‘Championship Card’ Winners Announced

To help get us all in the spirit of Super Bowl XLV late last week, The Knight's Lance asked its loyal readers to share the stories behind their own championship cards; those special personal collection gems that, like the Lombardi Trophy itself, have come to symbolize football greatness. True to form, you did not disappoint. (more…)

Quality Controlling 2010 Playoff Contenders Football (Gallery & Controverisal Video)

With the official release date of the highly anticipated 2010 Playoff Contenders Football now just a week away, members of the Panini America football team have spent the last two days conducting the product's two-tiered quality control process, first on location at the printing and packing facility, and yesterday at corporate headquarters in Arlington, Texas. I was able to compile a comprehensive…

Panini Unwrapped . . . Starring Denver Broncos All-Pro Receiver Brandon Lloyd

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXwailamLsw&w=480&h=390] Denver Broncos Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd takes some time during the 2011 Pop Warner Adrenalyn Bowl to bust a few packs of Panini America football cards with Tracy Hackler. In this exclusive video, the NFL's leading pass-catcher discusses, among other things, his own childhood collection, his spectacular 2010 season and playing alongside Tim Tebow. (more…)

World Premiere Gallery: 2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autographs

Playoff Contenders Football -- like the EA Sports Madden franchise, Christmas or Eminem's next album -- is one of those wildly anticipated "events" whose every arrival generates considerable buzz and bona fide cause for celebration. That should make next Wednesday, the official release date for 2010 Playoff Contenders Football, at least a red-letter day and absolutely a national collecting holiday. As I type this, Ben Ecklar…

On the Routing Table: February 3, 2011

Leave it to the revealing hearth of the Panini America Routing Table to provide warmth and comfort during this strangely frozen week in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Days marked by wintry mixes, sub-20-degree temperatures and below-zero wind chills left many of us working from home this week. But when I was finally able to make it into the office, I…

Panini America On Location: Week 2 Kicks Off at the 2011 NFL Experience

DALLAS -- It's a frigid 16 degrees outside the Dallas Convention Center. Inside, things are starting to heat up as the 2011 NFL Experience enters its second week. Virtually every school in North Texas has been closed the last two days as the Metroplex copes with a once-every-two-decades winter storm. The good news: That means more foot traffic inside the NFL Experience, where…
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