2012-13 NBA Hoops Stars in a Watch & Win Episode of Panini America Unwrapped

Join Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Chris Reed for a must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped starring 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball, the first NBA product of the new collecting season featuring Panini America's historic Double Rookie Class, the first installment of the cross-brand Kobe Anthology set and so much more.

Join Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Chris Reed for a must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped starring 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball, the first NBA product of the new collecting season featuring Panini America’s historic Double Rookie Class, the first installment of the cross-brand Kobe Anthology set and so much more.

After the video, simply leave your candid feedback on the product for a chance to win one of four boxes of 2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball.


147 Replies to “2012-13 NBA Hoops Stars in a Watch & Win Episode of Panini America Unwrapped”

  1. I love NBA hoops! So many good pulls from earlier this year and my favourite basketball set after Gold Standard! Love the new look this year too! 😉

  2. AMAZING, love the new Kobe series and look! Makes me remember when there used to be all sorts of cool Jordan parallels…

  3. them kobe cards are pretty cool…….idk if anyonew ill open enough boxs to collect the whole set lol……i wouldnt mind winning a few boxs :p

  4. Like the Kobe set and various chasers in the Anthology set. The photography of those cards really grabs my attention. Glad to see coaches cards, as when I collected in person auto’s, I loved being able to get their autographs as well. If you’re going to have redemptions, i’m glad to see the player name listed on it versus just a card number and description of the card. Not a fan of the spark plug cards, as I have a NASCAR feel to my basketball product. All in all, a great looking product, and I definitely would love to win one of those free boxes.

  5. Overall, the product looks spectacular not just for the cards and design, but for the amazing price. Products like this help keep college students like myself in the hobby because as most of you know, college students are pretty broke for the most part. Anyways though, the Kobe anthology idea seems fantastic. I love a series thay chronicles a specific player. On top of that you get TWO years worth of rookies. Thats the concept I like the most. Overall, awesome product and I can’t wait to buy it! Keep up the good work at Panini!!!

  6. Awesome panini one of the most affordable but yet out standing product thanks for doing rookies this year really looking forward to an Anthony Davis.

  7. definitely liking this year’s product. I think for the price of a pack or box, its really a good deal.

    Question, is the kobe anthology pack an additional pack of cards to make 37 packs in a box? or is it 35 packs of hoops and 1 pack of Kobe?

    thanks for the contest

  8. I am very impressed with this years Hoops. Who doesn’t love Rookie Cards ? I know I do ! Two years of great rookies , what else do you need to have to make a great product ? Overall the photography is great,the design is awesome and at $2 a pack with 2 autos per box who wouldn’t want to buy this product !

  9. Looks like an improvement over last year and the Spark Plugs inserts have a nice design. Kind of surprised you mentioned people didn’t like the horizontal orientation on those RC’s. To me, it’s better to have some variety, especially since the product has a double rookie class.

  10. Very similar to last year’s product, but the added value of Rookies this time! Can’t go wrong with that. Solid product!

  11. A really nice sneak peek into the new NBA Hoops cards. I bought a couple of boxes last year since I haven’t been collecting basketball cards in a long time and I think this year’s set is much better than last year due to the new Kobe Anthology pack. Also, a really great pull of Jeremy Lamb since I think he’ll have a pretty solid rookie year. I can’t wait to buy some boxes when they are released since I’d love to pull a Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis auto. Thanks again for the preview!

  12. Officially registered! These video blogs are amazing. So excited for tomorrow. Would do anything for that Jeremy Lamb auto, like tweet to 4,000 followers that Id marry Panini!

  13. I really want the brandon jennings card and kemba walker cards. These r sick cards. Paninu also has the best photography of any of the card companies

  14. Awesome set as usual! Liking the coaches cards, as they are often overlooked in the card industry, but are just as important as the players! And the rookie inserts of both rookie classes look sweet! Can’t wait to get my hand on a box!

  15. Candid……. How about “BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!”. Finally the new rookies have landed!!! Gotta get some UW Husky action. And I love the clean look of the cards and sharp photos!

  16. Awesome product can’t wait to get my hands on a box! The Kobe cards are a very nice extra that panini added to HOOPS this year! Awesome first basketball product this year so far!

  17. After 2011-12 NBA Hoops came out, I didn’t think you could top it in 2012-13, but you definitely did. Not only does the massive rookie selection make it better, but the inserts look amazing. Everybody loves the autographs, but the glossy inserts look great as well. The design is much improved. Anytime you like the base set enough to want to collect it, it’s a good sign. Great job!

  18. First off…sweet shirt T-hack. Secondly, I think the Kobe Anthology idea was awesome. The chance to pull Kobe autos and jerseys and a sweet looking set…five per pack is great as well and adds a good value to a box…Hoops especially. With 2 autos, the first true rookies for the first time in 2 years and a price pack you can’t argue with..this is one great product. I like the Durantula sp’s as well. And with 36 packs and 8 cards per box you get a lot of cards and a lot of value. Huge checklist with the coaches cards…reminds me of Hoops of the 90’s. I wouldn’t complain about any aspect of this product.

  19. Photography is sharp and the Spark Plug insert looks interesting! Base card design is crisp and clean, and the autos show up nicely. I’d love to win a box!

  20. Wow ….. WOW! What do I say first. Well, this “rookery” is giving me the ultimate goosebumps like no other has done before. Waiting to have that Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis in my hands. And those Draft Night cards are
    a-ma-zing! I love how they have the “In-Action” cards and the “Courtside” cards. Also the retro look on some of them just …. Can’t explain. Lol I really need and love these cards. This year for collectors is going to be great and hopefully I will be one of the lucky people to get the NBA Champions card of the Miami Heat. Also the Coach cards are awesome too. I really want to get that Doc Rivers card. Ummmmm… I’m just sitting here with goosebumps and I’m so excited about this years cards. The autographs rookies and everything! Oh and can’t forget the Kobe Set which is so far one of the best to me in the box. I love how they have the old Kobe, the #8 beast Kobe. So I am DEFINETLY looking forward to these cards and hope I win the contest to get the four boxes. Thanks for uploading this video and showing the world these incredible cards!

  21. Another great set of cards Tracy and Chris !

    Gotta love the fact that you guys brought back the coaches cards as i feel they should be included in every sports cards cause without them, Players wouldn’t be able to win. Another promotion i love is the Kobe set, My all time fave player the “Black Mamba”. I will be sure to be collecting his set. Another set in the deck i love is the great “in action” “Court side” cards, it give us the feel of watching this great players in action.

    Panini is just killin’ the card scene right now. Cant think of any card company right now.
    I only collect Panini LOL

    Thanks again guys for uploading this video and show us “collectors” the great cards in the deck.


  22. This product looks amazing!!! I loved last years product and can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Loving the Draft Night Inserts! Slick looking cards guys!

  23. Love the rookies in the set! love the Anthony Davis and the Bradly Beal, im a blazers fan so ya, also love the Kobe packs and just another great product, the only thing i would change is i would put 4 autos in a hobby box and one in retail, thta would be da bomb- Peace

  24. Excited for this product and the many to come so I can finally get to collecting all my former Kentucky players rookies. We put so many in the NBA it’s hard to keep up (I’m sorry I had to 😉 )but glad products like these still exist for the collector on a budget (i.e. college student). Keep up the good work!

  25. Rookies. Rookies. Finally I see them! This is probably a set that I would love to set build! The Anthology cards on Kobe are stunning and I really like a design. For the sake of collectors, I recommend like a second Hoops series during the year to like catch up on trades and signings and such. Just seeing D-Howard in a Magic jersey is so annoying now! The photography is stunning, I like the idea of the horizontal cards on the Court Side insert. Overall perfect product to start off the season! 😀

  26. Really excited to finally see some 2011-12 rookies in product, not to mention the 2012-13 rookies as well. Over the past year I have made a few posts lamenting the lack of 2011-12 rookies and the mystery of the doube redemption program, so I am happy to see the new products coming out. It’s bad enough as a Cavs fan to ride through the hard times the team has fallen on, not being able to chase any Kyrie Irving cards made it worse. With the new releases I can chase not only Kyrie, but Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller as well. I’ll try not to be all sunshine and roses in my critique, but I think the product overall looks nice.

    It is nice to start off the new year with a moderately priced product. Since Hoops is a brand in and of itself, it is good to see that the cards are recognizable as Hoops. Perhaps they could be a bit more retro in the future, but certainly a good base design for the second year of the reboot. I like the idea of having rarer base variations, but it would be nice if the variations were numbered. It is easier to get enthused about collecting a variation set if you know the print run. The autographs look good as well; it is always nice to see on-card autos, but it is easier to understand sticker autos in a product priced as moderately as Hoops. Multiple variations is cool in the rookie designs as well, it would be cool if one of the inserts were more rare and were numbered. I realize that my seeming obsession with numbering will likely be satisfied in other releases in the coming year, but I think it could have a presence to a lesser degree even in a product like Hoops.

    Keep up the great work guys. I am really looking forward to all of the great products in the coming year and to getting lucky and pulling a Kyrie or two.

  27. Photography on these cards looks amazing. Hoops got me started in NBA cards – cant wait to get my hands on these!!

  28. Loving the diversity of this year’s product! And Kobe is my favorite player, so the anthology is an awesome thing for me.

  29. Been waiting for these rookie auto’s all year! This is a real bang for your buck product.
    My only constructive feedback is to have a consistant “RC” symbol on the actual rookie cards. I think it’ll bring the value up on some of the cards. At the very least it’ll smooth out a lot of the confusion as to what cards are “actual rookies”.

    Keep up the good work!

  30. Wow, hoops looks AMAZING!! This is going to be such a great year to collect basketball cards!!! The design looks great this year and I love the new Kobe Anthology set! I can’t wait to bust open ALOT of boxes of Panini Basketball this year!!!! Keep up the great work Panini!!,

  31. I love all the rookies! Bernard James pull was awesome! He might not be a great NBA player but he was great at FSU and has a great backstory.

  32. I love all the rookies from this but to be able to the rookies cards from last years class is beyond outstanding. The Spark Plugs, Board Members and In-Action inserts are awesome then you made sure to give the coaches a set. What can i say…ive loved Hoops from way back in 89-90 now their back. I still have about 3000 Hoops cards from the 90’s stored away waiting for my boys to get a little older to give to them. Great job Panini you just keep surprising with every new product that comes out.

  33. I would like too see more cards in white uniforms, or at the least plz try to not make the cards so dark in the background. i get these cards autographed and the autos shwo up much better.. ur 2010/11 Leaf Rookie and Stars basketball set was amazing for getting autographed

  34. I probably cant say anything that hasnt benn said already about the new Hoops product, but if anyone takes a look at the product it speaks for it self! All i have to say is that thanks to Panini Hoops is back and its giving other products a run for there money! Thanks Panini and the creative team for bring back a product that was very important to basketball trading cards! Great job and u all should be truly proud !!!

  35. To me, the concept of having a set dedicated to Kobe Bryant will keep collectors wanting to buy more boxes. In a down year with the lockout in 2011-12, the market suffered. And this unique promotion will be nice to expose to younger collectors and other sport collectors about the accolades Kobe has already achieved.

    With regards to the cards, I am in love with this year’s design. Last year’s (2011-2012) was an homage to the past. This year’s has its’ distinct look and feel. As always, the matte finish on these cards is a great treat. I do a lot of in person NBA autographing and these cards look awesome with a player’s signature. The large checklists allow for that.

    Being a low-end product, getting two autographs is always a pleasant treat. The double rookie card class provides collectors with ample opportunity to score autographs from their favorite players and veterans. And because I do a lot of autographing, bringing back the coaches cards are awesome. I will be using those quite frequently to get autographed at games.

    Panini has done it again! I am an avid hockey collector but love your selection of basketball, football and hockey products. This year’s product will illicit me to buy at least one box for the base and then possibly one to two more for the autographed content.

    I will be looking for the Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight autographed cards as a Pistons fan.

    Best of luck to everyone on the breaks! Keep up the work, Panini!


  36. Really sharp looking cards, its been too long without a rookie card! cant wait to get to hobby shop tomorrow. I love the SHIRT, Tracy!

  37. I really like it! Looks even better then last year. Double class of Rookies, nice design, big autograph set and some nice inserts. what do you want more? nice product for a small budget.

  38. The single Kobe pack was pure genius!! Not to mention the double rookie class, although I’m kind of confused with the 2011 rookies, is there a difference between the 2011 rookies and the other base cards, I mean is there “rookie” at the front or just at the back of the card?

  39. I love the photography in this set. I also really enjoy the look of and am going to try to collect the Spark Plugs insert set. It’s nice to see some bench players/semistars get some recognition and I’m sure fans of their teams will enjoy collecting them as well!!

  40. The new product looks amazing!! I’m looking forward to trying to collect the double rookie classes. You make the best product!

  41. I am looking forward to this rookery! Especially with my Heels having rookie cards in the product like, Panini Exclusives, Harrison Barnes and John Henson! Hoops always using some great pictures for the cards that really capture the action. I was hoping this year to follow up the Black Mamba and Blake Superior insert that there might be a Durant SP but I guess there always is next year!

  42. Really appreciate the thoughtful feedback. Valuable input from our most passionate customers is one of the most important tools we have in continuing to improve everything we do. Thank you — and please keep it coming.

  43. I am a big basketball fan and a HUGE UK fan so it’s safe to say that I’m dying to get an Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist rookie card. Love that you all included the 2011-12 draft class as well. I wish there was a more flashy design to the cards but due to my budget I can’t complain. An all around good product though and I hope I win.

  44. Great looking base cards. Hoops reminds me of the old days when basketball ruled with Jordan. Would love to see the auto in the packs and not redemptions but that just me.

  45. I honestly think this year´s collection is much better than last year´s. Spark Plugs, my favourites, and I love too the RC with the draft day photos.

  46. Love the hoops action shots as always have the 3 Ibaka autos from last years hoops(redemptions) I think one of those boxes has an ibaka auto for me so u better ship one down under to me mate.

  47. I got two words for this new NBA Hoops release…
    Simply Amazing!
    Keep up the great job, guys!

  48. I checked over the checklist and I cannot wait to pull an auto of Danny Green in a Spurs uniform and Kawhi Leonards auto! I will definitley try to complete the spark plug set.

  49. I like it. I like it. I really like the horizontal action shots and the Draft Day Rookies. Maybe I’m mistaken, but it didn’t look like any of the rookies (this year’s or last year’s) had anything on the card to signify that they are a rookie (a rookie logo or something). I think that is a bad omission. Especially in a product that has so many rookies from 2 different years. If I just missed the logo then forget everything I just said. Still very excited to buy some Hoops!

  50. Its really a big hits again on this amazing Hoops for the 2nd time around…. I like the rookies and I need to set it….

    The Philippines NBA card collector is waiting on this in the market…. Cant wait.

  51. I like the new Hoops cards. It brings a little nostalgia to the old 1990s Hoops, especially with the coaches cards. I also like how it is the first product to have the 2 most recent rookie classes in them. Plus it is affordable, so that kids coming into the hobby could start with this product and enjoy it. The photography is also quite stunning.

  52. i want a special redemption for chris reed and tracy hackler among the products u did for the national. that tracy hackler card is must have for his humour and innovation in the market place,

  53. I love NBA Hoops and always have- I CAN NOT WAIT to buy a couple cases myself. I love the designs Tracy and thanks for revealing this mind blowing product:)

  54. LOVE 12-13 HOOPS! I personally like the horizontal cards like the Courtside and Board Members cards. Spark Plugs looks cool as well. I like the league leaders notations. Thanks!! Great stuff!!

  55. I love Hoops. Praying for a win here as it’ll be a few weeks before I can afford a box. If not, I’m sure I can make do with a couple of packs a week.

  56. Nick break. I really love “Kobe Pack” idea and am looking forward to collect them all, especially looking for “Big Hits” in terms of having a chance to personally meet Kobe!!!

  57. Nice switch-up there Tracy, replacing the hard salute for a melo one (no pun intended towards a soft basketball player, lol). 🙂 As far as the product goes, I have absolutely zero complaints except for the champions card. Being one who doesn’t consider a set complete unless all SP/Chase cards are acquired, it hurts knowing I’m going to pay decently for a base card that is more than likely not numbered and doesn’t have a swatch or AU on it. But other than that, I love the shots (and I gave the product many more critiques previously) and can’t wait to get me a box or two though it won’t be for a few months. If you are getting rid of the singles you pulled, I’ll email you my address and you can send the Pistons my way. 🙂 Hope all is well.

  58. Local shop just got the shipment today. Got back into collecting with the past and present release after a 10+ year hiatus. Being a Kentucky Fan, this product is LOADED with great cards of all my favorite Cats. Previously picked up the Past and Present, Limited, and Gold Standard. I have been dying to get my hands on this product since I’ve heard about it. Was told they would be in last Wednesday, showed up, no go. Was told this Wednesday, showed up, no go. Was told today, showed up expecting more disappointment, and boom there they were. Picked up a box, got a Perry Jones III draft night auto, Tyler Honeycutt redemption and several of my UK boys. No Anthony Davis or Brandon Knight though, so looks like back to the shop tomorrow to try my luck on another box. Overall great product. Cards look great, and Rookies, Rookies, Rookies everywhere! Personally felt much better buying such a great product at a great price than it did for the limited and Gold Standard and actually getting some great players. Courtside cards show some of the best action photos I’ve seen. Would love to have seen at least a chance at any GU cards, but did I mention Rookies?!?! Have to say Panini hit a homerun with this one!

  59. I’m thrilled for the chance to pull some Jimmer Fredette cards. Panini’s been my choice since day one and I can’t wait to start my collection of our hometown hero! Plus the Courtside inserts with the horizontal orientation look great!

  60. I really like the look of these glossy cards. The coaches cards are nice too. It’s great there are alot of different types of rookie cards, draft night, and impacts. Include more action shots cards they look sweet. The Kobe cards ROCK! But how can you just buy a single Kobe pack instead of a entire box? Can’t wait to box bread one of these.

  61. Hoops is a great product, I am very happy with the card designs and what they offer!! Thanks for making this a win for us collectors!!

  62. Of course it would have been ideal to have the ’11 draft class’ rookie cards in last season’s products, but I understand why that was not possible. Now that the time for the “dual rookie class” products has arrived, I’m very excited for it. Many rookies (& sophomores) to hunt down.

    As with last year, I’m love the Buyback autographs. Those old school hoops designs look great with a signature added.

    I like the looks of the product, for the most part, other than the much discussed “Rookie Impact” vertical/horizontal complaint. And I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the “Board Members” design reminds me of vertical “Glass Cleaners” from ’12 Limited.

    Value wise, I think it’s a great buy. Especially since if you pull a coveted ’11 or ’12 rookie auto and want to get some money back/profit, you should have no problem.

    I still prefer 2010-2011 Donruss Basketball to the past 2 seasons of Hoops. I’d like to see more of what was in that product implemented into future Hoops Products–more of a true old look/feel to base cards, jersey & patch inserts, along with some die-cuts.

    Oh, and my favourite part of the new Hoops–the first Panini Wilson Chandler autographs!

  63. Very nice Rookie Cards in this product. I also quite like the Kobe insert packs, very cool idea. I wasn’t entirely sold on the Spark Plugs inserts when I first saw them but the more at look at them the cooler they seem haha.
    I do like how the horizontal cards hold true the original simplistic design of Hoops. The fact that you’ve made good use of the back of the cards to fill out with stats as well, thumbs up there.

    I look forward to getting a hold of and opening this product sometime in the future. I saw a Doc Rivers auto today, got to get me one of those 🙂

    And where can we get one of those T-shirts Tracy?

  64. Nice looking product with lots of interesting and unusual basketball photography. Offers a glimpse into the actual game the player is highlighted on the card, rather than the traditional player closeup shoot.

    Keep up the good work.

  65. The double rookie class is what I’m excited for this season and it starts with 2012/13 NBA Hoops! Finally able to pull the RC of both classes is what I’m looking forward to the most! The Kobe Anthology Is a very nice chase set you guys did this year and I can’t wait to see more of it! Thanks for sharing guys!

  66. Going to be awesome product with rookies!
    Probably my favorite product that you guys have put out ever!
    More rookies!

  67. The action photography on some of those horizontal cards is just tremendous – I’m more of a pack buyer than a box buyer (and I hear that opening a pack of NBA Hoops is like poetry), and a good looking base set is as important to me as the inserts and extras. This is a really exciting product.

  68. you could use a similar idea in football with picture of the post season awards. i even think the cards would be cool and collecter items even without the auto

  69. Hoops is a great way to kick off the 2012-13 NBA trading card season. Is Jonas V in the checklist? The Kobe bonus pack/set is a great concept, i’m really interested to see more of it down the line. And what would be included in the packs for a product like NT!

  70. I like the 12-13 release of NBA Hoops much more than the 11-12 release. I felt that last year’s product was pushed out with Linsanity as the only focus. With no RCs, there wasn’t much value to be realized. This year, the double batch of RCs gives the product some durability at a price point that allows most income levels (and age groups) a chance to bust some. With so many medium/high-end products, it’s tough for kids but afford them. This product will give everyone a chance at some nice pulls. Congrats, Panini.

  71. NBA Hoops was the first box of cards I ever bought (circa early nineties). Definitely no game used inserts, autographs or die cut cards in those boxes. Excited if I pulled a Shawn Kemp or Tim Hardaway rookie. Like everyone else here would LOVE to win a box of this well put together product and hope my name is drawn. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work!

  72. Yet another fantastic release by Panini, Hoops was easily my favorite basketball product when I collected basketball back in the early 90s and I’m pleased to see it back in full effect. Thanks as always Tracy and Chris for the coverage of the new product releases, can’t wait to see all the Kobe inserts assembled at the end of the year!

  73. I love the NBA Hoops brand and Panini you just keep making it better and more entertaining. Each box will contain 36 packs of absolute madness and the Kobe Anthology packs are a sick idea. I’ll be picking up as many boxes as I can get those packs. Also looking forward to the Double Rookie Class! I can’t believe it has been a year since we have had true basketball rookie cards. Pretty much every card you pulled in this break was sick looking. And I can’t wait to buy a box from my hobby store!
    You should also add those coach cards to your NFL products, that’s a set I would collect. Keep up your great work Panini!

  74. Another thing, I never was and never will be a Kobe fan, but I love the rookie photo shoot card designs. Memorabilia cards would help NBA Hoops excell past other Basketball brands. The autograph cards are a nice touch to this set as well. I look forward to pulling some unibrow cards;) Great work Panini!

  75. Hoops looks great once again! With all the diff inserts and stuff this will be a fun set to build! Makes me want basketball season to start now! Great job on the product and thanks chris and Tracy for doin these unwrapped segments and chances for prizes! Much appreciated! Take care!

  76. These cards are such an improvement from last years hoop. I like that fact theres double the rookie card is great. Also since im a kobe fan, those kobe packs are amazing, can you put out a check list for those cards. I like the fact how you guys incorporated kobe with his own insert set (Kobe’s team) as well as his own cards.

    I hope im not to late for the draw 😀

  77. I’m really loving the new 2012-13 NBA Hoops hobby box. A lot of rookies and I also love the new set Panini is starting, the Kobe Anthology set. Looks cool. I’m really loving this box. Especially with KD on the design.

      1. @Tracy please pick me love the product my YouTube name is jrfdude please pick me I will break them live and do what ever you want me to please pick me these are the best

  78. Just watched please pick me love these awesome job panini this is worth the wait of making them this is the best damn product lol sorry for cursing I’m just excited about these

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