UPDATE: Panini America Offers Additional Details on 2014 Flawless Football Memorabilia Cards

As part of ongoing research into the processes and procedures that led to 168 cards (56 Patch cards each of Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Alshon Jeffery) in 2014 Flawless Football that were mistakenly labeled "game-worn" instead of "event-worn," Panini America officials on Thursday discovered the existence of a limited number of additional cards also impacted.

As part of ongoing research into the processes and procedures that led to 168 cards (56 Patch cards each of Russell WilsonColin Kaepernick and Alshon Jeffery) in 2014 Flawless Football that were mistakenly labeled “game-worn” instead of “event-worn,” Panini America officials on Thursday discovered the existence of a limited number of additional cards also impacted.

The 37 additional cards — which incorporate event-worn material but are mistakenly labeled “game-worn” — affect cards of Andrew LuckCalvin Johnson Jr.Cam NewtonJoe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill within the product’s Patches insert set.

Following is the breakdown of the affected cards:

  • Andrew Luck: Four total cards (three from the Patches Emerald parallel and one from the Patches Platinum parallel)
  • Calvin Johnson Jr.: 14 total cards (13 from the base Patches insert and one from the Patches Platinum parallel)
  • Cam Newton: 17 total cards (two from the base Patches insert, five from the Patches Emerald parallel and 10 from the Patches Gold parallel)
  • Joe Flacco: One card from the Patches Platinum parallel
  • Ryan Tannehill: One card from the Patches Gold parallel

The remaining print runs of those players’ Patches cards incorporate game-worn memorabilia.

Panini America officials also are currently investigating the existence of at least three cards (two Greats Emerald parallels of Terrell Davis and a Patches card of Tajh Boyd) that appear to include mismatched pieces of material. Panini America officials will continue to research the situation and will work directly with individual collectors holding those three cards — and any others that might surface — to rectify the situation.

Said the company in a prepared statement:

“We’ve spent most of this week thoroughly exploring and reassessing our processes and procedures, not just to identify what happened with this particular product, but also to strengthen every step in the product-development process to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. As part of that process, we uncovered additional cards that were impacted and we wanted to be proactive in bringing them to the attention of collectors.

“This week’s experiences, while not ideal, have only strengthened our focus, our desire and our commitment to doing things the right way every time; mistakes happen, they’re part of any human process. We are truly sorry about these mistakes; but we are grateful that our collectors were able to shed the light on this issue to allow us to look deeper into what went wrong in the process. Our intent is always to get it right and properly identify whether a patch is event-worn or game-worn. We evaluated the ‘event-worn’ vs. ‘game-worn’ strategy on a number of occasions — and while this process is much more detailed — and have determined that this was a better scenario than just identifying every patch as ‘player-worn.’ As always, we are committed to making this right for consumers.”

Collectors possessing any of the mislabeled 2014 Flawless Football cards mentioned above are encouraged to contact Panini America Customer Service via email at [email protected]. Panini America officials have thoroughly evaluated the situation to identify three possible solutions to address the issue with consumers holding these cards: Buying the impacted cards back from consumers, offering consumers a replacement of equal or greater value or, if possible, rebuilding the cards with game-worn memorabilia. Company officials also will pay to have impacted cards returned to Panini America via USPS or FedEx.


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  1. Thank you for addressing the situation. I appreciate your communication with the collectors regarding your products. You truly set the industry standard in this area.

      1. Not kidding. I have always eventually gotten a reply from Panini regarding my attempts to reach out to them with an issue. I cannot say the same for other companies I have tried to contact. Look, they’re opening up a discussion. The ball is in our court to continue the discussion.

      2. Even if the reply is silly like this one. If youve seen the patch theyre talking about from Wilson, youd know it wasnt even event worn since its from a 10, 18 or 58. Until they can prove it was really his event worn patch, its worthless and no “open communication” can fix that.

      3. Luke is right – this is owning up to their mistakes to the fullest that they could do. It will definitely hurt business, but maybe good can come out of this. Maybe we will get more details about the ‘game worn’ or ‘game used’ materials that they are incorporating in the future. I have hope that they will but we will have to see.

        We also have to praise those collectors that caught this and pushed it on the blowoutcards.com message boards. We have to tip our hats to them and thank them!

  2. Great job letting Everybody know what’s going on. I know you guys at Panini would never do anything like this on purpose. You have always been good to your customers and I hope everybody else forgives you guys too. You guys at Panini keep up the great work!

    1. They said they were meant to label the cards as Event Worn instead of Game Worn. Why would Event Worn be in this product for veterans?

  3. Panini’s honesty and detailed research into this matter is commendable. I respect and trust those who tell me they made a mistake and will make sure it doesn’t happen again. While this will result in a lot of negative talk from a vocal few, there is much good that will result in the future. Having truly “Game Used” material cards is far better than just labeling everything as “Player Worn.” And, having a process which guarantees the Jersey Cards are accurately identified is important to the hobby.

    I am sure that Panini has/can fix them problem. If I may suggest, when the new process is finalized, it may be best to be totally transparent with collectors on how the improved process works. Even before this situation, there has been a significant number of skeptics with regards to the authenticity of “Game Used” memorabilia throughout the hobby. A tab on your website with a video of the process would help to convince the most paranoid skeptics.

    While this situation may be embarrassing, my trust and respect for Panini America has grown. I look forward to doing business with Panini America for a long time.

    Charlie DiPietro, Owner
    Sports Cards Plus of San Antonio

  4. It takes lots of humility to admit a mistake especially when people probably wouldn’t have know the difference. Those people that act like its the end of the world are people that just cant get along with society anyway. I’m proud to be a Panini America Customer and happy that you are addressing the situation. I have had many issues with other companies with absolutely zero result which has led me to only purchase Panini products.
    Thank you

    1. I agree that Panini really step up and actually admitted the failure. That’s why I think they are the leaders in the industry, but it’s a slap in collector faces to pay $300 for a pack of 10 cards and get the same patches they put in a $40 Score box. Come On Man!!!!!

      1. That would only be true of the mistake wasn’t caught and corrected. They have already stated that holders of these cards would be taken care of. It would be a lot different if they weren’t going to do anything about it. People are acting like the issue was intentional and that they were being shady but that’s just not the case. Recalls happen all the time in different kinds of industry. I have worked in the printing industry, a proofer caught got slipping. They are working to fix it. What else do people want? Its not the end of the world.

      2. They arent the exact same patches that they put in score product either. They may be from the same jersey but how many score cards have u seen with the Panther off the jersey? How many have you seen that have anything but a solid color or 3 color lines of the jersey? So there is still a premium as far as the patches go. If a company puts out a product whether high end or low end it is up to the consumer to decide if they want to spend their money on it or not. The company does have the responsibility to guarantee the products authenticity and if a problem arises they own up to it and fix it. There is nothing else to do about it other than apologize which they have already done. This isn’t something that can be handled over night. We as collectors understand that value can come with the right pulls. A card company makes no claim that any of their products carry any kind of after market value. They are just making cool cards. I just think its wrong that a company such as Panini would immediately be raked over the coals with no history of impropriety.

  5. Panini needs to show a picture of jersey cards prior to release on their website. This will reassure collectors what they are getting is the real deal. This may be impractical for the cheaper products but an absolute must for a high end product like this…You guys need to get your ship in order…you have shaken the trust of many collectors.

    1. Some of my fellow collectors have said for years that actual photographs of game used memorabilia put in cards should be better documented prior to release, excellent point. In this day of technology, even a 6 second Vine video of the memorabilia going from the hands of an athlete (or their representative) to a member of the Panini acquisitions team would be possible and very valuable for customer confidence!

  6. I think most people have missed the point , panini Is saying they miss labelled the cards as Game worn instead of event worn, not putting the wrong jersey in the wrong card…
    Every other card in these sets are labelled as game worn, why would they label just a couple of players as event worn?? Especially in their highest end product. Just a little strange I think…

  7. While this is clearly invoking a reaction in the collecting community, I believe this continued investigation and clarification of the cards affected is very important. I’m pleased to see Panini again stand behind their product and offer a customer service solution for those ending up with these cards. I’d like to highlight that nowhere in these two posts is the authenticity of the memorabilia question, simply how it is labeled as to when the memorabilia was acquired from the athlete. Thanks Tracy!

  8. So since you mislabeled it as game-worn… you guys were going to label half of the patches event-worn and half game-worn???? This does not seem right, even if you had gotten it right.

  9. Panini: You need to set a new example in authenticating the jerseys you put in cards. This is your chance to be leader in the industry………Don’t drop the ball.

  10. Maybe have something a little more clear for all your Authenticity of Memorabilia Cards?

    “You have received an authentic bikini swatch card. This card contains a piece of an authentic bikini worn by Jamie Bergman. This certificate expressly warrants the authenticity of the piece of bikini on the front of this card.”


    “The enclosed piece of jersey was cut from an Authentic Jersey personally worn by Mike Kafka on 5/22/10 at the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere.”

  11. How is the material authenticated for celebrity worn swatch cards of early Hollywood movie icons like Bette Davis, Maeilyn Monroe, etc.?

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