2013-14 National Treasures Hockey Stars in a Must-See Episode of Panini Unwrapped

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Yesterday afternoon from the cozy confines of the front lobby at Panini America HQ, Chris Barr and Tracy Hackler sat down with a few boxes of the live-today juggernaut known as 2013-14 National Treasures Hockey for this special episode of Panini Unwrapped. In addition to exploring some of the manifold brilliance housed inside the glossy black boxes of the product, Barr and Hackler also offer some inside information on a few late-arriving autographs that narrowly missed packout but are available for immediate redemption (Sidney Crosby, anyone?).

The two also discuss the incomparable Don Cherry and his penchant for sending personal messages to players on their autograph boxes. Enjoy the video and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance this weekend to discover how you can a box of 2013-14 National Treasures of your very own.

After the video, be sure to check out the gallery below to see some of the aforementioned Crosbys and a few of Cherry’s priceless message boxes.

Now, for the pictures . . .


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  1. Great stuff guys! Can’t wait to see the contest details!

    Panini has made so many great products the past four years, it’s a real shame that this is the end. But wow talk about going out with a bang. My collection is all the better for having you around!

  2. Awesome, thanx for some of the best hockey products ever produced. I will hoping that the NHL & The Players have a change of heart in the next couple of seasons when UD’s new license expires. Thanx Again Chris Barr, you’re the best.

  3. Hey Tracy. I just got done opening my box of National Treasures Hockey and just when i was done admiring all the great hits, I was able to watch you and Chris open 2 more boxes. Aw man , I’m gonna sleep good tonight. Awesome stuff.
    Some of my better hits were Lemeiux/messier dual patch…Evgeni Malkin auto jumbo jersey booklet…sixes auto #d/10 with Nail yakupov..just to name a few.
    I am going to list some on ebay so I can try to get at least one more box of the best hockey release on the planet……I will also be looking for that contest to win a box, can’t wait . I really hope I can win one.

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