Panini America’s New HQ Taking Shape

March 11, 2011

They say time flies when you’re having fun, which must be the reason why it seems simply unfathomable that two full weeks have passed since Panini America’s big corporate relocation. Admittedly, 10 working days should be more than enough time to gather my bearings in the new building, but I still tend to get lost amid the labyrinthine layout of the place.

Not to worry. With nifty new landmarks being added every day in the name of interior decoration, there should soon be enough visual breadcrumbs lining our walls to ensure that I never get lost again.

Little-known fact: In addition to possessing a brawny marketing brain, our very own Scott Prusha also wields something of a deft design touch, which is why Panini America CEO Mark Warsop tasked him with sprucing up our new building even before we left our old one. Equipped with a bevy of oversized card props used at various shows and events during the last few years, a vast and varied roster of trading card products from the last three decades and a healthy devotion for Panini’s venerable knight mascot, Prusha recently began the pivotal process of bringing the office to life.

We’ll provide a full video tour of the new-and-improved Panini America headquarters once the process is completed. Until then, here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a work in progress. As you’ll discover by perusing the telling gallery below, one of the great perks of working here is, well, working here.