Panini America Unwraps 2012 Momentum Football . . . And You Can Win the Hits

Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez sat down Wednesday afternoon to rip through one box of the new 2012 Momentum Football. They had so much fun doing it that they decided to open a second box. You can check out the diverse and entertaining results of their pack-busing binge in this special episode of Panini Unwrapped.

Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez sat down Wednesday afternoon to rip through one box of the new 2012 Momentum Football. They had so much fun doing it that they decided to open a second box. You can check out the diverse and entertaining results of their pack-busing binge in this special episode of Panini Unwrapped.

After you’ve watched the video, stick around because we’re going to give you a chance to win some of the hits as well as an unopened box of 2012 Momentum Football.

To be eligible to win, simply answer three simple questions for us in the comments section below:

1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

As always, your candid, but respectfully delivered, feedback is encouraged and appreciated. This time next week, we’ll randomly select a handful of the best comments to win these sweet cards.

Thanks in advance for your passion and your participation.


157 Replies to “Panini America Unwraps 2012 Momentum Football . . . And You Can Win the Hits”

  1. 1. R&S no other product has so many rookies!

    2. National Treasures, all cards are amazing, I really like the HOF cards and the Timeline!

    3. I would like see more big hits in the mid range demographic, Gridiron, Threads, maybe dual and triple autos, or a beastly patch!

  2. 1. I like Score, because it allows me to stock up on football cards at a pretty low price.
    2. I’m a big fan of Limited. If that’s coming back this year, I’ll probably grab a pack or two.
    3. Less rookie hits. More stars. I understand the cost issue, but I hate opening upa box of cards and my hits are 4th and 5th round draft picks. Sprinkling in a few stars in each box guarantees at least some value will come out of it.

  3. 1. My favorite brand so far this year is rookies & stars football. I love the autos and jersey cards designs this year such as crusade materials and rookie slideshow cards.
    2. I am most looking forward to 2012 absolute memorabilia. The product has high end autographs and jersey cards for an affordable price.
    3. I would like to see more prime patch autos- every time I pull a jersey card, it never has an auto on it, occasionally it will be prime and #d to 49.

    Thanks for the contest, I love your questions and will continue to stay tuned:) Thanks again for another great product:)

  4. 1. Elite – Like the card design-Diecuts-The new laser cut cards.
    2. Contenders-Love the past designs and now the on-card autos also the huge auto checklist
    3. Improve the quality of the cardstock-Last years contenders was very condition sensitive

  5. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    Momentum is my favorite product so far because it has the best rookie autograph lineup so far for my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. I also really like the look of the cards in general.

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

    Looking forward to Contenders this year. I like the autograph selection that comes with it and the designs are always one of the best from year to year.

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

    I would like to see a few more veteran jerseys & autographs of guys that you don’t normally see. I love autographs of the super star players and rookies, but how about the guys that are starters, but don’t really have many cards at all? A few Packer related examples would be guys like Desmond Bishop, John Kuhn, and Tramon Williams. I know there are probably other team collectors that would like that as well. Would be cool to see larger base sets of guys that aren’t necessarily star players too. It might not have the allure of a product packed full of rookies and superstars, but I think if you did even one or two products that featured those type of players, it would be well received.


  6. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?
    –Rookies and Stars since I havent gotten to open any Momentum (but you can change that!)

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why? I have been looking forward to Momentum, its just not available around here.

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?—Less Redemptions.

  7. 1> Love my Bills, and love the 2012 Prestige set. I grabbed a TJ Graham auto card over a month ago, before the price goes up!
    2> Looking forward to the 2012 Prime Signatures release. I like the clean look of the cards and the heavy dose of rookie autos–more TJ Graham, I’m sure.
    3> I’d like to see Panini America do a set with more full-bleed game photos. No cropping, no borders–just cards showing these guys in action–edge-to-edge.

  8. 1) I enjoy R & S. This year I was excited for the “Department of Defense” inserts.
    2) Really looking forward to Gold Standard. The set just impresses me and the cards look super sweet.
    3) Keep trying to cut down the number of redemptions. lol

  9. 1. Always love Rookie and Stars, gets my juices flowing for football!

    2. Love Absolute Memorabilia, best line of memorabilia and autos!

    3. Prefer on card autos and no redemptions (but doesn’t everyone)…

  10. My favorite product of this year has to be the Momentum- the card design and the sweet jersey and patch cards that are in this product. Really like the jersey/auto cards in this. Especially love the Novacek prime you pulled in the video. The product that I am looking forward to see is the Gold Standard- I love the cards and loved the rookies RPM, and getting a gold card that is super awesome. Still waiting on my first gold but maybe this year will be the year. And as far a what to improve or do better- I would love to see more rare items ( example where you made memorbilia cards from the towels used at the rookie premiere or the cards you guys signed at Nationals) into products. I was super bummed not to be able to go to Nationals but I was more bummed cause I would loved a memorbilia/auto card from the Hackler. I will say that I look forward to your guys videos and love watching what new boxes ur busting and previewing. Thanks again for everything you do for the hobby community!!!

  11. I really liked rookies and stars this year and I am most looking forward to national favorite product!! I consistently love the rpa and last year was sick with the pro bowl patches… I can hardly wait to see what’s to come. I would love to see improvement in the overall design of your products and I love the inclusions of numbered inserts,especially tough to pull ones as it drives the value of the product up. Thanks for the contest and rock on panini!!!!

  12. 1) Prestige has to be my favorite because the overall design of the cards and all the autos I have unwrapped have been stellar. Plus the Andrew Luck Auto has to be my favorite. Score is right there as a close second just because it is so simple but great and get a lot of players that you do not get in the other products.
    2) I am looking forward to Certified coming out, since the preview that you guys released in June with the great looking autos like Prestige and I noticed the new NFL patches that look great.
    3) I don’t know product wise how you guys could improve, the products just keep getting better. The only thing is the redemeptions seem to take way way to long. I know some of the players might be tough to get stuff signed, because that is my other hobby in getting autos direct from my favorite players. But they did sign contracts with you, so I would think you would have the upper hand.
    Thanks guys for the video and the chance to win. I always enjoy getting your e-mails through out the day, they help break the day up. Even better when it is a video.

  13. Momentum looks great guys
    1. Elite has been my favorite product of the year so far because I’m a sucker for the “Passing the torch” set.

  14. Elite would be my favorite so far this year and can’t wait to see 2012 national treasure.The only thing i would change would be the amount of redemptions.

  15. Awesome Tannehill!! Just bought tickets to Colts/Phins game and am looking forward to seeing him play!

    1.) Actually that’s a lot harder of a question than it sounds lol. I loved the design of Elite. Always have and most likely always will but Momentum is giving it a run for it’s money. I have also always been partial to Rookies and Stars.

    2.) Momentum was the one I was most looking forward to but now that it’s out I have to change my answer lol. I think for now it’s Prominence that I’m most looking forward to.

    3.) My only downfall to Momentum is the sticker autos. I like the look of the cards and just think on-card autos would enhance them even further.

    Thanks again for the contest, looking forward to future breaks!

  16. 1: Russell Wilson, because he’s my favorite athlete
    2: Prime, Because I always love the Prime cards and their design is always very simple but nice
    3: Not having much redemption’s and not having a group of 5 people that you pull an auto or jersey card of every time you open a box because sometimes your boxes aren’t even a mystery because your guaranteed a Bilal Powell or Coby Fleener auto

  17. Ouestion #1. I would have to say Momentum without a doubt but Rookie&Stars a close second. Question#2- Panini Black because this will be a first time release and it looks AMAZING! Question#3- it’s hard to find something to criticize you guys about because you guys are the BEST in the business but if I had to pick one thing, I think you guys should decrease the number of mem cards and add autos per box, as in on a 4 hit per box product, there should be 3 autos and 1 mem card per box. I would be fine with paying a little more per box for that to happen. Thanks for the contest and Momentum looks Excellent and I can’t wait to bust open a few boxes with my girls this weekend! Keep up the great work Tracy!

  18. 1. Elite – the Rookie Inscription acetate cards are gorgeous
    2. Contenders – who doesn’t like a product loaded with a bunch of RC Autos & Threads – big fan of the patch/prime cards!
    3. Consider doing a product like Panini Prime Hockey, but geared towards football. Large (we’re talking card sized) swatches of prime/mem and acquire on-card signatures. Be creative (Prime Ties – say what) and roll with it.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. 1. My favorite product has been Panini Momentum. Although I haven’t gotten around to buying a hobby box yet, I really enjoyed the video of the box break and how there is one hit per pack, which gives any collector a high chance of hitting a nice autographed card. The design is stellar and I like the Momentum logo as well since it adds a nice touch.
    2. I am most looking forward to Panini Certified because it is another chance to obtain autographed rookies like Luck, Griffin, Richardson, and Blackmon. Also, it has the Elway Collection Prime Materials, which is a nice tribute to one of the greatest QBs of all time.
    3. One thing that I’d like to see be improved would be a higher number of hits in certain Panini NFL products (Momentum would be an exception though). Another thing might be better designs on the base cards or special cards. I feel like some base cards lack a certain touch to them as opposed to the nice autographed ones.

  20. Momentum looks great guys
    1. Elite has been my favorite product of the year so far because I’m a sucker for the “Passing the torch” set.
    2. I always look forward to gridiron gear because of the great designs as well as the awesome mix of vets and rookies.
    3. I know most everyone will say ‘ on card autos’ but I’m going in a different direction. I love how in recent products such as playbook, panini has made quad or even 6 way autos of players all on the same team. This really gives collectors something to shoot for with these types of cards. I’m an avid Steelers collector, so when I see a card signed by Big Ben, Polamalu, The Bus, Heath Miller, Hines Ward, and Mike Wallace, my head starts to spin with the idea that 1 day I could own that card. Keep up the good work and if I could make the perfect 6 way auto it would be Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger, Franco Harris, Jerome Bettis, John Stallworth, and Hines Ward. If you wanted to bump it up to an 8 way auto it could also have Mel Blount and Troy Polamlu.

  21. My favorite product so far is Momentum!! I can’t wait till absolute comes out. I wish you would add autos to those sick awesome huge patches. This would make those patch cards more desirable. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  22. 1. My favorite Panini NFL product this year has been Elite because of the insert designs.
    2. The product yet to be released that I’m looking forward to the most is Absolute Memorabilia because I love those RPS cards.
    3. The one thing I’d like to see changed is maybe to have the serial number on the front of the cards more often.

  23. 1….Rookies and Stars but with a Momentum box break coming up I think that could change
    2..Panini Black without a doubt. There really isn’t a set out there like it. And the autos look great with that black background
    3..This is a tough one..I mean really u can’t please everyone but You guys do the best job of trying to accomplish that out of anyone. I like the rookies but in some products I thing there need to be more vet autos. Just get rookie overload at times with all the companies.

  24. 2012 Elite was my absolute favorite so far.

    2012 Certified which I always love busting as the hits are awesome. I thought 2010 was better than last year because of the hot box cards were all serial #’d where last years were not. Hope this years are serial #’d like all the Elite.

    More serial #’d cards like Elite, and also less plain jersey cards. In other words more patches, and autos with jerseys or patches.

  25. My favorite so far is the R&S because of the slide shows.

    I’m looking forward to the Panini Black. I think they are going to be the nicest NFL product of 2012

    Id like to see the designs for base cards get an improvement

  26. 1. Rookies and stars. I always love this product year in and year out. The designs are always great and this year you really gave it a nice face lift from years past.
    2. Looking forward to Contenders. I love that you get all autographs in this product and the on card auto’s of the big namers are awesome.
    3. I would love to see more on card auto’s. I see way too many sticker auto’s in all the products. On card auto’s look way better than the sticker auto so please please please get more on card auto’s into the products.

  27. 1. Elite is the best, strong brand great hits.
    2.Panini Absolute Memorabilia. Love the card design and the brand.
    3.Please make tamper proof memorabilia cards.

  28. 1. Has to be Rookies & Stars, as I was fortunate enough to pull a Andrew Luck Auto Jersey
    2. Prominence, as it appears to be like Topps Inception, which is a very nice product, and the cost is nice
    3. More on-card autographs, as collectors we like knowing the cards themselves were touched by the athlete that signed it

  29. 1 Prestige, great set to start off the NFL season.

    2 Im a big fan of Limited, cant wait to pull some patch rc autos

    3 more veteran on card autos. Stickers on high end products does not give a high end feel

  30. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why? – I really like the Momentum cards. The base cards are very nice looking and the Tri-Jersey Auto Rookies are fantastic looking!

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why? – I would say Panini Black. Everything I have seen on it is amazing looking

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line? Everything you guys do is amazing, but personally I don’t have much use for all of the parallel versions of the same card.

    Thanks. GO COWBOYS!!!

  31. Hi, My favorite Panini product so far has been Score, was able to get a bunch of retail packs and a blaster box, give the base cards to my son to enjoy and play with as he wanted and safely display the hits in my collecting book. I am looking forward to the release of Certified, always a sleek design, and hit a “hot box” last year which was awesome for me and my sons’s collection, the whole box made our collecting books! Maybe Panini can consider a product that connects the high end and low end giving the lower end buyers a little more of a chance at a big hit? Thanks for offering this to us, you guys are awesome!!!!

  32. 1. Initially it was Rookies & Stars, this product feels like it has been completely revamped and cleaned up. In years past I was turned off by the “splatter paint” look of the design, however this year is fresh and with the patch autos are much improved. Since seeing this video and some pics on Twitter of Momentum I have completely changed my tune. I wasn’t sure what to make of this product, but I LOVE IT. Super clean design, hits are unique, the fact that there is such a solid influx of Vets and rookies makes it an even better product. Can’t wait to pick up a box of this!

    2. The next Panini America product I’m looking forward to is Prominence, this may sound strange, but I really can’t splurge on high price point boxes like I want to and a product like this caters to the type of collector I am. The design is clean (which I am extremely biased towards – love clean designs!), and the Illustrious Signature hits are gorgeous looking cards.

    3. One thing I would like to see improve are more on-card autographs. I’m sure this request is frequently brought up, but when it comes to quality and design of the product, on-card signatures really make a difference. Aside from that, I would love to see a continued focus on improving the “lower-end” products. I am impressed with the progress and this hobby has become more and more expensive to collect. Adding value to the other end of the totem pole goes a long way for a collector like me. Thanks for this contest, Panini really goes above the rest with their social media efforts, something I think other companies should take note of.

  33. 1. Prestige. Base set SPs and inserts are great.
    2. Black. The rookie autos look great.
    3. Exchange cards should never expire. Instead, older exch cards should be exchanged for credit in the online store or a grab bag (similar to National).

  34. Panini continues to show me they care about the collector and the product. Love the low end stuff like score and I’m always intrigued by the higher tier products as well. Love the Russell Wilson card. I really enjoyed watching him play three years for my alma mater. Great set folks.

  35. 1. For me, the strongest product so far would have to be Elite. I had only opened one hobby box of it, as well as a bunch of loose packs, and that box happened to be a hot box with five auto’s. Awesome!
    2. I am looking forward to Prominence as the football season is kicking into gear and Prominence seems like a good product you can sink your teeth into for all of the rookie card lovers out there.
    3. I would love to see more patches such as what I saw in PRIME Hockey. That stuff is absolutely loaded with awesome looking patches and is very creative with the prime ties cards and shadowbox swatches and seams incredible and what not. More patches would make NFL collectors go crazy for whatever product would have them. I don’t really even follow hockey and I still had to get a couple boxes of PRIME because of how great they looked.

  36. 1. My favorite product out of all of those has to be rookies and stars because its the first one i pulled. Momentum comes in a close second now.

    2. National treasures because it has such a nice look and I never get something I dont want.

    3. To include more autographs from lineman, kickers, and punters.

  37. 1. Panini Momentum is my favorite product this year. I broke a box of it the first day it came out and the design of the card was spectacular. The rps cards are amazing, its nice having different shapes of jerseys instead of the normal square. I also like that panini included old school jerseys/autos which is nice for both new collectors and ones who began collecting in the 70’s/80’s. I for one am a fan of the sticker auto. Gives is a nice glossy look to it and wont get damaged at all going to the signer.
    2. I am most looking forward to Panini Certified because i can get a chance to an rg3/luck/richardson auto. Panini always comes up with new ways to make this years cards told last years of the same product so im looking forwards to seeing how they look compared to last years.
    3. One thing that I’d like to see be improved is less redemptions although i understand the reasoning behind them.

  38. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why? Having tried most of these…I will say Elite even though I really like all of them. Even Momentum despite only seeing the product from a distance. Elite with the acetate autos and cards and the silver cardboard base set..great stuff. Drooling just thinking of it.

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why? Prominence. Something new and exciting!

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line? Please bring back Totally Certified Football this season. I haven’t heard anything about it yet and it was one of my favorites from last season. Also Donruss Classics too!

  39. 1. Rookies and stars was my favorite but Momentum has changed that. The quality of the hits is just fantastic.

    2. I am really looking forward to 2012 absolute memorabilia. you can expect superb cards for such a decent price.

    3. I have to say that waiting for redemption cards is the worst… only because I hate waiting for them to come in the mail lol.

    1. Haha I do have to agree with you on that one, I am impatient when it comes to redemption cards. I call those weeks torture lol. Good luck trying to win one of those stunning hits.

    2. I can’t get enough of the awesome Frank Gore printing plate! That would be an amazing piece to add to my collection. It would be a great Gem to have.

  40. 1. score. great value. i have 11 year old twins and this helps ease the cost. the cards look so great.
    3. more autographs and relics. great products

  41. 1. Momentum this year, I love it because the design of the cards to totally different than the others. The base cards are the one that makes me want to open a box, with the logo of the momentum on the background of the card is wonderful.
    2. National Treasure, I’m a big fan of it. The box and tins are collectible.
    3. Increase the amount of hits per box, example like Momentum did a great job at every pack is a hit.

  42. Well my favorite product was Prestige, I loved the cards, the look, love trying to get the ssp’s, Think the Draft City Destinations cards are the best looking cards out there. But now Rookie and Stars are now my favorite, I am from Indiana so have been going crazy trying to get the Andrew Luck auto. Have not been able to accomplish this until I bought my first box of Rookie and Stars. I managed to get a Luck auto/patch and then while at Walmart pulled a Luck Patch card. So I have managed to pull 2 great hits of our hometown boy since these have came out. So I am in love with the Rookie and Stars. I think I am most looking forward to Panini Gridiron gear. I love the look of the cards from year to year, always has great inserts, along with the parallel cards. Just always a great looking card so I am really looking forward to those cards comming out. And finally the part I have been waiting for, what can you do to improve your NFL product. The biggest thing I have noticed this year is that with most of the first products that came out you used the same picture of some players to produce your rookie cards. That is the whole reason to collect the different brands is to get different cards of the people you are collecting. Why do I want to collect prestige, score, and elite if you use the same picture to produce rookie cards. Janoris Jenkins, exact same photo for score and prestige, Ladarius Green, Chandler Harnish, Tommy Streeter. I understand there is not many photos of them this early into the season, but at least take some different photos of them an make each set have a different photo. That has been the biggest dissapointment for my this year. That is the whole reason of having different cards, prestige, score, elite, They are their own brands with their own personality. You should keep them that way. When you use the same picture and slap a different card name on it that says to me WHO CARES. It says lets take the short cuts, lets save money, its says we care more about cutting costs for a higher profit than taking different photos so each brand will have its own rookie cards. That is why we as collectors buy the different brands is to get different cards of our favorite players. The last thing I wanted to do this year was buy boxes of score and prestige only to find out you used the same photo for each set, some were exactly the same, some was the same photo just a close up of it. Some was the same photo but it was flipped, The Chandler Harnish card is this way, it is the same photo but flipped, one pic he is facing left the other he is facing right. Once I figured this out I quite buying the score, why waste my money to get a rookie card I already own, the only difference is it says score instead of prestige. That is the whole reason of having different products. When you use the same photo and slap on a different brand name on them you are cheating us collectors. We buy your products so we can get different cards, different looks, different everything. So why would panini take that kind of short cut? It was very dissapointing to discover the same photos used for different brand names. I never even bought any elites this year because of that. I searched and saw that you used the same photos for that brand as well, Michael Smith, Harrison Smith are just some examples, They are the same photos that were used in the prestige and score so why on earth would I spend my money on a 3rd brand of cards only to get the same rookie cards with Elite on them instead of Score or Prestige. Sorry to get on my soap box and complain about this but you asked what I think you should improve on and this is it. If im going to spend my hard earned money on your products then I would love to be able to buy the different brands and get different rookie cards instead of the same photo card on all 3 products. Thank you for your time and Have a great day and hopefully this will find its way to someone who will consider using different photos for each brand instead of using the same ones on all of your first released brands.

  43. Thank you guys at Panini for providing collectors with awesome collectibles,and bringing us closer to the gridiron.My name is Linda.I just started collecting in the 2011 football season.I havent had a chance 2 purchase any 2012 products yet,can only watch box breaks on youtube for now.My favorite product thus far is rookies&stars.I love the way the cards are designed and i have always loved the longevity cards.My fave of all time is Absolute memorabilia,it is a very affordable high end product.Panini you guys do great work over there.If there was one thing i would want you guys to improve is hmmm,cant think of anything but it would be nice to know what game that some of my GU jerseys were worn in;-).Thank you Mr.Hackler,Mr.Torres.

  44. 1. Favorite 2012 product so far has been Rookies & Stars. Love the new design and the CRUSADE “dual dragons” set that you guys brought over from Black Box Basketball!

    2. Looking forward to seeing Panini BLACK. Love the new products and the cards look absolutely amazing! Also looking forward to Certified and NT as always!

    3. What can I say??? More sick patches!!!!!

  45. Let me start by saying I enjoyed the box bust…Good Job…
    1) I would have to say my favorite product thus far this season would have to be Elite I really enjoyed the new acetate cards ,the Prime numbers also was a nice change ,and of course the aspirations ,and status die cuts …I had some pretty decent low numbered pulls…

    2) I will be looking forward to Contenders football if it is anything like this seasons contenders hockey this product should be sizzling….

    3) I know you have done this in some products …but if you could do it across the board it would be fantastic and say a ton for Panini America ,with all the questioning lately with game used memorabilia being authentic ,I know it is one heck of a lot of work but if you could list on the card backs where the memorabilia has come from and when or even list a game when it was worn would do wonders in the trust of authenticity and also more of a discussion piece which is really part of the hobby for example :not only do I have a piece Favre memorabilia but this piece is from the 1996 Super Bowl…now how cool would that be?

  46. 1. I like Prestige. I’m able to get good solid rookie cards in blasters and rack packs.
    2. I’m looking forward to the Prominence Football. With 14-15 recognizable rookies signing autographs, this could be a hit.
    3. I recommend offering better hits in your retail products. Perhaps special 1 of 1 cards, printing plates auto patches just limited to retail. Everyone can’t get to a shop.

  47. 1 Momentum because i like the new products that you guys come out with and always making changes thats why your # 1, 2 I cant wait for playoff contenders its by far the best ,3 wish you could stop putting two of the same autos in one box

  48. 1. Definitely Momentum, sweet cards, sweet design.
    2. National Treasures. for me there some of the best with the best patches and the most collectable cards.
    3. more creative relics. instead of pieces of plain color jersey, parts from helmets, or something would be cool.

  49. 1. Prestige. Good blend of rookies, current players, and it seemed like good value in pretty much every pack. Lots of inserts, etc.

    2. Though I doubt it will happen, I yearn for Classics to come back. It’s been my favorite product for years and I was devastated that it’s gone. Not having a lot of products focusing on the old-school guys just seems like it’s leaving a gaping hole in your product line. If that’s not coming back, Contenders is my favorite product for the rookies, and I do always look forward to that.

    3. The lack of numbering on inserts and rookies leaves me cold. Call me crazy, but RCs numbered to 999, or inserts numbered to 250 made me feel like I had something special. The non-numbered rookies have their place (see Prestige), but that seems to be every product now. I also miss some of the more distinct parallels, like the different color foil on Xtra points RCs from Prestige.

  50. 1. Panini Prestige. I like the affordability and the number of hits
    2. Panini Prime Signatures. I just like to look at the super hits that come out of this product.
    3. I wish they could do a little more on the pricing and maybe come out with some kid friendly cards.

  51. 1. Score! Love giving the young collectors in the hobby a chance at getting nice cards at affordable prices.

    2. National Treasure – The relics could be in the hall of fame for goodness sake!

    3. More Rated Rookie T-shirt swatches on cards, of the first year players on the gridiron.

  52. Uno: Prestige was my favorite since it signified the start of the football season.

    Doc: Absolute Memorabilia is always my favorite product. Sentimental since I pulled my first Suh rookie auto ever and it has a great mix of rookies, stars, and legends.

    Tres: Just a suggestion: create a fan-voted “Fan Favorite” card. For each team, fans could vote for “non-stars” and then the next product would have a mem-card or auto of that player. For example, Packer fans love their stars, but they also like great role players like John Kuhn. Saints fans may have picked Steve Gleason back in the day. Thanks!

  53. This year, I like Prestige an awful lot – the design of the base cards is really stylish (the action shot/ big solid vertical stripe with the team name works for me).
    2. Crown Royale – I’m just a sucker for that line.
    3. I like tributes to history – old players/teams/legends. I’m going crazy waiting for Cooperstown – I’d be interested in a football line that did something similar, like Classics but with more, um, classics.

  54. 1. I liked Rookie & Stars mainly because of the Crusade Jersey insert. The jumbo swatches look great and the card design is really sharp.

    2. Right now I would say it would Absolute Memorabilia. There always seem to be a high percentage of top level hits and the RPM card line is a classic.

    3. Though there are a few things I could mention, but I would like to not see as many autographs directly on material cards. Autographs on fabric or leather tend to fade or smear and don’t look as nice.

  55. 1. I personally loved momentum. I love pulling a lot of hits and at that price point you can go wrong.

    2. i always look forward to triple threads. love what you guys do with the product.

    3. more hits we all love hits and the more unique the better. the wilder the hit the more we will hunt for them. also a product with no rookies in it. an all vets and ledgands would b. awesome

  56. 1. So far it had been Elite but now after seeing Momentum its my new favorite. I love the card design and layout with the logo in the background on the base cards. The team threads autos with legendary players are some of the nicest cards made in several years. The mini case rookie hits are also very nice touch. This might be product of the year!

    2. I am most looking forward to National Treasure. With this years class of rookie QB’s it will be by far the best product to “treasure hunt”!

    3. If you made inserts of this years rookies using retro subsets from past legendary sets (like you did in 2012 Score from the 1989 retro) but with this years rookies. Imagine an insert of Andrew Luck in 2012 Momentum using the 1998 Momentum Gold design #’d to 25 as an insert. That card for Colts fans would be an EPIC pull especially if they had the 1998 Peyton Manning rookie. Maybe use the 2000 version for the RGIII, etc. Some of the past Momentum sets were some of the nicest cards ever made and bringing those designs as retro inserts would be great. Pick 10 of the top rookies each year call it a Retro Rookie Subset using all the different sets and seed them one per case.

  57. WOW!! Beautiful cards, love the design and the hits per box is unreal! Also really appreciate the case hit guarantees, makes it easier for a collector to feel like they have a shot at one of the top dawgs from this years draft, wouldnt expect anything less from you guys, in fact you have far exceeded in everyproduct this year! hands down my favorite year for Panini products!! fav panini product so far has to be the elite! this will make a close second but elite was really good! loved all the die cuts in elite, the wide variety of hits in it makes for a great break! i will be attempting to build a set of elite thats how much i loved that product! and honestly, i dont think there was a box i opened, that didnt have a 5th hit! almost every box, if i remeber correct had a 5th hit!! awesome!!
    2.the product next on my list, besides momentum, has gotta be contenders! i will open all panini products for sure but i am most looking forward to seeing what playoff contenders brings! loved lat years and this years is assuredly gonna be better, i cant wait for it! and of coarse national treasures but as every year, that product needs no hype from me, it speaks for its greatness on its own!
    3. only thing i would like to see is maybe more on foootball patches relics look like panini prime hockey patches! the patches in prime were sweet and would love to see multi color big nice swatch patches in football! only a little gripe, nothing big. i am a huge lover of all panini but opinions/ideas and you asking us for them is why i appreciate your guys body of work! in the long run, you guys are there to make products the consumer will eat up! as stated you have already sold out of every football release so far, so you guys are for sure doing things right!!

    thank you again for your time and allowing me to answer this in a chance to add to my collection! tracy and carlos keep up the good work guys and im sure in a week r 2 we will be hearing about momentum being sold out as well!!! take care !!

  58. 1. The elite series. It’s design is simple and not distracting from the player. The picture is clear and the background complements the action shot of the subject. The autograph cards are large enough for the players to sign without going into the photo.

    2. The Crown Royale series. Panini won me over with their 2010 crown royale royalty rookie and star cards. I can’t ever remember a set of cards that I was immediately drawn to as much as the royalty series. The word CLASS comes to mind whenever i look through them.

    3. I always say it’s hard to improve on perfection but if there was one thing I would like to see, it would be a checklist of all cards in a set with the numbers listed for limited materials, signatures, etc. (example: TimTebow 25 signed material, 10 signed prime material)

  59. I like rookies and stars because it looks nice while is affordable. I want to see national treasures come out because I enjoy the videos on those. And I think panini can improve by making different base designs

  60. 1. I’ve been purchasing the Elite for awhile now. Just love the design of the card!!
    2. Prominence, I’m curious to see the new looks
    3. Would like to see more of the past greats autos or severla featured past greats with severla different designs and all autographed.

  61. 1. R&S has alot of different hits, and maybe it has something to do with me hitting a Doug Martin auto! haha.

    2. National Treasures, can’t afford to open it but love watching video breaks and watching people go nuts when they hit a sick card.

    3. Lower #ed autographs. The relic autos from products like R&S are getting #ed higher and higher ever year. I remember opening it in 2009 and hitting a Sanchez GU Auto #/25 now the lowest #ed relic auto is to 49.

  62. 1: Elite because i love the look of those acetate cards
    2: Certified because its a decent price that can provide some monster hits loved this last year def going to pick up a box or two this year
    3: more on card autos dont have a problem with sticker autos but the on card autos look amazing

  63. 1. I really enjoyed the Prestigious Picks inserts in Prestige, but my favorite product so far released would be Rookies and Stars. In addition to the Crusades inserts that I absolutely love (although is it possible to put the graphs on card next year?), the other various inserts like Department of Defense are also very appealing to me.

    2. I look forward to National Treasures every year, but the improvements to Prime Signatures this year look very good.

    3. Topps has stepped up the game by offering a good high end product early in the season complete with on card autos with their Inception product. I would love to see Panini respond in kind with a competing product and see what you guys come up with.

  64. Tracy,
    You know that I am head over heels for that Tannehill. As a Dolphins fan I have not been more excited to collect a player in years. Great pull, wish I could have been there.
    1. I would say that my favorite so far has been the Prestige, just for the mere fact I was so excited to collect football this year. Once Prestige arrived, I knew that football for 2012 had officially arrived; this is the beginning of fall for me.

    2. I am really anticipating Prominence. This is a new product and I was bummed Rookies & Stars did not have the manufactured Patch/Auto Rookies anymore. These are my favorite rookie cards every year, and with a great Dolphin collectable like Tannehill this year I was even more excited. If Playbook is back I am really waiting for that product too.

    3. One of my favorite times of the year is the NFL draft, Panini has progressed so much in bringing collectors closer to the draft items used by players, however any new way to incorporate an aspect from the draft into a product I look forward to. What about making a 1/1 emblem from the draft worn hat?

    Thanks again Tracy and I wish that Momentum break could have been mine for that Tannehill.

  65. 1. Prestige because I think it is priced really good and because it has alot of rookies!

    2. Absolute Memorabilia, because I’ve been saving up for months and the anticipation has been building for a really long time.

    3. Less redemptions would better, but I can’t lie it is nice to have hits just sort of trickling… it makes that feeling of pulling a hit last a little longer.

    My 16th birthday is in 3 days so please pick me! It would be the best birthday gift!

  66. 1. My favorite product so far is Momentum because it has a lot of Titans Autos in it.
    2. I look forward to National Treasures. I bought 2 boxes last year and I have been hooked ever since.
    3. I would like to see more prime legends patches. Last year I was lucky enough to pull a Dan Marino Wilson logo out of National treasures. I will never forget what it felt like pulling that card and would love to have that feeling more often.

  67. 1. Momentum; With most great products, there are great hits but the base cards are so-so. But with Momentum, they deliver with a ton of great hits and also base cards that are second to none.

    2. Prominence; Very excited to see this product and the new things it has to offer. From what I have seen, it looks like Prominence could be around awhile!

    3. It would be nice to see more on-card autos and a faster redemption program. I know both of these are very difficult tasks but it would be nice to see.

    Thanks Panini! Keep up the great work!

  68. 1. Momentum- guaranteed hit per pack. Really loving that. Every pack is suspenseful…

    2. Absolute memorabilia- I really enjoyed the mix of memorabilia you could get, on just one card! can’t beat the price either.

    3. A while ago I watched a panini video about game used jerseys that were fresh off the turf, I’m talking grass stained,helmet marked, sweated in filthyness. The way they were explained in the video had me exited and I wasn’t even getting one. I thought, if those were ever incorporated into cards. I couldn’t stop until I got one. Hope that helps…

  69. 1. I always like ripping R&S because there are tons of rookies and you can pull decent patches, jerseys, and autos.

    2. It’s a toss up between Contenders and Absolute Memorabilia, but I think I enjoy Absolute just a little better because of all of the sweet stuff I have pulled out of it in the past.

    3. I know it is tough to do because of the logistics, but I would love more and more on card autos. It seemes you are trying to go in that direction because I have noticed more on card autos in several products, especially hockey. I hope it is a sign of things to come.

  70. 1) My favorite product thus far has to be Prestige. It is the first product with the players in their jerseys which puts it above the rest!

    2) I am most looking forward to the release of Panini Absolute Memorabilia. This product always comes true year after year. A classic!

    3) I would like to see less redemptions in the boxes, but understand that is easier said than done. I would also like to see the top tier autos have better odds than one per case.

  71. First off, love the box break, love Momentum, love Panini for leading the industry in both quality and innovation. I like it!

    1. I love Prestige this year, as I think it provides some of the best overall value for Rookies, patches and on-card autos. However, my favorite “set” so far has been the Crusade series from Rookies & Stars. Love the design. I’m absolutely addicted to these cards. Huge swatches, great looking patches, parallels, and autos. You absolutely have to bring back this subset next year.

    2. Looking forward to Certified again this year. Always a high quality product. Loved the on-card autos from last year. Looking forward to more of the same.

    3. I love the fact that on the back of Momentum jersey cards it tells the date and event where the jersey was worn. I collect cards because it’s fun and addicting, but even moreso because I love having a small piece of sports history in the palm of my hand. Knowing where that piece came from is a huge deal to me and I would love to see more cards (especially game-used pieces) have that information available on the card.

  72. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    My favorite Panini America NFL product thus far has been Elite. I like the mix of the rookies and veterans in the product. I look forward to elite every year and this was not a let down at all. So far, my son and I have pulled, Jay Novacek/Jason Witten Throwback threads, Jerry Rice jersey auto Throwback threads, and a Doug Flutie Prime Patch Throwback threads.

    Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

    I have been looking forward to Momentum this year and now that it is released, I want to get my hands on it.
    – The injection of veterans

    – The design

    – The hit per pack

    – The cost

    – The collation, I saw a case busted and not all of the rookies were represented and some were ones I had to look up …

    – At this price range, I know there is a hit a pack but I would think that there would be more patch and less one color jerseys

    What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

    I would like to see a product that isn’t a rehash of something done from the 90’s when the industry over saturated the market, and it declined. I would like to see a smaller set with less than two inserts. And the price point should be low enough that I don’t go broke buying cards for my son. Right now, we are being worked out of the market and we are really weighing purchasing retail versus hobby. I like supporting my LCS but it is getting tougher everyday.

    I would like to see Panini drop a few of the product lines off next year and put in efforts towards one really great set. If you can keep it to the cost of Prestige or Elite that would be great. Pushing the “good stuff” into the market with a focus on the family’s wallets rather than making an outrageous sales goal.

    Sounds way off I am sure but I know you guys, of all the manufacturers, get it.


  73. Love these new momentum cards. The design and overall feel of these are great. I pulled one of those RG3 rookies as well!!! Anyways my answers to your questions:

    1. My favorite product so far has been Elite. Great design and value on those cards. The prime number inserts are probably the coolest insert I’ve have ever seen. And the Hard Hats cards, holy crap!!!! I’m sure the fact that I have pulled 2 RG3 Turn of the Century autos and a Travis Benjamin (Browns are my favorite team) printing plate sways my vote as well.

    2. The product I’m most looking forward to would have to be Prime Signatures. I looked through the gallery on this site and I couldn’t stop drooling over the images of the prime sigs cards you had up. The RG3 with the NFL shield is absolutely sick. I would love to pull a card like that one day.

    3. I will probably sound like a broken record to you but for my suggestion of improvements my top thing would be more on card autos. Other that that I guess I could say maybe try and be more creative on base card parallels. I think a lot of times parallel cards are boring, though not always. The longevity cards in Rookies & Starts were sweet. Other that than I have to say Panini is by far my preferred card company. Your products have been superior to any others by a large margin. Keep up the good work!!!!

  74. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    My favorite Panini NFL product so far has been Momentum because I love that you get 10 hits in 10 packs and I love the design also I love the fact that there is RG III and Andrew Luck in this product. The price is great too. I am going to support this product 110%.

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

    I am looking forward to the next installment of National Treasures because I love the design of National Treasures such a very nice feel to it even the packaging is very professional cant wait to see what looks like this year.

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

    One thing I would like to see improvement in is redemptions in your product like I know that its unavoidable but it would be nice to see less redemptions.

    Michael P

  75. Great box breaks guys! Thanks for the preview.

    1-I like Prestige the best this year. I REALLY like the fronts of the regular cards. The bold team color stripe, the silhouetted team logo, the year the team started playing, and the position abbreviation. Superb crisp design that was different.

    2-Absolute Memorabilia. I got a super low numbered Reggie Bush jersey/auto/ball card back in ’06 and have gotten a box or some packs every year since.

    3-This isn’t just for Panini, but it’s about the Rookie Photo Shoot cards. I know they have to stage it in order to get cards of the rookies in their NFL unis. I don’t have a problem with “event worn” patches, jersey cards, etc. (Speaking of that type of card, I thought the “team towel cards” that Panini had at the National for Box redemption packs was a cool idea-no pun intended). However, each year a number of cards, both auto, GU, and regular, have the players in front of empty bleachers and empty stands. I know in my heart that they are not playing in a regular game when those pix were taken, but if the card companies could get 1000 people in the stands to at least fill up the bottom 10 rows of one side of the stadium, it would look a heck of a lot better. At least then I could pretend that the picture was taken during a regular game. I mean, look at your Rookie of the week card of RG III at the Superdome and name me one card (regular, GU or AUTO) that has RG III in a better background than that one!!

    Thanks again!!

  76. 1- Elite by a mile. Clear autos were a nice addition and the great rookie autos were SP’ed to /99 making them a hard chase and more desireble to collectors.
    2- I can’t wait to open some totally certified as I love that product !
    3- I’d love to see some more technology that is in the totally certified brought to other products. Especially the colors green and blue as they pop and make the background more colorful and the picture excellent !


  77. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    My favorite product so far this year is by far Momentum. First of it is my favorite because the base card looks absolutely stunning with the white background and silhouette of the Momentum “M” behind the breathtaking image of the player featured on the card. Also it is my favorite because the main types of card I collect are memorabilia cards, which Momentum gives not only a ton of them but look very good in your collection. Finally Momentum is my favorite because the lineup of players within the product is very well chosen by Panini to suit every sub-set. I busted a box of this and I can’t wait to watch the players I pulled in game action during week 2 of the NFL season and continuing on into the future!

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

    The product I am looking forward to the most this year would probably be Absolute Memorabilia because who doesn’t like a couple of shinny cards that glisten in the light when they are pulled out of the pack? Another reason that Absolute Memorabilia will be the best of Panini to come this year is due to the fact that the patches that are pulled are absolutely ridiculous if they are even close to the way they were in last year’s product. Most of the prime patches that I have pulled from this product have absolutely blown away any other ones I’ve pulled from other products. Finally I like the on-card autographs with a patch of jersey within Absolute Memorabilia because they always have a very sleek design and top any other jersey auto I have of that player.

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

    One thing that I would like to see you guys improve on is that if you get a redemption within a product you should send a couple extra packs to the customer even if the wait is very short. But don’t get me wrong that I absolutely hate redemptions because in some cases I like redemptions in a box because it makes it a little bit more exciting when you see the mail go and you have a package from Panini sitting inside your mailbox. Also for a person who ONLY collects cards and never sells it is kind of nice knowing that you have some cards that you bought still in the mail. But other than that small improvement keep doing what you are doing and continuing to bring tons of value to every box that you produce!

  78. Dyanmite presentation fellows great video break as always with some super hits that i would love to have, my favorite product of the year is donruss elite love the hard hats cards they are absoulutely awesome love them specially the( morris Clairborne) woo hoo and the product I always look forward to is national treasures is always a hit with me always so many great cards come in any treasures box, and the most things I like to see improved on your products is no more just one color jersey cards lets add more jersey color guys and like to see more nfl shield logo cards come out and maybe # 1-5 would also be great it is so hard to get 1/1 which are nice but lets give 5 people a chance to get a awesome card of a nfl logo shield auto and it would be a honor to get those awesome momentum cards specialy the R.G.3 auto what a mega star in the making wow and would love to see what is in that other box that you didnt open packed full of more mega stars I bet Oh I could go on all day but I wont I really hope I win thx guys keep up the great work on knights lance really is informentive and brings great card products to us the consumers and I really appreciate that and never stop doing that and you know what I just thought of something for a really great contest you guys could do one day pick one lucky winner from knights lance to win a trip to panini head quarters and meet his favorite player and have a boxes break with him and Tracy of course and keep all the cards that are from the boxes break that would be a great contest and maybe do this 1-2 a year and national treasures product would be really cool but anything would be great thx guys and always keep busting out them awesome cards.

  79. Love the product, great work panini!
    1. My favorite brand so far this year has to be Elite. I love the New Breed jersey cards #d to 199 and the die cut autos.
    2. I am most looking forward to gridiorn football. I love the different jersey card designs and the special aoutographs numbered to as low as 10!
    3. I would like to see more on card autographs on jersey cards. Every jersey card I pull never has an autograph on it. (not even a sticker auto!)

    Thanks Panini for the awesome contest, I look forward to seeing many more mind boggling products coming of the production line.

  80. 1.My favorite product so far has been Elite because i love the design of the cards and all the rookie cards are numbered which i believe gives it more value as a collector.

    2. I cant wait for Panini Black to come out those cards look amazing from the design to the patches. I believe it will be the best line out there this year. Oh and the printing plate redemption is brillant.

    3. One thing I wanna say that I think you guys do a great job at is honoring expired redemptions. It doesnt scare me to buy your older products because i know if i get a redemption you guys will still get me something. I like the date idea for jerseys and patches it gives the card more uniqueness.

    Thanks guys

  81. Panini always develop better products My favorite brand is Elite the designs and inserts on the cards are super. Secondly, I am looking forward to Absolute Memorabillia it loaded with inserts, autos and jerseys lots of shining cards well designed and a hit with collectors. Thirdly, i like to less redemptions or a better way to redeem them

  82. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?
    national treasures

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?
    on card autos

  83. Nice job Panini! I love the momentum cards and your contest. I will continue to stay tuned to the knight’s lance blog:)
    1. My favorite brand this year has to be rookies & stars football. I love the different autos and prime jersey cards included in this year’s set, as well as the designs on the cards.
    2. I am most looking forward to this years national treasures football. I love the high end cards that come in big patches or logos, as well as autographs numbered to as low as 1/1s!
    3. I think you guys could improve your cards with more on card autos and bigger rookie jumbo jersey cards such as the Robert Turbin one from Momentum.

    Thanks for another awesome product:) Keep up the great work Panini!

  84. i know im alittle late on this one but just got home! No.1 my fav so far this year thats been released is the Elite u guys changed it up a little bit this year wit the product and i like that! Those Acetates are sick!!! No.2 nIm waiting on the Limited actually every year i wait for it, its been at the top of my list for the last three years and im sure u wont disapoint anyone this year! And No.3 I wanna see more Patches and i love whatu guys did wit the Prime Hockey those laces are nasty! I also would like to see a auto set wit todays best wit some of the greats in the same position, on the same card example Kurt warner wit Sam Bradford or Lesean Mccoy wit Brian Westbrook !!! Now that would be somebeautiful works of art!!!! Well thats my input tell me what u guys think!!

  85. 1. my favorite product by far right now is prestiage. i love the base and rookie designs they are abesolutley beautiful!!!! The hits in there are very nice!!!!! I love it so much more then last years it was just tremendous an i will contiune opening prestiage!!!!

    2. i am really excited for certified. that is anther beautiful product. they base are always nice and the hits can get very nice. i also hope to open a bunch this year. I hope you guys do limited again that is also awesome and a great solid product.

    3. I think you should try and make hits a little easier in like retail blaster boes and rack packs. sometimes its easier to grab those for me the go to my local hobby store. hits seem to be very diffcult to pull compared to like hobby boxes. i though there is things like packsearching but i would be nice to have a better chance at reatil packs.

    Thanks for this cool contest and great review of momentum i hope to open some here soon!!! i would love anything if i win! thank you so much for being a great sports card company!!!

  86. 1. Elite. I like the Turn Of The Centuy rookies autos. They look sharp on the green background and limiting the best players to 99 gives them great value.

    2. Crown Royale. The Rookie Silhouettes are the BEST rookie cards ever. I put the entire multi-color set together last year (well, once the Murray and Dareus cards are redeemed) and I look forward to doing the same this year.

    3. How about doing a product with rookie autographed mini-helmets like Absolute from many years ago? These are awesome to collect and display.

    I love the product changes this year. Thanks for the continual improvements!

  87. 1. my favorite product would have to be score, I mean how can you go wrong with score. ;p
    2. I am most looking forward to gridiorn football pulled a cam out of there last year
    3. Maybe a bigger amount of jersey in the jersey cards, more on card auto’s and more of those jersey auto’s

  88. 1. Has to be Elite. The Rookie Inscriptions clear cards with the on-card auto are just plain sick!!

    2. I would have to say “Black”. The way the players just “jump” out at ya on the previews you showed a few weeks ago are amazing.

    3. This is not just for the NFL, but for all of the product lines. More on-card autos. haha. 🙂 Especially in some of the Retail Packs as it’s sometimes hard around here to get anything Hobby without going to a card show, and those are few and hard to come by as of late here.

    Thanks again Panini for this contest. Can’t wait to see what you do next!!

  89. 1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?

    I bought Prestige and Score, but I did the best with Rookies & Stars. Brady, Brees, Manning, a Nick Perry True Blue RC, and a Rookie Materials Longevity and Rookie Materials True Blue (LOVE the bigger swatches!)

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?

    I can’t even wait for Absolute Memorabilia. One year I pulled about thirty swatch cards!

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?

    Not much to improve here. Maybe more serial-numbered cards. Maybe more excellent veterans or higher-drafted rookies.

    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  90. #1. Rookies & Stars. Cost less and good bang for your buck!

    #2, 2012 absolute memorabilia. Very nice rookie autos.

    #3. More auto on cards and patches with better odds in hobby boxes.

  91. 1. Elite – always has a great design and the low numbered inserts are nice
    2. Contenders-Love the on-card autos and this product usually catches the undrafted rookies that prove to be someone.
    3. Stop inventing new products and just keep improving the ones you already produce.

  92. 1. Momentum – You really did an amazing job of highlighting the autographs on these cards, very impressive! Clean design, nice shots.
    2. Contenders – I love the rookie tickets! Last year’s design was nice, but something about the full shot tickets has always looked sharp. Please make it so the autos are very visible on the cards.
    3. Better arrangement of player hits, as you have done with Momentum. But keep highlighting the autographs! Elite was a great product and you did a nice job of whiting out the area behind the auto, but it seemed too bright and took away from the design. The way you did this product, AWESOME! I hate seeing nice autos get drowned out on a card.

  93. 1.Rookies and Stars so far I have enjoyed opening the most. I love the variety of the main hits like the jersey autos and the return of the slideshow rookie autos!

    2. I always look forward to Certified! If has been one of my favorite products to bust since 2008! I love the price range its affordable yet still packs the punch like the more expensive products!

    3. As always I would love to see less redemption’s of course. Nothing is more disappointing then breaking open a box and waiting for that main hit you look for and hit being a redemption.

  94. 1. Prestige is great. Completely redesigned the junk from last year and it paid off. I built the base set with all the rookies and plan on passing it down in my family.

    2. I really hope you plan on releasing Totally Certified again this year in basketball and football. Loved the design of the rookie auto jerseys. My Cam Newton I pulled last year is my favorite card I own.

    3. Less of the low round players in high dollar boxes. I can’t tell you how aggravating it is to pull a sixth round practice squad player in National Treasures. I’d rather have a jersey of a pro-bowl calliber player than a scrub autograph/

  95. 1. I really like the rookies and stars. It has the most rookies of any product I have seen
    2. I am looking forward to the national treasures line
    3.I would like to see more of the superstars, early round rookies and legends in the high priced hobby boxes. the auto from mediocre players just are not worth the risk in my opinion

  96. 1. Momentum is the front runner hands down…love the multi-colored quad patch autos that are in the set…definitely some of the best stuff out this year.

    2. Waiting on Certified to come out…last year’s was off the chain and i’m sure the RGIII & Luck auto’s are going to be in hot demand.

    3. We buy cases and we have only one complaint and that is that not every case hits one of the star rookies…hopefully you guys can make sure each case has at least one of the monster players…still we support you guys and love Panini products!


  97. Love Score. The rookie designs are simple and beautiful!

    Certified! It is always so clean and has great hits!

    I’d love a flashback set like Topps Heritage with old and new players that remind us of our youth.

  98. 1. My fave product so far this year is Rookies & Stars. I had been out of the hobby for a while and on a whim last year I bought some. I had remembered the brand from when I was younger. It just always has and always will be one of my faves along with Crown Royale.

    2. Im most excited about the Panini Black. I probably won’t be able to afford them but they look sharp and clean.

    3. I know it isn’t always feasible but on card autos are so much cleaner than the stickers. Also bring back Crown Royale!!!

  99. 1. I would say Elite is my favorite this year because I hit a hometown OSU DeVier Posey auto numbered to 99 which in my book is a nice hit.

    2. I am looking forward to the combo signatures in the Prime Sigs. If they are as good as they are sounding I will be buying quite a few.

    3. I would like to see a NFL product with patches like the ones in 2012 Prime Hockey. Now I know the NHL patches have more detail but big pieces of NFL patches would be sick!

  100. 1. Elite. The base set is gorgeous and the hits were outstanding. Loved the low numbered die-cut autos!
    2. Panini Certified is the product I’m most excited about. The number of hits, in particular case hits, is unreal. The base set looks great as usual but I love products that give you a shot at a HOFer or a Rookie hit in the same box. Can’t wait!
    3. More products like Timeless Treasures would be nice. I miss Crown Royale. Maybe a version of Prime Cuts for football?!

  101. First, thanks as always to Panini for the great contests and all the work you guys and gals do to bring it to us as early as possible. Here are the answers to the above questions:

    1. Elite edges out Score due to the Rookie Inscriptions acetate auto subset, I make it a point to break Score every year but the addition of that set in this year’s release in addition to the rookies being in their pro uniforms pushes Elite to the early lead.

    2. Certified is usually my favorite set every year so I am most looking forward to it’s release.

    3. Going into the 2012 football calendar I would have said the improvement I would have wanted was to add the player names to redemption cards but you folks read my mind on that one and did it yourselves. So that aside, I would go to continued improvement on anti-pack searching security. I continue to see “hot packs” advertised online which lends to the idea that people are still able to cherry pick packs at a retail level with hits included and rob others of their hobby enjoyment by decreasing the number of hits in packs available in stores. I’m not entirely sure how that would be accomplished but it seems to be an issue that underminds the integrity of the industry and can hopefully be corrected or at least slowed in the near future.

    Thanks again Tracy!

  102. 1)So far my favorite is Prestige. 2)I cant wait untill asolute football is released! 3)I wouldnt want you guys to improve anything Do What you Do Panini!

  103. 1. I like Gridiron the best. The NFL stickers are sweet too!
    2. I think the Panini Black is really cool.
    3. I don’t think there is anything you can improve on. There is just 1 little thing that bugs me though…. the first year of NFL sticker albums, there were 8 stickers in a pack I believe. Now there are only 7. It’s just a little things, but it bums me out because I’m just a kid, and it’s hard to complete the album.

  104. Love the momentum cards. Fantastic work Panini! Thanks for an awesome contest.
    1. My favorite brand so far this year has to be Prestige. I love the rookie autographs and the prime jersey cards. I pulled a tebow prime jersey card #d to 49!!!
    2. I am most looking forward to absolute memorabilia. I love the autographs and jersey cards such as star gazing inserts and gridiorn hogs.
    3. Panini is doing a great job with the card industry, but I would like to see less blank cards and more on card autographs.

    Thanks again for another awesome contest. Great work panini on another marvelous product!

  105. 1) Rookies and stars because I’ve been collecting the r&s sets for a few years now but momentum looks awesome.

    2) national treasures. Really excited to see the high end hits of luck and rg3

    3) I would really like to see more large swatch patch cards in lower end products (r&s, elite, prestige)

  106. Wally Brakefield
    1) Elite….love the clear Autos
    2) Certified….seems like a great chance of hitting a great collectors card
    3) I would like to see more combo autographs matching a current or HOF player and rookie from the same team.

  107. 1) Momentum – 10 packs, 10 hits. That’s a great amount of bang for the buck!
    2) National Treasures – need I say more
    3) Large prime swatches please!

  108. 1 – Elite, tonnes of on card autograph good ness in that box.
    2 – Certified, great oncard rc stuff and the fabric of the game set is always a hit
    3 – big fan of oncard autos, I tend to sway away from the sticker stuff on the secondary market unless it’s on a card # less than 5 where I may not see another copy surface

  109. Super job Panini! Love momentum, can’t wait to start collecting!
    1. My favorite brand has to be Rookies & Stars. I love the jersey and auto designs.
    2. I am most looking forward to prime signatures because of all the on card autos.
    3. I love what Panini does with cards except I would like to see more on card autos and less redemption cards.
    Again, Great work Panini! I will continue to stay tuned. And thanks for such an awesome product!

  110. 1 – Elite, sick on card autographs, and jerseys in that box.
    2 – Certified, great oncard rc stuff and the fabric of the game set is always a hit
    3 – Totally Certified awesome lots of prime jerseys, rookies and one hit per pack

  111. 1. Prestige, pulled a RG3 base rc this yr 🙂

    2. Limited, great patch and on card autos in there.

    3. Make it so i can pull a RG3 auto out of every box….i tried

  112. My favorite 2012 Panini NFL product thus far would be Elite because I opened a box of it last night and got a Cam Newton Status autograph #7/10.

    I am most looking foward to Totally Certified because last year I had spent almost all of my card budget when it came out and could only get a couple packs, but it looked awesome. This year’s Gridiron looks good too, but I have to go with Totally Certified.

    I would like less redemptions. It seems every other or every third box has one. If it isn’t possible to have less redemptions then I would like the turn around time to be faster. It would be nice to have at least 80% of them fulfilled within two months.

  113. Thank you for the full frontal Momentum! IT is always a pleasure to watch the magic unfold and am still looking forward to hopefully owning a Panini Momentum Stud. I think that what Panini America has done with this throwback is outstanding.
    It has been over 10 years since I have participated in this wonderful hobby. I recently returned home from another deployment as an Infantryman and am now looking forward to becoming an outstanding father and building a great collection for my soon son to be. This is a hobby that should be shared between a father and son, Panini America makes a deserving product that makes this happen.

    1. I believe the Momentum is an oustading product and would love to have a “Stud” or “Printing Plate” from one of my two favorite teams growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area however with my current family situation I am happy with the Prestige series so far and the base Panini Prestige Andrew Luck card I opened last night.

    2. As stated earlier, I am now back into the hobby on my limited military income and my intention is to hopefully build a great collection for my son to be. Although it is a bit of an expensively great value, but definitely not overpriced, I think the Panini Momentum is the greatest series I have seen in the past 27 years and wish to attain at least one box in the near future.

    3. Panini America makes a great product that I am happy to purchase regardless of if it is the retail or hobby line. The Panini Prestige could be a bit stronger on the retail packages as I have purchased over 20 packages, over 800 cards, and still have not obtained an Autographed or Memorabilia card.

  114. 1.I really like the look of Panini Prestige, simple but nice looking cards.
    2.I am looking forward to Absolute Memorabilia, love the rookie patches, collect them every year.
    3.The best improvement would be less sticker autos and pictures of players in actual uniforms with their number, not 00 or combine uniforms.

  115. 1.Elite is where it is at!
    2.Certified, certified, certified!
    3. On card (BOOOOOO stickers) autos and full card super-mega sick patches!
    You rock Panini!

  116. 1. Stars has been the bomb! The Rookie auto jerseys are better than the manufactured logo autos you had in the past!
    2. Certified and Contenders. Two bang up products that always deliver good hits.
    3. No Combine pics ever! Get rid of the manufactured letters, not a big fan.

  117. 1. Rookies and Stars cards are just awesome
    2. definitely national treasures
    3. put more on card autos instead of on stickers

  118. Great work Panini! Absolutely love momentum!
    1. My favorite brand so far this year is definetly rookies and stars. I love the jersey and autographed card designs, plus I can buy $3 packs:)
    2. I am most looking forward to Absolute Memorabilia coming out. I love everything about it, the war room materials the awesome autographs….
    3. I think you guys could add more on card autos and fewer decoy cards when you put them into packs.

    Thanks again Panini! I will continue to stay tuned…Can’t wait to get some Momentum

  119. Super job Panini! I LOVE Momentum and can not wait to buy my first pack.
    1. My favorite brand so far this year is Elite. I love the autographs of all the rookies, especially the auto variations.
    2. I am most looking forward to national treasures. I love the big logo patches as well as the awesome autographs.
    3. I think you guys could improve buy adding more on card autos and way less blank cards that go into packs. EVERY time I pull a “jersey card pack,” it’s a blank card.

  120. I had alot of fun with the Elite, the clear Inscription cards are the best cards ever in my opinion. On card auto’s, colored ink, and low population.

    Im definetly looking forward to national treasures, was such a classy looking card last year.

    The one biggest improvement to be made, is not being offensive bias. Defensive studs wear jerseys too, an im pretty sure they have patches on them, and most of them can spell their names (haha). Better and more defensive hits! Thanks for listening

  121. Great job with Momentum guys! That Andrew Luck triple jersey that Carlos pulled is beautiful and the RGIII case hit that Tracy showed is just amazing. This looks like another super Panini product!

    Here’s my thoughts on the questions you asked.

    1. What’s been your favorite Panini America NFL product so far during the 2012 NFL season (Prestige, Elite, Score, Rookies & Stars or Momentum) and why?
    I would have to say Prestige because I think the design of the cards is so sharp. It has some great inserts and parallels and the the large collection of rookies made it very enjoyable to open.

    2. Which of Panini America’s 2012 NFL products that haven’t released yet are you most looking forward to and why?
    I am really looking forward to Absolute coming out because of the great base and insert designs, the super RPM cards that always look fantastic and the premium inserts like the NFL Shield Signatures and the Rookie Premiere Materials Laundry Tag Signatures.

    3. What’s the one thing you would like to see us improve on or do better in our NFL product line?
    For me, the biggest thing you could do to help me enjoy my Panini football cards would be to do what several people above have suggested: add in more details about the origin of the autographs and memorabilia used on the cards. The wording on the cards has gotten very vague over the last few years and I would like to see you go back to saying something like “this auto was signed in the presence of Panini personnel or sent to us by player X”. On the game or event used memorabilia, it would be nice to say what game or event it came from and give the date.

  122. Proving once again that we have the best collectors on the planet, your response to this contest was overwhelming. Thanks for continuing to amaze with your interaction. Alas, we had to narrow down the entrants for this contest via and the winners are:

    Brad Farnum, Bohrisch 11B, hudsonfan15 and Phil W. Congratulations and be on the lookout for an email from us.

    To everyone else, again, thanks so much.

      1. Good job on the vid and congrats on getting the box, even if it didnt have a Momentum Studs card in it… thank you for sharing regardless… still looking out for my package I have not received yet from this contest.

  123. Roger that! Thank you very much… I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for providing such a great website for us card collectors!
    Panini America does make one outstanding product for all of us to enjoy, thank you for all of your hard work!

  124. 1. Rookies and Stars. It was one of four boxes I broke today and I seemed to get more hits from that box overall than the other three that I broke combined.

    2. National Treasures. I’ve seen box breaks from last year and must admit being in the military there is something to be said about the packaging.

    3. I would like to see your product have rookies in the college uniforms. I know a of collectors don’t really like that. But I have been kind of partial to players in their college uniforms. This is the first year that I am buying cards again since 1999. And admittingly the reason for me coming back into the hobby was SP Authentic’s product. I remember back in the day companies used to put rookies in their college uniforms maybe without logos in the sets. Just a thought.

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