Panini NFL Rookie of the Week

Week 10

Keiland Williams, WAS – 89 rushing yards and two touchdowns, 4 catches for 50 yards and one touchdown

Other Rookie Highlights & Top Performances

LeGarrette Blount, TB – 91 rushing yards and a touchdown

Dez Bryant, DAL – 3 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown

Sam Bradford, STL – 30 for 42 for 251 yards and a touchdown

Rob Gronkowski, NE – 5 catches for 72 yards and three touchdowns

Tim Tebow, DEN – one rushing and one passing touchdown


2 Replies to “Panini NFL Rookie of the Week”

  1. Wow. Gronkowski would’ve been my pick. Guy comes off a cruddy game and snags 3 TDs against the STEELERS who many believe is the best team in the NFL (I don’t). Can’t agree with ya here buddy.

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