2013 Crown Royale Football Hobby Stars in Must-See Episode of Panini Unwrapped

Panini America's Ben Ecklar and Tracy Hackler sat down with three delectable boxes of the new 2013 Crown Royale Football Hobby yesterday for what promises to be a riveting episode of Panini Unwrapped. In addition to pulling three Rookie Silhouettes during the break, the duo also discusses the unique die-cutting that has been a hallmark of the Crown Royale brand since the beginning.


Panini America’s Ben Ecklar and Tracy Hackler sat down with three delectable boxes of the new 2013 Crown Royale Football Hobby yesterday for what promises to be a riveting episode of Panini Unwrapped. In addition to pulling three Rookie Silhouettes during the break, the duo also discusses the unique die-cutting that has been a hallmark of the Crown Royale brand since the beginning.

So after you check out the video, we want to hear from our loyal collectors. And in exchange for your feedback, we’re going to give away some sweet prizes. But first, the video . . .

OK, now that you’ve watched the video (you did watch the video, right?), we want to know: What die-cuts would you like to see us bring to the Crown Royale brand? Give us your best, wildest, most outlandish ideas in the comments section below. We’ll give you a few days to leave your feedback and then select three of our favorite comments to win a box of 2013 Crown Royale Football. Thanks in advance for your participation.


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  1. First off I have been very impressed by the Vet autos since some never had silo autos like Brees. I love the cramer choice award autos but would love to see them but in a ruby variation and others but with production limited to maybe 5-10 making them more valuable. Also in the past there used to be Pro Bowl insert autos id love to see a mix of possibly Dual Pro Bowl maybe a rookie/up and comer featured with a Pro Bowl HOF’er the frenzy of searching for an Andrew Luck/Joe Montana dual would be great!

  2. I think Crown Royale is missing a die cut card to resemble “The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch,” or perhaps a can of Spam in honor of “Spamalot!”

  3. If you did a Super Bowl series with the die cut shaped like the Lombardi trophy, then significant players from each Super Bowl winning team. I think these would be a great way to focus on past and present stars and hit all demographics of collectors. Great work on this years, the on card silhouettes are gorgeous.

  4. You could do something like crown jewels with a swatch of jersey underneath a crown that is die cut where the jersey shows through where jewels would be.

  5. I think a die cut in each teams logo would be cool. So a star for the Cowboys, Bronco for Broncos, etc.

    But I really think the next logical step for these die-cuts after crowns would be shields and crests. I think that would go really great with the set.

  6. die cuts? Perhaps crossed swords and shield design…. or maybe a family crest (32 designs which include the particular team logo)

  7. I would like to see a die cut color that matches the team’s primary uniform colors. That way each team would have it’s own “special” color die cut. I wouldn’t get rid of other colored die cuts necessarily, but that would be a great addition for team collectors. I would love to see some Eagles green die cuts!! Maybe numbered to the amount of wins the team had the year before-making them very collectible!

    Another die cut might be a horizontal card with an overhead blimp shot of the player’s home stadium die cut and the player’s auto on the field in the center of the card over the field/dome roof background.

    A 3rd die cut would be the team logo die cut of the player. Imagine a Nick Foles card on a Screaming Eagle die cut outline card!!!!

    Thanks for the video and another great contest!!!

  8. Crown is sweet. They always have been. Super nice parallels. Love the silhouette autos. The crown jewel inserts are super cool too. Great product as always. Will be buying a few boxes soon. Thanks for the break from work to watch the break.

  9. Looks like a great product!

    I’d really like to see a series of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond die cuts, each in the shape of a jewel with the appropriate coloring and different numberings.

    Also, I think a Kings of Football set, die cut to look like a fancy frame with a painted portrait of different NFL legends would be a great insert.

  10. I think an overhead view Team Stadium Die-Cut Autograph would be cool. Crown Royale is always one of my most anticipated products of the year

  11. Well since someone was posting the stadium idea, how about a “Picture Perfect Die Cut ” shaped like the frontal view of a camera with the players picture in the lense and auto on the side?

  12. Some other thoughts:

    How about a crown card with jersey or swatch material, combined with little real diamonds that adorn the crown?

    Keys to the castle-contest that awards NFL game tickets

  13. I think an acetate die-cut combo could be nice for some of the silhouettes utilizing a similar method to the acetate cards in Immaculate Basketball. I think that could provide a nice SP variation to the already desirable silhouettes.

    Great looking product guys. Keep up the good work.

  14. I think a great Die-Cut would be a fantasy football die-cut. For instance a Jamaal Charles #1 since he was the number 1 fantasy player last year. Why not add the fantasy realm to the card collecting world! It could be a SSP series each year to make it more rare!

  15. I am not collecting football cards, but the cards from this product looks nice.
    One die cut idea would be from me, a football(horizontal) shape with a crown shape in the top. (it might work if the football shape is vertical too)
    Other might be something die cut – laser cut card, to cut out the players name from the background ad place the picture of the player in front of that(it will cover some of the letter or at least a part of the letters). Probably it would be a lots of work to design since every players’ card would require different die cut-laser cut, but i think it would be unique.
    Or a other diecut card, what would be simply just look like you would cut out the player from an action photo, and the shape of the card would be the shape of the people, (probably from the hip to the head). It would be also a lots of work to find the perfect picture of each player what would be wild as a card and high as a card. If you put in a crown to the bottom and the player shape would just pop out from the crown it would help a little since the crown shape would be standard and that would give the width of the card, and you would only need to adjust size of the player’s shape to reach the height of a card.
    One more idea, the last one i promise, a bust shaped card, with the player’s face, and a little bit modified to make it look like a actually bust/monument, and this set could feture legendary players.

    (i hope you will understand what i was trying to explain, it is kind of hard to do in english)

  16. My only requirement with this product is condition of the cards. Lots of chipping and worn out edges. Last years product was bad on condition. I pulled some great luck autos with horrible chipping issues which ultimately lowers the value. BUT Panini should have player specific cards. Think about it. Lots of possibilities.

  17. A die cut card of a team’s helmet would be cool, with a chunk taken out of it with room for a real chunk of the helmet. Also, i think it would be interesting to take the picture of a player on a card, and whatever shape their jersey happens to be on the card can be cut out, and a real jersey could be on there in place.

  18. I think the crown die-cut basecard 1/1 parallels should have this shiny look (similar to the Elite Dominators in the new Donruss Baseball) or you could create a crown die-cut booklet version with autographs or patches of two different players.

  19. Thanks Panini for the contest!

    The crown die cuts are very well designed!
    My suggestion is that the team logo of that player would be posted in the background of the whole card so it looks like the players are standing in front of the big logo. For instance Christine Michael in a rushing pose, with the Seahawks Hawk Beak covering the whole background. This gets rid of the white space behind the player, and with the right colors and design, these cards could really pop out and be a must have. I would recommend the logos to have a realistic look with a worn out ghosted look to them to help format the player’s pose as well and to help match the color scheme of the card.

    I hope this helps!

  20. You said to give you a wild idea about a new dye cut. Well those of us who buy cards are truly athletic supporters so you could use that theme! Amazing cards and can’t wait to get my shot at some of the silhouettes. My all time favorite cards.

  21. How about something that resembles the royalty in playing cards? Something like where the rushing leader for the year would be on the ‘King’ card, etc…

  22. I think all color parallels red blue emerald/5 and red white and blue autod 1/1 die cuts of the state the player was born in…

  23. Currently, in the die cut “crown” area of the base cards (top 1/3 of the card basically) there are 3 colored areas inside the “crown” representing the team’s primary color. I would love to see a full base set variation that replaced the cardboard with a triple jersey swatch. I realize this would be tough, as typically you would not make jersey cards of everyone in the base set, and you may have to die-cut the jersey swatches. However I think this would make a true “chase” variation of an entire base set. Base set parallels are usually nothing more than a different colored border with some numbering attached, which are nice and add value, but not to the level that a set like this would do for your sets and traditional single-color jersey cards.

    Panini is the most innovative company in the industry and I applaud all that you do for collectors (contests like this one are a great example). Continuing to find ways to add value to every set, every box, every card is paramount to this industry. I love the fact that you seek the feedback of your customers, and I would love to see one of the ideas posted in this thread make it into a card someday soon. Keep up the great work!

  24. -“Crown jewels” Die cuts-
    -Team logo die cuts with an official helmet sticker ( game used if possible)( possibly autographed)-
    -If there to big they could be cut up and numbered-

  25. Ideas…die cut insert sets. Multi-player die cuts: QB-WR, QB-RB, Defensive tandems. Die cuts that fit together (possibly like puzzle pieces)- hall of famers, star QBs, teammates. SP/variation photos on die cuts like Contenders (always fun to find out if you have an sp/variation). Stadium die cut cards- I’d be interested in stadiums. Die cut action shots where all non-player/ball parts of photo are cut out. My fav idea- big head die cut cards (imagine a Luck head die cut card w/ the neck beard). Off shoot for the big head is a redemption for an official Panini big heads (ie. Fat Head). Those would be cool.

  26. My thought was to have die cut cards in the shape of the Hall of Fame building in gold. You could super- impose an action photo of the player on the front with an auto and game used patch #’d to 10. I would call the set “Kings of the Hall”. I would also make another set like this one in silver #’d to 25, and a bronze set #’d to 50. There would be a platinum version 1/1.

    My other set would be the same HOF die cut,swatch and auto,but these would be players who are sure fire HOF’ers such as Brady,Manning,Peterson,Rodgers,Polamalu,etc. These cards would be in the color versions of Ruby,Emerald,Sapphire,etc. with a black 1/1. I would call this set “Royale Subjects”.

    I think these cards would be a very cool addition to the Crown Royale set.

    I’m going to be in a group break of this product tomorrow night. My teams are the Jags and the Broncos. I’m really looking forward to it…hoping for a Montee Silhouette or some other cool cards! Thank you for the contest once again. These cards are beautiful!

  27. Hary mention a bust idea, which was my idea. Specifically the following (a bit ambitious I know). The series should be Hall of Fame players with their Canton Bust with the square base (more on why below). I imagine you could use the same bust die cut for each player, but do the detailing in the graphics, or even bronze foil overlay. I would recommend three levels of the insert:

    1) Base Insert – Perhaps 1 per every few boxes. Serial numbered in bronze foil on the back just to make it a bit more special

    2) On-Card Auto Variation – I imagine these would be the product chase cards, so why not make it on card (using the base portion of the bust for signature room). I imagine numbered to 25 or similar.

    3) Bust Redemption Cards – This is something totally unique, which is why I like it. Maybe have 5 of each card be a special redemption card, using the same die-cut and graphics, but having a scratch off code at the base part of the die cut. The redemption would be for an actual signed mini-bust of the player. I’m sure the production would be pricey, but would bring huge hit hunters to the table. I also like having the redemption look like a normal card to get the pulse going whenever someone sees the outline when they slow roll the cards in a break.

    Certainly ambitious and probably pricey, but I love it when products bring radically new ideas to the table and that would be an amazing set at all levels and a really fun chase.

  28. You should add a die it of a kings crown or a die cut of that teams logo so if it was a steelers you put a picture of a steelers player and the the logo in the back

  29. I would love to see die-cut cards of each team’s helmet with their logo’s that will feature either a jersey piece and or autograph on them. I think that would be a great alternate the typical photo’s of the players. Also having die-cut cards in the shape of a football/cleats/jersey would be cool and then each card have a piece of that shape on it. Football shape would get a game used football piece, cleat shape a game used cleat, jersey game used jersey, and so on. Thanks for allowing our input and hope to see some of everyone’s ideas in future Crown Football set!

  30. Know I don’t have much of a chance of winning but might as well give out my opinion. Keeping with the “Royale” theme what if you did a die cut in the shape of a knight to keep with the royalty idea and for panini. I know that would be extremely difficult to do but could be an amazing set.

  31. Have the player superimposed over and between goalposts, with the background above the player’s hips die-cut out, so that for the upper half of the card, it’s just the goalposts and the player picture.

  32. One of my favorite football products every year. Weird how it’s coming out so late but maybe Panini is saving the best for last 🙂

  33. 1. Redemption of 3d printed player heads with base and space for auto

    2. Bullseye die-cut with every other ring gone and player in middle.

    3. What about a helmet parallel for defensive players. Not fb helmet but a warrior helmet.

    4. Not to copy but mini fatheads.

    5. Coliseum (sp?) background

    6. Spear tip background

    7. Clan/team flag

    8. Crest flags

    9. Thick acetate diamond, ruby, emerald, onyx Crown jewels

    10. Wings for speedsters

    11. Fist for defense

  34. I say do die cuts for the players names like letterman cards. So for Andrew Luck there would be 4 different die cut parallel cards L-U-C-K. By the way Crown looks amazing as always, by far my favorite set that Panini makes. Keep up the good work!!!

  35. 1. Die cuts that come in pairs of 2, and you have to find the other piece, so that when you put the parallels on top of each other it creates a secret image, That can’t be seen with only one card.
    2. Sticking with crown royale you can have cards that are called – king, queen, knight, and noble cards, and each type has a unique die cut, with king being the most rare. Noble can be a base die cut, knight can be a jersey card, queen can be an autograph, and king can be a jsy auto die cut. Can also call the rookie cards prince cards.
    3. Have a die cut called “fight for the throne” with two players of the same position who have similar talent. ( two swords crossed in the middle)
    4. Have die cuts shaped like thrones , and have the old panini “heirs to the throne” cards for upcoming prospects.
    5. Keep the same crown cards, but for some cards fill the jewels instead with jsy pieces.
    6.gladiator die cut card in the shape of either a spartan helmet, or a spin off of a team football helmet that is converted into a medieval form. Ex. – helmet has Viking horns protruding as a die cut for Minnesota Vikings players.

    Hope I had some HELPFUL or crazy? ideas for you. Thanks for these sick contests, yet to win but going strong.

    1. Just had an amazing idea- i know this has already been suggested but i have a spin off and more interesting version- introduce stadium die cut cards in the shape of the specific stadium and either call it “castle card” or “Colosseum cards”, then create parallels that could introduce patches like a patch of turf, or certain pieces of the game such as a piece of the football. You can create amazing die cuts of game used referee coins that could be 1 of 1, however they might be hard to acquire, and could also be very heavy, but u could make them revolve within the card like the some panini revolution cards did. Thought that was a wild idea 🙂

      This has nothing to do with die cuts, but i thought of a solution to not having sticker autographs- instead of sending player stickers to autograph you should send them mini cards, then you can insert them into cards like patches, so that its sort of like an on card.

      sorry not trying to write an essay just trying to give some wild ideas. 🙂

  36. I think having a Brett Favre 1/1 would be great if my son got to pull it and you guys are great please keep it up!!!!!

  37. 1) Die cuts in the shape of teams’ logos
    2) Die cuts in the shape of teams’ mascots
    3) Hockey – die cuts in the shape of a puck, net, skate or stick
    4) Die cut in the shape of what Tyson took out of Holyfield’s ear (you did say outlandish)

  38. Two ideas have come to mind for me.

    1. Diecut city skyline. Imagine having a picture of the Pittsburgh skyline diecut to follow all the buildings in downtown taken from the Mt. Washington perspective with the player overlayed in the middle doing his thing. That kind of card would kick ass.

    2. A special diecut insert for the kickoff returners. It would be cut to look like a football sitting on the tee right before the kicker kicks it off to start the game or after a score with the player right in the middle of it.

    1. Just had three more ideas come to mind.

      3. Have a diecut card of a football being held by the punter with the punt returner overlayed on the football.

      4. A ‘hair’ diecut card. This would be an insert set that would be dedicated to all the players that have the long hair like Troy Polamalu of the Steelers. Just imagine seeing the top of the card diecut into the shape of the player’s hair, it would be crazy!

      5. ‘Beard Force’. Yeah, I said it. Imagine trying to diecut Brett Keisel’s crazy ass beard at the bottom of the card. And then imagine having 9 other players who have beards join him in the 10 card set with the bottom of all of their cards all diecut to match their beard style with their faces front and center on each card. That set would be Legen…. wait for it…….wait for it…….dary! And then you could throw a 11th card in with what Tracy would look like if he grew a Keisel style beard and limit it to just 10 copies. 😉 Maybe as a random card hidden in the top of a hobby box. 😉

  39. Want the best idea? Keep reading…
    Want the wildest idea?? Dare you to keep reading…

    Make a dual auto rookie signature silhouette style booklet with the current crown die cut style. Basically…take the Silver playbook idea, but die cut each side of that bad boy. Make each side of it look like the horizontal 2012 Crown Royale veteran cards. Stick some sick patches in the silhouette windows and slap some sigs on there.

    Everbody loves booklets, but would never expect them in Crown Royale. That’s why my idea is the best, wildest, and most outlandish. Oh yeah…don’t forget to put…..

    *Packs with a bada$$ booklet in them will contain 4 fewer cards.

    BOOM! Go ahead and mail me that box of 2013 Crown Royale with my RW playbooks!

  40. Make a Die-Cut booklet of two gloves and when you open it up it they are doing the index to index thumb to thumb catching technique thing. Then have the card look like the actual bottom of their gloves. It can be a glove relic and/or auto. card. That would be sick. You can call it the Royale Targets or something like that.

  41. First off love the cards as always this is a fun set to try and complete including the parallels. I would like to see some buy back autos from the old school crown Royale cards or make a box topper extra large redemption, which could give you a chance to win an uncut sheet of all the /5 parallels. Also an insane box topper Mem auto card of an entire player worn item like a glove or a sweat band or something would be awsome! You wanted a crazy idea

  42. First off I love the silhouettes being on card mem autos!

    If I were to think of an innovative new card idea it would be bringing back the old school fold out design but make it a box topper with a chase card having either three of the top rookie autos, a pro bowl version, a hall of fame version, or an award version with the defensive MVP, offensive MVP and one of the other awards.

  43. Thanks as always for the giveaway Tracy, you folks at Panini America run the best contests in the hobby. My idea would be a end-zone pylon themed action cut out, using photography of players diving towards the orange stick to score a touchdown. I think it would be an interesting “in your face” perspective and the distinctive color would add an eye-catching partial frame to the card. It may be a bit difficult on the actual cutout itself to highlight just the player and pylon, but I’ll leave the logistics to you 🙂 Thanks again!

  44. Hey tracy, how can i get one of those Knights Lance sweatshirts you’re wearing in the video, really cool.
    as for the die-cut i would like to see would be a patch die-cut of the players college team logo which would appeal to both college and pro collectors and if license agreements are an issue then the nfl team logo would be nice.

  45. how about a jester sp variation where on the back of the card you have a logo of jester and instead of player accomplishments the jester gives fun fact about the player.

  46. You should do the standard die-cut with the crown, but add little gems into the crown of different colors by using either foil or cracked-ice, or prizm technology and have it shine in different colors of gems! You could even do different insert sets depending on what color the gem is, like sapphire, emerald, ruby, and diamond prizm/ice gems!

  47. You should do a special insert set where you get all of the rookies during the rookie photo-shoot to put on a crown and a cape, and then you can have a special insert set called Royal Rookies using photos from their first photo-shoot! You could then outline the cape and the crown and make it into a die-cut parallel version as well!!

  48. Would Love the Old school football die cuts back and Die Cut sets that look like their name itself Diamond set/Diamond shape Cut, Emerald/Emerald gem Cut, Gold/gold Bar cut, so on an so forth and FOOTBALL Player Die cut cards That Look Like the Player and autographed by’em

  49. You should do a die-cut in the shape of a football wearing a crown! You can do it either way with either the football vertical and the tip with a crown around it, or horizontally with the crown laying over the laces!

  50. You should do a silhouette version where the jersey piece is in the shape of a crown! You can have the rectangular card shape still, but have the cutout of a crown on the inside!

  51. You should take the crown die-cut that you already have, and on the base you can lazer-cut out little mini crowns across the base of the card (similar to how you cut out the stars on the Panini Marquee basketball set!

  52. You should do a die-cut in the shape of a tringle, and then make a smaller triangle made out of the very tip of the card and use a different color to fill in the upper triangle, and you could use this to signify an upper-echelon insert set. Like you could make layers out of the triangle and have different layers mean different things (like rookies on the bottom, then all-stars, then hall of famers in the upper-echelon)!

  53. You guys should do a torch with different colored flames! Torches also remind me of royalty, and you guys could have different versions with blue fire, white fire, red/orange fire, and then maybe a black fire 1/1 just to add that 1/1 element with your current black 1/1 trend!

  54. I really liked the different variations that Panini Prizm Football had and would like to see those and die-cuts come together for more variations in the Crown Royale Football product…Could you imagine a Silhouette with Red, White & Blue variation? I think it would be sick!

  55. You guys should do a die-cut of the NFL shield/insignia with a crown on top! It would be a beautiful and colorful type of card!!!

  56. Have a couple different subset ideas and might get a bit wordy, but please bear with me.

    Field Armour or Knight in Shining Armour Subset: The card would be a die-cut of a knight helmet done in foil. The card would feature a piece of an actual football helmet or facemask. Could go alot of different ways. Actual game used helmet/facemask of current and past stars or even event worn ones from each year’s NFLPA rookie premier players. Team helmets are one of the most recognizable things in football and I don’t feel they get featured quite enough in the card industry. How cool would it be to have some pieces of an old leather helmet worn by some of the greatest names in NFL history along with the current helmets? With all of the emphasis that is being placed on head injuries/safety I think more cards that feature the helmet will be a big hit among collectors and will help to raise awareness of helmet safety. Back of the card could give a brief overview of how helmet safety has improved, etc. as well as a write up of the player featured on the card. Perhaps this subset could even be paired in some way with the “Heads Up Football” Campaign. The armour and helmet theme fits right into the royalty theme this set has.

    Another twist on the helmet idea would be to make the cards shaped like a knight helmet and actually have them stamped out of metal. I think the metal cards from Panini Black have been very well received this year and metal is a medium that card companies could utilize a bit more.

    Diamond in the Rough or Gems of the NFL Subset: The card would be die-cut to look like a diamond or gemstone and be made out of clear acetate with foil accents. Cards could feature past and current stars as well as rookies. You could do parallel versions of this subset by using different colors of acetate for different colors of diamonds or types of gems. 1997 Playoff First & Ten Kickoff did something with different colored acetate type cards and I remember really loving those as a kid. The colors really just popped and looked great. Putting a twist on that with die cutting and foil would really work well in my opinion. Blue, yellow, purple, red, green, orange, black parallels. Could add autographs to them too. Again, diamonds or gems fit right into the royalty theme. Imagine a whole row of different colored die-cut acetate cards of your favorite player with light shining through them to really set them off!

    Joust: Die-cut card featuring crossed lances and two players per card. Players on the card would be from rival teams or may have had a famous feud like Andre Johnson & Cortland Finnegan. The back of the card could give some detail on the team rivalry or the rivalry of the specific players. Again, this set could include historic players, current stars and rookies. I could see it venturing into coaches as well. Picture Jim Harbaugh & Pete Carroll or Vince Lombardi & George Halas facing off on a cool die-cut card. Jousting would fit the royalty theme and I think it would be another fun subset for collectors to chase.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  57. Do a die-cut shaped like a castle! You could make a set like “King of their Castle”. You could even take a standard card design and all you would have to alter in terms of cutting it would be the top edge, where you could make pillars/columns on the two sides of the card!

    If you want to take it one step further and crazier, you can even relate the castle to the team! Like for the Lions/Bengals/Jaguars/Panthers/Broncos/Rams/Colts/Bears you could have the ferocious animal guarding the gate to the castle (like place two lions in front of the gate to protect it) and for teams like the Eagles/Ravens/Cardinals/Seahawks you could have the birds flying circles around the castle guarding it. For the Chargers you could have bolts of lightning around the castle, and for the Dolphins you could even place them in a moat around the castle! The creativity and possibilities are endless!

  58. This product is very customer friendly. It has some of the great subset for collectors to collect and its even rather on the lighter price point compared to higher end National Treasures styled stuff. The Silhouettes are a lot of collectors favorites and I have always enjoyed them. The prime pieces you have a chance at getting in you boxes are absolutely beautiful. I think its awesome Panini upped the count of silhouettes you are inserting into cases. This product is a great one for fans to build set of the great rookie class and for their favorite teams. Panini always goes over the top and adds some of them hall of fame or great veteran silhouette patch cards that drive the collector nuts. Such a good product, all around! From the classy base card crowned topped cards to the elegant insert cards. I don’t really collect many insert cards from releases, but from crown I tend to keep my teams inserts because they are so nicely put together. The color parallels are at the top as well, just the pigments in the vibrant colors Panini’s team uses in making these cards are the best you can possibly get ona sportscard. The product doesn’t get enough credit in my own opinion, but it always have a very special place for alot of collectors that enjoy quality. I hope you guys put Panini’s choice awards cards in the set, because its always gonna be a top card set for me. The cards always come out so clean and well done, and I don’t even need to wonder its a given Panini is gonna come threw every time. Thanks for the hard work on a great product, it is and always will be a crowd favorite and really takes on the Panini name within the exciting product.

  59. I think a die-cut of a throne would be cool! Just have a royal chair completely decked out and go all out with the style! Like you could have “The Golden Throne” or something like that!

  60. i think it would be cool to make a set of players from the same team that can fit together like a puzzle to make up the stadium. Or ones of a superbowl winning team that when put together make the Lombardi trophy. And there you could do autograph versions too.

  61. How about inserting team pennants as a die-cut?! You did a championship banner die-cut in the Past & Present Basketball set, so why not do a similar style but as a pennant and using some of the real cloth to make it feel like a pennant too!

  62. In homage to the old days I think you should do an X and O die-cut. A simple O where the players picture would be with a big X in the background

  63. You should do a SB insert set with the Lombardi Trophy die cut shape. Feature the best players from the SB champion team. Call the set Kings of the Gridiron because they’re the royalty of the NFL (Staying in theme here).

  64. You should do a die-cut with both sides of the card having NFL pylons and the middle being the field with yardage markers etc! You could come up with a creative name for the insert too like “Between the lines” or something like that!

  65. The die cuts that I would like to see are team logos or Super Bowl rings. Would love to see the Cowboys triplets (Aikman, Smith, Irvin) super-imposed over their rings from the 90’s!

    Love the unwrapped videos, keep up the good work.

  66. I know this sounds a little like some other ideas but I like the idea of building up. If you had a few cards that where cut like a puzzle, but could make a 3D type player. Could even put a piece in every pack. Donruss in the 80’s and 90’s did a flat puzzle but I am talking about something more dimensional.

    The other idea I had was die-cuts of the stadiums. Players could be added or as a relic card, turf, ticket stubs to big games, or something from the stadium could be cool and has not been done much by any company. If done right, this could be very cool.

    Great job Panini and keep up the good work!

  67. In basketball I’ve seen you guys do die-cuts of basketball jerseys with the players’ jersey number on the front and name on the back. You could take that idea and do it with football jerseys and have the shoulder pads and such make it look bulky. You could even make memorabilia cards out of it on the outline of a jersey and call it “Royal Wardrobe” or something cool!

  68. I was thinking die-cuts shaped like the cuts of diamonds and jewels. Such as the classic view you get of a round cut diamond when you look at it from the side. Plus there could be Marquis die-cuts with the term Marquis player involved with those cards. To me jewel die-cuts would go along with the Crown Royale brand because when I think of crown’s, I think of the crown jewels.

    I hope you like the idea and Crown Royale is one of my favorite products Panini produces.

  69. What die-cuts would you like to see us bring to the Crown Royale brand?
    The Hackler Fro die cut. Come on, you know that would be awesome.

  70. LOVE LOVE LOVE Crown Royale…. But like I said quite a few years ago… I’m still to this day waiting on the sets to be done of the many women that are there at EVERY game rooting on our boys!!!… Where are our sets of the cheerleaders?;-) Just saying… #RecognitionForTheirHardWork 😉

  71. How about horizontal shaped card that features the end zones of the team that the player is on, and you could have the name of the set be “In the Zone”! You could have the background of the card literally look like the team’s end zone!

  72. So much has been done in terms of die-cuts. People have done jerseys, pennants, shapes, crowns, literally almost everything you can think of has been made and cut for trading card purposes. But there is one thing that has never been done that I have thought of. CLEATS. What if you die-cut a card into the shape of football cleats! You could even take it one step further and make thick memorabilia cards that include the LACES of the cleats that players have worn in games! I saw for Prime Hockey that you got a hold of laces in the color of the jerseys of hockey players, but what about getting laces from the cleats that are game worn! You could tie the laces or just lay them out across a card, or even cut into the cleat where the laces would be and insert them in a thick mem. card! How cool would that be!?!

  73. Team mascot snapped diecuts like the cowboys a star the panthers a Panther Etc and within the mascot have little pictures of the most memorable highlights in franchise history

  74. Since it is Crown Royale and it’s all about the die cut crown—will always love my RC of Jon Kitna that I had him sign—how about a die cut scepter in an insert set called King of Kings–trademark Justin Blackburn, gotta get my lawyers on this one–but if you guys want to run with it just give me some credit.

  75. Not going to read all the previous comments so not sure if anyone has said something similar or if this already has been done but how about a memorabilia insert called–Passing the Crown–die cut crown laid in middle of card that spins with game worn jersey on each side from two different players (like home/away insert from limited basketball). The players could be from same team and same position or different teams same position, just have to figure out what would make the most sense layout wise. Thanks for another great release and contest!

  76. A unique BRONCOS die cut card, that features a majestic white stallion (preferably a unicorn) with that broncos player riding it. Call the card The majestic steed.

    Go broncos 🙂

  77. anyone have an idea on how much the 2013 crown royal panini choice award blue #1of1 adrian peterson would be worth …….. i got it in a redemption 🙁

    1. I’m curious too if the winners have been chosen. I’m just guessing it’s been a tad crazy over @ Panini the last week and that’s why winners haven’t been chosen yet. Hopefully a window will open this week that will allow them to pick the winners.

      Anyways, thanks again Panini for the contest. I know everybody out there appreciates what you do for the fans!

  78. CR is one of my favorite products year after year. One die-cut set that I’d love to see is an autographed Lombardi trophy shaped card featuring players from the Superbowl-winning team.

  79. I realize it has been more than a few days but I thought I would still give my two gold coins–see what I did there, wink, wink. How about a die cut kings chair with on card autos of two players–front and back–with similar positions or same teams and call it Kings Scroll! Or one step further and have a die cut round table with multiple autos on front or both sides and call it Kings Court.

  80. I love how Crown Royale looks every year especially this one. Die cuts are really nice. I haven’t read all the comments, I hope my idea is not out there yet. How about die cut Crowns subset with embeded gold, silver and bronze on the crown itself maybe a 14K gold piece for example and make it 1 of 1? And maybe call it Crowning Glory? Or maybe little jewels like rubies and saphire, etc. and call it Crown Jewels…that would be nice!

  81. We have winners — FINALLY! My apologies for the delay. Congratulations to Tom C, Marcus S and MattyIceASU. Thanks to everyone for such outstanding input. Your feedback is priceless. Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your mailing addresses.

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