2014 Donruss Series 2 Baseball Stars in this Contest Edition of Panini Unwrapped


2014 Donruss Series 2 Baseball has had almost a week to work its magic in hobby shops across the country, but Panini America’s Wes Elliott and Tracy Hackler didn’t get the chance to sit down with a box of the popular throwback release for a special episode of Panini Unwrapped until this week. Not to worry, we plan on making up for lost time shortly after you watch this must-see video.

2014 Donruss Series 2 Baseball picks up where the adored Series 1 left off, with equal doses of nostalgia, hot rookies (including Jose Abreu, Masahiro Tanaka, George Springer and more), value and throwback fun. Check it out in the video below and then stick around to find out how you can win a box of your very own.

OK, now that you’ve watched the video, we want your feedback. Since Donuss is a product steeped in card-collecting history, we want to know what one Donruss element from the past you would most want to see revisited in a future edition of Donruss Baseball. Leave your answers as a comment to this post. We’ll give you a week or so to respond and then pick five commenters at random to win a box of 2014 Donruss Series 2 Baseball.

Thanks in advance for participating and good luck.


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  1. I would love to see something similar to “Mound Marvels” return from the ’95 Donruss Set with the “peel” element and metallic/plastic cards. :

  2. I always loved the Elite inserts in 1991 Donruss S1 & S2. I remember them being the first real “inserts” that were made of foil, and it started the whole craze that would follow, with many going overboard on insert sets in their products. They probably came at about 1:40 boxes, but since it was so affordable it was definitely possible to pull one or two (I remember getting a Cecil Fielder & Doug Drabek). Now there’s a whole new product called “Elite” so it definitely had its effect on the hobby. I’m not real sure how it could be “revisited” in the future..maybe some buyback autographs? There were 10,000 of each so it definitely could be done.

  3. Bottom line is that the 1984 DonRus baseball set is one of the best out there…diamond kings with a player from every team, the rated rookies card sub set was picked by a sports writer…that’s cool…I like the idea of a throwback looking card with on card autos, cool relics and some cool sub sets…that’s it boys….keep up the good work…

  4. Diamond Kings should be art. If you can’t get Perez, have a fan contest to do the set. Puzzle pieces would also be awesome if you could do a few player concepts. I used to frame those when I was a little kid. Parallels of them with gloss or silver foil would be neat too.

  5. I will always remember the early 90’s “Elite” insert cards from when I was a kid. They were super hard to pull. That insert changed the industry.

  6. The 1996 Power Alley insert was one of the prettiest inserts ever in a Donruss product, along with the Die Cuts

  7. would love to see short printed die cut versions of the Dominators parallels 🙂 maybe a “status” and “aspirations” versions 🙂

  8. Great looking product once again! I would really like to see something along the lines of Donruss Greats Hall of Fame with Authentic Fabric or Autographs. Ireally like the edition of the Studio Cards.

  9. What I would really like to see is some of the original Diamond King inserts from the 80’s & early 90’s bought back and autographed and then reinserted into the product as a limited buy back autograph. Even some of those errors from the 90 set with the lines through the name or star would make great buy backs. Maybe instead of trying to recreate the past, buy some back, get them autographed, and reinsert them.

  10. I’d like to see the Donruss Signatures set make a comeback. I loved the on card autos of stars. It was a great set.

  11. This years Donruss looks great! In future products maybe bring back the puzzle pieces and have them be difficult to complete and with multiple players. Then offer a puzzle redemption for autos of each specific player. Thanks for a chance at a box!

  12. Bring the puzzles back!!! Would also like to see some “throwback” cards that have the exact same design as the old school Donruss cards!! Good stuff as always!!

  13. I loved the passing the torch autos. One of my first on-cards autos from back in the day. Love them on card. Keep up the good work!

  14. You need to bring back the Gallery Of Stars the way they were back in the day. Looks like a real Painting of the player. But other than that I love this product and have always have.

  15. It’s good to see some of the stuff I remember starting out collecting as a kid making a comeback! I love the Rated Rookies, Diamond Kings and Studio cards! Awesome looking product and brings back memories!

  16. Definitely the Diamond King Puzzles! I remember completing the ’91 Willie Stargell when I was 10 years old. When I met my father on my 14th birthday I was amazed to see he had the same puzzle completed and framed on his wall.

  17. Donruss was what I collected growing up, not Fleer, not Topps, not anything else so I was thrilled when it came back. I think a “Donruss Retrospective” insert would be neat. something like 5 players’ cards (rookies perhaps) from each of the first 10 years of Donruss for 2015, then do the next ten years in 2016, carrying on the numbering like the original Elite Series did in the 90s. Puzzle inserts could be cool too using some newer Hall of Famers or soon to be like Maddux or Griffey, Jr. Love the look. Hope Donruss is around for a long time!

  18. I would love to see puzzle pieces come back, maybe 5 per box and 20 in total for the complete puzzle and have the puzzles for the Rated Rookies or Hall of Famers.

  19. I’ve always collected Donruss for the Diamond Kings. The art work Diamond Kings made the sets from my childhood. Opening a pack and finding a Diamond King was my favorite part! I think 1994 Diamond Kings were my favorite. I loved the stylized artwork and the words Diamond Kings as if they were made out of foil diamonds. Please bring them back as an insert! Otherwise keep the Donruss brand alive….It’s been my favorite set to collect this year!

  20. Donruss was ahead of its time back then with Diamond Kings I loved the Elite Series , bring back one or both please

  21. I think bringing back player checklists with an on card signature of a player from the old Donruss collection. Pretty much buy back autographs autographs and have them low numbered, so they would be rare autographs and no parallel version. Maybe numbered out of 5 or 10. Also bring back the puzzle cards but with mem on them and if you collect all the prime pieces would be a tag, letter or number. BAM I can’t wait to open my box of Donruss even though you guys can’t put the logos on the players I have been collecting it from the beginning and will continue with series 2.

  22. These are great contests but I would love for the fans to get recognized if Panini implements a suggestion and it would be awsome if they were to get a contract for a day like other products do with the golden ticket and such, but have the fan be part of the card concept team. With that being said I think for the next Donruss you should have team logo cards that have the full team patch on the card amd have it shadow boxed. Make it a 1 of 1.

  23. I use to love how the old school Donruss cards had the different color backs and instead of having phot variation chases I think you guys should bring back the red and yellow backs and have them as the ssps as people from eBay like calling them. But it would be awsome to try and make complete sets of 3 different colored backs. I know breakers would love this idea as they usually keep the base cards and sell the sets, but if there was different colored variations then the collectors would receive them. Since photo variations are played out it would be cool to try something new and fresh. Also if there is going to be redemptions make the impossible hit a rated rookie uncut sheet with autos on all of the players and have it come framed. That would be the nastiest pull ever from donruss. Imagine having Springer, Abreu, Bryant and Tanaka all on one uncut sheet with autos on each card. I know I would buy cases just for a chance to hit that.

    1. Donruss should put out the baseball’s best. One for the AL and one for the NL. Just like on 90. Each set could have 180-200 players. Different colored borders would be cool.

  24. Awesome break! Always a great time watching. I’d like to see 2 things brought back…Donruss Hall of Fame Diamond King puzzle inserts (1982–92) and “king of kings”

  25. Its not an old idea, but new. How about world series patch, jersey, bat, auto cards? (All on one or separately)? Numbered to the year it was won?

  26. I really didn’t think a Donruss Series 2 needed to be released (Series 1 was good enough for me until next spring for 2015 Donruss), but if you are going to release a second series, might as well wait until October and release a Donruss Update. I loved getting that boxed set for Christmas each year in the 1980’s. I realize you probably won’t do it as a boxed update nowdays with a GU and/or Auto per update boxed set, but the theme of the product built through hobby boxes should be “Update” with players who made their MLB debuts or players who changed teams since opening day.

  27. I would like to see the autographed bat cards from 2005 Donruss Signature Series again. Legends, current stars, and future stars.

  28. Good stuff. Like others have said, it’d be cool if the Diamond Kings were painted, not photos. I don’t even generally like “art cards” but Diamond Kings just ain’t real Diamond Kings if they’re not painted.

  29. I really don’t see how you could add anything else, you covered everything and they look great. Tracy had my dream box with all the Reds players in it. they look great I wouldn’t change a thing except maybe a theme year from the past each year like that “other” card company does.

  30. I love the designs from the past as well. Make an entire set, sort of like Archives by that “other” company lol, based on a few past designs. Like cards 1-100 replicate 1981 Donruss, 201-300 replicate 1984 Donruss, etc…

  31. I miss Donruss Elite. I had collected Elite for years and then they disappeared, would like to see Elite brought back with all the new rookie’s 🙂 I can imagine a Donruss Elite Die Cut Rookie card numbered to 25! That would be cool to add to my PC:) Thanks Guys!

  32. I know people don’t like to damage their cards by folding and transforming them but the Pop-Ups insert was awesome!

  33. How about a Grand Slammers insert again. Also, how about sending me all the Mariners cards you pulled—that’s my squad making a push for the playoffs!

  34. Gotta go with other comments and say Diamond Kings Puzzles. How about a three card set that is die cut and goes together called triple play or turning three of three teammates. Love the product!

  35. I also miss the Rookies Set we used to get after regular Donruss set was released. Still have my ’87 & ’88 ones somewhere around here! Maybe do a wrapper redemption for a 50-card set of MILB prospects not in the regular set?

  36. I’d like to see the Signature Proofs from like the 1998 Signature Series. Maybe done as an insert set. Sharp looking cards.

  37. – I would love to see the Donruss Studio Stained Inserts return to the product. These are some of the most unique inserts and they add a flair to any pack or box. A new spin to the insert would be to create various levels of rarity shown by different colored background or photo variations.

  38. I miss redemptions of any sort, where you either trade in wrappers for something, or get a redemption for a set of something. The one thing that is definitely missing is the Rookie & Traded set. The Rated Rookies kind of replace that, but an exclusive set only available via redemption or only to certain people who gain enough points in something, if their player or team wins the W.S. or HR Crown etc…I miss that sort of stuff for any brand, period!

  39. diamond kings..! how about an actual diamond/ruby or emerald imbedded in diamond kings inserts. make them short print …. one of one… different colors, gold/silver/blue. maybe a refactor with G.U.M.. make the puzzle pieces exciting again. short print, 1/1…also concerning the puzzles, why instead of just one player on the puzzle, have teammates or HOF’s passing the torch with the new rookie. or how about rookie puzzles..? ..oh yeah and elite series, bring them back and put G.U.M. with auto’s. make it refractors with different exciting colors

  40. My Donruss favorite was always Diamond Kings. Pulling one of those from a pack was just as good as pulling a Rated Rookie. I also like the King of Kings they did for a player who reached some sort of milestone. I remember it being really hard to ever get your hands on one of those.

  41. I loved the puzzle pieces cards, I used to collect them in the 80’s. I still got the 1981 and 1982 complete cases, I also love autographs and game used items. These contests are great, I play a lot of games but put them on hold to play these contests, keep up the great work.

  42. I would like to see the the Grand Champions Insert Set back in Donruss products. The inserts have a crisp look and pay tribute to baseball legends of all generations. Seeing legendary players will create buzz for collectors of all ages.

  43. I’ll go all the way old school: bring back cards of managers and coaches. 1982 Donruss had an awesome checklist of them, including coaches like Yogi Berra, Vada Pinson, and Felipe Alou to go along with managers.
    And to make these fit with modern products, have autographed cards of them included among the hits. Imagine pulling a Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Ryne Sandberg, Joe Girardi, Harold Baines, Matt Williams, Wally Joyner, Mike Scioscia, Tony Pena, Andy Van Slyke, Davey Lopes, or Dave Righetti auto.

  44. Gallery of stars would be a cool insert that could be added where the players look like they are a painting on the card that could maybe have a canvas feel for added effect.

  45. I would like them to bring back from 1987, Donruss “The Rookies” set. I would love to be able to buy a whole set of rookies from the current year. I can remember when collectors would look for a player’s rookie card instead of an insert card. Boy, those were the good ol’ days.

  46. Would like to keep seeing Diamond Kings… love the designs. Also, perhaps unrelated, but vending machine packs? This is how I used to buy them as a kid.

  47. I most like the designs of mostly all of the 80’s Donruss sets, up until ’88. I think that’s only because of how massively produced that set was. You couldn’t find a store that didn’t carry 1988 Donruss Packs. I still remember the “Grand Slammers” subset that was in the jumbo packs. Wasn’t worth anything though-much like the rest of the cards from 1988-1991. All years prior were awesome, though!

  48. I agree with many other collectors on here; I would love to see some kind of puzzle set in next year’s Donruss. I loved trying to complete the set when I was younger and think it would be cool to see a puzzle with current stars.

  49. I would like to see more variety in the other years’ designs as well. The blue 1986 Donruss/Leaf design comes to mind. A solid buyback program idea I think would be say, the best (or one of the best) rookie in each year’s set, autographed—1981 Raines/Mookie/Danny Ainge, 1982 Ripken, 1983 Boggs/Sandberg, 1984 Mattingly, 1985 Clemens, 1986 Canseco, 1987 Maddux/Bonds, etc….

  50. How about some Diamond King puzzles, but with the possibility of having a redemption or a mini-auto behind the puzzle. I remember never wanting to break up the puzzles as a kid but, now with the possibility of something nicer I just might!

  51. Having a puzzle set would be awesome! I completed some back in the day and would love to chase some sets with current players! Thanks for the contest!

  52. Oops, sorry for the double entry. I didn’t see my comment as “Pending Moderation” and thought it got deleted. Just delete one if you will. Thanks

  53. We . . . have . . . winners! FINALLY. My apologies for the delay. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback that will no doubt help make future iterations of Donruss Baseball even better. Congratulations to defgav, Benjamin Work, djdavyb, Kheva Edwards and hudsonfan15. Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your mailing address. And stay tuned later this week for another of our scavenger hunts that promises to be much easier than our last several have been. Thanks again.

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