Which 2011 NFL Star Are You Collecting? Tell Us & You Could Win His Autograph.

We here at The Knight's Lance are so darn giddy about the start of the 2011 NFL season that we want to share that excitement with our loyal readers and Panini America collectors. So we've picked some choice prizes from our stash of goodies -- including a great assortment of memorabilia autographed by top 2011 NFL rookies and Troy Polamalu's first on-card autograph.

We here at The Knight’s Lance are so darn giddy about the start of the 2011 NFL season that we want to share that excitement with our loyal readers and Panini America collectors. So we’ve picked some choice prizes from our stash of goodies — including a great assortment of memorabilia autographed by top 2011 NFL rookies and Troy Polamalu’s first on-card autograph.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is simply tell us — by commenting on this post — which one NFL player you’re most excited about collecting this season.

We’ll give you through tomorrow night’s game to get your answers in and select 10 winners at random later this week.

Good luck in the contest and enjoy Week 1 of what promises to be a tremendous 2011 NFL season.


203 Replies to “Which 2011 NFL Star Are You Collecting? Tell Us & You Could Win His Autograph.”

  1. Mike Wallace!! I have a lot of his autographed rookies, including 6 National Treasures patch autos /99, and a National Treasures 1/1 NFL logo auto, plus I am a huuuuge Steelers fan!!! The Polamalu on card auto would be sweet too….it would go great with his Contenders rookie auto!!!!! Go Steelers!!!!

  2. I am excited to collect Delone Carter this year. I am a big Colts fan and I believe he will be one of the few bright spots in a year without Peyton. The two veteran running backs are injury prone and Kerry Collins will need some protection which Donald Brown hasn’t proven he can provide in pass blocking. Marvin Harrison was from Syracuse as well as Carter and I’d say he worked out pretty well for the Colts!

    Thanks to Panini as always for the great contest!

  3. I’m collecting for rookies this year Janie Harper

    It started when I bought a retail Rookies and stars Pack and i pulled his 3 color patch. The. I won a hobby box of rookie stars from sports card radio of his 3 color patch auto… Then I just started collecting his stuff 😀

  4. Brandon Marshall, Ive been collecting him since 2006 like crazy. This year my favorite Miami Hurricane came into the league, Leonard Hankerson and Ive been going nuts for his stuff now also!

  5. Normally I’d be excited to collect Peyton Manning signature cards but now I’m laying down in the fetal position waiting for 2012 to start… Get well soon Peyton! Oh and if I win the Polamalu auto, I’m giving it to a friend of mine who’s a HUGE Steelers fan.. Good luck everyone!!

  6. I have been collecting Matt Schaub for about 7 years. I have 2 shoeboxes (2 row boxes) full of his cards.I only go after one of each of his cards trying not to become a hoarder lol He went to my favorite college UVA. He has really came on the last couple of years and this could be there year. Also have been picking up some Ben Tates pretty cheap.

    1. I live in NC and have been a Panthers fan since I was born. Every chance I have to meet a Panthers players I do everything I can to do so. I have 4 Panthers jerseys. And I’m not a fair weather fan I watch every game every Sunday even last year.

      1. He had some good plays in the preseason but nothing to what he did yesterday. And he did not throw screen passes like most rookies do in their first start, he was throwing 10 to 20 yard passes, not including the one long TD to Steve Smith. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  7. As a Raiders fan I am eager to collect Taiwan Jones. He is an exciting runner and has a chance to make an impact this season.

  8. I have been waiting forevr for an auto of Charles Woodson and that would definitely make my day in adding a real tuffy into my collection. CW is one of the all time greats but needs to atone for that sucker punch this past Thurs. He’s better than that and believe is autograph is as undervalued as they come.

  9. Mikel Leshoure, Arrelious Benn, Stevan Ridley, Desean Jackson and Mike Wallace. All my favorite players! This is gonna be a fun season

  10. I’m collecting Julio Jones. With a QB like Matt Ryan at the helm, the path is paved for success AND he was an great collegiate player, no doubt!

  11. Randall Cobb, Jordan Shipley, and Colt McCoy. I’m a huge Texas longorns fan so I’m always after Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley cards. And also after watchIng the packers and saints game, I’m looking forward to watching Randall Cobb because he had two TD’s and one was a kick off return. Pretty fun to watch.

  12. The one player I’m most excited about would be Andy Dalton. I’m a huge fan of TCU, and watching his career in college was amazing. I’m excited to see him started his first game today. He is a great role model on and off the field. He is a leader in everything he does. I hope he does well in his NFL career. When it comes to collecting his cards, I still haven’t be lucky enough to get one of his rookie cards, yet. So, hopefully one day my luck will turn around. Thank you for this amazing contest!

  13. I’m a QB collector, so I’m going to try to get my hands on autos and patches of this year’s QB crop. Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Mallet, and more! Also going to try to add a Troy auto to my collection now that he’s signing again. I wish I could afford his Contenders Auto, but alas I need to keep some money for the Uni books haha.

  14. Since I was at the BIG HOUSE last night and for every game. I would love any Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard auto’s. Thanks Panini and Go Blue!!!1

  15. I am so into football that I don’t collect any one player for reasons being there are so many exciting players….stars such as Manning,Brady,Rodgers and many young QB’s that are finally getting into the groove…and then you have running backs like Ray Rice who I have collected since his debut and who should have his best season to date….Peterson,Jones Drew etc.etc.so many great players and young players that put the wellness of their bodies aside to make the great plays…This season I am chasing players like Randall Cobb and Alex Green the Pack have such a great all around team that you would think they could not get any better but after Randall Cobb’s performance this past Thursday could not get any better was an understatement.This season my eyes will be peeled for who will make an impact and who I should chase Cobb and Green have been my before season’s start picks but there are a few more my eyes are on…..I was right with my last seasons pick in Suh he is a “beast”…I also feel that Stafford will have a great season …just so many players to keep my eyes on ….one thing is certain it is exciting and loads of fun!

  16. Hakeem NIcks and Eli Manning for my home team GIants. But I love to collect a good portion of the 2011 rookies especially CAm Newton (people who think he wont be good will be wrong about this guy!!) Mark INgarm, and AJ Green. I like to chase these three down, especially Newton, cause I love the Under dog guys. nO one belives in cam, Mark ingram got passed over by a ton of teams including mine, and Aj green could have easily been number 1 pick.

  17. Randall Cobb of the Green Bay Packers! Good thing I picked up several autos before Thursday’s game…he played awesome!!

    I collect most of the Packer rookies each year. Also picking up Alex Green too.

  18. he will definitely become a star. fast feet, stops on a dime and has a crazy ability to chage direction. who am i speaking of? that’s right. mr. taiwan jones.

  19. I collect Cameron Wake. I hope to see him in more cards as the season comes. I have followed him since his days in PSU and he is a great player on the defense.

    I also collect all and any dolphins having over 9200 different dolphins cards.

  20. Troy Polamalu i have followed him since he was a 2 star recruited to USC by his uncle Kennedy polamalu. He is the one hard to get Auto I have never gotten.

  21. Personally have been collecting Armanti Edwards cards. One of the nicest kids around and we actually hosted him in our store last year for his first signing as a Carolina Panther.

    Also looking forward to seeing what Colt McCoy can do in his second season, as a diehard OU fan i am still trying to figure out how I can like a Texas player! I think its the kids give it a 110% attitude and natural leadership that makes it hard to root against him!

  22. I am a HUGE TRUE Panthers fan, have been since day one, I own about everything they have ever made with a Panthers logo on it, you name it, I probally got it, coolers, watches, cards, footballs, jerseys, rings, jackets, necklaces, I actually own a ton of blue bead necklaces that I give out to kids I see going to the games every home game, they just light up, I even have black Panther Tail I wear to every home game. I am absolutely THRILLED about Cam Newton even though I don’t really watch college sports, and espically after last season!!! I do not miss a game, I do not leave a game early, but rather a TRUE PANTHERS FAN!!! Yes I would love some Cam Newton stuff to add to my Panther collection, but THE MAN Steve Smith or DeAngelo, Beason, Stewart stuff would be fine, did I mention I was a TRUE PANTHERS FAN? Thanks and of course…GO PANTHERS!!!!!

  23. I will anxiously be awaiting the first card of San Diego Charger rookie Andrew Gachkar, I go by the handle @jeffmu4 on Twitter and have been petitioning Panini to get the young man on some cardboard as I feel he will have an impact in Bolt Nation, sure doesn’t hurt that I’m a big Charger fan on top of it all, I guess you could say I’m anticipating being the biggest Gachkar collector out there, like I am with some other former Mizzou alum

  24. Without question, Mark Ingram of the Saints. As a lifelong Saints fan, I believe Ingram will bring something to the backfield that the Saints have not had consistently for many years (Duece McAllister excluded please), and that is a fast “around the corner type” running back who is not afraid to pound it up the middle. I am excited to have a true Heisman winner (Bush was not only a cheater, but WAY over rated!) behind Brees and I think it will help to propel the Saints back into the championship picture. “Who dat sayz gonna beat dem Saints!”

  25. Since I live in Raliegh NC, I have been a Panthers fan since they were created, I know everyone and their puppy is asking for Cam Newton auto’s but I would like to have a Steve Smith auto. Thanks for the quality that Panini stand for!

  26. Keep up the Great Work on getting Stars like Polamalu and Woodson to sign! Project for the future, would love to see Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers to sign again and put in your stable of NFL Greats to
    share with collectors!

  27. Hakeem Nick – this will be his 3rd year in the league. He has been outstanding his first two. Can’t wait to see if he can go 1,000 yards and lead the league in receiving td’s again. I really want his Contenders rookie auto 🙂

  28. Micheal Vick! 😀 He’s been an awesome player since beginning and even though he was doing something with dogs and went to prison for 2 years, he still is an awesome player and still got paid $100M to play for 6 years with the Eagles for being a great player his first year with the Eagles. Glad he got to the Eagles and hope they win the super bowl.
    Thanks for the contest Tracy Hacker! Look forward to more in the future.

  29. Im a die hard raiders fan and i cant wait to get more Jacoby Ford cards this year. He is an explosive player and sure to be hall of famer . He showed it in his rookie year last year and is sure to be even better this year. Because of how good he has been and how good I think he is going to be, I have chosen to try and super collect him. Thanks for another great contest.

  30. This is not meant to flood the comments but after Cam Newton’s performance today I feel I have to take another look at collecting his cards…..I already have a few of his rookies but no auto or memorabilia yet……..422 passing yards for a rookie that is something not to let go of to quickly as a collector…….

  31. I’ve been collecting Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert & Mark Ingram. I think all 3 of these players are going to be superstars down the road. I would love to get an autograph to add to my collection. Thanks.

  32. I’m going with Delone Carter. As a huge Colts fan it is painful to see Joseph Addai perform poorly game after game. It is time to bring in the young blood, especially with Peyton out, let’s see what our future running game will look like. Hopefully, Delone will be a future star!

  33. Troy Polamalu

    He is one of the all time greats and a true game changer. Having grown up in Pittsburgh during the 70s and into the 80s the Steelers have always been a big part of my family. Of all the great players i have seen in black and gold Troy P is by far the most fun to watch.

    It also helps that he is a good solid guy all around. He doesn’t taunt on the field and stays out of trouble off. A great guy to watch and someone I can point as a role model for my son, what’s not to love?

    I am excited Panini has signed him to an auto deal. I have a mess of his cards and was sporting his jersey today but an auto is one thing I am missing.

  34. Charles Woodson, a great player, a great Michigan man, and a great humanitarian for all he’s done for Michigan’s new hospitals.

  35. i am collecting mikel leshore i think he is going to be of the top running backs in the nfl when he comes back and because he is exciting to watch i am a big UofI fan that is why i am collecting him

  36. I’m excited about collecting Edmond “Clyde” Gates. He comes from a smaller college, and I always like to pull for the underdog. Speaking of underdogs, he was drafted by my favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, the proverbail underdog in a very thick AFC East. Thus far, I have amassed a nice collection of him and am excited to see what he has to offer in tomorrows game against the New England Patriots!

  37. It’s great to see that you have been able to secure Troy Polamalu for some on card auto’s and can’t wait to add one to my collection

  38. Von Miller Denver Broncos, finally pulled my first auto of his out of Donruss Elite definitely going in the cabinet. This guy will bring the CRUSH the ORANGE has been missing! Panini would like to add some CRUSH to my ORANGE?

  39. Love Michael Vick! For as much as this guy has been through, and for him to overcome the odds is jus exciting. Exciting player to watch and to collect.
    For a rookie I’ve been collecting it would have to be Mark Ingram. Give this player a couple years and he will be an absolute STUD!

  40. Dontay Moch. He was great at the combine and once his injury heals I think he’ll definitely be a sleeper in the draft. He should have gone MUCH earlier. I’m lucky to have spoken with him and he’s mutual friends with some friends of mine and he’s a good character. Panini needs to get some memorabilia and AUTOS of the Nevada standout!!!

  41. Matthew Stafford! I was highly collective of him his RC season! He really looked great today against the Bucs!

    I also collect Jordan Shipley as he is a Local guy, and i played football with his brother, His dad was the Head Coach at my High School a couple years ago!


  42. This year, I am excited to start collecting Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos from my alma mater, Portland State University! He is going to be a beast, it helps he is a nice, down to earth person too.

    But I will continue my Tampa Bay Buccaneers collection as well looking for more Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams cards. These young stars are going to bring us back to the Super Bowl one day.

  43. Julio Jones!

    I can’t wait to see how he works with Roddy White and Tony Gonzlez. He should also open up the field for Michael Turner. There is a lot of pressure for the rookie since the Falcons offense was explosive last season.

  44. Julio Jones straight up. I’m a huge Falcons fan and seeing how he played in preseason and the effort he put up in week 1, he’s going to be the real deal. Now let’s just hope the Falcons can win a playoff game this year!

  45. I am stay true to Harry Douglas. I have most of his top cards, 4 footballs signed by him. I got him to sign a full sized helmet. He looked great in preseason. He will have a breakout season.

  46. Mark Ingram as its my first year of collecting NFL and I just liked the way he goes about it. Also was my first NFL auto from Panini 🙂

  47. I managed to pull a few Joe Flacco Rookie Autos in his first year so I started a small PC of him and looking for him to have a breakout Season.
    I also started Collecting Blaine Gabbert as my Rookie for this year so hopefully he gets a chance to show his stuff.
    From Down Under

  48. I will be going after Cam Newton, I couldn’t stand him in the SEC, I feel that he cheated the system to get into Auburn, I am not a Panthers fan, BUT there is something polarizing about that guy that causes people to gravitate to anything he is involved with. Also, 442 yards passing in your debut doesn’t hurt either!!!!

  49. I am collecting Jake Locker. I am from Nashville Tennessee and have been desperately waiting for the Titans to draft a QB that I think can help get them to a Super Bowl ever since Steve McNair went to the Ravens. I think that Locker will turn out to be a great NFL QB given the right amount of time to grow and develop. I also collect Rolando McClain.

  50. Von Miller is my man this year! He is a combination of Intelligence and power, the guys going to be a monster RC this year !

  51. Love to collect dirk…. champion for the first time i new he had it in him…..GO MAVS!!!!!! and some national treasure and exquisite cards best in the market right now… thanks for the contest

  52. Im looking forward to seeing Von Miller play. He looks to be like Clay Matthews or Demarucs Ware, he has the skills with a great pass rush. I think he will be just like them i believe.

  53. Well as alolt of you guys might know Aaron Rodgers has been my favorite player since his last year at Cal, so i will collect any autos of him! But rookie wise Cam Newton is going to be a beast and ive been saying that before his first game yesterday. Aaron Rodgers #1!!!!!

  54. Delone Carter of the Colts. He’s already the #2 back in Indy and looked good in the limited action he got in the first game. Since he was included in the Rookie Premiere Event this year, he will have many cool Panini jersey and auto cards to collect!

  55. No big Browns prospects, so this year I’m collecting the local Cleveland area kids….Delone Carter and Cecil Shorts…also former Buckeyes like Beanie Wells….and the son of former Brown Clay Matthews, Clay Jr.

  56. Darren McFadden and Michael Bush… I think they both are going to have monster years this year …. and on a side note, I always am looking forward to collecting any and all Raiders

  57. James Laurinaitis, for sure. I was such of fan of his dad growing up, and it actually bonded my dad and I. And then with James going to Ohio State it was a cool bonding with my inlaws (from Columbus) So I definetly want to collect mre of James stuff.

  58. Im am collecting Jake Locker and looking forward to all the new cards of his coming out. I am originally from Washington State and Im a huge UW fan. Im alos a huge Seattle fan and Matt Hasselbeck is my favorite player. Im glad he is there with Locker to teach him the ropes. Thanks alot Panini for the contest and gl all

  59. I like what these guys have done, can do, and probably will do.

    Joe Flacco
    Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Bowe
    Chris Johnson, Michael Turner, Maurice Jones-Drew

    Man, if only I could build a team …
    Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  60. My Son is a HUGE Matt Ryan fan and his collection could probably buy him 2 cars as he has now come of driving age. Had a chance to watch a little of Julio Jones and look out NFL! Can see why the Falcon’s moved up to snag him. This Duo will be making some history down the road. I will start gathering his items from now on!

  61. Wow, first off thanks for the contest guys.

    Now, the rookie who I will be collecting the most is Blaine Gabbert. My dad is a huge Mizzou fan and we live in Jacksonville so we were stoked to see him come here and play. He is a pretty cool guy when we met him so that made me want to collect him even more. I am a Chiefs fan, but I don’t care for Jonathan Baldwin. I loved our Draftees last year, McCluster, Berry, & Moeaki.

    Thanks again! Hope I win! Go Jags!

  62. Randall Cobb. He went to the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!), he’s a great guy, he’s a role model for a teenager like me. He played QB, WR, KR, and PR at UK, and dominated at every position. I was at his big break out game when i first discovered him, and i’ve been rooting him on ever since!

  63. Being from Kentucky, and a huge UK supporter, I am working on a collection of Randall Cobb! That would really be nice to get!! Thanks Panini!

  64. Cincinnati has made an awesome addition to their already stacked receivers. A.j. Green is going to put any teams secondary on their toes.

  65. Me and my son always pick the number one pick in the draft since he was 5 and add it to the collection he is now 22 we have been doing this for 17 years, so Cam Newton is our pick this year.

  66. Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. There’s not a lot to be excited about with the 49ers, and these two are the only ones who bring offensive hope. Ted Ginn’s two kick returns against Seattle were sick, so I’m diggin him right now, too. Oh, how I miss the days of having a good quarterback. Maybe Kaepernick will end up being awesome!

  67. Being a Carolina fan since the team’s inception of course I’m excited about Cam Newton and what he’ll bring to the team. I don’t have deep pockets so I doubt I’ll be able to get many of his mid to high end cards. I’m also keeping an eye on A.J. Green this season.

    As far as a player I’ll be tracking down will be Panthers WR David Gettis. I was sad to see him injured before the season even started, but I loved what I saw last year during his rookie campaign. I’m going to take advantage (hopefully) of his cards being a little cheaper this season!

  68. Jake Locker. He’s from my home town, played on both of my Football teams, played against my nephews, had my youngest nephews as huge fans, and serves as a reminder to many local kids that a star can come from anywhere. (Sure, amazing talent helps)

  69. Realize it’s now after the time you asked for submission, but in keeping with the black and gold blood coursing thru my veins petitioning for Andre Gachkar cards to be made ( add Kevin Rutland of the Jags to that short list), I will go with the highest drafted Mizzou draftee, that would be Aldon Smith of the 49ers, picked up his draft day auto’d hat thru Lisa, the MOST GENEROUS collector I’ve ever dealt with, would love to add some more of a Tiger who already has some cardboard! Thanks for all you do to ALL OF YOU AT PANINI!

  70. I’m sure I’m too late.. but thought I’d chime in. I’m actually excited to be collecting Ryan Mallett even though he isn’t likely to get much of any playing time this season… I think he can only do well to learn behind Brady for the time being. I have his gold status auto out of Elite so far, but looking to get a few more. Otherwise, I was excited to collect Ryan Williams from my hometown Cardinals before he went down for the year, now my excitement over him has been tempered.

  71. Mr. Hackler, has Panini made its selections of the winners in this great contest yet? I really think it is awesome that Panini gives back as much as it does to the collectors who make this hobby great! Keep up the good work!!

    Note: I love your regular updates on Facebook!

  72. Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t thank you all enough for participating in this contest. You’re the ones who make this whole thing work and you are appreciated.

    Having said that, the 10 winners have been selected — completely at random — and they are:
    Troy Fisher
    Nicholas Cacace
    Ryan Chan
    Timmy Yan
    Justin Wanamaker
    Steve McCartney
    Monica Wake

    Congratulations to all the winners. Be on the lookout for an email from us to get your mailing addresses.

    Thanks again to everyone. And just know that the next Knight’s Lance contest is always just around the corner.

  73. Ryan Mallett!!!!!!!!!! First came Montana to Young next will be Brady to Mallett. Next dynasty here we come. I’m eaten up alot of his cards like a fat kid on thanksgiving.

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