A Comprehensive Look at Panini America’s 2011 National Wrapper-Redemption Set

As one of the top four vote-getters in our Knight's Lance Readers Choice Weekend poll, here's a comprehensive look at the cardboard gold that is Panini America's 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention wrapper-redemption set, base cards, inserts and all.

As one of the top four vote-getters in our Knight’s Lance Readers Choice Weekend poll, this story is being brought to you by . . . well . . . you. Stay tuned throughout the weekend for the additional content that you voted for.

You asked for a comprehensive look at the cardboard gold that is Panini America’s 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention wrapper-redemption set, base cards, inserts and all. You’re about to get it.

The base set for this year’s show in Chicago will incorporate 19 superstars from the worlds of basketball, football, hockey and entertainment (King of Pop, anyone?) on a vertically modified 2011 Donruss Elite Football design that should be warmly embraced by show-goers. The base set will be accompanied by three different parallels (numbered to 25, 10 and 5), including some autographs.

In addition, there are three striking insert sets punctuating this year’s wrapper-redemption spectacle — a ten-card set devoted to the top NFL and NHL rookies of the 2010-11 season, an eight-card School Colors insert that pays tribute to local heroes from the Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks, and a two-card Headliners insert honoring the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup exploits of the Green Bay Packers and Boston Bruins, respectively.

But instead of us just telling you about the goods, why don’t we show you the greatness of which we speak with the following comprehensive gallery.

That part about Panini America’s 2011 National wrapper-redemption packs also including randomly inserted instant-win redemption cards good for autographed memorabilia . . . well, we’ll tell you all about that soon enough, along with all the other redemption details. So stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for future updates on our grand National plans.

Until then, feast your eyes on these beauties . . .


33 Replies to “A Comprehensive Look at Panini America’s 2011 National Wrapper-Redemption Set”

  1. Hey T, what is going to be the exchange rate? How many packs for a show pack and how many cards in each show pack?

  2. We’re gonna pull back the curtain some and show you some behind-the-scenes footage we shot yesterday of us getting things together for the wrapper redemption, pretty hot!

    1. Amy: “Hey babe, let’s go for a walk.”
      Ryan: “No, that’s OK – have to sit in front of this computer all weekend”.

      1. Too funny, my wife’s name is Amy too and she just asked the same question – but my response was more like “Honey, have to sit here in front of the computer and keep crankin’ out amazing, breath-taking, award winning content all weekend”

        Okay, that’s what I wanted to say…was more like “coming honey”

  3. Hey Scott and Tracy my daughters and i are excited to go the National next month and can wait to see you guys and bust a bunch of these redemption packs like we did a couple years ago in Cleveland! Come on August 5th!!!!!!!

    1. I’ve heard that from a few, we should offer something to our loyal followers…whatcha say???

  4. The wrapper redemption was awesome at last years National. I actually spent a lot of time (and money) ripping stuff at the Panini booth. Hopefully, it will similar this year. If it is you will not be disappointed. It was the highlight of the show for me.

  5. After seeing all the photos of some giveaways, I will be busting quite a bit of product hoping to hit a redemption.

  6. I busted a lot at the booth last year and had a blast. I am thinking about doing same this year. It looks like a smaller base set and they are not serial numbered this year, is that right? Also last year we could pull auto’s out of the silver packs as well as the redemptions for the other cool stuff. It looks like there is more of the cool memorabilia pieces this year instead of the pack pulled auto’s from what I read. Am I wrong or have all the details just not been revealed yet?

    1. The base set is a little smaller than last year, but we have more inserts this time around like the Team Colors, Rated Rookies and Champion cards. We have about the same amount of inpack card auto’s as we have in the past, we are just giving collectors more of what was HOT last year and that’s mem.

      1. Awesome. Thanks. Last year I opened a “lot” at the Booth. Maybe this year I will increase that to a “crazy” amount.

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