A Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball

After seven long months away, NBA trading cards are back. Tomorrow in hobby shops around the country, collectors will get their first crack at Panini America's new 2011-12 lineup with the highly anticipated release of 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball, a throwback blockbuster of the highest order that delivers two autographs per box, inserts and updated photography aplenty and an enchanting design straight out of yesteryear.

The time has come.

After seven long months away, NBA trading cards are back. Tomorrow in hobby shops around the country, collectors will get their first crack at Panini America’s new 2011-12 lineup with the highly anticipated release of 2011-12 NBA Hoops Basketball, a throwback blockbuster of the highest order that delivers two autographs per box, inserts and updated photography aplenty and an enchanting design straight out of yesteryear.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Panini America’s David Porter and Scott Prusha sat down with a box of NBA Hoops for a special world-premiere episode of Panini Unwrapped. Let us know what you think.


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    1. I’m pretty certain that Scott and Tracy won’t look at one another, smack their foreheads and simultaneously yell, “that’s what we forgot to insert…THE ROOKIES!”
      Along with the buy-backs, perhaps they fall at a 1:4 or 1:6 ratio? Panini, care to respond?

      1. By design, there are no 2011-12 Rookie Cards in this release. The Product Development guys have big plans for a double rookie redemption program in some of our later-season releases that will incorporate rookie redemptions for 2011-12 and 2012-13 RCs. Stay tuned for more information.

      2. Here’s a chance for Panini to be a hero – give your fans 2011-12 Hoops 2 with all the rookies and anything else you want to include. There was a 1989-90 Hoops 2 set that featured coach cards and the first cards of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic. In fact, this is the set where you got the David Robinson buy backs.

        Make everyone happy and expand your limited offerings to include this product. People want Hoops Rookies – we don’t want more redemption cards!

      3. i not sure i get this you are proud there are no redemption in this product, and there are no rookies, but you will have rookie redemption in later product, i don’t understand this, is this a norm for all of basketball this season

        1. We are proud of the fact that there are no autograph redemptions in this product. The dual rookie redemptions mentioned are part of a plan to capitalize on a joint RC offering in a few later-season products.

      4. ok i am glad there are no redemption, and you did a great job on that point, are there going to be RC’s in the further product, that are not redemption

  1. First! When I first heard about this I got really excited, and now that it will be live tomorrow, I am even more excited! I can’t wait to bust through a couple of boxes of this! Thanks for your hard work as usual.

  2. I must say that the “Hoops-la” surrounding the release of the product seems well justified; 2 bucks a pack for a product stocking 2 ‘graphs per box, logical parallels, vintage buy-backs AND SPs? All the elements are present and accounted for, and this is an affordable product to teach…& foster, a young collector base! I didn’t happen to catch the last Auto, but at what rate are the Buy-Backs seeded?
    And lastly… that Jeremy Lin card? slabbed-UP and just bursting with that “new pack smell,” doesn’t it seem a logical choice for a contest card? Mmhmm, indeed it does. Nice job fellas’.

  3. loved the video…i believe there was only one thing not covered in it…that would be the Private Signings set which is spectacular!!! cannot wait to get some tomorrow!!

  4. I think i missed something. A whole box and i didn’t see a rookie card pulled. Are they Super Short printed?? I have plenty of Dirk Nowitzki and crew base cards but could use some of the rookies.

  5. Who isn’t excited about the first NBA product of the year..not to mention..its a classic!

  6. I am very disappointed in this product I have waited so long for new basketball to come out. I watch this video and see no rookies being pulled. How can they even call this 11-12 basketball when all of the players have played for pretty much the same team last year with the exception of Lin. I was extremely excited for the chance to pull Irving and now I am immensely disappointed

    1. Dude, You’re a tough crowd! If you read Hackler’s comment…rookies are omitted by design. Understand, the thrust of this product lies in both the autos & original release buy-backs. At $2/pack? that’s pretty impressive bang. Much like a restaurant menu…you ain’t gonna like all the dishes Panini “serves” so eat what you like, don’t buy Hoops, and there will be more for those who are pleased with the construction of the Hoops brand.

      1. I understand what your saying, but I am a huge basketball fan an the rookie class in my mind is pretty good an I hate redemption cards with a passion

        1. Bbg- I get it, you anticipated the first rooks’ of the year and as there are none in Hoops, you’re disappointed. But instead of writing the product off as a waste…and a total disappointment, why not break a few packs or a box, contingent upon your economy, and make an informed decision after you’ve had the product in-hand? You might find that you dig on some of the aspects that make the product special such as the retro-look, the Glossy parallels and the autos. Lastly, you may despise redemption cards…you and the rest of the collecting world, but there are NO redemps’ in this product. If you read Tracy’s post below my initial comment, you’ll see he states that ’11-12 and ’12-13 redemps’ will be part of future releases. That Hoops contains “The Admiral’s” auto-including variations, and a rich roster of auto’s without so much as a single redemption? THAT, bbg, is testament to an excellent acquisitions staff and a well-conceived product. Don’t heap the hate on Hoops, appreciate the product for what it is, brother!

      2. Do you work for Panini? Part of listening to your collector base may involve some tough feedback once in a while. I think there is so much passion here because everyone loves the idea of Hoops and wants it to be a set for the ages. This can’t happen without rookies.

        1. Scott, I don’t work for Panini. I’m a collector as you are. Just as negative feedback is an intrinsic component to improvement, positive feedback is no less valuable. I gain no benefit from stroking the collective Panini ego and when I dislike product, as I did with EEE Baseball, I let them know and my reasoning. I am engaged in an open dialogue with bbg relative to Hoops’ composition. My point is that while Rookies are pivotal to collecting and MOST products contain them, there ARE products of quality, substance and collecting value that do not. Many products have memorabilia or photography as their basis. This incarnation of Hoops is an interpretation of the original. I DO like the idea of crafting a Hoops Series 2, and thus the value of this open conversation between collectors and manufacturers 🙂

      3. wow i’m sure that panini is overjoyed that you said not to buy hoops jamey, but i understand why some mite not understand first product of the year no rookies, maybe this should have been done later, and the promise of redemption, maybe not a good seagway, but i will say that i do like hoops design, i don’t know maybe i’m just programed wrong lol

      4. Jamey are you a english teacher or some kind of college proffesor? You grammar is so elegant. I agree with everything you said. My daughter and i were reading your and the other guys comments and my daughter Rachel had a hard time pronouncing some of your words/ LOL. She said that guys sounds REALLY smart! Ha ha. Take care bud. Keep up the GREAT work Panini!!!!

  7. Nick, thank you very much for the kind words! I am the Assistant Director and Head of Youth Services at a public library in Bergen County, NJ. I work with kids pre-K through college graduates prospecting for first jobs; it’s really quite rewarding.
    I think it’s tremendous that you share your hobby with your daughter…as I am with mine. At 4 1/2, my daughter can cut through a box like a lawn-mower! Take good care.

  8. I agree with Charles panini probably should have put this product later in the year that would have decreased my dislike towards this produt a lot. I also agree with you Jamey yeas the base cards probably are cool, and if I were a base card collector, or someone starting off a collection I would be very excited. I’m just not I have tons of base cards I’m big time into ink, and from the videos I have watched good ink is tough to pull. I do regret if I have deterred anyone from buying the product it is a good price per pack, but of you look for ink I don’t think it is for you. Thanks for reading

  9. we wait for half the season and no rookies? rookies to be released later in the season, doh theres 6 weeks left of the season. just like last year these should have been available at the beginning of the season, not after christmas

  10. i really hope this becomes the flagship entry level product (like donruss from last year and panini the year before) for years to come. I opened my box and had lots of fun checking out the inserts and was loving the large and diverse checklist of players…dont get me wrong, its fun pulling rookie autos, but i cant tell you how many boxes i’ve opened where i’ve gotten rookie autos of players who dont see the floor. So this product came as a very nice suprise.

    In future iterations here’s what i would absolutely love to see:

    *Coaches cards (this seems to be echoed throughout this thread)
    *Rookie cards (understandable they werent able to get them in with the lockout, but look forward to future hoops products with rookie cards
    * a fan favorite insert with players from both past and present (not superstars…i’ve always liked getting different cards of my favorite players…I’d giggle with excitement pulling a sabonis or przybilla insert…this could even be another build the set sort of thing where fans could vote for their favorite 1 or 2 players for the set from each team!)
    *#’d cards…would love to have had the artist proofs be serial numbered…maybe even with foilboard technology
    *1 RC auto and 1 Vet auto a box…that way we arent flooded with too many RC autos to start the season with
    * Randomly inserted printing plates (always love that extra value pulling a printing plate adds to the box!)

    Again, love the product and had lots of fun opening..please please PLEASE keep this product around!!! :o)

  11. Got my cards today. I was somewhat disappointed because there are a lot of players who are starters or who play significant minutes who did not have cards in this set. Just running through the rosters, excluding rookies, there are 37 players who didn’t have cards in the set. Just to name a few: Rodney Stuckey, Greg Monroe, Roy Hibbert, Jrue Holiday, Ramon Sessions, Nate Robinson, Mike Conley, Kendrick Perkins, Nicolas Batum, Nick Young. How are players selected for these sets? There were a few who are, according to their cards, are now in the D-League or don’t even 7-10 minutes. I mean Craiig Brackins gets a card but not Jrue Holiday? Please tell me there is going to be a series 2 because this set is not as complete as I hoped it would be, especially with no rookies in it. I collected every Hoops set from 1989-1999 and I had such high hopes for this set.

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