Panini Unwrapped: 2010-11 Luxury Suite Hockey with Special Guest Alex Carbajal

After weeks worth of completely irrational prodding and extensive internal negotiations, we finally secured the co-hosting talents of Panini America NHL acquisitions specialist Alex Carbajal for this special edition of Panini Unwrapped starring the brand-spanking-new 2010-11 Luxury Suite Hockey.

After weeks worth of completely irrational prodding and extensive internal negotiations, we finally secured the co-hosting talents of Panini America NHL acquisitions specialist Alex Carbajal for this special edition of Panini Unwrapped starring the brand-spanking-new 2010-11 Luxury Suite Hockey.

As the man most responsible for securing autographs and memorabilia for our hockey products, Carbajal has a unique perspective on making this set a reality — and he shares some of those insights in this must-see episode.

If you want to register to win some of the sweetest pulls from this box, simply leave your feedback on the break in the comments below. From what you think of the product’s design to the hits to the quality of Carbajal’s debut Panini Unwrapped performance, any and all feedback is encouraged.


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  1. I like the look of the product as a whole. I’ll have to check out some more box breaks to determine if this is something I want to break myself, or just try and cherry pick singles. It’s always nice to see a checklist, is there one available for Luxury Suite?

  2. the product is hit and miss for me, but I enjoy when you bring in other folk to help with the review and offer some insight. It’s nice to know that the Florida Panthers Jerseys come direct and Phil Kessel sends in card requests.


  3. cards look great overall, but some tweaking to the card design could be used as far as inserts,etc. they all look clean but i can see how the card designs could seem redundant over time breaking a box or two.

  4. I really like the design of the rookie cards with two different photos, it something that isn’t used that often and looks great. Also, hearing the stories of players card requests was interesting. It’s sounds like some players actually like to see (would like to keep) their cards rather than sign sheets of stickers, every few months.
    Anyways a product with on-card autographs is nice to see, good job.

  5. The dual memorabilia cards looked very sharp to me. The Vanek card really stood out. The single GU pieces had a little too much white for me, but that same design would look great for a auto jersey piece.

    Private signings design was superb for on card autos, keep those coming.

  6. The on card autos are great, there just doesn’t seem to be much of a variety of cards though. Still a great set, but it’s one that I’d just buy singles of instead of buying a box. Thanks for sharing and it’s good to see one of the guys from behind the scenes involved in an Unwrapped. 🙂

  7. These cards look sweet, I especially like the dual prime cards. And I love the fact that there are no base cards because i have years of base cards boxed u just taking up space.

  8. Great job on the design for the entire production. It definetely sets a stage and i can see why you named it Luxury Suite. And on card autos are awesome and glad they are incorperatred in this set.

  9. Liking the dual stick and jersey cards. On card autos are always good but the jersey cards seem a little plain in this series.

    Having Carbajal makes the unboxing more informative. Its cool to hear how he manages to secure the autos and wat not.

  10. Nice break, he did good for his first time. I am glad to see Panini digging deep to bring us rookies that might not have huge impacts on the NHL as a whole, but are very important to team collectors. I have been looking for a Brett MacLean rookie card, and now I have found it.

  11. Great stuff again! Hard signed cards are delightful and Panini is really keeping up with what collectors are asking for. LS is a great taste of what Dominion is going to do compared to other products. Still sad to see no authentic officed-used Hackler auto on any checklists lately :p j/k.

  12. I think its a very well-designed product, especially with the high quantity of on-card autographs. The card design is brilliant, having two pictures of a player on a card. Normally, having two pictures of one player looks somewhat awkward, but the horizontal layout and symmetrical design looks fantastic (especially with the bronze foil in the middle). The obvious problem is the high amount of plain jersey cards, but the stick cards are a great idea too. Sticks obviously have many more colors than jerseys, giving a good opportunity to increase the quantity of prime memorabilia cards, which people love. It’s also good to see that you take extensive measures to assure authenticity. But overall, card design and on-card autos are fantastic, especially with the variation in memorabilia cards. The only problem is there are just too many memorabilia cards for too high of a price. Other than that, great break and a great video.

  13. Ah, Canes autographs! Very nice. As I’ve been saying, this is one of the best Panini designs of the year and I really enjoyed watching the cards pulled from this product. Oh, and putting nice looking stick cards in this product is awesome.

  14. ive been waiting for this stuff for a while. i like how even if u dont get the greatest teams in a pack u can still get pretty cool cards. i raelly like those jersey stick cards, shout otu to carbajal for mentioning two of my favorite goalies as well quick and bernier, i hope theyre in this stuff to.

  15. Yay, no sticker Autos! Good touch on that, a bit bigger swatches would be nice, and I do like the jersey/stick combos! Can’t wait to pull a Taylor Hall!

  16. Awesome stuff Panini. Got a Subban auto redemption and a Carey Price dual patch out of 10 .Very sweet.

  17. Great product, anxiously awaiting my first box! Love the on-card autos! I agree with Zac Dalpe having a great signature! I just pulled a rookie auto /100 of him from my 10/11 Panini Playoff Contenders box and it looks great too! Looking forward to pulling many more from this future star!

  18. Also meant to say that I would have liked to have seen the rookie numbers being a little more exclusive than 899. That being said I understand the fact that it is a common trait and Iam still looking forward to grabbing any that I can!

  19. tracy that is another sweet panini t-shirt, very distracting, almost did not notice the cards lol

    thanks again so much for those on card autos… nobody else does it, extra mile indeed, love those game used sticks in the cards as well. the design work is luxurious… i will for sure pick up a few extra boxes of Luxury Suite Hockey just for a chance at on card autos and to get some trade bait so i can trade for the cards i want, alex is a pro in front of the camera, a natural if you will, knows the product well… also, love that Hossa, he is my pc

  20. I love that this product has on-card autographs plus adding in sticks relics makes things pretty sweet. I like that Alex Carbajal was included with the break, it is pretty cool to hear about how things go on behind the scenes. I may have to hunt down some of the Islanders cards.

  21. I think the product looks awesome. Hard signed autos is always a plus. And the stick cards looks amazing. Luxury Suite is a bit too expensive for me here in Sweden. But I think it’s absolutely worth it.

  22. Having Alex Carbajal there was a great addition. I never knew the difference between the ways signatures are obtained, but now I do! This product is very enticing. I love the cards that incorporate jersey and stick.

  23. I’m a big Jeff Skinner, fan so hoping to pull one of his. i saw a break on a forum and wow, blown away. I may only be able to try one pack though 🙁 But i’ll take any freebies 🙂

  24. I think the product look awesome. I love the hand sign, games used stick with jersey or patch, the rookies, and that there’s two hits per pack. The design is simple and look nice.

  25. This product looks pretty awesome but unfortunately it is way to expensive for me. If it was a bit cheaper I might consider picking up a pack or two.

  26. Luv how the auto cards leave lots of room for the sig without the card design getting in the way or surrounded by any letter type…Loved hearing the insight from Alex..! Great job fellas!

  27. The cards look very crisp and clean. I would like to see lower serial numbering and a lower print run for collectability. Is ther any chance of seeing a program like see donruss elite running across the spectrum of panini products wher a box of a lower priced score may have 1card per case or so and a higher priced box may have one per box or pack as an extra insert. In this way collectors would be really stoked on the pull and curious and investigative on the product. Just an idea it wouldn’t have to be super premium as long as it was super limited.

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