Heavy Hitters Featuring Lamar Jackson, Jayson Tatum, Fernando Tatis Jr. and More Headline 2020 Prizm Blockchain Week 8 Lineup

August 24, 2020

Purchasing a 2020 Prizm Blockchain digital card entitles buyer to receive physical version of the card free with purchase

A Lamar Jackson Gold Vinyl NFL Shield Autograph, a Cracked Ice Patch Autograph featuring Fernando Tatis Jr., and NBA Logoman Autographs featuring Jayson Tatum and Charles Barkley headline the Week 8 lineup in Panini America’s 2020 Prizm Blockchain initiative. Other key cards this week include impressive 1/1 gems featuring Zion Williamson/Stephen Curry, Joe Burrow/Tua Tagovailoa and more.

For the next seven weeks, Panini Blockchain will unveil 20 new Prizm Blockchain 1/1 cards every Monday morning. But for the first time since the initial Panini Blockchain launch in January, purchasing the 2020 Prizm Blockchain digital card on the Panini Blockchain site entitles the buyer to receive the physical version of the card free with the purchase.

The 2020 Prizm Blockchain set features 100 cards, each incorporating three unique Prizm subsets: Gold VinylCracked Ice and Mosaic. Every card in the set is a 1/1 and can be purchased beginning Mondays at 10 a.m. CST through the Panini Blockchain site or by using the Panini Direct app. The cards will be sold in a Dutch Auction format with prices dropping incrementally until the card is sold.

By using the Panini Blockchain site, collectors will be able to maintain ownership of their Blockchain digital cards and also have the ability to auction the cards securely on the Panini Blockchain to other buyers. In addition, collectors can search the Panini Blockchain site for other auctions. In the near future, the Panini Blockchain site will offer additional functionality such as personal galleries, ownership histories for individual cards and more.

In the must-see gallery below, we offer a complete preview of the 20 blockbuster cards available in Week 8.