Panini America On Location Video: The Taylor Hall Signing Session

Taylor Hall, the Edmonton Oilers' sensational rookie winger, came through town earlier this week for Tuesday's game against the Dallas Stars, providing Panini America with a can't-miss Monday night meeting with the first overall pick of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

Taylor Hall, the Edmonton Oilers‘ sensational rookie winger, came through town earlier this week for Tuesday’s game against the Dallas Stars, providing Panini America with a can’t-miss Monday night meeting with the first overall pick of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

Equipped with a Flip camera and some of the sweetest hockey cards you’ve ever seen, Panini America acquisitions specialist Alex Carbajal ventured downtown to the posh team hotel for a quick signing session. After Hall added the punctuating penmanship to a handful of true collection-making gems (check out the gallery below), Carbajal fired a handful of hardball questions at the young superstar.

For what it’s worth, all of the autographs Hall signed Monday night were on-card. He did say that his stickers were in Edmonton and that he would return them as soon as he gets home. He also apologized to Panini America collectors for the wait. If that’s not Rookie of the Year material, we don’t know what is.

After the video, scroll on down to see some of Hall’s handiwork.


11 Replies to “Panini America On Location Video: The Taylor Hall Signing Session”

  1. Up close and personal very cool………you guys at Panini America are doing great things for us the collector……from showing us how the cards are made to being up and personal with the stars and posting it up for us to see …….also the contest’s and giveaways ………….I can say this as a company it is great that you keep us the collectors in the loop and can only prosper by it…Thank You

      1. do you know if taylor hall signed any dominion arp rc /99 with any special inscriptions as he did in crown royle with the #1 overall inscription,
        please some info would be awesome

  2. I always enjoy watching players turn fifty-cent pieces of cardboard into hundred dollar pieces of artwork. It sort of cracks me up. Do most of the players understand just how much money they’re holding in their hands when they’re finished signing?

  3. Panini live. Does it get any better in this hobby? They give us unlimited access and answer all questions. How cool is that?

  4. Fantastic! Love how you guys keep the collectors posted on what’s happening and you even take time to take us behind the scene! It’s things like these that really set you guys apart from the competition!

    I do have a question for you, though. Seeing as Taylor Hall was signing on card autos, does that mean that the Limited Material Phenoms for him are ready?! I don’t see any pictured, but there’s a Back to the Future on there from the Limited set.

    I’ve got one reserved right now and it would be grand for it to come through! 🙂

  5. well i mean the crown royle ones /25 and /99 that have the #1 overall inscription, i own the 4/99 and was wondering how many taylor hall signed like this. please let me know.

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