterans, even the older vets…imo there needs to be more of this. I also love the large action player photography. great job!!!

    What i would like to see more of, not necessarily an improvement, but maybe more color parallels, for set builders. and maybe even more vets in the set, not necessarily the same vets every year.

    Certainly would love a box!!!

  30. Nicely Done Sir Tracy!
    Just Like a YouTube Box Break!
    That’s in a good Way!

    1. What we Love of Panini Is the Awesome and unparalleled customer service and connection to us the collectors!

    2. No Apologies needed. As We always see that there are improvement of the same product for example the Totally Certified Basketball to Totally Certified Football!
    Its a win win situation as we could really say that Panini is definitely looking for improvement and adding more innovations!
    I will Say Less of redemption, I know most people say this but its a different feeling opening and seeing and holding at hand the card that we are supposed to have. But kudos to you all for we see a definite improvement on this area.

    Take Care And Happy Easter!

  31. Thanks for the chance to win a free box Tracy and Panini.

    I love the set design as a whole, the colors, pics and sine to the cards makes them pop. As far as an improvement I personally love multiplayer autos.

  32. Hey Tracy,
    I love the quality of the patches when you hit a patch. I saw somebody open a box the other day, and they got a triple patch card with three Rams legends, AND a Brock Osweiler rookie patch auto with a huge three color patch. It’s disappointing when you get a piece of “prime” memorabilia that’s boring, and that doesn’t seem to be the case with Totally Certified.

    What I would like to see is more patches and less plain jerseys. A whole box without one patch would be disappointing to me.

    I did love the 49ers quad jersey card, though!

  33. Love the vets included, overall appearance and look of the cards, patches I’ve seen in breaks look VERY GOOD!
    In a perfect world, would like to see more patches, in lieu of jersey cards, but that’s more semantics, than anything, GREAT looking product, another home run!

    Once again, THANKS for all you and your company do to continue to support the hobby, greatly appreciated.

  34. I love the base card design, I’ve always loved the Dufex-esque design.
    I actually opened a box of this so my dislikes are actually from my experience. I would like to see more quality autos in the product. A couple of my autos were very late draft picks that aren’t all that desirable, I would like to see guys like this in a lower price point product. But my huge dislike was pulling a Trent Richardson Auto Jersey REDEMPTION! It seems every time I open a box of Panini, it has a redemption. To make it worse, there are LIVE autos of him in this product and these are sticker autographs!

  35. 1) This product looks better every year, the card design is amazing, Veteran Auto’s is a plus. Freshman Fabrics are cleaner looking that last year.

    2) Maybe change the packaging, something simiiar to Absolute. How about a dual Autograph cards of Veterans past and current Rookie. (Ex Joe Montana/Colin Kapernick)
    On Card Auto’s

  36. Likes: Love the look of the product (as always). There’s just something about cards that look good, and these look great. Love the multi-generation jersey cards, its always neat to get past stars with current players of the same team on the same card. Also like the different versions/colors of each card. Give collectors more than 1 chance to collect different cards of the same player and have them be different (#’d, colors, jersey, etc…).

    Dislikes: Although I love the one auto/mem per pack (guaranteed hit), I dont like the fact that seems to be it in the pack. In the box you broke, I think only one pack had something other than base cards (blue parallel) in it besides the big hit card. I would like to see a better variation of cards in the box/packs, versus 6 hits and all other base.

    Dont worry, though. My dislikes wont prevent me from busting some of this amazing product! Looks amazing, and as always, you guys at Panini did a great job. Thanks a lot!
    And once again, thanks for giving collectors the chance to get our hands on some of the product with these contests. You do it better than any other card company out there, by far!

  37. I really liked Totally Certified basketball so I broke into some of this, thought it was a great value. I’m obsessed with pulling an HRX, I want one so bad. I really like the ever improving design and feel of the cards and unique vets relics. If you could find one way to improve things for me it would be please, please release the checklists sooner. My favorite thing nowadays is participating in group breaks and I hate flying blind and not knowing which team to pick up. I really like doing my research and deciding what I want before it comes out.

  38. Great product! Of course you hit a quad! (1) I really like the variety this product has with current/retired players, parallels, autos and relics. (2) If future products have retired players, would be nice to see more solo signed or solo relics.

  39. i really love this product, i mainly stick to singles because i havent been able to grab a box. i would love to see a super bowl winners team set for a few teams maybe dallas san fran pittsburgh since they have the three most wins in nfl history. if i could change anything in the product id add more of my PC player.

  40. Thx 4 the contest LOVE THESE CARDS and what I like most about this release is that its a PANINI product with outta this World awesome micro-etching Technology w/Vivid Colors and that Eye POPPING shininess that we all LOVE-Panini is TAKING the Hobby and Collectors by force bringing their A-Game w/Armor and LANCE crushing the competition and letting the Industry know who is TOPP dog…and the ONLY thing U can do to improve this Product of EYE CANDY is GET MORE RAVENS PLAYER AUTO CARDS and make sure we get our Fix On schedule,other then that I have NO COMPLAINTS,Superior Quality and Overall Design,Look and Feel are SICKKKK would love to bust a Free Box from The TOPP Knight himself SIR Hackler

  41. Great stuff once again!

    1. I love the foil look of this product and the fact you get a hit in every pack.

    2. I dont think there is a need to have Certifed and Totally Certified every year..they are too similar. I would go with Totally from now on.

  42. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?
    I just watched a 12 Box Case Break of this product, and one thing i noticed that there was only 5 redemption cards in the 72 packs, what seams less then some other Panini products have. I really like this shiny base cards, and the fact that every pack contains a hit.

    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013?
    There should be no redemption cards at all. Other thing, i am not a football fan, most of the players name don’t mean anything to me, but even i am not sure, but i guess it is the same like in the basketball version of this products, that too many rookie autos about players who have more letters in their names then minutes on the court.

  43. 1. Like the design and the look of the color parallels. The cards really pop!

    2. Add a printing effect such as cracked ice or finite to the 1/1s. The black background is cool, but it’s awesome when the cards look tremendously better than the other parallels.

  44. I really like the gold parallels! Just pulled one, a Lamar Miller patch/auto, and the patch is SWEET! It’s the dolphins head on a white background within the “rookie” cutout. This is the third Prime patch I have pulled and so far they all have amazing patches on them, so that is my favorite thing about this years release.
    Something I would improve on? Probably the Down and Dirty patches. I have pulled two and neither are”dirty” at all. I think if you name the subset down and dirty, they should all be kind of dirty!

  45. I put together a set of 2011 stitches in time that includes a lot of prime versions so I was looking forward to this release!! I like the expanded checklist for stitches in time this year which has single, dual, triple and quad versions. It will be fun to put together and has a very good variety of players as did last years set! One thing I dislike is the gaps in the checklist. Several card numbers were skipped so even after completion the set will seem incomplete if I get so lucky to finish it. I was wanting to build a set of limited jumbo jersey number prime this year but It has gaps in the checklist as well. But I totally certified looks awesome this year. Great job!

  46. 1) Obviously like the micro etching….
    2) What I would like to see as a slight change in the product with the old school players as they are always a nice inclusion is to have a retro look to them with the micro etching I think that would be something rather quite spectacular……….just a thought

  47. Nice product though im not a big fan of shiny cards. The rookie auto/relics look nice. Any chance of #ing the parallels on front? Keep up the great work.

  48. 1. I really like the use of former players in the checklist that are the lesser known legend. It’s good to see Collinsworth and Largent every now and then instead of it always judt being the big names (Montana, Elway, etc)

    2. I would like to see ‘totally’ removed from the product name. Like how it is in hockey, I think certified by itself is bolder name. Just a thought.

  49. Panini continues go amaze , best in the business and the only company I shop with ! Keep up the great work , your excellent customer service does not go unnoticed !!

  50. What I love most about this years Totally Certified is I love that there are sometimes 4 autos not 3 and I love how u guys kept this years design crazy good! The only thing I could suggest about improving next years is at least making the rookie autos OnCard like u guys did last year. Other than that don’t change anything because I LOVE this product! Keep up the great work Panini!

  51. What I love most about this years release are the awesome rookie autos/patch cards and designs of these cards. These cards have a great color to them and these autos/patches are very nice to own. I love auto cards and patch cards even if they’re not a big name player because its nice to own something they used. One thing I would like to see an improvement on is less Redemptions. A lot of redemptions are unclaimed and when it slows down and cards don’t sell, they start to expire. But overall, I love Panini products. Its the first product I started collecting and always look forward to Panini’s new stuff.

  52. 1. Hands Down the Down and Dirty Prime are SWEEETTTTT.
    2. If it aint broke don’t fix. There really is not much that could be done to improve IMO, just stay on top innovation like yall have been doing.

    There is a reason I ONLY buy Panini boxes. ( I sometimes have to buy singles of other manufacturers for my PC)

  53. 1. I absolutely love this product the design the looks everything about it one of the best products yet.
    2. I would like to see a little more multi autos that would awesome.

  54. I love that the HRX cards are back this year (even though I have never pulled one!). From what I have seen from others posts, they are sweet! In fact many people have never seen one, so you should do a follow-up post on the Knights Lance showing us all one of them!

    I wish there were dual (or even triple or quad) autos in this set. It would be amazing to see something like a Wilson/Luck or Griffin/Luck prime jersey auto in T.C.

  55. Hi, liked the etching on the cards, have been collecting certified since the beginning….
    Would like to see less multiple subsets, makes it extremely hard for someone to attempt to put together the set, also more base cards per pack for putting together the base set…Thank you!

  56. 1. Love the mesmerizing look of this years card – that’s what I love about them every year …

    2. Truly the only thing I can think of is… Just QA the cards a little better… Pulled some cards this year out of Crowne Royale rookie royalty and no relic – just an empty spot…. That’s the only thing. Other than that love the product like every year before.

  57. I like that Panini is using the most advanced technology in these cards, but I have to admit I’m getting bored with chrome or metallic looking cards. And just like everyone else I like that we can get old school players autos. Maybe it’s my nostalgia kicking in but the look of the seventies and eighties cards just seem timeless.

    Wish list time

    1. Stop counting patch cards as hits in hobby boxes, good for retail but not hobby.

    2. Just throw in random buy back cards in all your products for no reason and don’t count it as a hit. It’s more a “thank you for being a customer and buying my product every year” freebie. Would love to have been opening a Limit pack and shuffling through the cards and up pops a random Walter Payton buy back.

    3. Have score football contain every single player drafted, it’s a $1 a pack product never going to be a huge product line so give me something everyone doesn’t have first and maybe only cards of those forgotten guys that might become something.

    4. Get some classic action photos and card designs. Haven’t seen a classic card in years because the pictures are always zoomed in or are player cut outs. Remember the Walter Payton cards showing him jump over the pile on the goalline.

    5. Redemptions should only be used for big prizes like getting signed jerseys, hats, gloves, pictures, or even just a free box of the stuff. Never understood why we just can’t get a free box as a redemption you don’t need to hunt down the player or buy anything for that, just take a box off the storage shelf and send it to a loyal customer.

  58. It’s hard to pick just one thing to like but here goes lol

    1. I really like seeing the HRX being placed into the product for a 2nd year

    2. I’d like to see the RPA “Rookie” Diecuts be on card, or atleast some of the bigger names

  59. 1) I really like the design this year, the platinum greens and blacks look so nice and also love the look of the rookie relic autographs. I look forward to busting some packs and purchasing some singles

    2) I’d love to see multi-autograph cards especially since the totally certified design looks so nice to begin with, I’d like to see the look of dual and triple autographs. Not only that, but I’d also love the inclusion of a variety of different material cards like pants, gloves, and more helmet and shoe pieces.

    Thanks for the contest, Totally Certified has been a product I look forward to since it first came out.

    See you at the National Panini!!!!

  60. My favorite part about this year would probbly be the beatiful patch cards you guys made this year. The only thing i would change about this mproduct though is that you should make the rookie autos on card

  61. Better late than never Tracy! I gotta say the one thing I really like about Totally Certified (aside from the obvious HRX cards), is the subset stitches in time like you pulled. Whether its the regular or patch version they just look so good. The one thing I would like to see improved is ON-CARD autos. On card autos make the aesthetics of the card so much better.

  62. Brings back memories of the 90s hockey product, when every card was serial numbered. I love the colours and parallels.

    I was a fan of the way Totally Certified BB did their game used mem cards. Sort of adding another parallel to the set, instead of a separate game jersey set.

    Looks great, can only mean National Treasures is around the corner!

  63. 1)I really like the rookie jersey autos. They look very nice!
    2) something that could be improved is to make it more like basketball. With two base, a parrell, a hit, and then another parrell.

  64. Love the crisp, clean look of Totally Certified – as usual! This year is no exception, with great action shots and really cool game used cards. Some of the prime patches are amazing from what I have seen, even though I am yet to be able to personally pull one. I have only pulled a redemption so far so I haven’t been able to see one up close.
    I kind of wish the one of one black base cards had a little more ‘bling’ to them. I mean, they are THE card in the set and I just think they should have a little more something to them.

  65. 1. I love the foil look to the set they are always appealing! 2. I would like to see more veteran jersey autos like you did with crown royale

  66. It’s a nice set. My favorite part is all the Hall of Famer autos and future Hall of Famer autos, as that’s mainly what I collect.

    What I don’t like are the jersey cards. Does anyone care about these anymore? I’m sure they’re probably cheaper to product than autos, but I’d trade all the jerseys found in a case for 1 auto, personally.

  67. I like seeing the veterans, especially on the Stitch in Time cards. (I really like that he pulled a 49ers card out of the box he opened.) And I guess I have gone insert crazy, but the value seems hit or miss. More subsets per box/pack might be nice. I like intermediate value cards so I do not feel like I missed something if I do not get a superstar in my box.

  68. What do I like about this years release? I love the Certified Future cards! The silver foil really sets the jersey patches on fire! The fact that they are /49 says that I probably will not be able to pull one with the two boxes I can typically afford to pay, but still, they are stunning cards!
    I wish there were less redemptions. I understand the HRX video cards because they wont fit in the box, but there does not seem to be a reduction in redemptions in this set compared to the others you have released.

  69. 1. I love the mixture of current players and past players. You guys really nailed that so that us older guys can pick up some fresh cards from former players and current ones.

    2. I think either the name or logo for TC should be changed. As another poster pointed out, its a little redundent to have Certified and Totally Certified. And the ‘TC’ logo makes me think of topps for some reason rather than Panini, even though I know its your product. This are pretty nit-pickish, though.

  70. I loved the Stitches in Time quad jersey card. That was a great hit! I’d probably like to see more auto/jersey combo cards. But, otherwise very good looking and shiny cards.

  71. 1. The different inserts are pretty cool. The duals, triples and quads are nice.
    2. I would like to see at least 1 patch guaranteed per box. It’s hard to justify paying that much for 6 packs of cards and no guarantee at at least 1 patch card.

  72. Hey Tracy thanks again for the box
    Break 😉 Love the vets that are
    Included makes the older people feel young again lol jk.

    Improvements: The Vets and the players from now on the same card with there jerseys side by side…so we can see how different they are.

    Thanks again -Adrian

  73. I love that you have a product that is affordable, yet has 6 hits per box. That gives those of us that can’t afford high end products like Playbook or National Treasures the opportunity to get some really cool cards. The rookie patch-autos are amazing looking, especially the silver or gold ones. I am yet to see a green one but i am sure those look even better 🙂

    I think that there should be less “filler” autos. There alot of autographs of players who havent seen the field in the regular season and probably never will. If there is a shortage of players autos for the set, maybe increase the number of retired stars autos to fill that shortage. The retired players autos always seem to be a big hit with collectors.

  74. 1) The mix of historical stars and current players.
    2) Would like to see some Canadian Football League player cards! Hahah

  75. 1) i love the 3D effect the prism style background creates as the light rotates around it, very cool feature, I could stare at a card for hours! I also love the hit-per-pack feature, makes it comforting to get something in every pack rather than a vlank cardboard chunk!
    2) i would love to see a die-cut next year. The background effect would look great on a die-cut, helping the player pop out even more! Thanks for doing what you do!

  76. I like the rookie autographs with the ROOKIE cutout design that shows the jerseys. It looks sweet when there is a multi-color patch in it, and might be the coolest of the patch autograph cards on the market. The card colors you picked (except for the red, which only look good with a couple of teams) really look great with just about every team. My personal favorite is the gold, of course 😉 I can’t wait to get the chance to pull one!

    The thing I like the least about this years release is the single color jerseys. I saw a Stitches in Time card that was numbered out of 25, and it was just a boring single color jersey. For a card with that low of numbering I would like to see a better swatch on it.

    Other than that you guys are releasing amazing products, just like always!!

  77. 1 Love the price, low # hits. 2 @ and 3 color patches , I know you guys use them up but the regular rookies always seem plain. such a great cut out and plain patches alot of the time. Thanks again for the contest Tracy and crew. Marty

  78. 1. I enjoy the technology used to create these Totally Certified cards. They clearly stand out from the rest in my collection thanks to the foil “dufex” style used to design the front. I believe the individual player’s photography stands out better when it is contrasted by the metallic shine versus the standard background used in other sets. As it is an extension of Certified, my favorite set ever, I enjoy the mirrored parallels (especially Emerald) and the additional dimension the TC version creates over the regular set. The hit per pack box layout is also attractive to hobby collectors seeking specific results for their card-buying dollars.

    2. My lone critique would be the product’s order on the release calendar. Granted, almost any set will be dwarfed by the collecting leviathan known as National Treasures but I believe this particular product gets trampled by those who save their funds for post-Super Bowl releases. At the price point, I believe there is an undercurrent of “why don’t I wait for NT?” amongst the hobby community. Having three consecutive releases all over the $150 mark to close the product year makes it very difficult for buyers to decide where those funds go, I understand many people come into some money thanks to Uncle Sam around now but I imagine savvy fans of cardboard still go through a decision making process prior to ordering or visiting their local card shop. If a product like Prime Signatures came out around now at a much lower price point I believe it would still get the play it deserves as it would attract a slightly different audience. Also, since this year’s TC does not appear to feature very much on-card autograph content, it would allow more time for Prime Signatures on-card heavy checklist to have more returns and thus less redemptions.

    Thanks as always for the contest Tracy, great job on the solo video!

  79. I like that there are six guaranteed hits in a mid-level product like this. Alot of sets at this price point dont give collectors the opportunity for this many autographs and memorabilia cards. Even the base cards look great, which is great because many times base cards are just something that I give away, but not in this set!
    I could talk about improving the same things that every set across every manufacturer has problems with, redemptions, on card auto, etc… But I would have to say that collation would be my biggest concern. I watched a 4 box break from the same case, and two of the hits were different numbers of the same card. That would be great if it was of one of the big three QBs, but not of a benchwarmer.

  80. Tracy, Thanks for the unwrapped video and giveaway.

    1) The thing I like most about this years Totally Certified is the simple yet awesome look of the Freshman Fabric auto relics. Also the video cards look pretty cool. I would love to pull either of those cards!

    2) One thing for next year might be adding a Then & Now relic/auto of a current player on a team and then also a Hall of Famer or just great player from the same team/position together on the same card. (example: Terry Bradshaw and Big Ben)

  81. Beautiful product! I still think that the jersey swatches combined with the autograph is the prettiest card around. As a collector of autographs, this product has it all. Beautiful base cards and short printed cards.

  82. 1. I love the deep rookie checklist AND a deep veteran checklist in addition. (also, again, love that Blair Walsh is included)
    2. Improvements….not so many – i’d love more colored parallels in each box – something you can work towards getting a nice rainbow.

    all in all – this is a solid looking product. I love the vet cards.

  83. I love the patches on the totally green and totally gold rookie patch autograph cards. I also hope you guys can release products on time this year. Thanks for the contest

  84. I love having a ton of vets in the product and feel like you get a good amount of hits at this price point.
    I would like to see this product have multi autos.

    Keep up the great work guys!!!

  85. Another great product and another great contest,WoooHoooo
    1.-For the price line it is just amazing value for the hits.
    2.I agree I would like to see some CFL stars inserted into the product. In the long run there are players that are going to play in th NFL to have a nice card 2 or three years ahead of that would be cool.

  86. Like: More veteran/HOF content is always appreciated…not all of us chase RCs!!!

    Improvement: I would change the name. This is nothing like Certified…creating a new brand would make the late-season calendar that much better!


  87. 1) This was my favorite product last year – I bought three or four boxes! This year’s edition carries forward several things I loved from 2011, starting with a well designed, awesome looking base set (hate products that have huge hits, but worthless base cards). The micro-etching is gorgeous! Also, featuring nice cards and hits of veterans and legends, not just splurging on hit-or-miss rookies, really sells this product to me. The Stitches In Time cards are awesome!
    2) As far as things to improve – my favorite pull from any 2011 set was a Cam Newton Freshman Fabrics on-card auto. His autograph sprawled out luxuriously on that card (and not crammed onto a sticker!) looks incredible, especially next to the jersey swatch under the word “ROOKIE”. I was pretty disappointed to see the on-card autos go away, particularly for that insert. I’m sure it’s tougher to get these on-card, but it makes a world of difference! Please bring them back next year! Also, would love to see the Freshman Fabrics as a one-per-box hit again. Thanks!

  88. I love the big beautiful patches and the overall presentation of the cards and box. Lots of autos and inserting of legends which is awesome.

    For improvements I would add another card or two per pack. Id also have more then/now cards focusing on teams with new logos/uniforms like the Broncos,Bucs, Dolphins etc

  89. My likes are 3 fold. I like the micro-etching, the inclusion of past stars (so I can get more barry sanders cards) and I like the hit/pack with an affordable price point.
    To improve I would love to see the inclusion of some past designs from older certified sets. My personal favorite was the 95 select certified football set. Would love to see the select few, certified gold team, and the z team inserts redone in that design plus the other inserts from that set.
    Thanks again for a great video and give away

  90. I loved the variety of vets mixed into the product. Next I hoped there are more guaranteed autos per box.

  91. I love the look of totally certified. I like all the patches that are in it. I am currently trying to save up for a box or 2. I would like to know more about where the jerseys (especially game used jerseys) come from. Like Donruss used to do and put pictures of the jersey you use on the back of the card. Keep up the great work guys. I love Panini products!

    1. I totally agree about the jerseys! It would be awesome to not just get a “game-used” jersey card, but to be able to know which game it was from. Even if there isn’t a picture of the jersey, just the date of the game and the maybe who they played would really add a lot of meaning to what might otherwise just be another run-of-the-mill memorabilia card!

  92. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?
    – I’ve always been a big fan of lots parallels so I guess that’s why always been drawn to Totally Certified.
    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013.
    – Not too much to improve, maybe less redemptions. Also, would love to see something similar to the anthology Kobe packs in basketball, that would be pretty cool. Maybe a Andrew Luck (Go Colts!) set for next years boxes that highlight his rookie year?

  93. I love the technology and look of the cards. The autographs, veterans, and rookies are all great. Honestly for improvements, I think the products,value, and customer service are top notch. I think it would be cool to different game used material in products such as cut up helmets, cleats, hats, etc would be an interesting product. Thanks

  94. 1. I enjoy the fact that the chase for golds, greens, and blacks keeps bringing me back to this product.
    2. I would like to see more sets of players in the dual and quad jersey/patch designs.

  95. 1. I love the base cards in this set, the design along with the micro etching really work together nicely.

    2. I don’t like the release date of this product. I wish this came out during the end of the playoffs seeing how it is one of Panini’s marquee releases. Kind of end the NFL season with a bang.

    Anyway great work as always and keep on keeping on!!!!

    P.S. Wish me and my wife luck, we are at the hospital right now and we might be having our baby tomorrow!!!

  96. What I love: That Miles Burris is featured!! Also the nice mix of veteran and rookies.
    How can you improve: More retired / old school players. If somehow you could bring the Prizm Finite technology or similar I think these would look even better.

  97. 1.) I love the images on the card
    2.) i would like to see some booklets in this product that would be cool.

  98. Great product as usual Panini! What I like most about Totally Certified is the design of the etched background. It just looks awesome! What I would like to see in Totally Certified next year is maybe a limited print of some kind of Superbowl champ inserts. Being an end of the year product it would be a really cool way to have a showcase for that seasons champion.

  99. I like the consistency of the style of the base cards and the sub sets, especially patches of the veteran players, and freshman autos! An idea for improvement is make the player picture on the sp parallel print runs different than the base cards, to really make them pop, in the case you get a base and a parallel of the same player. TC is an awesome product as is!!!!

  100. This product is gorgeous the cards are awesome It would be nice to see some triple mix autos of past/present/future greats of a team on 1 card with a 3 or 4 color patch of each. And something I think would bring in more buyers would be by including a hot pack 1 in every case or 2 that would have only numbered hits in it.
    Thanks awesome

  101. …More like Tracy Slackler…just kidding!

    Likes: Lots of foil, the inclusion of HRX, & legends

    Improvements: When a football product comes out after the season, the last thing I want is jerseys and autographs of so-so rookies that didn’t do squat during the season. I’d rather have one autograph of a HOF/future HOF player, a checklist of legends, the top current stars, the top 5-10 rookies, and make the remainder about chasing tough inserts and parallels. Football collectors don’t seem to care too much about sets, so you don’t need a huge checklist, just a very quality autograph hit in every box.

  102. I love all the differant designs on the cards. and i dont think you need to improve anything in this awesome product

  103. 1.) Love the Green Platinum Prime Patches, especially the Broncos name logos parts of the jersey is the cards

    2.) Maybe include some HRX Cards of legends like Elway, Rice, Smith, etc.

  104. I love how these cards look. Its like prizm fused in with momentum. As far as the 2nd question im sorry but I got nothing. I think this is my favorite release of the season thanks panini

  105. 1).I love the fact that there are so many greatd lke to see rookies to chase instead of trying to hit a single player wich is much more complicated.2)I would like to see improvement in the redemption

  106. what can we say other than “love it” ….. hopefully we’ll see some at our LCS soon 🙂

    as for changes what we would love to see would be a adaptation similar to 2009 Score Inscriptions ….. a box chock full of on-card autographs, not just from rookie prospects but long term veterans as well ….. who would not love getting an on-card auto of London Fletcher, or Jason Whitten ? 🙂

    not everyone looks for todays “hottest stock” ….. many collectors would love a shot at getting 10-15 autos of players on their current teams roster, and then throw in some SP’s and variations and let the chase begin 🙂

    thanks for the great contest folks 🙂

    John and Ian from Canada

  107. Great work as always Panini & thanks for such a generous giveaway. This brand looks too great to be true! 1. I definetly love the HRX cards. My only concern with them is they are so rare and hard to pull! I really enjoy this year’s Freshman Fabric autos, not to mention the parallel inserts of them. I realy like the parallel base cards as well-that way if the hit in the pack stinks, then the parallel base card makes up for it. 2. The #1 thing that should be improved on is the Freshman Phenom autos. Rookies that attended the rookie premiere should be included in this set that way collectors have a chance of hitting an RG3 rc auto without just the auto jersey. Another thing-the down and dirty materials cards should at least have dirt or grass stains on them. Plain 1 colored jerseys don’t live up to the name. Keep up the great work Panini!
    P.S. Tracy your office is cool! The sports legends pictures up on the walls are something to think about as a template for me in the future:)

  108. 1).I love the micro etched technology and the fact that there are so many great players you have a chance at pulling.2).I would like to see improvement in the redemption dept.LOL!Thanks for the contests as always.

  109. I love the micro etching technology as well as the chances for pulling great autographs of great rookies as well as the general aesthetic of the cards. I think a higher probability for pulling patch auto cards would add to the excitement of the product as well as giving the product even more attention. I also think that Panini should not decrease the chances of getting great cards to keep people buying the product.

  110. There are two things I like most. I like the base card design. The pictures “pop” very well. The silver background shows off the base autos very well too.
    What I would like to see improvement on in 2013 has 2 aspects: I want the products out before the Super Bowl. This goes for all 2012 football products. It’s not football season anymore. 2012 is over. The only new cards I want to be thinking about until training camp have 2013 rookies. Also, and I know I’m in the minority on this, more current players and fewer retired players in the checklist would be strongly appreciated. Seeing the same HOFers year after year in a multitude of sets does nothing for me.

  111. The color parallels are always nice and judging from the box break, there are some really nice multi-swatch team themed memorabilia cards. The problem that I have with this product is that there don’t seem to be any really good trademark inserts for this product. Elite has Elite Series, Prestige has Draft Day Signatures. As a collector, what draws me to a product is a really nice insert set that I can chase year in, year out.

  112. What I really like about this product is the abundance of color. These cards absolutely pop. I was lucky enough to pull an RG3 Patch Auto from this product and I am really happy with it. I think the design is really eye catching. Another thing that I like about this product is that it contains a nice mix of rookies and vets. One aspect that I would like to see improved for next year would be less one-color jersey and patch swatches and more multi-colored. Some teams have 3-4 colors in their uniforms and it’s very disappointing to pull a card with a one-color swatch,particularly a white one. This product is,to me, about color. Otherwise,I’m pleased with Totally Certified. Thanks for the chance to win a box,Panini.

  113. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release? I love the bright colors and design, duex foil whatever it might be it really makes the cards pop and I love differnt color boarded parallels. and those team quads rock.
    2)What you would like to see us improve in 2013? I guess just keeping a better eye on card damage, .

  114. Short & Sweet
    1. Love the micro etching, and the variety of player – veterans and rookies.
    2. Would like to see more Hall of Famer’s autograph’s

  115. this is has been one of my favorite sets since it came out in basketball.

    1. I like that there are variations but there’s not so many that you can’t try for them all.
    2. From the card’s I’ve seen it seems like peeling & chipping is a bit of a problem. hopefully that can get worked out next year.

  116. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?

    I like the video cards. Keep those coming man they are awesome!

    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013?

    I think on redemptions every one is frustrated on having to wait for a card to be mailed to you. Make it worth the wait instead of a card offer a signed basketball, football, jersey, gloves, hockey stick, etc something more different than a card. Of course u would make them more scarce but it’s different.

  117. Tracy Totally Certified is a low risk high reward product that doesn’t miss! A box of TC is affordable and the hits are outstanding.

    I love the parallels! Finding a card in your box that is hard to come buy is an amazing feeling. The rush of busting open packs and finding that rare gem is indescribable, and the first pack I opened I got a Doug Martin Freshman Fabric Auto! One of my PC’s from this years amazing rookie crop.

    I wish that there were less redemptions for the Big Name players. I have hit my two PC guys (the aforementioned Doug Martin and Russell Wilson) and unfortunately both are redemptions, which means I have to wait for them to get to me 🙁

    other than that an outstanding product with an amazing check list and great hits! I enjoy the lesser known rookie auto’s as well, esp. Blair Walsh!

  118. Question number 1: what I saw of the new Totally Certified Product the micro etching gave the cards an amazing look from the camera view. I look forward to seeing it when I get some of that product. Plus the box break appeared to be all on card autos which is definetly a huge plus for the product.

    Question 2: improvement for 2013, from what I saw in the 2012 products I really do not have much to say for improvement. I really enjoyed all the products I purchaed. I would like to see more of the on card autos…that’s always a plus. I know that could be difficult, but it is so much better knowing the player held/touched the card and now you pulled it from a pack.

  119. I like most everything about the product. The etching, the variety of inserts, the inclusion of retired players with the current players are all awesome. If there was one change I would make, it would be to include a set of retired or HOF players video cards. Thanks for letting give my input.

  120. 1. Love the hit per pack concept, good if you have the itch to break something but don’t have the funds for a whole box.
    2. Less base parallel jersey cards. Love the different base parallels and even the base patches, but the base jerseys seem too basic to me, would love a lot of subset jersey cards like big hitters or great catches, where they would have pictures of receivers making a big catch and a jersey swatch where the ball was.

  121. 1) I really enjoy the Totally Certified product from Base to Brilliance. The prizmatic design really is a beautiful design and accentuates the player photos. Pros= Great player selection, Autos of Rookies as well as Vets, and some of the best “patch” selections in more than most sets.
    Cons= Sticker Au’s
    2) The only change I’d like to see is either on card Au’s or a cut AU subset.

    Just my opinion though, thanks for the break and you’re doing a great job Tracy.

  122. 1) I really like the team quad jerseys. I am one who loves triple and quad autos and jersey cards. It makes for great collecting for fans of these teams.
    2) I really wish you would have done the silver base set like basketball. This way the red cards could be numbered. I really liked the silver, red, blue, gold, black rainbow of basketball and would have liked to see the same in football.

    Love what you guys do, Thanks!!!

  123. 1) I love this product particularly because of the general aesthetic of the base cards. They are beautiful.

    2) One thing I would very much like to see in these cards, that i have not seen much of from them, are jumbo patch autos. I think those could make this one of the best products on the market.

  124. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release?
    I love the colors and shininess
    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013
    More autos per box

  125. First of all, you so looked out of your element Tracy without Scott or somebody else beside ya and being in an office! lol. Also sucks it had to be with a webcam. Sure, you were still able to do it in 720p, but 1080i would have really brought out the cards design even better!

    1) The chance to pull quad player jersey cards.

    2) Stuff to improve for the 2013 product. Hmmmmmmm. First of all, when you release several $150+ boxes in a short span, it does make it harder to choose what you want to get if you’re very limited on cash at the time. If they could be spread out a tad more with a sub-$100 product in between two $150+ boxes, more people might have some extra money to spend on products.
    Another thing is the same that others have brought up above, more on-card autos. Sure, I do understand that you sometimes can’t get the cards to the players to get autographed and have to rely on the stickers, but with $150+ products, can’t you have at least 2 on-card autos per box at least? People need a little more bang for their buck, and if spreading out the products releases of the $150+ can make that happen, IMO, should be done so less redemptions have to be in the boxes as well.
    And finally, on the # of cards per pack. With this being hobby and in the $150+ range, maybe include 1 or 2 more cards per pack? If the base cards aren’t #’ed like Limited (I don’t know if all of TC’s base cards are #’ed since I haven’t bought/busted any), it would make it easier to allow people who build the base set(s) a better chance on completing it if they buy a few boxes (if they don’t hit duplicates of course).

  126. I like the patches and PMGs. Collecting the Rainbow is more fun when you can get patches.
    I would like to see more autos per box and an updated card design, changing it so that is not completely like the year before, throw some switches on where the cutouts are.

  127. 1). I love the micro etching and the different colors. I also think the stitches in time jersey cards look great.
    2). I think there could be more patches in this product I also think that dual triple and quad auto cards would be a great and awesome addition to this product.

  128. 1. I love the microetching technology and I would love to see one of the video cards in action!
    2. Making the video cards one per case would be awesome, much better chance to actually get one

  129. 1. I like the quad team jersey card a lot as well as the “Certified Future” card. The coloring and the design of the certified future card is outstanding.

    2. Add a RC to every pack and make them different variations /10, /25 and /250 for example.

  130. I absolutely love these cards!! I have bought 4 boxes since they came out, and I don’t normally spend that kind of money on a product! I love the look this year, and want every single card! The only drawback I find is the short collector list!! With all the great football players of the past, and the new ones, there should be more to the base set. Otherwise, I love the design, the colors, the patches I have gotten are wonderful! These have replaced my beloved Prizm in sought after cards. Please make more!! And thank you for the contest, I am sssoooo hoping I win!!

  131. Like the microetching, love the veteran players, but would like to see more multicolor patches. Seems like the product is looking for a nitche it hasn’t found yet. It is priced lower than super premium, higher than entry level, but until you hit a prime level memorabilia hit the “wow” factor is kinda lacking. The fact that the best rookies (other than Alfred Morris) like RG3, Russell Wilson and Luck are only available as short prints makes the odds of pulling one even more remote, and frustrating. Last year I opened 5 boxes without a significant rookie auto, this year I opened one box and found much of the same, no first rounder autos, and single color jersey relics. For roughly the same price you can get a box of Contenders, with 5 autos (sometimes more) for product that historically provides better long term collector value and more stable autograph values. Get a better niche next year or collectors may end up seeing Totally Certified as less of the go-to brand as much as the better than nothing box break.

  132. #1 By far love the Gold autos
    #2 Would be great to see a card sub set titled 4th down/Win or Go Home for plays like Ray Rice and the Ravens late gm TD vs the Broncos in the playoffs to go into OT and ultimately win the Super Bowl

  133. Thanks Tracy for your time to break this box !
    1. I love the design of freshman fabric.
    2 But for next year I would love to see less phenom rookie autographs, and putting a lot more veteran autographs 🙂
    But I can not wait for playbook and National Treasures.

  134. Great product again guys
    1. Loving the clean crisp images and micro-etching, simple but very classy.
    2. Would love to see the number of packs increase to say 10 even if the additional packs just had a numbered parallel

  135. 1. What I LIKE is the inclusion of so many veteran autos in the set. I love the different colors and the mircroetching each card provides. What really sets you guys apart are the variation in designs and that each products is in a class of its own.

    2. What I DISLIKE is this set seems to have more redemptions than usual. Also I wish you would incorporate two or triple signatures in this set as I feel this makes a product unique and a card rare.

    Otherwise, I will always be a loyal supporter and keep up the great work!

  136. I really enjoy all the different color/number variations for each card and the incorporation of past stars. As a younger collector, I never had the chance to pull some of those legends cards when they were actually playing, so Its nice to still get a chance even though they are retired.

    I think I saw someone else comment about this but I agree either way. I would love to see a few more autos/patches from current star players. It seems like there is too much focus on rookies, although I know that is basically what drives this industry right now minus low numbered inserts and such. And no offense to some of those players, but for example, as a Cowboys fan, I dont really care about getting a James Hanna rookie auto or jersey. He may or may not be a good player and wont really know for a few years. I would much rather have a good chance or better chance of getting a Romo, Dez, Murray, etc card. The current stars. But, its also a catch 22 I guess because if the rookie auto/jersey I got happened to be Luck, RGIII or Wilson, I would be estatic, so take that for what its worth.

    Thanks again for another great contest, though. Another great product!

  137. 1. I really like the quad jerseys. Adds so much more value over a normal single jersey. Love the veteran patches as well.
    2. On-card autos for the top guys would have been nice (like last year). Even with stickers, I still ike the design though. The patches look especially nice.

    Thanks for another contest. Keep up the great work!

  138. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release? Totally Certified looks fairly similar to last year’s product but that is not a bad thing as it was very well put together offering a great mix of rookies and veterans. I really like the fact that the Freshman Fabric rookie auto’s now have the team logo next to the game used swatch. It’s the little things that take something great to perfect.
    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013? I think it would be cool to get a little more variation on the base card parallels. 2011 had the blue’s #d to 50 and the 2012 base has the blue’s #d to 199 so maybe a few extra variations between 199 and 50.
    Keep up the great work Panini and thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback and for the contest!

  139. 1) i love the colorful pmg’s they are the chase for the product
    2) to many redemptions for the freshman fabric autos

  140. Always like these…
    1) Micro-etching…don’t know why, neat texture?
    2) Some new insert type of cards? Only because I kind of like it how it is.

  141. 1) Love that you can get so many different autographs of so many different players from the past and present.

    2) I would probably want more packs to break into even if they only have base cards.

  142. Likes- The overall look of the cards in general–the micro-etching, color variations and just the players themselves and no background visuals (other players, stadiums, fans) make these cards truly POP! One jersey chunk is great so FOUR is outstanding and the autographs look real nice in the inserts!
    Dislikes or changes– No one likes redemption’s so that is a given but we think we understand the complexities of acquiring signatures and materials so my only suggestions would be for the down and dirty insert–get game worn jerseys that have not been washed or cleaned up and use them because then you could really get a piece of jersey that was dirty (put it on a slide out card behind plastic to keep the dirt and grass stains on it and not the other cards in the pack).
    Loved your SeaHawk hits–Robert Turbin and especially the Steve Largent! Thanks Tracy

  143. My likes of this card are definitely the micro-etchings. They look like the cards when I started collecting in the 90’s. I really enjoy seeing the Freshman Fabric autograph jersey cards, especially the patch versions. The textures on them make them look amazing.
    In terms of what I think should change would be the usual…Redemptions and event-worn jerseys. It is always nice to know that they were worn in a game and even better when it is indicated what game.
    Bur regardless these cards still look amazing.

  144. Like: I like the sick patches you guys put on and a hit in each pack.
    Improvement: I would like to see more inserts and die cuts.

  145. Thanks for another contest Panini and Tracy.

    1. I love the card deisgn and the foil of TC. It makes for some great looking cards.

    2. I would like to see more stars mixed in with the rookies. I know it will cause the price per box to increase, but I would rather pay more to have a better chance of pulling a star player auto.

  146. No problem, better late than never.
    About your questions: 1) I like the inclusion of the retired players in this set, it gives the players’ collector a chance for a great design card. 2) For the future, I’ll try a box with more than 6 packs, not many more, just a few.
    Thanks for the insight of your Office, Tracy and for the always appealing contest. Happy Easter to everybody.

  147. Thanks Again for another contest!

    1) What do you like most about this year’s release? I love the look of these cards with the colored parallels and micro-etching as well as the mix of rookies, Vets and Legends.

    2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013? My answer is not directly related to this product but to Panini and all card companies as a whole. I would like to see less products in the comming years. I think a big reason for collector complaints on redemptions and market value/Lasting Value for bigger hits would be resolved if there were less products released each year. Players wouldn’t be signing 15-20,000 cards per year so the chance of them signing would increase resulting in less redemptions and if a player everyone wanted such as Panini’s Andrew Luck only had 5,000 total Rc Auto’s the value would be much greater in my opinion.

  148. #1. I like the fact that there’s a hit per pack. It keeps the pack buying customers happy because they buy one pack and they get something instead of buying say 5 packs of another product and not getting jack.

    #2. Improvements for next year. First, less rookie autographs and more legends autographs. Doesn’t necessarily need to be Hall of Famers. Every team has a few players from the past that, while not a pro football Hall of Famer, did great things for that team and are probably a part of that team’s Hall of Fame. Maybe a subset or insert set like that? Also another idea. “Piece of Patch”, basically the front of the card is the printed team logo and there is an actual piece of a game used patch that is in the card on its spot of the logo, almost like a puzzle piece. Also, you’d have to have a player in the background or side so you’d obviously know what player its from. I think it’s a unique idea in a time where patches are becoming more and more “the thing”.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  149. First off, just like any other product that Panini has put out this year, you guys have thought ten miles outside of the box. I got to hand it to the design team, considering the huge step in the making of cards since Panini has been in the business. Rather it be the acetate, laser cut inserts, or low numbered paralells, its amazing to see the future of the hobby.

    1. This year, I like the fact that you guys kept the same clean, yet flashy design. They are very elegant and just strait up beautiful cards. I love the parallels with the different colors and the numbering with the colors. I have not busted a box yet, but I have probably seen every box break of this product on Youtube. The rookie autos are great, the patches are great, and overall, an amazing product. I especially like the base cards. They look AMAZING! Thats not what you would hear everyday, but they are a great set to try and complete!

    2. Next year, I would like to see more second year, or veteran autos. Just one per box would be cool. I love the rookies, don’t get me wrong, but one vet auto per box I think would be a sweet adition. I would also like to see the base cards, but in acetate. I am a sucker for the clear cards, and love seeing them! Besides those, I can’t think of anything else to add to this stunning product!

    Your Loyal Customer,


  150. Stop trying to hypnotize me, I think it was working!! LOL. I won’t hold it against you that I had had to wait sooooo long to watch my favorite unveiling.
    I am really excited that a lot of veterens are in this product. It’s not too rookie heavy like some other products. I am hoping I pull one of the HRX video cards someday I think those are really cool. I also like the look of the cards and think the etching makes each card feel like a hit.

    Since I don’t have any dislikes I will just tell you what I think would be cool to see. I would definitely like to see double/triple autos…even if rare they would be very cool for the collector.

    I really am at a loss of anything else to say that could improve this product. I bought into a break earlier this week b/c I like it so much!

  151. Booya!!! For the first time I actually opened some of these before you unveiled the product!!! Well kind of, I did a box break but still..LOL. Anyway I’m glad you were late now I feel a little more knowledgeable..hehe. But seriously thanks for taking the time to show us your awesome products and give some away, we know you are busy.

    Now down to business : )
    I really like the 4 patch card, it actually ties in to my idea for future products. I think as a collector it makes it more valuable even if they aren’t all stars. I also like the bright colors…when looking through my collection I tend to focus on the shiny bright cards….maybe it’s just cause I’m a girl…I doubt it though.

    Okay, enough waiting…I think you should expand on the four patch card and do some cards, packs and/or inserts w/ specific team positions showing multiple players from veterans to present…maybe three or so. For instance I LOVE the New York Giants they are my team and a card with the quarterbacks Y.A. Tittle, Phil Simms and Eli Manning would be an awesome addition to my collection or some well known wide receivers, running backs, coaches, really anything. I know most Football, Baseball even Basketball collectors love their team and even if the cards aren’t signed or don’t have patches if they are rare people will want them, or if they are different. You could call it the Lineage collection?! Okay I’ll shut up..haha, my husband would say I could ramble for hours.
    Thanks for your time, wish me luck in the contest and I’ll be waiting for the next product unveiling!

  152. OMG, I really love the video card idea, hope I pull one before my other family members. I really like the freshman fabric auto cards. The jumbo patches are sweet even if they are single colored. I am glad this product has a hit per pack, with limited funds I’m getting good return on investment.

    I’d like to see more multicolored patches and of course I know it’s difficult but more on card signatures.

    Thanks! Go get some sleep…

  153. 1) What do you like most about this year’s release? gold refractors are so nice pulled a couple in some group breaks. real cool stuff, pulled my pc bernard pierce was very happy., and 2) What you would like to see us improve in 2013. i thought you did very well this year and highlighted this rookie class, i look forward to how you do this in 2013

    thanks tracy

  154. 1) I have to say I like some of the patches in a few of the cards I have pulled. I also like the fact I pulled a Blair Walsh auto since kicker autos are very rare to pull. What I dont like is the fact that the rookie die cut over the jersey is no longer a guarantee in every box. That was the main thing that drew me to Totally Certified last year. 2) If you continue with the square cut jersey at least make that lower number and all of them having a nice patch in it and make the rookie die cut the normal one to get unless you get lucky to get the patch card. I was really disappointed with my first box to pull the rookie auto jersey and it was just a plain white jersey when I was expecting to get the die cut jersey auto. The second box was better since the square jersey box had a very nice patch in it. I dont mind a plain jersey card for the just jersey card but having it as the main hit of the box is a complete disappointment regardless of who you pull.

  155. 1) The designs are flashy but distinct. You know at first glance it’s totally certified. The vets on the checklist are sweet.
    2) I would like more multi color patches. Change the parallels up a little and not just the color.

  156. I have a late question about the stitches in time checklist. For the stitches in time single the checklist shows Darrius Heyward-Bey /99 as card #15 but the prime version has card 15 as Malcom Floyd /10. Is that correct? I’m trying to build this set and have regular and prime versions but if this is the case I’m going to need each version of #15. I’ve seen the Heyward-Bey but as of yet I have not seen a patch version of Floyd. Thanks for the help in advance.

    1. You posted a reply to my own comment… A comment that is still awaiting moderation. No one could have any clue what my reply is about. Why is it such a secret? If you don’t have an answer that’s fine. I wish you would post my original comment so that someone who may have pulled one of the Floyd versions could reply. Then we would both have the answer.

  157. Thanks so much for all of the candid feedback. It is appreciated and will continue to help us make better products. Congrats to our five winners on this one: Daniel Roof, Adam Beckham, Bryan Mc, Joe Mondo and Kevin Pongrantz. Winners, we’ll be in touch. Thanks again everyone.

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