Win Tim Tebow’s Historic 2010 Playoff Contenders Autographed Rookie Ticket!

Whether you love him or loathe him, there's no denying that Tim Tebow -- arguably the greatest college quarterback of all time -- is one of the most polarizing personalities in the NFL. Why, exactly, remains a mystery to me.

Whether you love him or loathe him, there’s no denying that Tim Tebow — arguably the greatest college quarterback of all time — is one of the most polarizing personalities in the NFL. Why, exactly, remains a mystery to me.

For the record, I happen to love the guy — unconditionally so. (Don’t worry, my wife knows.) I love his competitive fire and uncanny intangibles on the field, not to mention his inspirational works of charity, his unabashedly Christian lifestyle and his humility. Sue me. Of course, I’m also a huge Denver Broncos fan. Again, sue me.

Personally, I think Tebow is going to be a fantastic NFL quarterback. Certainly, he flashed signs of brilliance during the end of a highly scrutinized 2010 rookie season that included 11 total touchdowns, just three interceptions and a quarterback rating of 82.1.

But enough of what I think. What do you think about Tim Tebow? Let us know with a comment below — on the man himself, on his chances in the NFL, on his football cards, on why you love him, on why you loathe him — and you could win what promises to be one of the most-coveted and most-valuable Rookie Cards of 2010: Tim Tebow’s Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph, live everywhere when the product releases next Wednesday.

Just comment on this post. That’s all you have to do to be eligible. We’ll sift through your feedback next week and pick one thoughtful response at random to win.

So, I ask again: What do you think of Tim Tebow?


223 Replies to “Win Tim Tebow’s Historic 2010 Playoff Contenders Autographed Rookie Ticket!”

  1. Great card, and as someone who doesn’t have a hobby store anywhere near me, I could only hope to pull out of retail, which is just a dream.

  2. I think Tim is Gonna be a great QB and prove the doubters wrong He has the work ethic and majority and lifestyle to be a star for years to come and has the tools to win a superbowl in the future and possible MVP. I also look at him at Florida winning so much and being the leader and being inspirational after they lossed to Ole Miss,and they came back and won it all.I like him for all the reasons above and his throwing motion has gotten better and will continue to get better.I think he has a chance to one day have hall of fame credentials. His is a proven leader and is the future of the Broncos and NFL.

  3. I love Tebow’s strong Christian values and beliefs. He isn’t afraid to go against the flow and not be concerned with the “PC” crowd. I think those same “PC” people are what’s wrong with this country today! I believe he will have the starting qb job in Denver either this year or next. I honestly think he’s better than Orton.

  4. Up until this point in time, the greatest pull I’ve ever had out of a pack is a redemption for a Ken Griffey, Jr. autographed card … While this won’t be coming out of a pack, it definitely would be a great card to snag regardless given that Tebow has the possibility to change the game and take the pro football world by storm much like “The Kid” did back in ’89!

  5. As a Vols fan I loathe Tebow, but I have to agree that he had a great college career. On the field and off he displayed outstanding character.

  6. I like Tebow and I don’t really understand all the hate. It will be up in the air if he will be a great NFL QB, I think he has the work ethic to give it all he has got.

  7. I think he has the potential to be a hobby star. Storied college background, interesting personal life, popular professional team.

  8. As a Georgia fan, I didn’t like Tebow at all in college… But now he’s handing the ball off to Knowshon, so I gotta cheer for him…

  9. I believe that Tim Tebow is a decent enough QB, but believe that with more playing time over the course of next season he will shape into a better QB. I also am a Denver fan and honestly wasn’t pleased with the drafting of Tebow. I was hoping for Colt McCoy. I don’t think that Kyle Orton was/is a horrible QB, he could put up some pretty good numbers but you didn’t have the belief that he could put the team on his shoulders to win the game. After he was hurt and Timmy got a chance to play I wanted to see what he could do. In his first start he didn’t do much passing but was able to control the team pretty well. He had the desire to win and that was a fun to watch. Watching him get out there to fire up the team and hype the defense up instead on going to the bench to pout. I like his determination to do the best he can on each play and the attitude he has even when not in the game. Timmy has grown on me and I am possitive of the future of the Broncos with him leading the team, also having a new coach doesn’t hurt.

  10. Tebow is not just a great Quarterback . His love of faith has bought many great things to the NFL . For him to start a foundation so early in his career and so young of age shows his love for faith . I don’t think Tebow will be remembered for being a QB for say , but for the heart , drive and faith he shows on the field .

  11. the jury is still out if he can make it in the NFL for a full season. but I would love to see the Broncos try that next season. PLEASE no strike or hold out.

  12. i’ve always liked the guy, to the things he does on and off the field, as a person he seems to be a great person with great spiritual values. would be cool if i got lucky with the card

  13. I hated Tebow as a Gator….and as a Raider fan…I hate the Broncos…but hearing this guy talk about football and life in general…it’s really hard not to like the guy….he’s got tons of heart and an incredible work ethic….I really hope he succeeds all expectations and make all of the doubters eat their words.

  14. Personally i like Colt McCoy much better and i think he’s a better quarterback but Tebow is up there with McCoy and Bradford for me, well see what happens next season.

  15. Not a Bronco’s fan, but you can’t help but admire his unabashed enthusiasm on the field and his life off of it. Seems to be a genuine person if ever there was one. Thanks for your generosity Panini.

  16. I think Tim Tebow is a great athlete that knows what he has to do to be a great qb. His drive, and passion are unmatched in a league that is full of arrogance. He has no sence of entitlement whatsoever, and knows that he will have to earn everything, and be given nothing.
    He feeds off of others’ negativity, and there is aplenty… And above all, hes humble enough to realize that this is his opportunity, and he will take full advantage, and leave everything on the field with no regrets in the end.
    This is why i admire Tim Tebow.

  17. Although I was not a big fan of his in college, the day he graduated I became a big fan. Tebow is everything you want your hero to be; hard-working, dedicated, unafraid to stand up for what he believes and a truly good person who gives time to improve the lives of others. While it may be difficult for everyone to like like him, I am a a huge fan of his on and off the field

  18. Tim has beaten the odds of all the naysayers every step of the way so far. With his unimaginable work ethic I have no doubt that this will continue in the NFL. Any work he needs to do to perform at the highest level he will do. I’m very excited to see Tim win lots of games in Denver. Go Broncos!

  19. In a league short of role models, Timothy Richard Tebow is one that kids can look up too. People have told him time and time again what he can’t do, only to prove them wrong. Thats something everyone, not just a football fan can respect. He is who he is and is not ashamed of it, or his faith. Tim also has brought back hope and magic to the Broncos franchise, something that has been missing since #7 hung it up. He is one of the few players in the NFL whos work ethic is unmatch. That not only makes him better, but the players around him. If Tim cannot play QB at an elite level, it is not for a lack of work and effort. He will give it his all and if he fails, I will still applaude him for his effort. I however, dont see him failing. I see Tim holding the Lombardi trophy and just a few short years.

  20. He’s definitely got determination and drive to succeed. Not sure he’s got the tools to be as successful int he NFL as he was in college but no one is going to outwork him so he’s got a shot.

  21. Overall i hope he has a good career. He is one heck of an athlete, and playing in denver he just may become Mount Tebow, but he will probably still be a foothill to Mount Elway. God Bless

  22. He is the best college football player to date. I hope he proves the “experts” wrong by doing well in the NFL. I like to see guys like Tebow, Collie, Garcon, and Brady do well, just to show that the best of the draft is isn’t necessarily at the the top of the draft.

  23. I don’t have anything against the guy unless he’s playing against the Rams! I like seeing hobby buzz around big names like Tebow, Bradford, Strasburg, and Harper. It brings new people into the hobby and helps get old collectors that have stopped collecting back into it. And the more people in the hobby the better for the rest of us.

  24. He may not have the raw skills of other draft QB’s like Bradford or McCoy, but his mental makeup is one of the strongest in the game today.

  25. Since he will receive the chance to start next season his value in the league & in the sports card hobby will continue to grow!!!

  26. He continues to defy the “experts” on and off the field. He came into the NFL labeled a tight end, and proved to everybody he’s a QB. I hope and have a feeling TT will leave an amazing legacy between the gridirons and through his ministry!

  27. What I see in Tim Tebow is what I choose to see, and what I see is a young man pursuing what he loves. A rookie steeped in modesty and ambition, whose actions and words represent much of what makes America the greatest country on earth.

  28. Would love to win this, I don’t like Tebow as a player though, i think he’s over glorified, theres another college QB that was in the same draft as him that put up better stats. Dan LeFevour who I believe will be the better pro if he gets his shot. Tebow would be a good tightend or fullback, but he’s gonna leave much to be desired for as a QB

  29. Absolutely love him.! I think he will be a solid above average NFL QB, but probably not a HOF type player. I completely admire him for his character, lifestyle, off the field work and personality. I think all of pro sports and especially the NFL need more athletes like Tebow who are not afraid to stand up for what is right and what they believe in.

  30. Tim Tebow! What a guy! He can throw the football long and high. He can run like the wind and then spin into the end. He’s the man with the plan and his plan is going to be to win in the end! I SEE Time Tebow in the Super Bowl real soon!

  31. Tebow is going to have to battle the downfall of players like Reggie Bush and Ryan Leaf. Like Tebow, they were college phenomenons, but concerns about their pro potential ultimately proved true. However, Tebow is an extremely hard worker, and if there’s a way to do it, he’ll find it. His work ethic and the way he refuses to take no for an answer bears similarity to some of the great quarterback success stories, most recently Tom Brady. With time, patience, and a good coaching staff, Tebow could easily become one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. It’s all up to him.

  32. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fine, fine card!
    Tebow should fair well in the NFL as long as he’s given the opportunity to learn and develop under the guidance of a seasoned veteran and not pushed too hard and too fast. The NFL is a whole different ball game than college and Tebow definitely needs to make the adjustment before assuming a full time leadership role in Denver. I have no doubts to his ability to help bring the Broncos back to the contenders they once were.

  33. I am impressed by Tim as a player and a person. I am not a fan of Florida football, but loved the fire he brought to his play. As a Denver Bronco fan , I am excited by what he brings to the team and the field. He has always risen to the occasion of any challenge so far, and I believe he is up to the challenge of professional football. I look forward to the years ahead watching him play and win as a Bronco. It is also great to have someone to point to in the sports world that seems to take pride in who he is and what he does with his life outside of the sports world. A role model that is worthy of that title – on and off the field!

  34. Tebow has the potential to be a great QB, but it all depends on how the broncos take care of him. Let him learn and his time will come.

  35. I’m sure he will have a decent career. I don’t hate the guy like everyone else.

    Just one question before I go, are there different version of this card?…..what?

  36. When I first heard of Tim Tebow, it was a short documentary on him as a high school athlete. Was a coincidence because the certain topic of discussion was about him and his family ties to the Philippines and their missionary efforts. Personally, I am half Filipino. My father was born in Manila, Philippines. And the connection with him just grabbed me. His faith and beliefs were the same as mine. And I love football and collecting trading cards. There is no doubt in my mind he will be a successful QB in the NFL, even though he plays against my Chargers in the west;) His cards will flourish for years to come. Timmy is a winner, a Christ follower and a force that can’t be beat without a fight.

  37. I love him because he is the perfect example of people rubber-necking in America.However, I also loathe him because as an Ohio State fan, I paid around 1k my freshmen year to see my Buckeyes play the Gators in the National Championship which was the worst massacre ive ever seen.Although what makes him so interesting to me is that he has NEVER played bad or really had any poor games, but he was being evaluated as if he had played on some “middle-of-the-road” college program with minimal success. As a former big Elway fan, it will be even more compelling to see if he can come to the clutch level that Elway did, and then he could be one of the all-time greats. I would love to see him in a big moment in the playoffs soon. thanks again!

  38. I’m a fan of Tebow, but never appreciated how he dominated university of tennessee! I think his game as a pro is better suited for the canadian football league, instead of the nfl.

  39. I’m a fan of Tebow, but I think his game as a pro is better suited for the canadian football league, instead of the nfl.

  40. I have to agree that Timmy is one of the best College players of all time. He is a beast and I hope his hard work and dedication pays off. I’m fully behind anyone that changes his way of throwing to better himself after throwing that way for years. Thanks again for another chance at an awesome contest guys…SSG Alexander Tressler
    US Army

  41. “A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.”

    – Vince Lombardi

  42. I think Tim Tebow has great potential as an NFL player. One of my favorite quarterbacks, he is everything a Christian should be. I read about him in a christian newspaper a few years ago, and immediately liked him. I was really excited when I found out he was going to be a professional football player, especially since he is good at both rushing and passing- 2 great skills for a quarterback to have. 🙂

  43. I’m a huge FSU fan, so you can imagine how much I dislike the Gators. Every week I’d go for the Seminoles and who ever played the Gators. Tebow was good but he played for the Gators so he was enemy #1 when we played them, that was until the Senior Bowl. I went to the Senior Bowl back in January 2010 when the Tebow hype was in full swing there. I still didn’t care for him though I thought he was a good player. What changed my whole outlook on him was after the coin toss. The honorary captain was a double amputee soldier that was injured over in the gulf. After the coin toss all the players turned around and walked back to their respected sides except for Tebow. He took the time to talk to the guy, treating him like a human being, not someone who was just another face. He earned my respect with just those few words, so ever since that moment I’ve been a Tebow fan.

    Go Noles,
    Len P.

  44. I think Tebow is great for the game of football. I am an avid Florida gators and have followed his career from the start. Ever since he was the pivotal part of there national championship team along with Chris Leak. I don’t understand why so many people hate on the guy. Yes he might have an odd throwing motion or doesn’t fit the mold of a “pro-style” qb. Who cares as long as he wins and that is what he does. He won two national championships and knows how to get the job done. Though his cards are way out of my price range considering I’m a student I will one day own some of his cards hopefully. To me he is exactly what the hobby needed. Someone that can be the face of it for many years. I hope he proves all the doubters wrong and has a great career.

  45. i think tebow will do good in the years to come, didnt get a huge start like bradford & mccoy, but he will get his big chance to prove people wrong and i think he will do it!! card looks sick by the way!! did a great job on these

  46. i think tim tebow has alot of great qualities: leadership, work ethic, and a great drive. yet he doesn’t seem to fit the mold of an nfl player. its like all his on-field skills are good but not great. and in the end his persistence to be a qb may kill his career.

  47. Certainly a polarizing athlete due to his extreme faith, Tebow has answered all critics in the place it matters most: the gridiron. While NFL pundits have lamented his poor delivery and footwork, Tebow has already proven himself as a capable NFL starter.

  48. I’m not a fan of him at all. Joe Webb has played better than Tebow and gets no recognition. Tebow was a great college player, But sadly that is all.

  49. Tebow is the man and when all is said and done he will become the greatest QB Denver has ever had…plus he has white teeth, which Elway didn’t have!


  50. unlike alot of rookies nowadays, he seems to be a team player first, he’s hungry to learn, and kind of been labeled as a underdog compared to everybody else.
    He’s a religious man, with a humble attitude. I thnk down the road alot of people will be wrong about him.

  51. I like Tebow for many of the same reasons Tracy mentioned. I have always collected cards of Christian athletes so I obviously gravitated towards Tebow when he was drafted by the Broncos. It seems like in the past the Christian athletes I collected weren’t as high profile so it was a lot easier to pick up their cards and autographs. With Tebow being in the national spotlight as such I haven’t been able to pick up near as many of his cards. It’s easy for players to thank God for their talent after they win the Super Bowl, World Series and NBA Finals…but to actively live and act out your faith (on and off the field/court) is something entirely different.

    What little I got to watch of Tebow on the field this past NFL season I too would agree that he has a bright future in the NFL. I was really hoping he would still be available when my hometown Carolina Panthers pick came up in the draft. I wish him all the best in his young NFL career.

  52. First of i didnt like tebow cuz im a texas longhorn fan. But that was only off the field. But any person who lives a Christian life makes me a fan.

  53. I wasn’t a big fan of Tebow in college because he was beating up on the Ohio State Buckeyes but you can’t deny his passion and determination to be successful. I was honestly hoping the Browns would have had a shot at him because I think he would have been good for the organization and the fans would love him. I hope he is able to succeed in the pros and prove everyone wrong. He is definitely exciting to watch.

  54. I think if Tebow stays on the right path and stays out of trouble, he can bring a Super Bowl to Denver (provided they aren’t playing my Cowboys). I’m sure his cards (ESP. Rookie) will continue to rocket upwards as his talent is showcased more. He’s a good running QB and will get many TDs that way for sure.

  55. wow, first off thanks for the great contest 🙂
    second, I’m still undecided whether or not Tebow will have a HOF career in the NFL ….. he plays for the Broncos and their WR’s have had some major injuries this season, unless Denver gets some help in a hurry, he’ll only have Knowshon to help him out in 2011 ….. after that who knows what will happen ….. was he a great college QB ….. yes, but I personally believe he’ll be a moderate QB in the NFL (kinda Orton quality, a good QB, not necessarily a “great” QB) ….. now let’s talk just about the card 😉 OMG, that’s fareakin’ saweet !!! a true PC card for any collector to have, it definately would never leave this household, no matter where his career will go 🙂

  56. Tebow will succed if Knowshon can stay healthy, and thereby giving Tebow time to work…huh, a dawg and gator in the same backfield. Who could’ve seen that coming?

  57. Holy cow?!? This just got posted and look at the response! Personally, I love this guy too, so I can understand! Although there really is no middle ground on how people feel about him as an NFL quarterback, he’s either loved, or loathed, I would have to side with those who think he is something special. With everything he did at Florida and the type of person he is, I have a hard time seeing him not succeed in my mind. I have followed him quite a bit and can tell you he is probably one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. You could almost write a “Rocky” type epic movie about his life (football style though.. of course!). Add to that he has good Christian beliefs and integrity. When have you ever pulled a Tebow redemption in any product? Honestly, I think its good that there are people that “hate” or don’t believe in him, because I really think its what fuels him. I don’t think you can throw 88 T.D.’s with only 16 INT’s and run for another 57 T.D.’s while you’re at it and not be something special.

  58. I think Tebow is alot like Allen Iverson, Darius Kaspirtis, those types everyone doesnt like them unless they are your team then you love em. As a struggling Bills fan I cant bang on Tebow b/c since the K-Gun left B’lo we have been stuck with Alex Van Pelt, Todd Collins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, JP Losman and Trent Edwards… cant say he wouldnt looked good in Red, White and Blue..well maybe we can trade down and get tebow 2.0 (Cam Newton) its been awful since wide right and need something to bring it together

  59. I like his fight on and off the field. He has a great desire to help his team win just as he has a desire to help others who are in need. He will do what it takes to accomplish the task at hand. Then when its all said and done he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. He gives all the glory to his team and to the Man above. He gives it everything he’s got. A player you would want on your team and by your side in service of others. He will succeed at anything he does because of the fight he has.

  60. Definitely a college legend but that won’t translate to the NFL. I thought he should’ve been taken in the 3rd or 4th round last year. He’ll be an average NFL QB at best.

  61. The Broncos could, and sometimes do have worse problems then having to choose between Orton, Quinn and Tebow. I think we are going to see big things from Tebow, but like Rodgers in Green Bay, its probably going to take a few years before he gets a full chance to show us the impact he can have on this, or any team. If Tebow had been drafted into a situation like Bradford, he might very well have been the Offensive player of the year. Joe Ellis has made it clear that Tebow is the Broncos franchise future and when he gets his full shot , no doubt he will exceed expectations. And with all that talent, Tebow is still humble and respectful, a by product of his upbringing and beliefs Its a welcome change from today’s “role models” who are battling criminal or harassment charges.

  62. As a Broncos fan, I was really excited when we drafted Tim Tebow last year. I was seriously going crazy jumping up, pumping my fists, and down yelling “YES!!!!!” over and over. I love the fire and dedication he brings to the game, and I don’t see any way he will let himself not become great. What he stands for off the field is just as important to me, and it is great to have such a good role model as a member of my favorite team, and I look forward to watching him lead the Broncos to success for years to come.

  63. Living in Denver, I can tell you that Tim Tebow has this city so excited for the future, it’s incredible. He’s humble, he’s exciting and he gives 100% percent no matter the circumstances. What more can you ask for? He’s awesome!

  64. Aside from his great body (sorry, I’m a woman!), he is normal, down to earth human being, not something you find a lot of anymore. He is a great work ethic and I hope to see him become what he deserves, a great NFL player, during my lifetime.

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  66. I absolutely think he is underated. Look at the leadership and control he had on the field. He has character and natural ability to lead.

  67. Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas have the potential to be one of the great duo’s of the NFL. I’m really glad to see someone with a good work ethic and GREAT attitude overcoming all the naysayers and proving the doubters wrong.

  68. Thanks Panini

    I think Tim Tebow will have a great career in the NFL. I think the Bronco’s will start him next year, although I do not think they will make the playoffs the Broncos will do better then they did this year.

  69. Tim Tebow was arguably the most dominating force college football has ever seen in an era where athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. I loved watching him and Percy Harvin dominate the SEC while they played together at UF. While his on field talents were phenomenal (to say the least), his charitable efforts and leadership qualities are even more impressive. While most high school and college students spend their free time and summer vacations hanging out with friends, partying, or relaxing between semesters, Tebow made it a point to go on multiple missions with his parents to help children and families in impoverished areas of the world. A polarizing figure is usually the result of an “incident” or “ideal” that challenges the everyday norm. Typically, these stereotypes stem from a negative experience, event, or connotation- ie: Michael Vick. The fact that people look at Tebow and see something as phony or disingenuous speaks volumes of the society we live in today. JFK said it best… “Ask not what your county can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I applaud Tebow’s efforts on and off the field and wish him nothing but the best as he continues his journey in the NFL.

  70. Dude’s a beast. He’s a role model for many, and someone who truly deserves what he’s been blessed with.

    Timmy is the man.

  71. Tim and the Broncos are going to be a force to reckon with in the AFC West next season. With John Elways supervision the Broncos are going to easily break .500 and probably make a run for the AFC West Division Title. If you watched the last Broncos game of the season you saw Tebow’s talent begin to shine. By the way, I am a Chiefs fan, so I wish he wasn’t so good.

  72. Hated it when he played against my Vols, but I grew to admire his toughness and tenacity. It’s not so bad now that he’s playing for my Broncos.

  73. I think Tim Tebow will be a “good” QB in the NFL… he wont be Peyton or Brady, but who will be? I think he is a great role model in a time when athletes are in the public eye a LOT more than ever. Regardless of what he does ON the field, he is a player far and few between. Even if you are NOT a fan of the Broncos, or the gators, or even Time Tebow’s you cant deny that you wouldnt be too upset if your kid turned out more like Tim Tebow and less like…(insert QB of the week that is in tha medias latest drama/soap opera)

  74. Tebow has shown leadership and integrity throughout his college and pro career. I think he will be a solid Qb in the NFL despite all the critics out there

  75. I think he’s going to be a great player and a great leader for the Broncos in the near future. He’s definitely got the qualities to be highly respected on top of being a great quarterback. Best of luck to Tebow!

  76. I wasn’t sure how Tebow would be as a pro prospect, but after this season I think he has a shot. With his work ethic I could see him being a solid QB for years to come.

  77. Tim Tebow will bring the option to the nfl, he’s been drooling ever since Pittsburg scored their two point conversion. All they need is Knowshon to get healthy and Thomas has the outside blocking experience from GT.

  78. First off as a Quarterback, I don’t know what his futures holds. His cards are a direct relationship to his college hype. I do think they will fall slightly in value. But he will alway have his collectors. BUt as a person I love the guy (and this coming from a Raiders fan). As a still young christian, It is awesome to see someone stand up and share his faith. It is not a PC thing to be a christian in this day and age. And for some reason a stigma has come that being a Christian makes you soft. Especially among Teens/Young Adults. But he has shown you can be the toughest, hard hitting, fired up man of God. I just pray that his faith will not be shaken among all the hype. And that his follows what he believes God will is for him. And I guarantee He will be sucessful, NFL or not.

  79. I don’t understand people that dislike, or even hate Tebow. He is just a young guy that works his butt off and plays hard. He never says anything bad or pulls crap on or off the field. The kid has amazing skills and plays his heart out, how can you not love that?

    He is like Vick with out the bagage.

  80. Awesome card and another great contest from Panini. Another reason why I only buy Panini products! Tracy, cheers to another cool way to pass some the love to the collector’s and fans!

  81. I HOPE Tebow is a great QB because I don’t understand all the hate that he receives. The guy doesn’t kill dogs, stab people in night clubs, take advantage of girls in bathrooms or get arrested. However, people love to hate him! I don’t get it! Watching this guy play is pretty exciting. I am a Bears fan and I wish we would have waited and traded for him instead of Cutler or just drafted him ourselves! LOL! He has all the intangibles of a LEADER on and off the field. That is hard not to like. I wish him the best and will root for him to continue to be a success on the field, but also to be a real winner off of the field. Hopefully he continues to be a role model to many kids out there that may need one.

  82. Not a fan, but then again, not a fan of most of today’s QB. Give me someone from the Baugh to Montana eras any day.

  83. I for one have been a fan since I heard about and watched his successes through out his college tenure. On the field and off his character and leadership ablility have proven enough. As far as the NFL its with what he shows through experience that matters and not what some one says. He’s still young and we don’t know yet what he can prove but as far as the college game he was definitely one of the best.

  84. Not a big Tebow fan…since Florida beat Ohio State for the title….dude can ball though!!! He’s definitely no Brady Quinn….LOL

  85. I think Tim Tebow is the epitome of what a quarterback at any level should be. He is a natural leader that knows how to get the best out of himself and his teammates. He holds himself accountable on every play of every game, and does whatever job he is asked to do. I have never been a Gators fan or a Broncos fan, but he makes it really hard to root against whatever team he’s playing for. I would definitely want him playing for my team. He also seems to live the same lifestyle as his playing style. Straightforward and hardworking and willing to sacrifice for what he loves. His passion for Christianity is refreshing to see in a young man. Not just because I believe in Christianity too, but because it’s just nice to see someone his age and stature going all out for what he believes in. I believe he will be a great NFL quarterback, because he won’t be satisfied and won’t stop trying until he is. He is one of those people that gives you hope for the NFL, young people and humanity in itself. Simply put, he is exciting to watch for his passion of the game.

  86. Im with you Tracy, i think Tim Tebow will be one of the best and most competitive QB in the NFL when his career is all said and done. Whatever he needs to work on to be a better NFL QB, he will work harder than anyone. He will be the first one to practice and the last one to leave. I have two daughters and they are my life, and there are’nt many good role models out there in the sports world today, Tim Tebow is one of the few who are a great role model for my kids. I busted alot of packs of football trying to pull a Tebow and i havent had any luck so far. Thank you for giving us true Tebow fans a chance to win the sweetest Tebow Rookie card that we can ever get! TEBOW BABY!!!!!!!

  87. I think he’s a great athlete and will have a great year nextbyear and the future. I am rooting for him and hope he has continued success in life. Character Counts!

  88. I’m mostly a hockey guy but Tebow does make one take notice.This card would be nice to win but I think you should make a signed eye black card. Now that would be something.

  89. I did not watch very many Bronco games this season……but I did get to see him rush in for a touch down and he did not slide and got banged whammy but did score…..not sure if I would want my QB to run in very many like that one but he did have the you know what to do so so that does say something about him meaning he will do what it takes…..

  90. I think he has the potential to be a good NFL QB. I can’t wait to see him in two to three years and the progress he has made. It’s also great to have a Christian athlete for kids to look up to. So many of today’s “heroes” do not deserve to be and Tim putting his faith out there for everyone to see is an awesome change!

  91. What an exciting player to come out of this great rookie class! I like him just simply because he has that “it” or “wow” factor . The way he carries himself in a confident, modest, and sure way is what every coach in the NFL dreams of!

  92. I like what I saw from Tebow in his starts late last season. Living in New Mexico with the NFL deciding our free TV territory gets the Broncos, I am excited that as long as Tebow is a Bronco, I’ll get to follow his career each and every Sunday and see how he does.

  93. I like what Tebow’s done so far, And look forward to seeing him next season, And I like that he’s getting more people into the hobby, add to which his wholesome values & he just seems to be the picture perfect media trained Quarter Back.

    I don’t think he’ll be as good as Peyton Manning, but he’ll be up there for the next 10 years, It’ll be interesting to watch Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford & Tebow and see which one wins a superbowl first.

    All in all I’m more of a baseball fan, but i’m looking forward to the next season of Football already.

    Add to which it’s a sweet looking card!

  94. Love to watch Tebow play. Followed his Games as a Gator and I am really looking forward to see him starting next year. There’s a good chance to see him in the superbowl in 3-5 years from now.

  95. So you have a man crush on Tebow, me too! Seriously though he is great for the game and the NFL. What he stands for, what he believes in, he is very determined both on and off the field. He believes in his faith – GOD, his family, his teammates, himself – all great qualities to have. Never say never attitude and he continues to prove all the naysayers (sp?) wrong. TT is a winner and he will be a great NFL QB you just wait. I also think I can win this card. I think I can believe in all that! PRAISE GOD…

  96. As a UGA fan, I loved to hate Tebow. We could not stop him – nobody could at the collegiate level. I think Tebow will be just fine in the NFL – he has the arm strength, size, speed to compete. Big QBs are just fine in the NFL as long as they stay in shape. I think he has the determination and will power to stay in the gym and i think he has the ‘smarts’ and patience to sift through hours upon hours of film to stay sharp on the field.
    I think he’ll be just fine competing in the NFL if he can get the right players around him.

  97. Fandom aside, all young athletes, H.S. and up, should try to emulate his work ethic and dedication to his trade. Imagine a whole new generation that believes in working hard for something instead of feeling like something is owed to them. He is a great role model and he will succeed in whatever he does.

  98. I haven’t been a big Tim Tebow fan, but after watching him this season, I am quickly becoming one. You have to admit he has been a winner at every level and will probably be one in the NFL. There are some guys who spend their entire career overachieving. Think Montana, Aikman, even Tom Brady. They have some sort of special gift that allows them to will their teams to win and at the same time make the players around them better. If you watch Tebow, it becomes easy to become a fan. The guy obviously loves what he is doing and has fun doing it. Sports is supposed to be fun. Today that is what is so often overshadowed by big contracts and corporate sponsorships. I really hope Tebow succeeds because I wouldn’t mind having my two sons emulate him on and off the field. Sports needs more guys like Tebow!

  99. What do I think about Tim Tebow? I think that there will be 20+ teams who did not select him before the 25th pick kicking themselves for not going with their gut instead of their brain. Tebow will be a premier QB in the NFL for a few reasons. He constantly works harder than anyone I have ever seen or heard about. I mean did you see the special running on ESPN “The Year of the Quarterback” that showed him working towards his pro day? The guy has the determination and the LOVE for the game. Who else in Professional sports can you name that you know truly LOVE(d) their sport. Not just the money but the grind of working hard to get better? MJ, Pete Rose, Tony Richardson FB for the jets and I am sure there are more. The thing is that these guys were not only one of the best ever at their sports or positions but they go all out all the time every time they play. They practice harder than anyone else. They want to win so bad that they will do whatever it takes. Tebow is a winner. He is a leader. He will continue to work harder than anyone to get what he wants. Denver let Tebow continue after Orton could have came back and Orton was having a RECORD YEAR!!!!!!! Come on man. Love him or hate him you are going to have to play him. You don’t have to worry about if Tebow will get arrested in the off season either. He has his religion and family in place also. Look at all the charity work he does? Name anyone else who is/was as high profile a player as Tim that was Happy about giving autographs or taking pictures? He is the total package!!!! I am a Tim Tebow fan for life!!!!! He brings back the love and passion for what football is. The hardest workers get rewarded!!!!!

  100. Sometimes things like gut feelings, x-factors and your eyes are more important than combines and scouting reports. When a player can’t be explained using the traditional methods of analysis, people automatically look at it as a weakness, as they fear the unkown. I felt Tebow was a first rounder because the QB position is about leadership, work ethic, intangables and because he is the type of personality that doesn’t except or even entertain the thought of failure for even 1 second.

    When Tebow was drafted, two knocks on him were that there wasn’t a player to compare him to and that he ran the spread offense in college. I am intrigued by a player with no comparison, as the evolution of football is always linked to these mystery commodities that wind up being the first _______ rather than the next _______.

    Coaches are constantly creating strategy to maximize player ability and that strategy will be the spread offense in coming years, the very same spread offense Tebow ran under Urban Meyer. NFL Defenses have figured out how to defend the traditional West Coast offense, which means it’s time for offensive to evolve. The offense of future will be more wide open and take advantage of players who are able to do more than one thing within an offense, which will make one of Tebow’s weaknesses a strength.

  101. I enjoy the fact that he IS such a polarizing figure. I’ve had roughly a dozen heated conversations with the resident Tebow fan at work, and it’s always good for a fun conversation. Oddly enough, he seems to get defensive even when I agree with him. Go figure!

  102. I don’t really hate Tim as a person. As a player he works hard and give it his all and that’s what I want from players on my favorite teams. I hate him because the media and fans think he is the greatest thing ever. I just can’t stand the hype. In a way I relate him to Lebron James. They both have great talent but there is just way too much hype surrounding them for what they have accomplished. To be the greatest college qb ever I feel you need to hold all time records. One of the big ones he doesn’t have is the all time record for most touchdowns accounted for. On that list Tebow is fourth, with 140, behind 3 guys that never get any mention. They are Dan LeFevour in first with 148, Colt Brennan and Graham Harrell tied with 146. So to summerize I hate Tim simply because of all the hype he received.

    1. Too much hype about Lebron? Have you seen the Cavs record this year without him? I am a Bulls fan so I am not partial to either team.

  103. I am a huge Gators fan (having a Gators room when I was born doesn’t really give you a choice).
    I remember when they were recruting him and how excited I was when he signed. He is my favorite sports figure ever. I think he is an amazing role model for kids too.

  104. First off….Thank you for the contest and sharing.

    I think Tim Tebow has what it takes to be an elite NFL QB. We saw glimpses of him this year and he was productive when given the opportunity. While it may be early to tell what effect the league will have on him, I hope he can establish his own legacy in Denver so there’s someone other than John Elway to talk about in Denver.

  105. Tim Tebow has been a polarizing figure since his commercial in the super bowl two years ago. I think if he can be successful in the NFL it would not only benefit the league but the hobby. You can never have enough cards to go around for good and exciting quarterbacks. His ability to run makes him a “slash” type player like Mike Vick and Kordell Stewart. I do not know if everyone remembers, but Kordell was briefly huge for the football memorabilia. As a Raider fan, I hope he fails but obviously many more would benefit from his success.

  106. Regardless of Tim’s exploits on the football field, what makes him so likeable in my eyes is his testimony and the live he leads for Christ. The fact that he can be so open about it in public and still balance a professional football career is admirable. I only hope that someday I can live my life out loud like Tim does and be as successful. Hobby wise, what we need is someone with upstanding morals who not only is a great player, but is a perfect model for kids today. Hopefully the success of Tebow and his high moral upbringing will bring more young kids to collect him and other players with such success.

  107. WOW! The Tim Tebow Rookie Card is AWESOME! I would love to add it to my Tim Tebow Florida and now BRONCOS football collection. Tim’s PASSION for life, football, and his faith are an inspiration to the youth of America. He is the prime example of working hard to achieve goals, having compassion for others, and not dwelling on the negative. Tim is a young American hero and the Broncos are gaining many fans since he was drafted. Looking forward to the 2011 NFL season. Go Broncos!

  108. The NFL needs more QB’s like Tebow who devote their life to improving their game, His throwing style is a bit odd at times but it’s still effective when he does his ground game is great and he will definitely be at least a top 5 quarterback in Fantasy leagues next year due to his play

  109. I’m convinced he’ll be a player in the NFL. He runs tough & showed an amazing work ethic throughout his rookie season. Sure, he still has work to do but he looks to get in some extra time in the gym during the lockout. That’s scary!

  110. Maybe people resent the media’s portrayal of him as some kind of saint. In my opinion, though, it doesn’t make sense to hold the media’s actions against Tebow. He has never claimed to be a saint. There are pictures of him with hot girls, chugging beers, and cutting loose with his friends. He is a normal kid (well, you know what I mean.) Sure, he may be open about his faith, but isn’t that something to be respected? If you feel strongly enough against Christianity, then I suppose not. So to those of you who hate Tebow because you have different beliefs then him: OK. I don’t expect you to change your minds. But I would like to follow-up by opining as such: hard work, sincerity, dedication, and leadership are qualities every person of every belief-system should respect.

    Ultimately, I will entertain your arguments regarding Tebow’s throwing motion, personality, or NFL potential (although I don’t think any of those arguments have much merit. ) Just don’t waste my time bashing the character of a kid who has thus far demonstrated nothing but sincerity and civility. Plus he kicked ace as a starter this year.

  111. I personally love Tebow. He’s a rare type of QB that can pass the ball as well as run it. He’s not someone who will shy away from contact. Most of the time on designed scrambles, QBs either run to the sidelines or run through a big hole up the middle, just in time to dive when contact is about to be made. Tebow will run the ball like a fullback running a dive play on 3rd and goal at the 1 yardline…while on their own 20. Also, i believe he’s a player that can be a great rolemodel for kids as you have NEVER heard of off-field issues with him…no nightclub altercations, no DUIs, no weapons charges, no steroids, no drugs whatsoever! And you would NEVER hear about his significant other chasing him down the driveway with a 9 iron swinging at his SUV because he was caught cheating. Its very rare to have a player with such a promising future in a career as high profile as an NFL player that also is as humble and respectful as Tim Tebow is. He is a team player who will play his heart out every down and give his all for his teammates…which in this day and age…doesnt happen much.

  112. Tebow is gonna do just fine in the NFL, provided he is given a little time to adjust to the NFL style of play. Let the man throw the ball and limit those (potentially career ending) running plays. It’ll only take one good shot to a knee and its over.

  113. Awesome card!! would LOVE to have that one!! The new 2011 Contenders look really cool, and no matter what anyone says, Tebow has an excellent work ethic…great job on the new contenders set.

  114. I’m a huge Tim Tebow fan! I’ve been watching him since his freshman year at Florida where he proved to be the best college qb. I believe he will succeed endlessly in the NFL much like he did at UF because of his undeniable focus and determination to be successful. The Broncos have a great player in Tebow, he just needs more playing time to prove all the nay sayers wrong.

  115. Is it bad to say your favorite part of Tebow is he resells well? I think the truth might hurt me for this.

    That being said, great athlete and fun to watch!

  116. This is a great contest. I am a huge Broncos fan! I am looking forward to watching Tim Tebow lead the team to greatness in the future. It would be so cool to have a signed Tim Tebow card signed by my favorite quarterback! I hope you pick me!

  117. There is no denying that he has the determination to do whatever it will take to do all he can to better himself as a football player on and off the field.

    I Never cared for him as a Gator, but I def respect his character, he is a class act and a true role model for the future.

  118. I am hoping that Tebow will be as successful in the NFL as he was in college. It’s refreshing to see a player who has strong character and values and who can really serve as a role model for our youth. He may not be the prototypical quarterback, but he is a superb athlete with all the right intangibles. We may find that he is one of those players who changes the game rather than one of those players who has to change for the game.

  119. You have to like his values and the hard work that he puts into his game. He did not come into the league feeling that everyone should bow to him, as some 1st round picks do. He did not seem to make waves in order to become the starter. He let his skill do that for him.

    It looks like he will have a bright future in the NFL. I see his play as beeing more Big Ben. I big guy, who can move and make plays. He most likely will not be an elite, but I can see him leading his team to a Super Bowl or 2.

  120. This is very simple – Tim Tebow is as admirable as they come and it is all because he is who he is. he gets up everyday with a simple thank you to the man above and adheres to the Golden Rule of life. Football is something he does, not something that makes him. I would not be surprised to find out out that TT is 10 times the person in real life as he is on the field. He is as real as they come and that is all that needs to be said.

  121. The Tebow would be awesome to have but i would prefer the Woodhead for my PC I played High school ball with that guy. But I would take the Tebow.

  122. Tebow is def. a true athlete and has alot of upside potential. I really didnt like him in college being that I am a UGA fan and that conflicts with my teams winning games, but I have always thought that he was a great citizen and def. role model for the NFL. He also never let all the critics get too him…..

  123. I absolutely love everything about Tim Tebow! First saw him in a documentary about him in high school. Loved him ever since. It is so hard to find a man like that these days. He seems genuine in his love for Christ and for others. What some people don’t understand is that he has God on his side, therefore he has to be a success, whether in football or whatever else he chooses. I believe the most important thing about Tim is that it is obvious that he lives his life to make the lives of others better. After meeting him last year at the Senior Bowl, it is apparent that he is who he says he is. It is so great to see someone who has everything (the looks, the talent, celebrity) but continues to remain humble. At the end of the day, I think what I love most about him is that he knows football isn’t the end all and be al, but that there are so many more important things in life. And for these reasons I believe he will continue to be successful.

  124. Well, for the people who know me on the forums (BroncosFAN#1) know that Im not a big Tebow fan. I hated the way Josh Mcdaniels drafted and this was the proof in the pudding. As a Broncos fan, im pulling for Tim to do good and NOBODY can deny the guys heart and his drive as it may be second to none in the NFL. I dont know how good he will be but I do think he can run John Foxs offense in Denver good and hopefully for many years to come. I will always respect Tim Tebow for hiw will to want to win every game and that started with the tears he shed towards the end of his final SEC title game loss to Alabama. I think he needs to improve to be a solid QB in the NFL but you cannot hate this man as a person. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

  125. No doubt he is a good player but can he maintain his top performance consistently for the coming years? I really have my doubts on this though……
    Only time will tell and if he get more support from better quality players around him…

  126. I think that love him or hate him you have to respect Tebow for having an opinion and standing firm on what he believes in. You also have to repect how hard he has worked for all he has accomplished.

  127. To the fans and everybody in Panini nation: You know what? I’m sorry, extremely sorry. We were hoping to give away Tebow autographs to all of you, that was my goal. It’s something Panini has never done here. But I promise you one thing. A lot of good will come out of this. You have never seen any set in the entire country, look as good as this Contenders set does the rest of the year. And you will never see another product push the rest of the manufacturers as hard as we will push to ensure quality the rest of this year. And you will never see a manufacturer with more dedication than we will have the rest of this year.

    God bless.

  128. Tebow is an inspiration to anyone and everyone. Being a former college player I think it is great that kids can have a positive role model such as him. To many times we have seen athletes that kids look up to make mistakes and never recover, hopefully Tebow will inspire kids to make the right choices all across the world.

  129. I like his character. He’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and I think that will translate to his on the field play. I think he can be a strong leader on the field. He didn’t curl up in the fetal position and cry when most were heaping massive criticism on him in the beginning of the season, he just went out and did the best he could.

  130. I like Tebow. Alot of people give him a hard time but I think he’s a great guy and a decent quarterback. He’s doing what he can to improve himself for the NFL too. I think he’ll be around for years to come. Thanks for the contest too!

  131. Tebow has the “it” factor. We are all still trying to figure out what “it” is. We will know after a season of starts if he can win games with or without the impressive stat line (like Vince Young). We know he is marketable and his stuff will sell. He does not have the off the field issues and in a time where stars are always getting in trouble with of the field issues it is refreshing to know we do not always have to wonder when they will make a mistake or even if. He has outstanding character and whether you love or hate him, I am sure if you had a son like him, you would be proud.

  132. Nice to see Denver give him a shot after a great college “career”. If he has a chance to develop ala Aaron Rodgers, then I’d give him more of a shot. I can’t see Denver as a team being able to do that though, esp. after taking him a lot earlier than almost everyone else projected him.

  133. Being an Alabama fan I hated Tim Tebow his entire college career. That being said I think he will be an average QB in the league. Its just a different game and he can’t play the way he did in college because he will be beaten to death. The guys in the NFL are bigger and stronger than a lot of those college players that he trucked when he was running for first downs at U of F. Off the field he seems like a stand up guy so he has that going for him.

  134. I think Tim Tebow will mush into the NFL just like every other rookie QB. His name will be great due to his college career & stats, however, just like the rest, it will take time for him to adjust and improve. There are only a few that come in and go straight to greatness, even Troy Aikman had to go through the 1-15 rookie year before he started getting those rings! He will do fine, but only time will tell whether he will reach HOF status! I am not a Denver fan (but I have family who are), but I hope he does do well.

  135. I love Tebow’s Commitment to the game and improving himself both as a player and a person. I feel that he was taken too high in the draft and this may lead to too much pressure on him to perform in his first few years in the league, I think he would have benefited from sitting behind a veteran for a few seasons and learning to change his game to succeed in the NFL. That being said his passion and leadership is something that cannot be learnt, but something that could do a lot to boost a team. I would like nothing more than to see Tebow succeed, but I’m not sure whether he’s ready to take on the burden in Denver.
    I absolutely love the card, are you sure that Tracy is willing to give this up!

  136. Seeings how I am a Chiefs fan, and Denver is in our division, I hate the Broncos 🙂 However, I do respect and appreciate someone who works hard, even when the nay-sayers said no. I respect a player for doing everything he can, respects the game, and even changes his mechanics to show he is a quality quarterback in the NFL. A good role model, and someone who gets it. Not money hungry and greedy, just appreciates and understands how blessed he is to be in a spot the other 99% of men in this world wish they could come close to doing. In a nutshell, even as a Chiefs fan, I support Tim Tebow and wish him success. Just not on game day against KC 🙂

  137. This is excruciatingly painful to publicly admit since I am am FSU graduate…but Tebow is the first UF football player that I have ever collected or consider to be one of my favorite athletes to watch. I love his style of play and never agreed with those who speculated that he would not make a successful NFL quarterback. He has the agility of Vick, the heart of Flutie (yes, I said Flutie), the passion of Favre and the big-guy athleticism of Mike Alstott. -Abe Doctor

  138. I have been a Gators fan for years, and, needless to say, Tebow is my favorite Gator of all-time. Having followed him throughout college, I was excited to see how he would fare in the NFL. Many question his QB abilities, but I don’t think anyone can question his passion for the game and the effort he puts forth.

  139. I’m a Seminole & Raider fan but I have to admit that he amazes me.
    He has made history on every level.
    I never thought I would see a late 1st round draft pick have the most sought after NFL jersey in the league.
    His lowest end card is more collectable than some rookie autographs.
    I have 2 children & 1 is a Broncos fan , the other is a Gator fan.
    The main reason is Tim Tebow.

  140. Tebow is an amazing athlete and an even better competetor!! He’s so much fun to watch!! He has a ton of energy and zest for the game!!

  141. He is a very good athlete and all that but I think it will still take time to see if he can stay true to what he does.

  142. I think Tebow is one of the best player to touch a football. He is the Michael Jordan of the sport. Im a Die Hard Alabama fan, and on signing day when it was between Alabama and Florida, I was PRAYING he would sign with Alabama, Although he went to the enemy, I was still a die-hard Tebow fan. He is a game-changer. 1 in a million. I believe the Broncos have picked a Leader and winner. They will have great things from him. Not only is he great on the field, but also off the field. I have never seen a player that would spread the word as much as he has. True Christian and Role model for our Generation. With the Faith in God, he deserves everything he gets. God Bless Tebow! Now, I pray I win this Amazing Card. Love Panini products.

  143. I think Tebow looks the goods with his strength and fast thinking to lead the Broncos back where they once were which is the playoffs.
    I am from Australia and have Followed the NFL for at least 20 years and I am a Big Dallas Fan I also collect Rookies from other Teams who I think have the x Factor. Sanchez,Stafford,Freeman
    I have no doubt Tebow has the X factor.
    He also has hard work ahead of him but as he gets more confident so will the Team around him which could see Him and the Broncos rise again in the not so distant future.

  144. This guy has one thing that too many of our players today lack, HEART! He goes out gives 100%, doesnt hold out for money or stupid contract clauses like many of the atheletes with overpaid agents are doing today. His teammates even say they really love his leadership and drive when he is in the game. But for some reason all you ever get to read about is how he is not built for QB and how he will not make it. I for one am pulling for him to have a very successful NFL career.

  145. I really like Tim Tebow because he is not only an exceptional football player but a great role model. What he does off the field is what I think makes him a great man. His charity work, his helping out around the community, his Christian faith. You name it, he does it. How he carries out he faith also really stands out to me too as an life-long Christian. Not to mention he is a great football player and is on his way to a bright career in the NFL as a very promising QB.

    Thanks for the contest… Would love to get my hands on a card like that.

  146. I admire Tim Tebow for standing up for what he believes when it’s not popular. It’s amazing, people idolize gangsta rappers or thuggery in the NFL, but when Tebow wants to point to something greater than himself, he is ripped to shreds. Many here admit they don’t even like the guy but sure wouldn’t mind riding the coattails of his card. Tebow has gotten off to a good start in the NFL and with his drive I hope that he is able to continue a successful career. I would be thrilled to keep this card in my collection, and heartily thank the amazing company that Panini is for yet another great contest!

  147. I think Tim Tebow is a great leader, competitor, and role model. I hope and expect Tim to become a very good QB in the NFL. I absolutely love Tim because he is so fun and amazing to watch.

  148. What can you say about the guy?? Man, as an LSU fan, I don’t hesitate to say, I Hated him in Florida lol! Aw, man, but what character! Ethics (work and moral)! And last but most of all, what strong FAITH! I can only pray for his optimism and determination…and those are 2 things I usually pride myself on…Let’s see…
    What a student and competitor of the game…No, I’m not bro-mancing him lol..Remember, I am LSU all the way. I do, however, have MAD respect for the dude. Anyone that denies it is just hatin’. (Or knows something I don’t lol) It’s somewhat crazy to realise I’m hyping him up this much, but the more I learn of the guy, the more I can’t help but respect. As long as he doesn’t lose his edge, his drive, his faith, he will suprise many ‘experts’ and disappoint many opponents.
    To Panini America, Please, keep up the great strides you are taking with this great hobby. And thanks for the oppertunity to own a card I usually wouldn’t have much of a chance on pulling.
    From one child-like heart of the hobby to another…again…
    Thanks, ~RJ~

    Oh..and P.S…I hear ya, Mr. Barton. Being a hard-core collector is EXTREMELY hard and most frustrating (almost depressing) being limited to almost nothing but retail boxes at our desposal…but let us take a page out of the book of TT15 and press on w a smile and the drive of a champion…Hoping to be blessed with a hobby shop of my own soon…It’s a reach but I will strive until something pops. Even if it’s me. God Bless.

  149. I think he is a marketing play that they hope they can turn into a QB. From what I understand his mechanics are all wrong and that he was a system QB. I hope he does for the Broncos what they expect, I just wonder if they actually want him underneath center.

  150. I am a huge Tebow fan and commend him for his work and dedication on AND off the field!! He has a huge heart and burning desire to sucessed and doesn’t know anything other then success and hard work. He puts 200% into everything he does and doesn’t mind going against the grain (he is used to it). As one commercial on T.V. goes: From birth he has overcome obstacles, NO ONE thought he could play QB in high school, in college, NO ONE thought he could win a national championship, NO ONE thought he would be selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL DRAFT….. and look at what he has done so far!!! His religious believes and strong FAITH have instilled strength and hope in the NFL and beyond (he has with me and my family)!!

    I have three children all born on the 15th (April, December and January) and jokingly tell friends and family of the coincidence with Tim Tebow (that he proudly wears 15 on his Jersey)!! With his continued hard work and endless drive, Tim Tebow will have SUCCESS wherever he goes and whatever he does!!!

  151. What do I think of Tim Tebow?
    I think Tim Tebow isn’t as good as people build him up to be. Don’t get me wrong Tebow has talent and there is no denying that, but when people say he is a great QB and a great player I have to disagree. He has only played one season no one can make a judgement like that. I will admit he had a decent season better than some quarterbacks but he definitely isn’t in the top 10. And for me to be a great QB you need to be in the top 10. Not to mention how can a great QB get a rating of 82.1?
    My personal view is this, Tim Tebow does have talent but he won’t become a great QB.
    He may prove me wrong in the future but right now that’s where I stand. I have to admit though, I admire Tebow’s commitment and dedication it is unlike any other QB.

    What am I basing my opinion on? Madden 11. I simmed 5 seasons of the Franchise mode and 5 years Tebow was 72 and Bradford was 92. I think Madden 11 is trustworthy enough.

  152. Tim Tebow is everything you want your quarterback to be. He’s a warrior who will do whatever it takes to win and leaves everything he has to give on the field every single game. Off the field, he’s a great role model for kids, very active in his community and unwavering in his faith. There’s nothing to to like about Tebow.

  153. Tim Tebow is bottom line a guy you want on your team. I am not just talking football here either, I think he would be the type of person you want to be with on any type of endeavor.

    Footballwise, I think this guy has had to deal with an immense load of pressure to an extreme 99% of current NFL’ers never face. I think his boldness to wear his christianity on his sleeve and exemplify it makes him a target on and off the field of many. I think he has shown patience and making the most of his opportunity so far in the NFL. One big test will be how well Denver equips the team for a system that uses Tebow to his fullest. This kid can adapt, but everyone needs help from the front office.

  154. What do I think of Tim Tebow?

    I think Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college football players of all time, the greatest college leader of all time and someone the Denver Bronco should be thankful they drafted.

    I also believe that Tim Tebow will be a perennial Pro Bowler, future Super Bowl winning QB and first ballot Hall of Famer, who when it is all said and done will not be most appreciated for his stats or highlight reel plays but his ability to lead his team into battle and come out on top.

    I also know that no matter what type of professional football career Tim Tebow has, he will not base his worth on touchdowns, rushing yards or even wins, but on whether or not he has stayed true to his God, and that, above all other qualities is what makes Tim Tebow a wonderful role model and person and not just another great football player or athlete.

  155. I think Tim Tebow will make a statement in the NFL. I my self am a Bears fan though. He has the talent and the will do do nothing but good things, He has that I dont quit attitude in him and makes out for Great Qbs. I would love to win this card also my son is just getting into the hobby of sports cards we have already bought him 2 boxes of cards and various packs. this would be an awsome addition to his little but growing collection.

  156. I think Tim Tebow goes beyond football. I know he plays the game at 100% but his off field work he does is 150%. With players in the NFL doing prison time from murder to abusing animals you have this one person whose off field demeanor is almost Saint like. His missionary work , his stance on abortion and so many other things he does. I don’t want to be like Tebow the Quarterback (which is amazing in itself) , I want to be like Tebow the Man and in todays world that is almost unheard of.

  157. bein a browns fan i know a little about bad quarterbacks i think tim will be agood one enough said he would have looked good in brown an orange oh yea his gators beat my bucks twice in same season still i think hes agood quarterback great we will see

  158. The greatest attribute of Tim Tebow is his positive image to young high school football players. My grandson Trevor Taylor is a high school quarterback and Tim Tebow is his football idol. Young men need positive role models in todays topsy turvy world and Tim Tebow shows these young men that you can have good character, a good heart and good morals and still be an NFL player.
    Dolly Brown
    Arm Chair Grandma

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