X Marks the Spot: National Treasures Basketball is Here

November 16, 2023

Ahoy there!

Whether you used a complex treasure map or a simple Google search to get here, welcome! You’ve made it just in time for the arrival of one of Panini America’s biggest releases: National Treasures Basketball.

Beautiful designs, chunky patches and a truly special list of players make this one of the year’s most anticipated products. Luckily, collectors don’t have to strap on their eye patches and sail the high seas to bring home this treasure.

Instead, surfing the web is all you have to do. Riding the URL tide to Panini’s web store grants access to the highly coveted hobby box. Let’s crack open the NT chest and see what riches await.

Every box of 2022-23 National Treasures features 10 cards, highlighted by four autographs, four memorabilia cards and one printing plate, on average. Far from a poop deck, the product is all hits and zero misses.

While just about every card in the set will make collectors shiver their collective timbers, there are a few gleaming gems that steal top billing.

Most notable: Logoman Autographs. If you plunder through a box of National Treasures, there is no doubt what you want to see: the iconic silhouette encapsulated by a star’s signature.

Hearties (meaning: friend — keep up) like Stephen Curry, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony headline that glass-eye-catching set. Those veterans are sweet, but rookies are the real jewels here.

Even the parrot on your shoulder could tell you that a 1-of-1 Rookie Logoman Autograph would be the pull of a lifetime. Youngsters also take center stage in Rookie Patch Autographs.

Rarely does one set sail without at least one on-deck partner, and the athletes on these cards are no different. Dual Autographs are outstanding, but the Triple Autographs set really pillages headlines.

Shockingly, we’ve made it this far without mentioning every pirate’s favorite: gold. Let’s change that by pointing our sails toward the gold parallel. This gleaming design takes already beautiful cards and transforms them into true treasures.

Other loot worth a yo-ho-ho include the new Court Pass insert, the always popular Treasured Tags as well as Penmanship, which features autographs from legends like Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins. Oversized memorabilia are paired with autos in Clutch Factor and Colossal Materials Autographs inserts.

Don’t walk the plank unless you’re planning a deep dive into 2022-23 National Treasures.