2012 Rookies & Stars Football Stars in this Belated Edition of Panini Unwrapped

First of all, please accept our sincere apologies for not getting this episode of Panini Unwrapped to you sooner. With the 2012 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot last week and 2012 NHLPA Rookie Showcase this week, busting 2012 Rookies & Stars Football somehow got lost in the shuffle.

First of all, please accept our sincere apologies for not getting this episode of Panini Unwrapped to you sooner. With the 2012 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot last week and 2012 NHLPA Rookie Showcase this week, busting 2012 Rookies & Stars Football somehow got lost in the shuffle.

So yesterday evening, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Chris Reed sat down for a somewhat-commando edition of Panini Unwrapped with one box of the product and a laptop computer. And as our gift to you for being so tardy, we’re throwing the hits from this bust as well as three other unopened boxes into the prize pool.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is simply post an image in the comments section below showing you holding your favorite Rookies & Stars Football card of all time. It doesn’t have to be your most expensive Rookies & Stars card, nor one that includes an autograph or a piece of memorabilia. It just needs to be your favorite. And the picture needs to be of you holding your card.

That is all. Enjoy, and good luck.


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  1. Congrats Chris Reed!! And I for one no what its like to have kids and sleep with 4 of my own. Very Scarce…like a 1/1 🙂

    Great break as always. Nice Fitzgerald but love that Andrew luck jersey card..would love to land that! I really like rookie and stars. The base cards have been much improved..you got rid of the white background and gave us some action on those. The inserts I enjoy as well and one of my favorite autograph and jersey card sets in here in the Crusades. That design is outstanding and makes any jersey or autograph kaplow! off the card!

    Now for me to enter this contest…I had to do the inevitable…I a Giants fan…had to hold this Cowboys card…that alone should make me a winner. But this is my favorite pull from Rookie and Stars. A piece of Troy Aikman’s helmet numbered to 100. I remember how excited I was to have pulled it..my first and only helmet card I own.


  2. Looks like a big CONGRATS is in order, so here you go:
    Congratulations Mr. Reed on the new member of your’s & Panini’s family. I truely hope mother & child are doing well.

    oh yeah, nice cards.;)

  3. First of all, Congrats Mr. Reed for the birth of your child! Secondly, Thank you Mr. Hackler for the Rookies and Stars Unwrapped episode and for the giveaway opportunity. I leave you with a picture of me holding 2 favorites. These two came from the same box which was the first hobby box of any kind that i’ve opened since the mid 90’s. Having recently returned to the hobby, I started looking at different stuff, buying random packs and blasters here and there but it was the 2011 R & S (on Black Friday last year) that I decided to try. I’m glad I did because of the 2 beauties that came from that box. 4-color Prime patch Longevity Kellen Winslow Jr. #’d to /50 and All-Americans Auto/Patch Mikel LeShoure #’d to /10….nice return to the hobby.



    1. This was also my first ever 001/pulls, the funny thing is I pulled a Mark Ingram Prestige extra points 01/50 the very next week!!!!!

  4. Hello Everybody!..OOOPs !First off congrats on the birth of your son Chris….secondly I need one of those rated rookies shirts Tracy although I may not be a rookie anymore I can still compete…lol…I can’t really pick a favorite as there are so many great Rookies and Stars to choose from but here is one he was great last season how about an Emerald Marshawn Lynch rookie 3/5 really like the lay out of this card nice embroidered Buffalo Bills logo to go along with a rookie auto of the beast………I am adorning a great T-Shirt in this photo psst Rated Rookie shirt Tracy…lol…..Thanks for another great shot at scoring some super looking Rookie and Stars cards…….

  5. Chris, thank you for keeping the hobby blood line fresh…I am grooming my son who turns 2 next week! Oh yeah, the cards speak for themselves!

  6. You are welcome Chris…..a side note time goes by so quickly and they grow up so fast before you know it he will be flying around everywhere and into everything ….but it is all worth it you can’t begin to imagine all the great times that you will experience….best wishes to you and your family with all sincerity…

  7. It would be a tie between the 2012 Andrew Luck Auto/jersey card I got about 10 days ago and the 1999 Kurt Warner RC I pulled out of the 1 box of R&S I bought that year. I was so pumped each time, even though they were 13 years apart!! Sadly, I have neither at the moment to take my picture with but I thought I would share. Your contest revived a great memory for me! Thanks!!

      1. Congrats Chris! Before you know it, you’ll be busting wax at Panini’s booth at the national with your son!!! Me and my boys were videod by Tracy at the national Day 2 and were on the blog post for the day. My kids were so thrilled-thanks Tracy!!

  8. Congrats Chris!! Having my two daughters was the best thing that EVER happened to me and I’m sure you agree too! I wasn’t sure how to post a pic on here so I hope this link works, I sent the pic to Paninis Facebook and twitter page too. My girls and I pulled this last Saturday! RG3 Jrsy auto!! pic.twitter.com/wwgwEmi9. I really hope this link works because I don’t have a photobucket. Thanks again and keep up the great work Panini!!

  9. The card – 2011 Rookies and Stars – Aaron Rodgers.

    This is the first card that I contributed to my son’s PC of Aaron.

  10. Sorry I could not get a picture of me holding my Demarco Murray card, it is up on ebay right now. You can see the picture on my previous post. Tracy, when is the drawing?

  11. Ok not really sure how to post this photo to this message but going to give it my best shot. This one if a photo of my son and his favorite Rookie and Stars. It is a cam newton jersey card he pulled from a pack. Its last years freshman orentation. hopefully this works and you are able to enjoy this pic if not I will repost message with alink. Oh yeah almost forgot congrats Chris, you are in for a life changing experience but it will be the best journey of you life. Enjoy every moment they grow up so quick.

  12. I dont’ know if my post worked or not so going to add links to our photos. I also decided that I did not want to be out done. I am adding a pic of my favorite card as well. My son chose the Cam Newton freshman orientation, and I had to out do him by choosing A 2011 Rookie and Stars Aaron Rodgers prime cuts. Every time me and my son get a patch card we try to figure out where the patch is from is it from a jersey or pants and if so where on the jersey is it from. This one is a no brainer, its from the sleeve as you can see in the pic. We would love to be selected as one of your winners for this contest. Being from Indiana I personally would love to have the Andrew Luck Patch. But my son would love to be chosen for a winner of a box. He thinks its like christmas when he gets to open packs. The thrill and excitement of opening packs, never knowing what you are going to get. And I have to admit there is no greater feeling or rush when you open those packs and you pull a card of your favorite player. Thanks for all the memories I have made with my son over the years pulling panini cards with my son. Its been great and am looking forward to the future memories that panini creates for me and my son. There is no greater joy than watching his face light up pulls a auto or patch card of his favorite players.



  13. First of all, thanks — as always — to everyone for participating. Panini America collectors are, hands down, the best on the planet. Having said that, we had to select four winners (thanks to random.org) and the winners are . . .

    Kerry Ferguson
    Lone Star Muzik
    Card Investor

    Congratulations. And thanks again to everyone. Winners, be on the lookout for an email from us.

    1. Awesome, hey winners. If you can, I would love to see your breaks on YouTube or some service like that. Thanks again Tracy for following up!

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