FAQ: Panini America Addresses Most-Asked Questions on the Panini Rewards Program

It's been the topic of almost-constant conversation since Panini America officials first teased its existence to rave reviews during the 2014 Industry Summit in Las Vegas. Now, after three months of hearty hobby banter and almost two years of hardcore research and development, Panini America is ready to unveil its vaunted Panini Rewards Program in this week's release of 2014 Score Football.

Panini Rewards App
It’s been the topic of almost-constant conversation since Panini America officials first teased its existence to rave reviews during the 2014 Industry Summit in Las Vegas. Now, after three months of hearty hobby banter and almost two years of hardcore research and development, Panini America is ready to unveil its vaunted Panini Rewards Program in this week’s release of 2014 Score Football.
To adequately prepare collectors for what to expect from the revolutionary program that is available on both web and smartphone app platforms, Panini America officials have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions that have surfaced from collectors since March. You can peruse those at length below.

Collectors can download the Panini Rewards app now on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. The Panini Rewards website can be viewed here.
Now, to the questions. The following FAQs include several general questions as well as more specific questions culled from several collecting resources. If you have additional questions, submit them to @PaniniCSM on Twitter using the hash tag #PaniniRewards and we’ll address them as necessary.
What is Panini Rewards?

  • Panini Rewards is a new paradigm in card collecting. You receive and collect Panini Rewards Points that can be used to acquire your choice of cards from the Panini inventory.
  • With Panini Rewards, you will be able to see the cards available in the vast Panini inventory by visiting the “Redeem Rewards” link on PaniniRewards.com.

When does the Panini Rewards program begin?

  • The Panini Rewards program and website will launch with the release of 2014 Score Football. It will follow in basketball with the release of 2014-15 NBA Hoops Basketball and in baseball with the release of 2015 Donruss Baseball.

How is this different from redemptions?

  • Redemptions are linked to a specific card of a specific player. Panini Rewards gives the collector more control to select the card they want based on inventory available in the Panini Rewards inventory.
  • Reward Points can be used immediately. There is no waiting.
  • Inventory will be added to the Panini Rewards website every week.

What will happen to my redemptions?

  • Nothing. Your current redemptions will be honored as stated by our longstanding existing policy.
  • Panini America remains dedicated to fulfilling all outstanding redemptions.
  • Redemption cards are made available as they are received. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Panini America, Inc., will send a comparable card in its place if the specified card is not available to ship within four months of a consumer’s request for replacement.

Can I trade-in existing redemptions for Panini Rewards points?

  • Not at this time. Current redemptions will be honored as stated in our existing policy. Panini will explore all options to provide superior service to our customers which may include trade-ins.
  • Future phases of Panini Rewards may include the ability to trade existing redemptions for Rewards points.

What are Panini Rewards Points?

  • Rewards Points Cards are randomly inserted into Panini America products. To add those points to a Panini Rewards account, collectors can scan the unique QR code on the card with the Panini Rewards smartphone app, or manually input the code via the Panini Rewards website.
  • Panini Reward Points can then be traded immediately for cards available in the Panini Rewards inventory or accumulated over time.

Can I purchase Panini Rewards Points?

  • No. You can obtain points through purchasing Panini America products that contain Rewards Point Cards, or, on occasion, at special promotional events.

How do I know how many Panini Rewards Points I have? 

  • Click “Home” (depicted by an icon of a house) on the Panini Rewards Mobile App. You will see your username and the current total of your Panini Reward Points. In addition, your Panini Reward Points are displayed on PaniniRewards.com.

Are Panini Rewards Points transferable?

  • Panini Reward Points are not transferable.

What is the monetary value of my Panini Rewards Points card?

  • There is no direct monetary value for the Panini Rewards Card or Panini Rewards Points.

Do Panini Rewards Points expire?

  • Panini Reward Points have no expiration date. You can continue to accumulate them as long as you are a registered user of Panini Rewards.

Will all Rewards Cards have the same point amounts?

  • No. Point values will vary.

Will players have differing Rewards Point values?

  • Yes. Player point values will be determined by a number of factors, including level of collectiblity and on-field performance. Individual player point values could fluctuate in real-time based on the aforementioned factors.

What happens to high-end cards? Will they get Rewards Points or be listed as a redemption?

  • While the ultimate goal of the Panini Rewards System is to completely eliminate the redemption card, that’s not an entirely realistic scenario. Although points cards will eliminate the vast majority of redemptions, there are key product-making players who must appear in a product. When those players’ autographs aren’t available for packout, they will appear in traditional redemption-card form.
  • The Panini Rewards System by no way changes our drive to receive every autograph card that a product plan calls for. The Panini America Acquisitions Team will continue tracking all outstanding autographs until they’re returned.

Why are there more memorabilia cards than autograph cards in the Panini Rewards inventory right now?

  • This is part of the initial launch of the Panini Rewards System based on existing inventory. New items will be added to the Panini Rewards System weekly and with the launch of each new product.  Over time, we expect the ratio between memorabilia cards and autograph cards on the Panini Rewards System to be fairly even.
  • Obviously, most memorabilia/patch cards will be live in products. However, there are some circumstances where those cards may not be available at the time of packout. In that case, they will go live on the Panini Rewards System. To ensure randomization and fairness among collectors in regard to prime swatches, specific sequential numbering and possible inscriptions, we have incorporated this disclaimer: “The image depicted is just a representation of the card.  The exact card you acquire may have different memorabilia patches or a unique rendition of the signature.”
  • The same standard to ensure randomization and fairness among collectors also exists as it relates to Serial Numbered cards. Panini’s Rewards team will not take requests for specific serial numbers.

Does Panini hold back memorabilia cards from packing out into product for the Rewards System?

  • Absolutely not.  Memorabilia cards that exist on the Panini Rewards System may not make pack out of a product, but our goal is to always ensure they are live in Panini products. Some reasons for this may be that they were pulled during the Quality Control process and it was too late to insert them back into the product, they are from expired redemptions or from replacements.
  • In the future (as with a number of Panini America special promotions to award collectors such as Black Friday, Father’s Day, wrapper redemption programs, etc.), Panini America may choose to make special products from the acquisition of marketing assets to create exclusive Panini Rewards cards in limited quantities or unique experiences which can be acquired through Panini Rewards Points.
  • Stay Tuned and subscribe to the The Knight’s Lance Blog so you don’t miss any promotional programs.

Can a collector be alerted when their favorite team, player or product is entered into the Rewards System?

  • Not in Phase 1. But in future updates, collectors will have the ability to setup team, player and product preferences and receive push notifications when those preferences are added to the Panini Rewards Inventory.

Will collectors have the option to wait on high-value players or do they just receive Rewards points?

  • Collectors will be able to wait as long as desired for their existing redemptions or for those cards inserted as redemptions in the Panini Rewards era.

Will the collector have limits on the number of the same card they can select in the Rewards Points system?

  • Yes. It will be capped at a maximum of five of the same card; but will be less on cards with shorter print runs.

What prevents people from hoarding points?

  • Nothing. One of the many advantages of the Panini Rewards system is that it gives collectors the ability to get something they want. If that means accumulating enough points to get what they want, provided it remains in inventory then that’s how the points can be used.
  • In future phases of the program, the Panini Rewards Inventory system will include unique, event-based experiences and the opportunity to participate in player interactions. 

Will Rewards Points impact how a trading card product is initially built?

  • Absolutely not. Our goal remains to build the most compelling and collectible trading card products on the market every time. That will not change.

Will Panini hold back high-end cards from product to place on the Rewards system?

  • Absolutely not. Previous redemptions that were exchanged by customers before they were returned by the athlete become Panini America inventory and will eventually be loaded to the Panini Rewards System when they become available.

Are points tied to specific releases?

  • No. Points carry the same value across all products.

What if I don’t have a Smartphone?

  • You can manually enter the Rewards Card code into PaniniRewards.com by clicking “My Rewards” if you do not have a smartphone. 

Claiming Panini Rewards
Can individual collectors purchase cards from the inventory directly?

  • No. Cards cannot be purchased directly from the Panini inventory. You can have your choice of cards from inventory with enough Panini Rewards points.

What if I can’t find the card I want?

  • Panini has an extensive inventory of high value cards and intends to offer as many as possible on PaniniRewards.com. Some cards may not be in our inventory. Keep checking back as we will be adding cards continuously.

About the Panini Rewards Mobile App
Panini Rewards Card Scanning
What is a QR Code?

  • A QR Code is a machine-readable code consisting of black and white squares, typically used for storing internet addresses or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

Why don’t I receive points when I scan a Panini Rewards Points card?

  • There could be a problem with the camera on your mobile device. Check to make sure that enough light is available on the QR-Code while scanning.
  • You can manually enter the Panini Rewards Card code on My Rewards at PaniniRewards.com, if you cannot scan the code with your mobile device.
  • You may have already scanned that particular Rewards card and received points. The points on a Rewards card can only be claimed once.

Can I scan a Panini Rewards Points card multiple times?

  • You can scan Panini Rewards Cards multiple times, but the points on a Rewards card can only be claimed once.

What if my Panini Rewards Points card is not readable?
You can manually enter the Panini Rewards Card code on My Rewards at PaniniRewards.com, if you cannot scan the code with your mobile device.


40 Replies to “FAQ: Panini America Addresses Most-Asked Questions on the Panini Rewards Program”

  1. based on some of the questions regarding points, does that mean every rewards card packed out will be enough points to get at least low-point-value relic or auto card? I wonder how frequent it might be that if I pull just one rewards card out of a box, I may not be able to immediately redeem it for something and have to pull a second rewards card to have enough points to get a low-value relic or auto card.

  2. Nice. But as I saw, there is nothing that prevent people or businesses from hoarding points. Only thing I can see that is good is that someone can only claim a limited set of the same card. what about businesses that register multiple accounts? They can sweap out all the good cards in one minute after they are released. Is it even a little chanse for a tiny collector to be fast enought to claim high end cards if they got the points?
    I also saw there was Hockey cards at the rewards site. Sweet. Keep up the great work!

    1. I don’t have a twitter so I can’t ask on twitter. Sorry Panini. But could you please answer my question.

  3. I’m very happy to see this program develop the way it has. It appears to be straightforward and user friendly, creating desired flexibility for collectors to get more personalized results for their collexting dollars. I’m noticing a lot of aspects of this program based on comments and feedback from right here on the blog which proves how receptive you all are to our opinions. I see many positives here and hope it is well received by collectors everywhere, which leads me to my only question: beyond announcing the program here and on your social media outlets, how are you planning to get the word out on this program to the public? Might there be an opportunity for people to make YouTube videos and scoial media posts on the subject as a part of a contest? Will there be literature sent to hobby shops and distributors to create a more educated seller and customer environment? Thanks for all the info Tracy and everyone else who had a hand in the development in this great new program!

  4. So what’s the minimum amount of points each card will have? For instance, if I pull a rewards card out of a pack, will the minimum amount of points be enough to get one card? Seems like the least expensive on the reward site is 150 points. Will my rewards card be worth at least that?

  5. Whoa. This could kill me! I have a ton of unopened 2011 Contenders Football blaster boxes that have the rare SP redemptions in them. So there are plenty that are still unredeemed, yet expired. But Panini still honors expired redemptions. Are some of the SP Rookie Tickets going to be in the program? And if so, will they make some redemption cards obsolete then, if they’re claimed on the rewards site before being redeemed?

  6. So i get you aren’t guaranteed the exact patch shown, but if i redeem my points from a patch card are you at least getting a patch? Or is there a chance im getting plain jersey card?

  7. I truly hope high end players will be available and snatched up by those who spend the most money on cards, totally goes against the way card collecting has been since it started where anyone had a shot at the same card just by buying a pack/box as the ones who bought 20 packs/boxes. I do like limiting the number of the same card but I still think what will happen is the high end cards will be snatched up so quick that the little guy is left with the scraps in terms of low value players. Let’s see how this pans out…

  8. I think its a good idea. Worth a try and seems fair. I know said hobby shops will hoard points but that would mean they open a ton of product and would have better odds at a top notch card anyway. Pretty even across the board IMO. At least Panini is trying to better the system.

  9. What are the odds of pulling a rewards card? I’ve seen this questioned asked several times and never answered.

  10. I think the program has been fantastic so far-I was able to get a few unique cards from the “vaults” of Panini. Question, though: after the initial rollout of about 1500 or so cards, it seems that not many new cards have been added. Is there a plan to periodically add more than just a few cards here or there?

  11. Follow up questions-If cards have been sitting on there a while “unclaimed” is there any plans to reduce their point value? Any thoughts of “special sales” for those cards?

  12. how often are these poimt cards inserted? is there any indication, like maybe 3 point cards per box? or is it all completely random?

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing. And if they’re in all 2014 products from now on or just certain ones. And if so-which ones? And are they easier to pull and/or have higher point totals in higher-end products vs. say, Score. This is all stuff we should know by now. I’d definitely be more willing to put down money for certain sets with point cards in ’em with decent ratios than other sets.

  13. Hello I have a 150 panini rewards card and I downloaded the app and scanned it and got my points but when I go on the website phone or computer it won’t let me sign in and u have to be sighned in to get a card I have the right username and password thank you for your time – Matt

  14. I’ve had the worst luck with the condition of cards I get back from them. I’ve already sent back several cards, multiple times and this last batch was the same issue. Whoever is responsible for inserting cards into the sleeves & toploaders is quite careless, as I rarely have this problem with regular redemptions at Panini. And the issue is almost always at the bottom, which points to them being aggressive in putting the cards in the sleeves and nicking the corners. Paid a LOT of money getting these rewards points in return for PSA/BGS 8’s, which obviously the person responsible isn’t aware they are worth a small fraction of the value of 9’s or 10’s….
    Great program otherwise.

  15. Why do I have to pay to ship a card that should have originally been in the product? Shouldn’t you ship these for free since they were originally supposed to be in the boxes similar to a redemption?

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