A Belated, Watch-to-Win Episode of Panini Unwrapped: 2010-11 Classics Basketball

In this better-late-than-never edition of Panini Unwrapped, Tracy Hackler hastily rips through one box of 2010-11 Classics Basketball and gives collectors a chance to win the hits.

In this better-late-than-never edition of Panini Unwrapped, Tracy Hackler hastily rips through one box of 2010-11 Classics Basketball and gives collectors a chance to win the hits.

Watch to learn how you can win.


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  1. If I only had one Panini Basketball product to buy this year it’s going National Treasures. It is by far the best product of the year. The design is outstanding, rookie patch autos are amazing looking and every card value is great (even the commons). I like the idea of one pack full of amazing hit and and it’s all a limited production. I know everything I get out of that one box is worth wild to have and to keep. I can’t wait til this year’s edition of National Treasures comes out.

  2. My alltime favorite panini basketball product that i couldnt live without would have to be Panini Limited there are all sorts of awesome patches , jerseys , autos and awesome inserts it is definately my fave!

  3. I love the 2010-11 Playoff Contenders autograph/manupatch team logo cards a ton. Great design and fun use of manupatches. Without them, I would have had no interest in basketball cards this year. Therefore, my collection would be incomplete w/o 2010-11 Playoff Contenders basketball.


  4. To be honest, I really enjoy the ’10-’11 Classics Basketball cards. They feature amazing photography, as well as a great design. I also like that they have a lot of hits.

  5. I think that the one basketball product i couldnt live without would be timeless treasures. I like all of the hits in the tin. I love the on leather autos. They just look nice. The hits are always different each time you never know what to expect!

  6. I am a HUGE basketball fan and i grew up watching it in the early 90’s.

    i love the Classics range as it pays a fitting tribute to the icons that helped shape the game into the high flying showcase it now is.

    it also brings back memories of when fans followed teams rather than players, and you could really connect with a squad or rival’s Knicks vs Pacers / Knicks vs Heat….. well Knicks vs anyone

    The hits in this range are great, but to be honest i get just as much excitement by pulling a Isiah Thomas Legends base as i do any auto or patch card.


  7. I like the threads, the cards i like the most is the Auto letter patches they are the sickest cards ever. Also what makes this product the best along with the Auto letter Patches is the Rookie Patch collection Autos. The Jersey looking cards are a new concept that i like as well. For people who cant afford a lot than others because of the economy these days this product makes it well worth collecting with such good hits and the number of hits per box as well.
    I have noticed Kids buying this product more than others because they save their money and they can afford this product and they are the future of collecting and watching a kid smile because of their hits makes me smile. Thank you Panini for making this product affordable.
    Being from Kansas there are only a limited number of hobby stores here that i can go to with the money i have.

  8. The Panini basketball product that I love the most is Contenders! I love how you’ve added the team logo patch to the rookie autos! Great looking cards. Thanks for the contest too! 🙂

  9. Contenders used to be one of my favorites, but I really didn’t like the change to sticker autos and patches this year. That said, I always look forward to the beautiful cards that come out of National Treasures. I hope to see that brand come back this year.

  10. Panini Classics was my favourite basketball set from 2009-10 so I am really looking forward to 2010-11. I like the old school players that are included as well as the rookies and current vets. Really good mix of cards and player types.

  11. I love the national treasures basketball. Of course I can’t afford too much. But if I had to but one card it would be from national treasures.

  12. i collect the four major sports, mostly hockey but since most of the panini products are similar across sports ill base it on that.
    im getting back into basketball again and its nice to see the guys i remember from the 90s turn up as legends in the more recent products. as far as qaulity and price and hits are concerned i think that i couldnt live without PANINI LIMITED. nice stuff in whatever sport u collect. good hits, good variety , usually 1 legend per pack/box, and the hits are nice. all this while being on the more affordable side while being such a nice limited product.

  13. I would have to say National Treasures. You got to love the team logo patches with or without the auto’s. True rc auto’s and its Parallel’s. Jumbo patches, Nba Logo’s, The Hof’er and Star’s & Super Star’s. Just Can wait for this years

  14. For me, the one Panini set I couldn’t live without is, actually, the Classics set. The reason being because last year I was still ify with making my opinions on Panini and their products. Now, when I saw the Classics set on a episode of Beckett Box Break, Panini won me over with the design of the cards. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few packs of the cards. The great thing about this year is the designs are better and this Classics break is my favorite of all of the breaks I’ve seen, ever. This is because I’m a huge Spurs fan, especially David Robinson! Thank you for the contest and making great products for all collectors to enjoy.

  15. If I could only have 1 Panini product, it would have to be Absolute Memorabilia. The set design and sizing of the memorabilia is what makes this my favourite Panini brand.


  16. For me Classics is always a staple. Sure I would love National Treasures but that is just not in my budget. Classics offer a wide variety of inserts from rookies to Hall of Famers at a price that won’t bust my budget.

  17. I love Prestige. The cards look great and I also love the Rookie Draft cards. I know they are not real patches, but I think they look cool.

  18. The one Panini product that I could not live without would have to be Absolute. The design of the cards is great. From the rookie cards to insert sets like “Star Gazing” and “Frequent Flyer,” each card is very appealing to the eye. Most of all, though, I love the many different patches within the set. The chance of pulling just one patch card is what makes busting each pack an absolute (very bad pun) blast.

  19. my life would be incomplete with out timeless treasures
    it is not too expensive and perfect in a nice tin that i use to store other cards. quick open with 3+ hits and also looking for logomen /5 and tag patches along with 1/1 logomen
    i pulled a larry sanders auto /5 and its so good for the price for a box. sick designs even the base.
    have buster 10+ boxes over past 2 years

  20. my life would be incomplete without ABSOLUTE MEMROBILIA!!!
    It hits the wallet hard, but every break has been worth it. i love sitting at the card shop just watching them be open. im still without a awesome hit from them, but ive experienced by buddy pull a kevin durant auto, 2 blake griffin autos, a john wall auto, and 2 kobe spectrums autos. A dead arm followed every break, but out of all the recent packs, nothing has givin me the feeling like i was a 8 years old at the card shop again.

  21. Panini Classics basketball is my favorite cards of Panini America.First on Card auto ever pulled 2009/2010 Panini Classics Basketball…Instantly Favorited.

  22. If I had one product I couldn’t live without this year I think it would have to be the new 10-11 Classics. It bring together a modern sleek design with a retro look. The on-card autos look phenominal and the mixture of the modern day players with the old school hits the right balance. Having the Admiral appear in the product is also a big plus in my eyes. The set appeals to all collectors from those chasing the old school players to those chasing the much sought after on card auto from their favourite rookie or star. This product is a big plus for Panini and the right step going forward. Well done!

  23. The one panini product I couldn’t live without is Timeless Treasures. It truly is what the product is called, treasures, the cards have beautiful designs. Especially the leather autos, there is nothing really like it out there that u can get. Timeless Treasures gives you a unique opportunity to pull cards of legends and current players. My favorite part about the product is the rookie year materials set. It cleverly puts a picture of the player from their rookie year and i think it is awesome how the patches clearly resemble that they are used from their rookie team’s jersey. Personally i have a tmac patch auto from that set and it has one of the sickest patches ive seen. You cant forget the logoman opportunity for almost all players. Timeless Treasures gives you a true variety of valued cards and is like no other panini product.

  24. Personally, I like the fact that there is a variety and they are spaced out. I like to buy a box or 2 of each and try them all. My favorite would be National Treasures even though I’ve never spent that much money on a box, I enjoy reading the breaks of other people and seeing the hits that come out of those boxes. I do have one card from the set which is a Kevin Durant. My favorite product so far this year has been timeless treasures because I pulled the Kobe Bryant Lakers Logo Tag patch /2 from a single box!!

  25. The cards that I don’t think I could live with out and my personal collection wouldn’t be complete without would be the National Treasures. I know that I am going to get some sick hits in every pack without gambling my money away. I have gotten some sick rookies and autos from it and always looking forward to opening that next pack. I would love to add some of these cards to my collection and can’t wait to get some more packs to add to my collection. Keep doing a great job at getting great autos and making sick cards.

  26. If you asked me last year, I’d say the “base” Panini set which was sadly not produced this year. For this year’s products, I’d say Absolute Memorabilia.

  27. Timeless Treasures is the must have for me. From the simple, yet elegant card layouts to the great memorabilia possibilities…..there is no better Panini product. The pricepoint is reasonable and hits are truly attainable. Rookie year memorabilia pieces????…..there is none better. Plus, I am a die hard Lakers fan so the chances of prime hits are neverending!

  28. If you had asked me the question about a month ago i would have said Crown Royale hands down. I love the crazy die-cutting and foil embossing on the base cards as well as the cool looking inserts

    I can honestly say having seen this years Classic I would change my answer to Classic. The main reason being the nice simple design and bold colors. They base cards look great, and the simple yet slick on card rookie autos are the best looking RC of the season.

  29. I’d say the 09/10 Crown Royale set. I liked the crown design on the base cards, and I’ve always gotten great pulls from them. It’s too bad I haven’t heard much for a 10/11 set.

  30. for me it would have to be absolute because that product in my opinion has the sickest rookie patches and i love the triple relic autos that are in every box. But who knows classics could change my mind…

  31. …GOLD Standard…Haven’t even released it yet and I know that will be the product I can’t live with out. I LOVE GOOOOOLLLLLD!

  32. The one Panini card line that I could not function without would have to be Absolute Memorabilia.

    They look absolutely amazing. They remind me of a relationship. Boxes of Absolute Mem can give euphoric highs and the occasional wallet numbing low. You can find card that you want to keep forever .Alternatively you can get cards that frustrate you and that you would like to never see again. You can covet other people’s cards and even manage to obtain them but in the process lose cards you already had hold of.

    Well thats my reason!

  33. I am actually really liking the new Panini Classics. I like the retro design and you can’t beat a nice on card rookie auto. Also, the insert sets have a pretty clean design!

  34. This 2010-11 Classics Basketball… beautiful design, itsn’t an expensive product and its possible to get some TOP hits. I think it’s worth it.

  35. My favorite products are Rookies and Stars and Prestige. After years of being away from the hobby, these 2 sets are what brought me back and got me excited about collecting again! Keep up the great work!

  36. I’ve always loved the design of Absolute. I loved it on football so much that I got over 60 packs of 2010, so I look forward to it in basketball as well.

  37. National Treasures (with complete on-card signatures) would be the one must have basketball product, but this year’s Classics has a wonderful/refreshing design. Basketball is a superstar driven league, so the idea of getting only the best players (HOF, Legends, All-Stars, young stars and rookies) give National Treasures the edge over any other product.

  38. The one product I can’t live without is Timeless Treasues. I love the look and feel of the cards and Panini does a great job with that set each year.

  39. My life wouldnt be complete without any of the panini products, i would be LOST! But if i had to say 1,,, Contenders would have to be the #1 in my book that i coudlnt live without.

  40. The one panini product that I couldn’t go without would be Court Kings . They are one of my favorite products because it shows the world that panini is the king of the card industry.

  41. I would have to say my favorite product that i could’nt live without would have to be National Treasures. I LOVE the jumbo multi colored patches and the on-card autos on the rookie cards! The checklist always has a great mix of legends, active superstars and rookie autos. Now that you guys have my favorite player Kevin Durant i am extra excited to hopefully bust at least 1 box of it when it comes out and maybe ill get lucky and pull one of his autos. Thanks for the contest guys! Keep up the great work!

  42. My selection would have to be National Treasures. I believe in spending the extra cash to get the added chance of better odds to pull that once in a lifetime card you dreamed of.

  43. never did basketball, but i like the look of timeless treasures this will be my frist basketball product that i would try.

  44. The one Panini product I could not live without is the Absolute Memorabilia. I can’t afford a box but I love people breaking them on Youtube. I love the design and the inserts with the shining foil that pop like a star. The hits are monster. You can get the hottest rookies jersey and auto, Kobe, Blake Griffins, Kevin Durant, HOF, and legends. Panini have done amazing job on the design, quality, and big bang for the money. Thank you Panini for the contest.

  45. The one product would have to be timeless treasures. I can’t live without the chance of pulling logomans and logotags. The design is great and the cards are even better. Have gotten over 30 boxes of that stuff for myserlf in the last two months and hopefully will get 30 more becuase it is just amazing. Haven’t pulled a logoman or logotag yet but some spectacular kobes.

  46. My newest fixation is the 2010-11 Absolute Memorabilia, can’t seem to get enough. Of those the best has got to be the Team Trio’s, have one now I need the rest. These new Classic’s are sharp, love the on card auto’s, would love to see all auto’s on card. When can we expect to see a tough twosome dual auto dual jersey?

  47. If there is one Panini product I couldn’t live without It would have to be National Treasures. When Panini released this product they put a new meaning to High End. The design is crisp and flawless. The product is second to none and I look forward to it every year.

  48. I also would say the Base Panini brand I have always liked the simplicity of the design unfortunately I will have to do without…….as a close second I will go with Classic’s again for the old school design some like all the flash but for me the old school look and feel is what I like…the bold colors not to many lines all over the place just simple………

  49. I would have to go with 09-10 Studio. I love how the team color accents on the cards pop. They are great for getting in-person autos on, and I like the portrait-style close-up photos. They’re also the cards that I’ve gotten the best pulls from.

  50. The one product i could not live without is Absolute Memorabilia. I mean, the sick RPM’s and the Patch cards, they are just so sick! also the base cards are so shiny, if a monster saw it, it would stop whatever it is doing and take a moment to look at the wonderful card. and the spectrums? you can’t forget those! Life without absolute memorabilia would be depressing D:

  51. I have to have my Panini Classics. They take me back and remind me of the cards I collected in my early days and feature lots of the players I watched play while growing up.

  52. My favorite product would have to be this year’s classics or 09/10 Contenders. First off, I love on-card autos. Second, the old school design looks great this year and I love the foil used for contenders. The only downside I have to classics is: the high #ing. It would be a lot better if they were #ed /199 or just not #ed at all. The best bang for your buck, would be Contenders. Overall my favorite and price wise would be 09/10 Contenders.

  53. Classics are slowly trickling into my area. Picked up a pack tonight.
    Joe Johnson
    Michael Beasley
    Brandon Jennings
    Nick Anderson Legend #ed
    Oh yeah, Blake Griffin RC,
    AND Dirk Nowitzki Membership game-used #ed

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