Panini America Unwraps 2012-13 Prestige Basketball (& Reveals the Checklist, Too)

For most hoops hobbyists, today's release of 2012-13 Prestige Basketball absolutely qualifies as a special occasion. As such, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower scouted out a special location for this edition of Panini Unwrapped.

For most hoops hobbyists, today’s release of 2012-13 Prestige Basketball absolutely qualifies as a special occasion. As such, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower scouted out a special location for this edition of Panini Unwrapped.

From the cozy confines of the Panini America HQ lobby, the dynamic duo rips through one prestigious 24-pack box. In addition, Hower brought a few extra visuals to show off. Enjoy the video above and the checklist below. After you’ve perused them both, we’re going to give you a chance to win some of the hits and a few boxes of the product. How? Glad you asked.

We want you to give us your candid feedback on two topics:

1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?

Answer those questions in the comments section below. This time next week, we’ll pick a handful of winners to reward these sweet cards to. Thanks, as always, for your participation.

2012-13 Prestige BK Checklist


124 Replies to “Panini America Unwraps 2012-13 Prestige Basketball (& Reveals the Checklist, Too)”

  1. i love love love the idea of having 2 draft classes. it slike buying 2 products for 1 price. and 2 really great rookies classes at that. My fave rookie that ill be collecting is bismack biyambo . really like this kid and im excited to finally be able to get some of his autos. thank you!!!

  2. Question 1- I really like the idea of double rookie class because that gives the chance to pull double the amount of rookie cards! Plus it’s not your Paninis fault the NBA was on strike last year. Question 2- Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis and any other rookie who starts the season off playing good. Thanks for the great contest and keep up the GREAT work Panini!!

  3. I think it’s a really good idea to have both draft classes in the 2012-13 products. It would be a pity not having the 11-12 draft class in any Panini product. The rookies I will be collecting the most are Kyrie Irving and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

    Greetings from Germany

  4. I think it’s ridiculous that you guys are doing this double RC class. Sure it will drive sales, but you also lost a year of sales to get that. You could have easily made base rc’s of the players from 11-12. People wanted something… not nothing. You guys photo-shopped Jeremy Lin into a Knicks uniform in only 3 weeks but couldn’t get pictures of RC’s in games for 6 months? You could have easily made base/inserts/parallels. A nice base parallel that is well designed of Kyrie Irving /25 would have sold for a lot of money. Not every RC needs to be an Autograph or a jersey card. You guys should stop making jersey cards altogether I can’t even sell them for a dollar. So why rip people off by putting them in your products and then charge double what you should to open the product.

  5. 1. I think the double rookie class will make it more popular to bust since people will be able to find more of the players they’re looking for.
    2. Thomas Robinson because I think he has a lot of upside and could make a lot of noise out west.

  6. 1. Last season, I wasn’t big on the dual rookie class concept. Now that it has arrived, I’m a fan of it. Having a large number of rookies in this season’s products is exciting.
    2. Kenneth Faried & Jordan Hamilton. Really looking for big things out of J-Ham this season, as a Nuggets fan.

  7. 1. I love the Double Rookie Class since it still allows collectors to collect more rookie autos such as Kyrie Irving from last year and Anthony Davis from this year. With the double class, you don’t have to buy two separate boxes to get the rookies from each class, which in my opinion, is an added bonus.
    2. I’m looking forward to hopefully pull a Harrison Barnes auto because the Warriors are my second favorite team, as well as getting Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo since I’m a diehard Celtics fan.

  8. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

    AWESOME idea, you guys are the rookie authorities, you have created rookie MANIA!

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?

    It’s GOTTA be the man for the local team, Kyrie Irving, he may lead Cleveland back to respectability! I’m also watching Isaiah Thomas, and for draft picks, Thomas Robinson looks interesting.
    Panini & Tracy, you just continue to ROCK, THANKS for the contest!

  9. Question 1. Double rookie class is a great idea and a good card to pull. combining two rookies from different year. creating the idea of who’s rookie class/players has an edge to be on top. Question 2. I’ve set my eye in collecting anthony davis cards. NCAA title, Olympic Gold medalist, wat else will you look for?

  10. 1. I love the idea of double rookies. Why should collectors miss out on a key rookie year? Serving the people, Panini, serving the people!
    2. Jimmer Fredette

  11. This is one time that redemptions SHOULD have been used as it would have helped last year’s product. I don’t like the two years combined but it does make this year’s products better. For rookies, I’ll stick with Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller.

  12. love the chance to catch up with both classes. lots of my uk wildcats. will difinitely be collecting anthony davis and mkg and the other UK players. thanks.

  13. 1) It was hard during the 11/12 releases with no rookies, but now that the double class is finally here, it’s like we have reached the promised land of unending rookies, it’s fantastic.
    2) As far as who I’ll be collecting, that’s easy…ALL OF THEM!!! As a rookie auto set collector this seasons releases are my collecting fantasy, the only problem is not so much where to start, but where to stop lol.

  14. I love the double rookie class and will break more product this yr than in any other because of it. The rookie im looking forward to most is Kidd-Gilchrist for his intensity and athleticism, i believe he will grow into a defensive force in the league and carve a niche for himself among the most collectible players in the hobby.

  15. I like the double rookie class and u will be collectin kemba walker for my nephew who is a huge fan of his. Also if u can give away the brandon jennings jersey card i would love to have that please

  16. Awesome! I really like how you guys are putting both rookie classes in the box. It gives people more opportunities to pull some of their favorite rookies. I’ll definitely be collecting Anthony Davis, Tyler Zeller, and Andre Drummond. Great product!

  17. 1. As a Cavs fan, last year was very frustrating not being able to chase any Kyrie Irving rookie cards. Mostly it was frustrating as a basketball collector seeing the rookie class in limbo and not knowing how many products would include the 2011-12 rookie class. The initial dual redemption program in the last three products from last year was also a little difficult to understand at its outset.

    That said, if I had known how the dual rookie program would work this year, it would have eased a lot of concerns. The old adage about not knowing being the hardest part certainly rang true. I am excited about being able to collect both rookie classes simultaneously, I just hope that it doesn’t limit the number of established star autographs in any of the products.

    2. Kyrie is kind of out of my price range for mass collecting, so I will be collecting Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, and Tristan Thompson and hoping to acquire a few Kyrie’s along the way. Outside of the Cavs players, I will probably pick up a few Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler, DJO, and Jared Sullinger cards because of their connections to Marquette and Ohio State..

  18. 1. Double Rookie Class is a great addition! More reason to collect basketball and Panini.
    2. The Thunder Rookies Perry Jones and Hollis Thompson are at the top of my list. But big name rookies like Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, and Bradley Beal.

  19. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

    Obviously, losing basketball to a lock-out is a bad thing, but I think having the double rookie class should add value to the products. These products seem to have more rookie cards than in the past.

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?

    Jonas Valanciunas!

  20. 1. I like having a lot of rookies this season, but I would have rather had the rookies from last year earlier.
    2. Being a wizards fan, I’m so pumped to see some Bradley Beal cards!

    My 16th birthday is on the 16th, so please pick me! I would be so grateful!!

  21. First off, I love the look of Panini basketball this year, in particular I think the rookie cards look great. Excellent job creating a great looking product that provides excellent value.

    1. I think you guys did a great job with the double rookie class. Given the fact that nobody could prevent the shortened season last year, and there was no opportunity to acquite autos or memorabilia from the rookies, I think the double rookie class was a great idea. I will definitely be buying more basketball this year as a result.

    2. I’ll be collecting Zeller, Marshall, Barnes and Henson. I bleed Carolina Blue! I’m hoping they all have a great rookie season, and I look forward to getting some Panini autos of my UNC guys.

  22. Well congratulations first of all with another exciting product from Panini. Me and my son Love Panini, especially with this Double rookie class and the Kobe Anthology exclusive only in Panini!!
    Tons of rookie cards from two class…Great job for doing it. Kudos To Panini, Tracy you rock and Keith another very well done nba product.
    My favorite player to collect would be
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, Austin Rivers, Jared Sullinger and John Henson…Those would be the Future of the NBA.
    Thanks for the new Prestige!!!
    Good Luck and More Success!!!!
    Panini the only NBA licence product out there!

  23. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products? I really like the idea. It was disappointing last year not to have any rookies in the products but now a double class wants me to buy twice as much!!

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season? Kyrie Irving and Gilchrist. Those guys have something special to show the NBA this season. Kyrie showed glimpses already but has more to show still trying to fill Lebrons shoes and Gilchrist could have easily had been the number one pick.

  24. 1. Very excited to see the double rookie class this year after having no rookies all last year. I had been wondering what you guys would do in the tough situation you were in, and you definitely made the best of it. It great to see such a massive variety of rookies.

    2. Perry Jones III: Excited to see all of my Baylor alumni and also my Bobcats from last year, and this year!

  25. 1. The rookies represent the paradigm shift necessary for the NBA to reach its full potential. I believe the first steps towards a truly engaging return to the glory days happened in the Dwight Howard trade. Yes, another superpower upgraded its arsenal of superstars (Lakers), but the Nuggets (by getting Andre Iguodala) now join the Thunder as non-superstar-oriented contenders. The NBA would get boring if it were merely the Spurs, Celtics, Lakers, and Heat vying for titles each year.

    There are some upstart teams – Raptors Wolves, Nuggets, Warriors, Thunder, Wizards and Cavaliers – that don’t have huge-salary superstar trios that are going to make noise in the next few seasons and – maybe – one of them will position themselves as the underdog in the Finals next year. These teams are positioning themselves because of how they’ve been drafting. Maybe I’m overzealous to expect 5 of those 7 to make the postseason, but it’s really hard to remember a time when so many teams had so many young, hard-working phenoms ready to make a run this early.

    2. I’m collecting Kenneth Faried, Kyrie Irving and the Raptors rookies Quincy Acy, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. For Faried, it’s because he’s such a fun player to watch and plays with a high motor. I’m a Raptors fan, but I genuinely like all of those players. I’m also rooting for Syracuse’s Fab Melo, because I enjoy redemption stories.

  26. 1. The double rookie class will certainly drive sales of the product, but I don’t necessarily think it helps people want to sustain purchases in the product because rookies are of course unproven, and even the ones that shined in their first year may or may not actually become stars. I would like seeing more veterans and hall of famer’s in the product.
    2. I would ideally collect perhaps the whole base set, as I love completing sets, and in terms of autographs and memorabilia cards I would collect anything and everything from the Golden State Warriors.

  27. I like it cause it adds value to the rookie cards. I don’t like it cause it is harder to pull a top tier rookie from one year now that there are 2 yrs of rookies.
    2. I am going to collect a lot of Fab Melo

  28. I think the double rookie class will create a collecting frenzy. And also allow a variety of option for those supercollectors.

    I was set on picking up a couple Jonas Valanciunas RCs, but he hasn’t been included on any checklists thus far. In the mean time, a couple sick Terrence Ross cards would be awesome.

  29. 1. I love the double rookies twice as many cards for the same price. How can you beat that? i will love to bust prestige as 3 autos and 1 mem is a great deal for the box price.
    2. I want to collect any bobcats as they are my favorite team in the nba and can only get better from last year. LOL


  30. 1. Im not fond of the double rookie class. I think its somewhat confusing as to what is the true rc for the players of the 2011/12 year. Why couldn’t these RCs be released in later products but still for the 11/12 year. During the last lockout in 98/99, companies were able to produce RCs and redemptions for the rookie class such that years later, we all know and can identify by year the RC. We all know Dirk, Vince and Paul Pierce were rookies in 98/99 and there are cards to show it. Years later when we want to have Irving’s RC, we have the 2011/12 NBA ROY with his rookie card from 2012/13. It doesn’t make sense.
    2.I’ll probably stick with Jared Sullinger

  31. Hey first of all guys, the cards look great, Love the shine and pop they have this year. I will be busting some thats a promise.
    Okay for the Questions
    1. Having two rookie classes into one year of you cards, isnt too bad at all. I think there is a better chance for the collector to get a hold of some solid rookies, Basketball collectors will like getting a shot at filling up their sets and grabbing a few players to personal collect all in one product. It could interfer with the following years release though, we’ll have to see. All in all I dont mind it at all, I like both of these classes, so I feel I got a good shot at actually hitting a better rookie being that there’s two full years of draft picks into one product.
    2 The rookies Im excited about, are Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrest, Derrick Williams, Austin Rivers, Thomas Robinson and many more. The two years of studds coming out of college and into a product/products should make the collector feel lil bit at ease buying a bigger product also. I would try doing the bigger products with the dual class rookies also. Its never been done but it cant hurt to try. As the season starts and goes on Im sure you will have you standouts like Jeremy Linn was last year. Excited guys, and happy your fulfilling the collectors wishes on the making the rookies finally live. Best wishes to Panini and I cant wait to see more creative moves made by the team and all their hard workers. Best ot luck Panini

  32. 1.) I like the idea of the double rookie class, but what I don’t understand is also including the rookie redemption cards in PP, GS, and Limited. Either the 11-12 should have had no rookies or the 12-13 should have double rookies, not both. I think it will lead to some confusion in the marketplace.

    2.) All the UNC guys: Barnes, Zeller, Marshall, and Henson. Also Damian Lillard.

  33. 1.It is good and rewards those who stuck with panini even thought they had no rookies last year 2. I plan on collecting andrew goudlock

  34. Thanks again guys for another great break/video/contest. Say hello to Ted the Knight for me! HAHAHA! How’d I just know you guys have one of those in your lobby??

    Anyway, RC-wise I don’t think it’s a bad idea to increase the number of chased after cards. People will have a task in front of them to put the rc set together at one per pack but it’s doable.

    I will be looking for 76ers rookies this year in general, but wouldn’t mind getting the more high profile players either.

    PS-Love the connections cards! Is there a Bird-Dr J or Magic Johnson-Dr. J card??

  35. Sounds like a real winner and after a whole year of no basketball cards, there should be no problem selling out of this. I for one think the double rookie class is going to be looked back at as a huge milestone in NBA card collecting much like the 1985 Fleer set which covered about 10 years worth of new rookies. To answer the second question, I am going to be collecting mainly Irving and Kidd-Gilchrist whom I have been watching since they were in grade school here in NJ. It is one of the great pleasures of watching basketball here in NJ. In a small 100 square mile here in NJ get to see many future NBA stars.

  36. I think its great that Panini is doing something diff this year wit the rookies! Not a bad way to kill 2 birds wit one stone! Yheres so many that its the only way to go! I cant wait to get my hands ona card with 2 of the No 1 draft picks on it!! I hope thats the way youll be doing it! Also my top favs are P.Jones and R.Jackson for OKC!!! I think these players are gonna play a new part for the Thunder! Another Player that i like is Jimmer Ferdette!

  37. I love the product. Great work Panini!
    1. I love the idea of having 2 draft classes. More players to collect.
    2. i plan on collecting the obvious favorite…Anthony Davis:)

    Thanks again Panini for another contest for a great product:)

  38. Hey, somebody – maybe one of you guys, in an earlier box break video – pointed out that this is an industry driven by rookies. I don’t think there’s any problem with doubling the rookies (let’s hope you won’t have to do that for the NHL), but I really like your Rookie Anthology hockey set – I wonder what a cross-platform NBA set like that would have looked like.

    It’s hard to pick against Kyrie Irving for the rookie I’d be happiest to pull. ROTY, and crazy mature for a guy so young.

  39. 1. I love the double rookie class. It’s going to make it a challenge to collect all the rookies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I’d say it will make collecting for this year even more fun.
    2. 2012-13 class: Brad Beal. 2011-12 class: Chandler Parsons. Fellow Gators.

  40. i love the double draft more rc’s the better 🙂 i can’t wait to collect Damian Lillard 🙂 thanks for the vid. love the cards can’t wait to get my first pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 1) I think it’s great, more opportunity for a huge pull.

    2) I hope to get an Anthony Davis auto sometime this year. It would definitely be one that i would never let go of.

  42. First, thanks as always for the contest. I’m happy that wasn’t Bob Knight behind you otherwise you would had to worry he would throw one of those chairs you were sitting in…

    1. I appreciate the concept as a viable solution to a problem, it added a lottery/chase type element to what would otherwise be a very straight-forward collecting pattern that will hopefully reward those who stuck with the process. The only issue I had was the seemingly endless confusion I heard from collectors and dealers about what each redemption card should be worth on the secondary market since the exact player was not yet determined. Overall the campaign seems like a success though, very innovative.

    2. I’m not the biggest basketball fan but I will make it a point to pick up something Kemba Walker this year, living in Connecticut has afforded me the ability to watch him quite a bit and I really like what I saw.

    Thanks again guys!

  43. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

    Going to be pretty nice to pull diffrent RC’s from a year ago along side this crop of kids….cant wait to see some of these in hand

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?

    All the Terps players!!!! FEAR THE TURTLE BABY!!!

    Thanks again Panini!!

  44. 1. I think the double-rookie cards are awesome, they add more variety to the cards and I think its great because its double the collectible! I love your guys products.
    2. I want to collect Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Kyrie Irving, and Terrence Ross.

    I love your products sooo much please chooose me to win a box or cards. Ireally really really want a box, please pick me????

  45. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

    I think it’s great as collectors we don’t have to miss out on a rookie class! I mean we already missed out on enough basketball why punish us again? Haham

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?
    I’ll be collecting everything Norris Cole!!!

    Thanks from one of your Australia customers!! (don’t forget about us haha) 🙂

      1. Yay! Great to hear!! Im a relatively new collector so thats good to see!

        One of those unopened boxes would give me a good kick start to collecting 😛 haha

      2. hey tracy im so happy you guys have rookies you keep improving your cards each year i will be collecting jimmy butler austin river anthony davis and marquis teague would be the best thing of my life if u pick me love openining your packs thanks

  46. 1) I like there being double the rookies this season …I already have a head start as I grabbed up some Hoops as soon as they hit the Hobby shops…

    2) As for who will be under my radar …Anthony Davis,Kyle Irving,Andre Drummond just to name a few ….as earlier have a head start on those as well…also lookingf forward to some of the big guns the Stars……

    Merci,…lol…Thank you…..

  47. Great job with the Prestige product guys! The design of those Prestigious Picks autos and the Connections inserts is terrific. And that Franchise Favorites insert of Kobe that Tracy pulled is just gorgeous!
    As to the questions,
    1. It was very tough to miss the rookies last year, but I think the double rookie class in this year’s products is going to make this a tremendous year for collecting. There is going to be a lot of excitement in picking up the rookies from both years and seeing how these “freshman” and “sophomores” compare in their performances.
    2. Although there are several rookies I’ll be collecting this year, my main focus will be on my fellow Illinois alumnus, Meyers Leonard. I am really anxious to see how he does for the Blazers this year. By the way, that rookie card that Tracy pulled of him is a fantastic design! I love the way the rookies really “pop” on those cards.

  48. 1. I think having two rookie class is a great idea. It give more people to collect the rookies cards and bring excitement to the hobby.
    2. I will collect Ferdette and Thomas

  49. 1) I like the idea of a huge rookie checklist spanning two classes because there’s a better shot of scoring multiple hot rookie cards.
    2) I will collect Kyrie Irving because he is the only true superstar of the class so far. Plus, the last number 1 pick for the Cavs worked out pretty well for collectors if I remember correctly.

  50. I actually like the consistentcy of having the Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products!!

    I pulled a Lillard redemption from Past and Present so I would probably try and collect as many of him as possible! Got a feeling he will have a great rookie year

  51. I love the double rookie classes. Collecting rookies is probabally my favorite part about putting a set together and now ther’s two. I’m a big bucks fan so i’m hopefully going to collect john henson, doron lamb, and tobias harris.

    P.s. i would love if i could get the brandon jennings jersey piece. The youngbuck is my favorite player!

  52. 1. I love the fact that you guys have both rookie classes. Collecting rookie cards is one of my favorite parts about putting sets together, and now there’s two!

    2. I’m a huge Milwaukee Bucks fan so i will look forward to collecting John Henson, Doron Lamb, and Tobias Harris.

    P.s. I would love it if i could please have the Brandon Jennings jersey piece. The young buck is my favorite player!

  53. 1. The double rookie class in my opinion is the main highlight for all the Panini Basketball products throughout the year. There’s more thrill to opening products this year to not only chase after 1 but 2 years of rookies which brings more excitement! Also gives alot more variety for the collectors to who they want to start collecting!

    2. I’m a Uconn fan myself and I’m deciding on either Andre Drummond or Jeremy Lamb to collect this year.

    Thanks again!

  54. 1. Great to have the rookies back and having double makes it that much better, benefit of a lockout?
    2. I will be chasing Boston Rookies like Jared Sullinger.

    Been waiting for Prestige I am excited.

  55. 1.I think that the double rookie class this year is just hands down amazing because instead of going after that only number one draft pick, you can go after both number one draft picks

    2. This year I would want to collect Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers. I think that they are going to start alot of buzz in New Orleans

  56. 1. I think you made a blessing out of the lockout last year in terms of rookie cards as we now have double the reason to buy Panini basketball products. Imagine pulling out two of the best rookies from last season, and another one or two from this coming season. Two birds with one stone! Irving/Williams/Biyombo/Walker/Cole/Brooks/Jackson along with Davis/Kidd-Gilchrist/Waiters/Rivers/Lamb in one box? That’s sick!

    2. I think I’ll be aiming for the top rookies from last year and the top prospects from this year. Kyrie Irving, Bismack Miyombo and Kemba Walker. From this season, Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Dion Waiters and maybe Austin Rivers. A lot of promising future stars from the Bobcats, Cavs and Hornets this year.

    Saying hi to Tracy and Keith from the Philippines!

  57. 1) I think the double-rookie class is a genius fix to a somewhat troublesome issue. It certainly adds value, and excitement and will probably be looked back upon as one of the coolest “fixes” to a daunting problem. Great proactive thinking with the COLLECTORS in mind. Kudos!

    2) As a Charlotte Bobcats fan (one of few who will actually admit it!) I will be chasing Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and I will also be after Brandon Knight as a Pistons fan. Their values will be somewhat in the middle of the pack upon debut so I can still afford to chase them while everyone is after the “big guns” Irving and Anthony Davis. But don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled to pull some of the Irving’s and Davis’ of the set. Who doesn’t love the excitement of the Big Pull?

    Love the Prestige brand!

  58. First of al, this has to be the funniest video I’ve watched yet. From the sound effects, to the (awkward) moment, to the high five at the end I was cracking up the whole time so well done on that part. Secondly, Tracy, can I have your job?….It was worth a try. Anyways, after opening 5 boxes of Prestige football I am really looking foward to Prestige basketball and I can’t wait til payday gets here so I can go get some. No one to the qustions…

    1.) I love the dual rookie class. It really works out well for me because I have just got back into collecting this year so I missed out on last years rookie class and being from N.E. Ohio it gives me a shot at getting some Kyrie Irving rookie cards.

    2.) If you haven’t guessed by now my most sought after rookie will be Kyrie Irving.

    Keep up the good work guys (and the funny videos too)!!!!

  59. 1) The two rookie classes in overdue, I’m pretty much a retail only collector, so I’ve been without Basketball cards for a year now, so anything with RC’s is appreciated.

    2) Ivan Johnson is who I’m collecting, I just hope there are some autos with him coming in future products!

  60. 1) Duo Rookie class will make for some amazing Duo Rookie Autos. Instead of a 1st and 2nd rounder, now you can combine the 1st round picks from 2011 with 2012. And in CLE’s case, a sweet triple auto with Kyrie Tristan and Dion!

    OH CANADA triple – Cory joseph, Tristan Thompson and Andrew Nicholson!

    2). One of those three Canadians. Maybe Andrew Nicholson,

  61. 1 – Very very very unique situation. Definitely means more autos of 1st rounders 🙂

    2 – MKG, that kid is a workhorse!

  62. #1. This is a great idea. More players to collect and more chances
    to get GS Warrior rooks.

    #2. I will be collecting these rooks.
    Kyrie Irving
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.
    Jared Sullinger
    Fab Melo

  63. Great job panini! I love this product.
    1. A bigger draft class means more players to collect which is a good thing.
    2. I plan on collecting Jared Sullenger. Go Ohio State!!!
    Thanks for another awesome contest for a fab product .

  64. 1. it is a great idea I love the double rookie class more players to collect.
    2. Markeiff Morris, Kendall Marshall, Klay Thompson, and Kenneth Faried

  65. 1/ I think the double rookie class is a novel idea, one hundred cards makes it a set chases delight…
    2/ I like Beal, think he could make an impact with wall in the DC backcourt, klay thompson and faried interest me also, lots of talent there…

  66. wow definetly the best way to get a response back is to give away free stuff lol. So, as far as the dual rookie class goes, its nice to see all the rookies get their cards, but i kinda get the feeling most of the busts this year are going to be massively rookie heavy. I kinda like gettin guys ive heard of. And to do it across the board for all products, well, it just wouldnt be a complete rookie class of cards if ya guys didnt.Still a little unsure on the draft details( little help?), but im kinda liking the mystery suprise christmasy feeling to it. Big smiles when i pull the wrapping off to find a irving or a thompson!!! Keep up the good work guys!! 🙂

  67. Fantastic work Panini! Can’t wait to get my hands on 2012-13 prestige! Super excited.
    1. The combined draft classes is a great idea because that allows more players to be collected.
    2. I am going to be collecting a lot of Kryie Irving memorabilia, even though he is technically not a rookie. For rookies probably Anthony Davis:)

    Thanks again for another contest for a super brand of basketball cards.

  68. Great work Panini!
    1. A combined draft class means more players to collect which is awesome!!!
    2. I will be collecting Jared Sullinger mostly because he played at OSU.

    Thanks again for another great product Panini.

  69. I think that this situation is unfortunate but for us that are into the hobby will have a time pulling all those big name rookie cards and the rookie i will be stocking up on is Kyrie Irving. He gone be ballin.

  70. 1. I think its awesome, because theres a better chamce of getting more Rc cards, and I think it awesome because I can find my Kyrie Irving Rcs, so I think its cool.
    2. Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Austin Rivers, Ect
    3. Did u guys pull a memorabilia card from the box? Because i didnt see one…

  71. 1. As far as I’m concerned, there can only be a double rookie class if there was a lost production year or if there were no cards issued of the previous rookie class in a product shortened year. While last year definitely qualifies as a product shortened year, Panini actually issued cards if that draft rookie class in the form of redemptions and those are the cards I’ll be considering as that year’s rookie cards. I know that’s not how a lot of people see it, which is fine, but that’s what I’m sticking to for my collecting purposes.
    2. I’ll be collecting Anthony Davis for this year’s rookie class. I think he’ll be a runaway star.

  72. 1. I am really excited about this product. With the Dual Rookie class, this product will be value for money. One rookie card per pack…wow. This product will be popular for people who like to collect rookie cards and the beautiful design of these cards will make it popular to set collectors as well. Well done Panini!
    2. With the impressive rookie class, I am still undecided on which rookies to collect. As a person who plays the guard position I am more bias towards collecting players such as Kyrie Irving (aussie aussie aussie oih oih oih … hahaha), Damian Lillard, Austin Rivers, Klay Thompson and Bradely Beal (Go Wizards!). However, I also have my eyes on Anthony Davis as well 😀

  73. Great work Panini! Love the product and look forward to collecting the hottest rookies.
    1. A combined draft class means tons more rookies for me to collect which is a great idea.
    2. I will most likely be collecting Harrison Barnes the most because he was a fabulous player at UNC.

    Thanks again Panini for another great product. I will continue to stay tuned.

  74. I think this is great. I know of no other company that would have 2 draft classes in their products. It allows for a greater number of rookies available for collectors. I commend Panini on their unique design and business philosophy.

    I would like to collect any Jimmy Butler/Marquis Teague products that I can. I am a Chicago Bulls fan and would love the opportunity to get my hands on either of these team members.

    Thanks for all the neat products.

  75. 1) im a fan of the double rookie class. Not sure if i can say the same about my wallet/bank account. Double the amount of rookies to chase!

    2) anthony davis, what a beast. Oympic and Collegiate National Champ! What pedigree!

  76. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?

    Personally, I prefer the rookie class for each set to only be the draft class of the year (so only the 2012-13 draft class in this case, not including 2011-12). I would prefer getting the rookie cards of the new upcoming class since I already try to collect the rookie cards I like from the class before from their year’s release. However, I can see an advantage of the double class release being that people who haven’t bought the older Panini basketball packs/boxes can still give them a chance to get some of the rookies they might have missed from the year before.

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season?
    Like most people, I would be super happy if I could get a hold of Anthony Davis’ card! Just watching him do some alley oops and what not in the olympics made me like him even more! (Hopefully we can see him on a Panini bball box one day too :p haha!) I’m hoping for him, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Austin Rivers rookie cards! (watched both of their summer league games!)

    1. Also wanted to say thanks for doing a box break (I can’t count how many Panini box breaks I’ve watched on YouTube now lol) and for the contest and giving the fans a chance to win stuff!

  77. This product is looking great and I can’t wait to get my hands on some. I am slightly disappointed with the horizontal base as I am one of those guys you mentioned that uses binders. Aside from that the amount of inserts is great and I am excited about this years regular RC’s.

    1. I think to begin with there was some confusion about how the system was going to work and the PR could have been a little smoother maybe?
    But LONGEST BOX BREAK EVER, kind of like a lingering sensation that the box break isn’t over yet haha. I am really looking forward to the draft night and I like the fact that months after a box break I am going to get hits.

    2. I plan to collect Terrence Ross, Austin Rivers, Quincy Acy and maybe pick up a few Davis and Irving cards.

  78. 1.) It’s nice being able to have a chance at last years cookies since they were totally missed out on! And there are twice as many players for you to hit than having one class only!
    2.) I’m mos def thinking that Perry Jones 3 and Kemba Walker are guna be my pc that I can pick up at decent price, but Michael Kidd-Gilcrest is where its at baby!!

  79. Having two sets of rookies is awesome. Simply because it gives you a lot wider margin of collecting & it’s double the goodness! I will most likely be collecting Perry Jones, Anthony Davis, & Kyrie Irving. You guys killed Prestige. Picking up my 6th box today & for the price you cannot beat the product! I mean, two autographes, a memorbila, & also some numbered cards. Not to mention that the autos are insane. Along with some of the insert cards! I am loving the designs. They are so crisp, clean, & not over killed at all. I will 100% be finishing this set! Keep it up Panini!

  80. 1- The more rookies the better–especially the fringe guys and not the big name first rounders. I love getting autographs on their rookie cards and finding the random guy is sometimes more exciting then getting a bigger name hit.
    2-I will be collecting everyone, no one will escape my search!!
    Thanks Panini for putting out awesome products!

  81. Great work Panini! Love the product.

    1. I love the idea of a combined draft class. Now there is more rookies to collect.
    2. I am most likely going to be collecting Anthony Davis because he dominated in college basketball and he should in the NBA:)

    Thanks again for another contest for a super contest:)

  82. 1. What are your thoughts on Panini America’s Double Rookie Class spanning all 2012-13 NBA products?
    i think the double rookies are awesome! It Gives people a chance to get both draft rookies at the same time rather then waiting for another product and having two different products with two different rcs.

    2. Which of the 100 rookies will you be collecting the most of this season? I will be collecting Quincy Miller, Evan Fournier, Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton, Julyan Stone..all the nuggets players! And Austin Rivers!

  83. I love the double rookies because it covers both classes and it is nice to pull both rather then 1.
    I look forward to collecting The manimal, anthony davis, and reggie jackson!

  84. I think the double rookies are nice so you can pull any rookie for the 10-11 11-12 rc classes!
    I look forward to collecting JIMMER!!

  85. Having two rookie classes in one set is awesome. Possibly the only good thing yielded from the lockout last fall. Collectors may never have the chance to collect two different classes of rookies in one set ever again.

    I look forward to getting my hands on some of Kenneth Faried’s cards. I love his blue collar style of play in the paint.

  86. First, I would like to thank you Tracy Hackler, and Keith Hower for another exciting product From Panini. Those are awesome looking cards… I also would like to make a point on the video that The shining armor knight is awesome, but its Blocking the Sign Logo of Panini.
    But everyone Knows its Panini still. So no biggie.

    1. I Love the great new idea of that double rookie class… double gains for us Collectors. Its like a gift from You guys and girls of Panini to us the collectors. Great Idea on that double Class. I’m very impressed! Thumbs Up!!!

    2. I would definitely add Kyle Irving and Bradley Beal To my personal Collection…
    Those two would be my chase. Kyle Irving what a superstar to be. A franchise player for sure. Then Bradley Beal would shoot the lights out… It would be very exciting season for the NBA.
    Thanks again for another year of awesome products coming from Panini. Hopefully we all have fun and enjoy this… Salute

  87. Great work Panini! Absolutely love Prestige Basketball, this product has improved drastically over the years.
    1. A combined draft class is awesome! More rookies to collect means more autographs.
    2. I am going to be collecting Jared Sullinger the most because he was an awesome power forward at Ohio State.
    Thanks again Panini for another awesome product.

  88. This is the best basketball product so far of the new season. What makes this product good is the design of the base card. Most of the time the base cards don’t look that good and that ruins the enjoyment of collecting cards.

    1) the double rookie class is good and bad at the same time.It’s good for collectors because that’s what we look for when opening packs, On the downside, I believe last years rookies did not get to shine because of the lockout and now they have to share it with another rookie class.

    There are many different rookies that I’ll be looking for. The first will be the Toronto Raptors rookies, got to represent TORONTO. Secondly I’ll be looking for the Lakers rookies


  89. 1.) I think the double class rookie is okay, mostly because of the lock out and not being able to get the rookie cards of the last class. This way we are able to collect them, which is awesome! I would be sad to miss out on Kyrie Irving card if it wasn’t for this dual class. He’s one of my favorite players.

    2.) As above, I want Kyrie Irving’s rookie card! With an autograph would be even cooler! haha.

  90. 1. How can you not like the double Rookie Class. Two number 1 picks and names and many other top picks to choose from. I just picked up my first box and absolutely love the product. Nolan Smith, Kyrie Irving rookies but no Wildcats for my collection.

    2. I can’t wait to get some of the UK WIldcats from this set. Being from Wildcat territory, you grow to appreciate great basketball. Love the Davis Rookie and the Kidd-Gilchrist Rookies.

  91. I love yourr products Panini hope I win a box of the Prestige. This would be an early birthday present.My birthday is on October 3rd!

  92. Proving once again that we have the best collectors on the planet, your response to this contest was overwhelming. Thanks for continuing to amaze with your interaction. Alas, we had to narrow down the entrants for this contest via and the winners are:

    Jeff James, Fab Five Fan, Mule, Chrismbach and John W. Congratulations and be on the lookout for an email from us.

    To everyone else, again, thanks so much.

    1. Congratulations on the winners!
      Thanks Panini for making exciting NBA products. Hopefully you(panini) will have continued success!

    2. Bad luck again….. Congrats to the winners. Tracy if you ever have anything extra to offer . I am here to take it. I would really like a hobby box of one of your panini basketball products in the future! Help a 15 year old out that’s trying to start a collection

  93. My birthday is on the 3rd of October and I would love to receive a box of Threads for my birthday. Please make this happen Tracy!

  94. I think that the double rookie class makes panini more unique then any other product I’ve ever heard of. One rookie I will be collecting this year is my man Harrison Barnes! I think that he has the best offensive game in both the draft classes and you will definitely be hearing alot from him this season.

  95. Well, I picked up a “rack pack”. Pulled Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Tyreke Evans, a rookie … and a True Colors swatch card. I followed up with pack #1 (Rudy Gay, a Franchise Favorite insert, and an Inside the Numbers swatch), pack #2 (Brook Lopez, Michael Beasley, rook Fab Melo, and another True Colors swatch), and pack #3 (Chris Paul, Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony insert, and an Andrew Bynum swatch!). Then my PRIZE BOX came! Hardcourt Heroes (including Kobe), TWENTY-THREE rooks (including a serial-numbered), and three sigs (a rook, Cedric Ceballos and Tom Chambers!!!). WOW Panini, you ARE the best, thanks Tracy for the contest!

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