Watch Panini America Ruffle Some Feathers to Make Historic San Diego Chicken Cards

March 02, 2016


He’s the maestro of mascots. A fine, feathered friend to seemingly everyone (with the possible exception of umpires or the opposing team), whose generation-spanning hilarity and hijinks have paved the way for every other costumed creation that’s followed in his larger-than-life, carpet-bottomed footsteps during the last four decades.

Simply put, he’s poultry in motion; a master of both physical humor and in-game entertainment. He’s an honest-to-goodness clucking institution who’s just as comfortable performing in ballparks as he is entertaining presidents. He is Ted Giannoulas, the comedic genius who first brought The Famous San Diego Chicken to life in 1974 . . . and the man who’s still making him the life of the party today, more than 40 years later.

Certainly The Famous San Diego Chicken’s unique presence in Panini America’s 2016 Donruss Baseball, releasing today, should provide eggcellent entertainment value for collectors of all ages. His Silhouettes Materials and Silhouettes Materials Autographs in 2016 Donruss Baseball will no doubt go down as some of the most memorable cards of the season — and memorabilia cards destined to rule the roost.

It’s only fitting, really, that The Famous San Diego Chicken return to Donruss Baseball in such a meaningful way. After all, his Rookie Card first appeared in the iconic brand way back in 1982. Additional cards followed suit in both 1983 and 1984. But none of these included pieces of one of his game-worn, fluffy-funky suit.

In the must-see video that follows, The Famous San Diego Chicken is in classic form, stealing the show as we take you step by step through the painstaking process of making his cards. As you’ll see, sometimes you’ve got to ruffle some feathers and crack a few eggs to make the perfect chicken strips. But the payoff is definitely worth it.

Enjoy . . .