A Belated Panini Peek: 2010 Plates & Patches Football

December 12, 2010

It occurred to me earlier this week after receiving a question regarding preview information for 2010 Panini Plates & Patches Football that The Knight’s Lance launched in late October just days after we sent that information to the masses. In other words, the official Panini Peek preview of Plates & Patches never ran on your favorite trading card manufacturer blog.

So here it is now. It’s a little late, I know; but if one collector who’s never seen it is asking me about it, I figure there have to be others.

You can get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the product in the process of being produced by clicking here or here.

To be sure, Plates & Patches is a poignant, head-turning new product that will strive to deliver significant value in every $150 pack by including one prime-piece memorabilia autographed Rookie Card, two additional autographs and a fourth hit (either a fourth autograph or a memorabilia card) in addition to a pair of base cards, one parallel and one insert card.

In addition to some flat-out drool inducing prime pieces of game-worn jerseys, 2010 Panini Plates & Patches includes more printing plates than any product in the company’s history and a unique new plate autograph concept sure to generate a buzz among collectors when the product goes live in a few short weeks.

Of course, the good news about such a late Panini Peek is that the product is releasing a lot sooner than you’d normally find. Here’s a preliminary gallery to satiate your appetite for now.