Panini Unwrapped: 2014 Donruss Baseball

In this somewhat history-making edition of Panini Unwrapped, rookie Unwrapper Wes Elliott, Panini America's Assistant Brand Manager, sits down with Tracy Hackler to bust a box of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball. As you'll soon discover, Elliott wastes little time in making his presence felt (actually, he waits until about the 8:53 mark).


In this somewhat history-making edition of Panini Unwrapped, rookie Unwrapper Wes Elliott, Panini America’s Assistant Brand Manager, sits down with Tracy Hackler to bust a box of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball. As you’ll soon discover, Elliott wastes little time in making his presence felt (actually, he waits until about the 8:53 mark).

Aside from that memorable moment, the video details the manifold greatness that is 2014 Donruss Baseball, what with its Diamond Kings, Elite Series, Dominators and so much more. Enjoy the video. After you’ve watched it, stick around to find out how you can win a box of your very own.

OK, now that you’ve seen the video, we’re looking for a little feedback from you. We want to know two things: What is your favorite all-time Donruss memory and what is your favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball product? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll give you a few days to leave your feedback and then select three commenters at random to receive a box of 2014 Donruss Baseball.

Thanks in advance for your participation and good luck.


89 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped: 2014 Donruss Baseball”

  1. 1. Favorite ever Donruss memory is the Donruss King patch autos /10 from 2005 Donruss. Such a beautiful set.
    2. I love the prizm looking on card autos from this years 2014 Donruss baseball. Amazing looking cards.

  2. What is your favorite all-time Donruss memory?
    My favorite, was opening and getting the puzzles. I spent lots of time hanging out at my LCS waiting for someone to leave their puzzle pieces so I could look through and pick the ones that I still needed.

    I recently bought a few boxes of ’88 donruss to put the Stan Musial puzzle together. Missing a few pieces, but something to work on with Jaxson.

    What is your favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball product?
    I like the Diamond Kings. Missed those suckers big time. That Biggio that Tracy pulled… wow!

  3. Another DAM good episode of unwrapped! My favorite donruss memory is finding packs of Donruss signature series at a dept. store early in my collecting days. I pulled a Ryne Sandberg millennium marks auto in my pack. Now as for the 2014 Donruss….I am more than thrilled that it has made a return to the hobby. The classic throwback look totally brings me back. I love that there is a chance at finding buyback cards that are autographed!! Keep it up!!

  4. My favorite Donruss memory is opening up packs at Christmas with my dad. Since he passed away a few years ago, opening this years Donruss will bring tremendous memories back! My favorite aspect is of course the Donruss Kings!

  5. My favorite Donruss memory is my dad getting me my first set of cards. He gave me a complete set of Donruss 89. Really only thing I can say about the new Donruss box is I really would love to break a box with my 2 daughters. It would bring back good memories for me and hopefully make a few for my daughters. Beautiful cards!!!

  6. Favorite Donruss memory: Pulling a Howard Johnson Elite Series back in ’92 and buying my wife a Donruss rookie card of her favorite player, Kirby Puckett…

    Favorite part of 2014 Donruss: the ’80s throwback feel and the actual design of the base cards…great job, guys and gals!

  7. 1 – all time memory is of the Big cards from the mid 80’s. I stil go through them every so often with my son.
    2 – Favorite aspect is all the retro look. Bring back the old school rated rookie is awesome. If the box topper was the big 1985 versions, that would have been awesome.

  8. My favorite donruss memory is buy Donruss Studio cards for my wife’s little brother. That is how I got him hooked on baseball cards. The cards look incredible!! Keep up the great work!

  9. My favorite Donruss memory is from 1982. A local card store marked their remaining boxes of ’82 Donruss down to $4.95 each at the end of the baseball season. My parents bought me several (I was a kid at the time), and I opened them. I was ecstatic that they were error boxes from early in the production run – with the Phil Garner, Juan Eichelberger, and Alan Trammell errors (at the time, those were selling $1-$2 apiece). I built several complete sets.

    My favorite part of this set is the Diamond Kings insert. I loved that design back in 1984, and it looks even better now.

  10. 1. Donruss was the first baseball card set that I collected, so these cards bring back memories of my childhood.
    2. The diamond king cards look great. Looking forward to collect those.

  11. I guess my favorite Donruss memory would be realizing a few months ago that I collected Donruss at one point in my life. I had a ton of cards in my moms basement that I had pulled out and looked through and I had a lot of Donruss cards from 1990. They were all in pretty good shape which is surprising considering that I was 6 in 1990. I’d say my favorite aspect of 2014 Donruss would be the insert sets. There are a lot of good inserts but I especially like the No-No’s set. Good work on this product as always!!!

  12. Diamond Kings were my favorite insert cards back then so I’m hoping for an auto’d box topper this time around! The new Diamond Kings are awesome!

  13. My favorite memory would be pulling a pack fresh 1984 Mattingly rc and Diamond Kings inserts.

    New one would be the prizm looking inserts. Very sharp designs.

  14. My favorite Donruss memory was back in the early 90’s when I was putting together the Diamond Kings set. I needed one card to complete it-the Frank Thomas. I opened a ton of that stuff before I finally pulled it. I also pulled an Albert Belle Elite Series. The card was gorgeous,but the player was a jerk… The store where I bought the cards is gone now,but what a great collecting memory that is!

    My favorite aspect of the 2014 Donruss Baseball cards: I am someone who loves lots of color,so the Dominator cards resonate with me. The colors really pop on those,as well as the Elite Series. I’m glad to see those make a comeback. The price is affordable,the cards should be fun to rip and the rookie class is awesome for autos. What’s not to like?

  15. Finding any Expos players was a thrill back in the days! Now I’ll settle for a sweet auto or two and will probably chase one of the autographed Diamond Kings box topper to frame it in my pool room! :

  16. My favorite Donruss memory is in 1981 My older sister would bring me to Woolworths and buy me a ice cream sundae and pick up a few packs of Donruss every weekend. What I like most about the new release is the Diamond Kings inserts and the old school design of the base set it bring back all the great memory’s of my sister who passed away from leukemia in 1989. Who said time machines don’t exist? This release is sending me back to the 80’s. I’ll have to dig out my members only jacket put it on and bust some packs. Thank you for bringing back the brand .

  17. I’m a big Fred McGriff fan and my favorite Donruss memory is probably the day I finally got a McGriff ’86 Donruss Rated Rookie. And I suppose what I’m most excited about for the ’14 set is the return of the Rated Rookie.

  18. 1) I remember going to the drugstore in the early to mid 1980s and getting the packs wrapped in cello. I don’t know if I knew what to look for, but I did land a few Boggs and Gwynn RCs that I still have

    2) Dominators are nice, but it’s hard to beat the sweetness of buyback autos

  19. My favorite Donruss memory is my dad would buying wax boxes at the beginning of baseball [card] season to open with my brother and me. Putting the puzzles together was fun. Donruss always had a good set design and great subsets / inserts. My favorite was Diamond Kings, because seeing Dick Perez’s art on cards was a real treat. I still have my 1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. Rated Rookie card…..a true classic.

  20. I’m in love with this stuff! My favorite Donruss memory is chasing the ’89 Griffey Jr. Rookie….THE year I started collecting as a kid. And along the same lines, I love the throwback aspect of this set. Takes me back to those days.

    Keep it up guys!

  21. 1. Favorite moment- finding hits, especially diamond kings.
    2. My favorite aspect of the donruss brand of cards is how they have a balance between being vintage and contemporary. I also love the amount and look of the hits and parallels I find.

  22. 1) Early 90’s. As neighborhood kids, we played a version Kick-the-Can where each player entered the game by giving up a set number of baseball cards. The stack of cards collected would then become the “can”. You got to keep whatever cards you could kick out of the square. This is how my collecting addiction started… and grew! Of course, I knew what I was doing and rarely let the good Donruss’ go when it came time to enter my bid. Won a few prized Rated Rookies of my favorites (back then)… Canseco, McGwire among others.

    2) Nice clean look of the cards, especially the base and Diamond King inserts. Great job, Panini!

  23. My favorite Donruss memory would have to be as a kid getting some packs of just released Donruss baseball, and seeing Rated Rookie written in the corner as I slowly looked at the next card in the pack.

    As for my favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss baseball, it has to be autpgrpahed buybacks. I saw a picture of a ’85 Eric Davis auto on the site I would love to have. Eric Davis was my first PC when I began collecting. That instantly made me want a box.

  24. My favorite memory is saving up some money from doing chores and going to the local card shop, which has now been closed for over 10 years and buying packs until I got the old school Ken Griffey Donruss Diamond King Card. I still love the good old red border cards. Now it’s still like I’m doing chores aka working and it makes me want to go and rip into a fresh box!

    Video is amazing and love the fact Panini gives the average joe collector a chance to win some amazing prizes tjat most of us cant fit into our monthly budget. The new cards are awsome and the buyback autos are amazing! This makes me want to collect baseball cards again and add to my Griffey Jr. P.C. I love the elite dominator and all the autos!!

  25. My favorite all time memory of collecting is when I just cared more about the player or the team I was collecting and not about the money the card was worth. Me and my neighbors would trade all the time and would trade for our favorite players and the value had nothing to do with it. Unfortunately now in the real world my Howard Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. And Frank Thomas Donruss cards aren’t worth the screw down case I use to put them in lol but its all good.

    As for the current product you hit it right on the nose as saying these cards being people back to our youth. I would love to win a box and rip some packs in a deleoren. I would love to get the Jeffries buyback auto. You guys really did a great job of bringing the nostalgia mixed with the current technology to this Donruss product.

    (You guys should bring back the good old ERROR CARDS! Those would be awsome to collect and chase. Make them a 1/1 to make them the ultimate chase card in the baseball product)

    Thank you for this great video as always. It makes me Jones a little less because it feels like I’m right there busting packs with you two.

  26. There was just something kind of cool about getting packs of Donruss. There were plenty of options like Fleer, Score and of course Topps when I began collecting in 1988. But opening Donruss packs just had a different feel unlike any other.

    Now I am really looking forward to opening a pack of 2014 Donruss. It is just cool that Donruss is back!

  27. Too many fond memories for just one!

    -In 1981 actually chewing the gum that came in the Donruss Card packs-it was the best of the 3 companies that put gum in their packs.

    -collecting, putting together by flipping it over and duct-taping the back and displaying in my room, the various puzzles that Donruss came out with over the years.

    -Donruss sponsoring a punt-pass-kick style online contest in the early 2000s retail football products. You had to pick a QB, a punter and a kicker and you got their accumulated passing, punting and field goal yardage for that week’s game as your point total. Never won but came in top 10 nationally a few weeks. Probably the most interesting fantasy football game I’ve ever been involved in.

    -Getting a few packs of 2001 Donruss at my local Target and getting a redemption card for a Donruss Jersey Kings auto card /50 of an unknown player. Rumor had it (unconfirmed by Donruss reps at the time or anyone else) that it would be Willie Mays, so speculation made it a very worthwhile pull. Got about $400 in trade value for it a few weeks later. Best Retail pull I ever had!!

    -Getting a whole box of 1992 Donruss for my birthday from my older brother who has been and still is somewhat cool gift-giving challenged.

    -Sending in wrappers (and probably $4.99 or something like that) to get the set of oversized 5×7 Diamond Kings in the mail.

    -Finding boxes of 1987 Donruss at the local Woolworths store that was going out of business, so packs were like 10 cents each or something like that. I think I bought the equivalent of about 10 boxes of cards that day.

    -Having my girlfriend (now wife) sending me boxes of 1988 Donruss baseball in the mail as a care package when I was away in college at Penn State,

    -Hall of Fame Heroes, Action all-stars, Pop-ups, etc: all the off-beat Donruss baseball products produced over the years.

    -The first insert cards that I can remember: 1984 Donruss A and B cards

    -My first numbered card, a 1993 Joe Carter Elite series (out of ONLY 10000!!!), traded on the spot for another whole box of 1993 Donruss baseball cards!!

    I’ll probably think of more later, but that’s all I have for now.

    For 2014-most looking forward to the variety of throwback insert cards in the typical box as well as the affordable price point.

  28. my favorite Donruss memory is Christmas’ in the 1980’s when one of my gifts was the DONRUSS THE ROOKIES box set and enjoyed the set full of rookies.

    favorite thing about Donruss 2014 – the card backs looking very similar to Donruss card backs of the 1980’s, especially with the FIRST MIDDLE LAST name across the top of the card back.

  29. i must admit, i was not a collector of sports cards back then, but i do have a pretty good story to do with Donruss. i remember buying some Donruss baseball packs along with a few other packs back in the late 90’s. inside the Donruss pack was a Cal Ripken jr. diamond kings. i think it was #d/10,000. i just remembered thinking how awesome this card was at the time. I couldn’t believe i had a Cal Ripken Jr. card and it was numbered. As it turned out , I didn’t start my pursuit of sports cards till 3 years ago. It was that memory of pulling that Ripken Diamond Kings in the late 90’s that made me go to the store and purchase some more cards. i have been hooked ever since.

    As for what i like best about this years Donruss. I really like the hall worthy cards but my favorite has got to be the Career stats line, where they are numbered to that particular players stat, unless of course it’s just to BLEEPING high. then its just numbered to 400.

  30. I have only one Donruss memory, it was 17-18 years ago when many people collected basketball cards here, and i wasn’t aware that they are selling different kind of sport cards, and i thought i am buying a pack of basketball card, i was thinking i haven’t buy that kind of cards before, so lets try it. When i opened it, i was surprised, i found hockey cards instead of basketball cards. I wasn’t too happy than. But now it is just a funny story 🙂

    I think the Hall Worthy and the Career Statline cards looks cool.

  31. I loved when the Diamond Kings First appeared in the packs. I like the Breakout Pitchers and hitters cards and the elite cards in the new version. I wish you would have done the Diamond Kings the old way making it look like a painting. But I still love this product. Thanks for bringing it back.

  32. My favorite Donruss memory was in 2005 when I bought a box of Donruss Greats and pulled a game used bat card of Roberto Clemente. It was my first hall of famer game used card. What I like about this new set is bringing back some of the old inserts that I loved as a kid, especially Elite Dominators. I can’t wait to buy some packs!

  33. 1) Best Donruss memory was the release of the 1986 boxes and buying and ripping them looking for the Jose Canseco Rated Rookie’s.
    2) Love that all the subsets from the past are included in this product Diamond Kings, The Rookies, Rated Rookies, Dominators, ETC……….
    Thanks for another contest

  34. I love the look of this product because the 1987 and 1988 Donruss sets were my first experiences with baseball cards. The 1991 product was the first set I ever put together hand collating, probably my favorite Donruss memory. My favorite part of this 2014 product has to be the Elite Series inserts. Those Elite cards from 1992 were legendary.

  35. My favorite Donruss memory was growing up and going to my local hobby shops and picking up a few vintage $1 packs of Donruss cards. My old hobby shop always carried little $1 grab bags that had vintage unopened Donruss packs, and it was one of my favorite parts about going as a kid!

    My favorite part of the new product is how it is still innovative while paying tribute to some of the old classic designs and inserts!

    I really hope I can win a box to continue my Donruss collection even as I get older!

  36. the 1987 donruss, putting the whole clemente puzzle together (still have it).and 1992 donruss coca-cola nolan ryan series (year my son was born).
    i like the 2014 retro look of the diamond kings and elite cards.

  37. About 5 years ago I passed by someone holding a garage sale. After looking around for a little bit, I found a guy selling his baseball card collection. He had the entire 2005 Diamond Kings insert set completed, and I bought the entire binder for $10. I still can’t believe I got an entire binder of cards for just $10. It had about 50 pages of 9-pocket sleeves completely filled! I basically got the whole thing for like 2 cents per card and it had loads of inserts!

    My favorite aspect of the new Donruss set is how it still has the Diamond Kings insert set! I still have my entire collection of just Diamond Kings insert cards! I can’t wait to continue collecting that very specific set!

  38. My best memories about Donruss are being able to look back at all of the cards I’ve collected over the years and seeing which ones increased in value! I try to keep everything in great condition, and over time I like seeing how values change as players get better, make the Hall of Fame, break records, etc!
    What I love about the new Donruss set is the base card design! It’s arguably the best design I’ve ever seen for the Donruss product!

  39. All-time Donruss memory – In 2001 I pulled a Reggie Jackson game-used bat card from my Donruss box! I’ve done a lot of card trading, but that card has been in my collection ever since. It’s not for trade 🙂
    Favorite aspect of the new product – I really like the new Breakout Hitters and Breakout Pitchers cards!

  40. All time memory: pulling a Bo Jackson Rated Rookie back in 1987. That is the card that got me hooked on the hobby. A couple years later I was able to get the card autographed.

    This year: it’s gotta be the Elites. Those were THE card to get back in the day.

  41. My favorite Donruss moment was actually finding out that Donruss would actually be coming out with basketball cards in 2009. That’s when I started being a 2-sport collector! Now I have a basketball AND baseball card collection! Right now I’m really loving the foil design on the new career-stat line cards!

  42. My favorite Donruss memories are when I get to surprise my son with baseball cards 🙂 His face always lights up when I buy/surprise him with cards!

    And I’ve always loved the Diamond Kings cards… I guess some things never change!

  43. My best Donruss moment was when I went to sleepaway camp and both me and my best friend received boxes of donruss in the mail from our parents, and we would sit around talking about the players on the cards and trading the cards to get players we liked. Those were the days!

    The Elite dominators cards with the cracked ice were probably my favorite hits in the boxes you broke!

  44. My favorite Donruss memory is the summer I put together the 1990 set. I remember doing all kinds of odd jobs rounding up as much money as I could and then pedaling my bike down to the variety store around the corner and picking up a few packs every week. First set I ever put together and still have it in a binder on my bookshelf.

    My favorite part of the new release are the Diamond King Season stat line parallels. Just a great look and nice parallel to already one of my favorite inserts of all time. Great job on this product.

  45. Memory: The day I pulled a press proof rated rookie Derek Jeter card. He’s my favorite player of all-time, and he’s honestly an amazing person who does so much for charity. When I lived in New York, I actually got to go to one of his Turn-2 Foundation dinners and over 1/3 of the entire Yankees team showed up to support him. Players like Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, Tino Martinez, and many more all showed up and signed autographs for kids too! Still my favorite card to this day!

    Now: I like the idea of the rated rookie wrapper redemption pack! If I win a box, I can guarantee you that I will finish that rookie set!

  46. I was only a year old last time this product came out so i cant recall any memories from the past LOL i am a 12 year old kid.. and hopefully I win a box I love Panini baseball products and will try my best to complete this set and in this years set i love the Classic look with the new players from the front to the back the card looks clean and definitely a set i want to collect and hopefully my LCS has some when i go down there this weekend..Thanks Panini for the great giveaways!

  47. I love collecting the rookie cards. I make binders of rookie cards and over the years I look back to see which rookies actually turned out to be good and solid players in the league!

    My favorite part of this set would be the ability to win a box, and then send in the wrappers to finish the rookie card set (my favorite part)! It seems like a great program, and I hope to be a part of it!

  48. My favorite Donruss moment is yet to come, because I have a feeling that some beautiful cards are coming my way soon! I hope Donruss makes me a believer!!!

    Surprisingly, I really liked the simple design of the memorabilia card that was pulled. Very simple and nice.

  49. My favorite memory of Donruss is running 10 miles to my nearest card shop with a couple $1 bills buying as many packs as I can, trying to complete the puzzle with the pieces in the pack. The anticipation of seeing which pieces you were going to get made my childhood. (Still never completed a puzzle!)

    My favorite aspect of this year’s Donruss is the bright and flamboyant colors on the cards, especially the Donruss Signatures cards. Overall, this product looks absolutely stunning!

  50. My favorite Donruss memory is when they were bought and turned into Panini America!!! Duhh!!! We are just blessed to have Donruss still around in general!

    The best element this year in my opinion is the 80’s buyback autos in the product! Those are HUGE hits for those that get their hands on them!


  51. For me the best part about Donruss was always running to the local Walmart/Target or even finding cheap blaster boxes wherever I could find them like Sports Authority or other sports-related places.

    The best part of this year? What if I pulled an autographed box topper!?!? That would be crazy!!! Instead of putting it in a sleeve and toploader, I’d probably have it framed!!!

  52. favorite all-time Donruss memory: Opening packs in the late 80’s with my father looking for Kansas City Royals. They are the home town team.

    favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball product: Hands down the retro style design. The design brings back some great memories.

  53. Favorite all-time memory – pulling an ’89 Griffey and being thrilled every time

    Favorite aspect of the 2014 product – I’m leaning towards the Power Plus cards. I’m not a big fan of his but I really liked the design of the Joe Morgan that you pulled in the video. Nice retro look to it. The designs in general looked great for the whole product. Looks like a nice set.

  54. My favorite memory was pulling my 1992 Donruss Will Clark Elite card holey crap was I excited. My favorite part of the new Donruss is the return of the Elites and Dominators those cards look awesome. I do wish the base set was larger and that the Diamond Kings were painted like the DK’s of old. Otherwise I had a blast opening my box.

  55. My binder of 1990 Donruss cards always brings back the best memories for me 🙂

    The part I like best about this year is the The No-No’s inserts. There might be a lot of Nolan Ryan in there though to collect for us Rangers fans!

  56. Mine was back 87, 88, and 89 when my father would drop me off at K-Mart and have me look through cases of cards trying to find the hot rookie I was there for hours. In 88 when the Greg Jeffries rookie came out and it was impossible to find. My dad refused to pay $3.00 when he could purchase a 61 high number card for the same price. Wow Memories! For me my favorite aspect is the 80’s throwbacks. Keep up the great work.

  57. As most collectors know the 80’s and early 90’s were all about Donruss. Each year collecting the entire Diamond Kings insert set was always most important to me personally. To me Donruss and the Diamond Kings set was the first true “INSERT” set in our great hobby, and it was a game changer!!!!! It helped make collecting so much more fun for me! Its one of the main reasons I love this hobby so much and still collect to this day some 20 years later!!! Hands down still my favorite card to collect! Weather a base, Ser #’d, Auto, Mem card or all three, it doesn’t matter! I have Donruss and the Diamond King to thank for my extreme love of this hobby and will continue to for many years to come!!!! I can’t wait to pass it on to my son someday…thanks Donruss!!!!!!

  58. My two most memorable/favorite Donruss cards:

    1. 1990 DONRUSS– card #33 Juan Gonzalez Rated Rookie Rev Neg Error (batting left)
    This card was sooooo popular, and was very hard to find back then. I ripped so much wax looking for it!

    2. 1990 DONRUSS– card #BC-12 John Smoltz MVP Error Tom Glavine pictured
    Two of the games best pitchers associated with one of the top 5 error cards of all time!!!

    there are many more but these are the two that came to mind first! Thanks!!!!!

  59. What is your favorite all-time Donruss memory Buying a bunch at a yard sale and having to spend 3 hours sorting through them 🙂

    what is your favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss Baseball product? The fact that its back and it brought back memories!

  60. Wow – great video. That box topper of Craig Biggio is really nice. The thought that there will be Box Top Auto’s is very cool. Love the throw back cards. The MVP of “Ricky” made me laugh. How many of those cards I used to have. then my wonderful mother gave them all away to some kid down the block.

    My favorite memory: building sets! still love to do it today. I love the HUNT — Need it, need it, got it got it…..

  61. This set completely throws me back to the late 80s early 90’s… Love that y’all brought back the MVP and DK’s!.. Kinda wish y’all would’ve done the old school puzzle pieces too tho;-) lol the one thing I used to LOVE, or one of the big reasons I liked buying Donruss was b/c I LOVED the chase… The chase to find those 2 peices that fit together (printed inside the wax pack)…where if u found them both u could win prizes lol as many packs as I bought back then…. I STILL never found 2 that matched to win a prize! Lmao!! Gggrrrr!!!

  62. My favorite Donruss memory is in 2005 I hit a bunch of framed Diamond Kings that were all numbered. Still beautiful to this day.
    In the new I really like the Team MVP inserts and love that the Press Proofs continue on. They are a fun chase. The new product brings back old memories in a new product. Very awesome.

  63. My favorite Donruss moments are watching my two sons open up packs of cards and seeing the excitement in their faces! What could be better!?

    My favorite parts of this product are the buyback autos and the box-toppers with possibilities of autos in there too!!!

  64. My favorite Donruss memory was when I received 4 boxes of Donruss cards on my 16th birthday. Every year since, I always made an effort to buy myself at least one more box of Donruss every year!

    My favorite part of this year is the foil career stat line cards. Those looked sensational, and I always love pulling numbered cards. I always feel like cards being numbered just increases the value immediately!

    Thanks for the contest!

  65. I would occasionally pick up some Donruss baseball when I had extra money–liked the looks of the cards for the price and was always wanting a Griffey
    What I like now is the throwback feel but with new age updates—jerseys like game gear and on card autos will always interest me–good bang for the buck!

  66. Since I never collected the original Donruss no old timey memories although over the years I have picked up quite a few Donruss cards of players I PC.
    What I like about this years edition is the box toppers—chance of signed ones–and The Elite Series cards are sweet. Thanks Panini for the contest and preview!

  67. Wow, total flashback to collecting cards as a kid. We used to love riding our bikes to the nearest card store, there were several within distance back then, now they are almost gone. I loved the Diamond Kings and the puzzle collections. I was excited to see Diamond Kings back, didn’t do too bad with my box break, set looks good overall.

  68. Donruss has always brought back great memories for me. I’m glad that Panini continues to do great things with the brand, and that’s something I can be grateful for!

    I really like how Donruss this year is paying tribute to it’s brand while still moving forward and improving design and other elements in the brand as well!

  69. Thanks as always for the contest Tracy, here goes:

    My favorite Donruss memory: the first single baseball card my father ever bought for me at a show was a 1989 Donruss Diamond Kings #26 Don Mattingly. He is a Yankees fan and started to train me to be one at a very early age. We went to many more of these shows over the years together but I’ll always remember that one!

    My favorite aspect of the new 2014 Donruss is TIM HUDSON being in it! It’s been years since his inclusion in any Panini baseball set and FAR TOO LONG. I’m hoping that he remains in future releases and hopefully starts to sign for you as well.

  70. Ahhhhhhh, where do I start with all of the memories? My favorite is waking up on my birthday, Christmas, and Easter, knowing somewhere within my presents, my parents got me a pack of cards. As soon as I found them, I ripped them open, studied each card front and back, then put them in the sleeves.

    My favorite aspect of this year’s Donruss are the jumbo boxtoppers! I’ve always loved when a product does them, and it is even cooler because you have a chance of hitting an autographed one! Thanks for the contest!

  71. Favorite Donruss memory: the Passing the Torch auto’s from 1999…

    The New Donruss: love the retro logo and I’m digging this years Elite auto’s…

  72. My favorite Donruss memory was buying a 1987 box in 1989! I figured out real quick that the box had been searched and resealed! I went back to the store and talked to the owner and he figured out that an employee was searching and stealing packs. I was in 9th grade at the time so I didn’t have a lot of money and I blew quite a bit on this box. The owner gave me 2 boxes for my trouble and he said that thanks to me, I saved him money in the long run hahahaha it felt great!
    I hope you read this cuz my fave new memory is seeing Wes kick ur booty in the “ABSOLUTELY” saying contest.. sorry Tracy you lost 7-2… Wes wins hahahaha

  73. My Favorite Donruss memory is the Diamond Kings and the Puzzle pieces. Stan the Man.

    For the new Donruss, I really digging on the Rated Rookies, and the Box toppers!

    Great product once again!

  74. My favorite Donruss moment was in 1994 when my brother gave me a box of “The Rookies” from 1990, at the time I thought every rookie was worth money, so I thought I was sitting on a gold mine. The days collecting as a kid were great! nothing like it.

    My Favorite aspect of the new Donruss is the Elite dominator, I love! colored numbered cards, I cant get enough.

  75. My favorite donruss memory is that the brand is always affordable.And i am a big fan of the new spectrum cards in the product.Thanks for another chance at winning.

  76. My favorite Donruss memory was actually a single I picked up…a beautiful Bill Gadsby patch. This year design looks awesome, and I’m looking forward to cracking open a box or 2.

  77. my fav memoey is nott needing to save 3 checks just for box of cards, just jumping up and down at a bo jackon or george brett that to this day still books a quarter, just great times gone by all brought back with the diamond kings set..thanks guys

  78. My favorite memory was pulling the 1992 Frank Thomas Diamond King. I was 13 years old at the time and that was the card to get! I showcased him around the room and said the famous line that my brothers wouldn’t let me forget for quite awhile, ” Read ’em and weep, boys”
    What I like about the 2014 Donruss is “The Elite Series”. Cool looking cards. Also like the Diamond King Box Toppers, which I pulled a Michael Nelson Trout. Probably would of said my famous line if my bros were there 🙂 Great job all around. Real happy with this product!

  79. Thanks to everyone for providing such great feedback and such great memories. We finally have winners — congratulations to Keith S., djsensei09 and Peter Souza. We’ll be in touch for your addresses.

    1. Thanks a bunch! Can’t wait to rip some more Donruss 2014!! Also can’t wait to find out more about the rated rookies 201-203!!!! Wrappers sent in!!

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