Unwrapped After Dark: Panini America and 2011-12 Dominion Hockey (Special Contest)

The fact of the matter is this: We're so excited for the Friday release of 2011-12 Dominion Hockey that we simply couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this historic edition of Panini Unwrapped, our first episode ever to debut at night.

The fact of the matter is this: We’re so excited for the Friday release of 2011-12 Dominion Hockey that we simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this historic edition of Panini Unwrapped, our first episode ever to debut at night.

But special products call for special measures, and it doesn’t get much more special than 2011-12 Dominion Hockey. Throw in a fun cross-promotion with YouTube breaker TheTruth17 and tons of great prizes and, well, we have all the ingredients for a truly epic Unwrapped experience.

Throughout tonight’s video, in addition to some amazing cards, you’re also going to see eight different letters and a symbol splash across the screen. Write them down. When you’re done here, go check out TheTruth17’s sign-up video for his upcoming 2011-12 Dominion Hockey case break. While you’re watching that, you’re going to see nine more letters splash across the screen. Write those down, too.

When you have all 17 letters and the symbol, you’ll want to unscramble them to create a simple, fitting phrase. When you’ve figured it out, direct message TheTruth17 on YouTube your answer AND leave your answer in the comments section of this Panini Unwrapped episode below.

All correct entrants will be entered into a random drawing to win some sweet loot that includes a box of 2011-12 Dominion Hockey (yes, you read that right), some of the sweet cards from this edition Panini Unwrapped and perhaps an autographed hockey puck or two.

Whatever you do, have fun with it and enjoy the videos. (Special thanks to video-production magnate Tom “The Ripper” Key for his special-effects wizardry.)


Oh, and just so you have it handy, here’s TheTruth17’s video:


115 Replies to “Unwrapped After Dark: Panini America and 2011-12 Dominion Hockey (Special Contest)”

    1. Great promo, finished both videos. Just wanted to make sure, Panini’s video said 9 + 9, blog post says 8 + 9.

      I got 9 + 9.

      And are any of the letters rotated? Ie 90 degrees clockwise.

  1. One question, I believe in chads video, the last letter did not show, I only counted 8, could have missed one though, thank you

  2. Depending on the orientation of the words and the “&” sign it’s either “The FireHand & Panini” or “Panini & The FireHand”

    Thanks again for the contest! You guys are revolutionary! Also going to be trying to pursue a base set!

  3. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put my answer here or on the youtube video, so I will put it here “Panini and the Firehand” thanks for the contest guys

  4. By george, I think I’ve got it:

    Panini & the hired fan

    Not bad for being up for 22 hours now. Ha. Good luck to all who have entered.


  5. Hey Tracy,

    Panini & TheFireHand appears to be the phrase.

    Really looking forward to Dominion and seeing what I pull from my pre-ordered box. The Peerless Patch autos look great as do many of the other designs.

  6. Just great to see Chris in the video. Another great product Panini.
    BTW, Chris is one of the nicest people in the hobby, we need more Chris videos, let him loose Tracy.

  7. Oh yeah, love the decoys on top & bottom. That’s Chris thinking like a collector not a corporate executive. Love that, it’s why Panini is getting so popular in the hobby,

  8. Panini & The Fire Hand

    I’ve been looking at these lettter for about 15 minutes and that is the best I can come up with….hope it is right!!!

    Thanks for the contest and it’s a great looking product as usual!!!

  9. Well I spent about 10 minutes on this and I’m not sure if I got the answer right, but I should be doing other things anyway so my contest answer is “The Panini Hear & Find”

  10. I have said it before, Panini has made the hobby exciting and fun for me and my son. Expensive,ha, but fun.

    Would love to win and I like the ccross promo with TheTruth17!

    I believe this is the answer:
    Panini & The Fire Hand

    BOOM, nice, I like it.
    Thanks for the contest and as always, look forward to the next post, contest, and Panini Unwrapped!


  11. Very nice looking product, love the Fleury patch/auto!! This might be the year when I finally pony up for a box or 2 (could only chase singles before)!

    My answer to the contest: Panini & The Firehand ; thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Hopefully I got this right because this product is KILLER and I want in!!!

    I unscrambled – Panini & The Fire Hand

    Here’s to hoping a Canadian wins!!!

    Cheers boys, love the look of Dominion!!

  13. Man, that Fleury patch is just plain sick. I would love to be able to win that one as I’m a diehard Pens fan. Going to submit my guess in a sec after this reply. Came up with two different phrases, but I’m going to post the one I’m pretty sure is the correct one. haha. 🙂

    1. Yeah, you do leave your answer here on the blog. They just hide it till the contest is over. 😉 Don’t forget to DM TheTruth17 over @ YouTube your guess as well as they said up above you need to post it here and DM him too. 😉

  14. Hi Tracy & Chris,
    Not too many Hockey collectors in San Antonio since Chris left. However, buying Dominion is a no-brainer, especially after seeing how great Prime Hockey looks and is valued by collectors. We’ve got 12 boxes of Dominion due in tomorrow for Sports Cards Plus customers to bust. Can’t wait to see all the Great Hits.

  15. Here’s my guess (I hope it doesn’t matter what side the words are on the “&” as long as long as the prase is the same, haha). I’ve also send it to TheTruth17 on YouTube as you’ve required under the YouTube screenname “rickmastfan67”. 😉 Had fun meeting you PaniniPuck and the others that were @ the NHL draft here in Pgh. 😉

    Panini & The Hired Fan

    1. It’s either that or….

      Panini & The Fire Hand

      hehe. But I guess you might only accept the first guess (but if not, I’d thought I throw it out there just in case). And believe it or not, this is what I came up with first, but thought that couldn’t be right. lol.

  16. Great contest! My answer is: Panini&TheFireHand. Hope that’s what you need. Looking forward to watching the breaks and hoping I can buy some maybe too. Thanks!

  17. My answer is “Panini & The FireHand” I hope that is correct as the Boston Bruins Team Engravatures card would look great in my Bruins collection if I win! Thanks for the contest.

    1. Wow, I thought I was right! After all, the symbols popped up after the sound and the panini logo….ah well, I guess I shouldn’t have thought outside the box. Thanks again for the contest, It was lots of fun!

  18. Great Video Guys, just sad i missed the contest since I had to work out of town the last few days. So excited to get my hands on Dominion. What is the release date for Certified?

  19. Puzzle contest submission:

    Panini & The Fire Hand

    I’ll also be joining in one of the gb, please let me know if I need to include anything else


  20. well im not sure but im hopeing this is the answer, i will give both ways cause im not sure which way it goes but either way its the same answer.

    my answer– the fire hand & panini or panini & the fire hand.

    thams for the opportunity and great promotion guys! awesome as always!! thanks tracy!

  21. First of all, thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this fun little word search. Your interaction was tremendous and continues to show why Panini America has the best collectors on the planet. The correct answer — depending on which video you watched first — was “Panini & The FireHand” or “The Firehand & Panini.”

    Our three winners, based on a random draw of all correct entries, are:

    Matthew Stewart
    Scott Bleznick

    Thanks again to everyone. Winners, be on the lookout for an email from us.

    1. congrats to all winner! super jealous! great product and great contest tracy and crew! if you have any leftovers you know where to send em!lol

    2. Thanks again for the contest and congrats to the winners, in Chad’s video he also said to PM him on YouTube and answer the question so does that mean he will have a seperate set of winners that will be announced?

  22. Thank you again Tracy and everyone at Panini! I got the cards in the mail today! Can’t wait for your next contest!

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