Panini Unwrapped: 2011 Score Football

Join the dynamic Panini America duo of Scott Prusha and Chris Reed as they make their way through a thrilling 36-pack box of 2011 Score Football, only the most affordable football card product on the planet.

Join the dynamic Panini America duo of Scott Prusha and Chris Reed as they make their way through a thrilling 36-pack box of 2011 Score Football, only the most affordable football card product on the planet.

One lucky collector will win every card pulled from this event-used box just by telling us what you think of Score Football — not just the 2011 edition, but of the concept in general of a more-for-less, bang-for-your-buck product like this.


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    1. I guess you get what you pay for!! Why do young kids really need football cards for? I am not saying they need to buy High End Cards, but soooo many kids buy this C… and hold onto it for 10 15 years and are heart broken when they find out is is junk!! Like the old 89-90 score cards!!!
      If your gonna collect/invest teach them at a young age to do it right!!! Don’t settle for crap!!!

      Mike D

  1. Score is a great product for the whole family. It’s easy on the wallet and always a ton of great inserts. My best friend always picks up Score for him and his son every year. I love the idea of the hard to find auto like the good old days.

  2. Love the Score and it looks good cleaned up. I’ll wait for inscriptions (or whatever the hoot yall call it) but short of a couple goofs, the stuff looks good.

    In the zone is the only insert that really stands out as… turrible.

  3. I remember when I was a kid, I bought retail packs but never got any hits because I fell victim to pack searchers. I love this product because it gives kids a great chance at an autograph card without paying too much. At an average cost of roughly $1 per pack, its great for young collectors. The inserts and parallels look great, and I know kids who buy this product are going to love the rookies too. Some people don’t like Score, but it’s such a good product for low budget collectors. Great job guys.

  4. Hey Hack, is that what Scott is like around the office constantly? lol

    Score has always been a great product since it’s inception in 89. Always had solid designs with great action shots and has always been a great product for set collectors and for kids. I know when I was little and Score came out it was one of the products my parents would always buy me at such a cheap price. Can’t beat a buck a pack nowadays.

  5. Score is an awesome set! I remember when I bought 2 packs of 2010 Score, I got Eric Weddle Scorecard and Larry Fitz All Pro. I don’t think you can beat 99 cents a pack. My parents buy me it anyday cause it is only 99 cents unlike Yugioh which is 3.00 and Pokemon 2.99? Well, can’t beat Score any day.

  6. I always bust a few boxes of this every to use for autographs through the mail. I buy a lot of it in the retail blasters as well, as a way to scratch the pack busting itch. I am not however, happy that the serial numbering has disappeared in the end zone cards this year, I hope the inserts are not all like that. I also like how autos are reasonably attainable in these boxes now too.

  7. It is an excellent concept! I would be highly disappointed if Panini discontinued Score. This entry level offers kids and lower income folks to participate and enjoy the hobby we all love. There arent only Lexus’ for people to drive….there are fords and kias. Not everbody can wear Jordans but we all need shoes. I would like to see Score use some photos that are new and different and not just recycled photos from other panini series which would give ALL collectors interest in them. Great job Panini!!!!

  8. I just love score! The great design, the cheap price… A great way to start collecting! And is a great price for anyone… And the great inserts like the hot rookies and the new ones this year are awesome! And the great numbered parallels like gold zone and red zone, they are the cherries on top of the product! And occasional autographs in a buck product, it’s like saying there is water in the desert! It’s like alleluia! Thank goodness! Another great year for panini and score!

  9. Score is a great product for any age! $0.99 a pack is ridiculously cheap, and it brings a whole lot of good, for less 😛 a $0.99 pack is great! especially for those who want to bust something, besides their cash xD the inserts are great, and 1 glossy card PER PACK, its like a free giveaway a day xD and an autograph occasionally!?!?!? thats like, getting money back and more money! i would love to see score again and again! and i would also like to see a score basketball someday 😉 Great Job panini with another great score product!

  10. This is my favorite product to collect year in and year out. It’s just so fun trying to complete the whole set plus the numbered cards added a lot of value to the product to keep me coming back even after I completed the set. I’m just disappointed that the scorecards, gold zones etc. are no longer numbered. That was my favorite part of collecting this set. But this set is still so collectable that I will likely keep stoking up on it

  11. Score Football is just such an amazing value, what everyone needs in this day and economy. It’s a great way to bring parents and kids together since it is priced so reasonably. Keep up the excellent work with the subsets, Panini, and I hope that you’ll still include Artist Proofs. A while back I was able to pull at least three in the same year (one of them being Larry Fitzgerald!!!). Imagine, three cards numbered out of thirty-two, at just a dollar a pack. You keep us coming back for more! 🙂

  12. a great product for young and old alike, people on a budget or not. more-for-less, bang-for-your-buck means i can buy more boxes of this product, which i always do. i look forward to all the inserts, parallels and especially the hot rookies so i can build a complete set of the ones i like. it is always a popular product as well, so i can always trade for the cards i want or need to finish any of the sets i am working on… go panini!

  13. I’m all for something more affordable for the kids to collect, but let’s not discount the idea that us grown-ups like the “better value” sets like Score. With all the bills and responsibilities we have it’s nice to be able to swing by the card aisle while @ Target or Walmart and be able to throw in a pack or two w/ the loaf of bread of can of baby formula and it not making your bill much higher! I like this year’s design…it’s a nice throw back to the late 90’s.

  14. I am an huge Score/Select collector and am always anxious for the new release. 2011 looks to be another solid release. I am a little dissappointed that the parallels arent numbered as in previous years. I thought it was always cool knowing that only so many of a card was made and I had one of them. The new designs look sharp on the new inserts and I can’t wait to start building and building and building this huge set, not only the base set but the parallels as well. Another fine release that everyone can afford.

  15. I am a set collector and rookie collector. Score gives me both of those. I look forward to seeing score every year. I love the parallels with glossy, red zone and others. I love getting an insert and you can get a lot of rookies for next to nothing. Not to mention, this is an affordable product for any collector. I have a young son who is just into collecting and his first pack purchases were Score. So thanks Panini for producing this great brand!!

  16. The last 3 years of score, to me, mostly looked the same. I am glad the design was mixed up and more insert sets were created. Nice.

  17. I love the cards and the concept! Especially in the recession right now its hard to justify spending a ton of money on cards but this is a great way to spend a reasonable amount on the hobby we love. Plus there are a ton of great inserts!

  18. This type of set is exactly what I would’ve liked to collect when I was young. The joy of opening a pack of cards is a great experience, and six bucks a pack is pretty steep for a kid. When I was collecting as a kid, I bought a lot of junk because it was what I could afford and it was hard to tell if the product was good or not. I think it’s great that Panini makes a reliably good product at several different price points to fulfill the need of all collectors.

  19. Score is a great product for someone looking to build a big set, get started in the hobby, or for someone who loves to rip rip rip packs and wax without burning a hole. You still get the chance for the big hits too, albeit a bit tougher. You may not be able to afford your favourite rookie’s National Treasure card, but you’ll have a much better chance of getting their Score version. Thanks for the great rip!

  20. I love Score every year because it’s cheap and fun. You get a rookie in every pack. The card quality is very good; it’s not paper thin and the design is great.

  21. Well as a broke college student(I think just saying college student would have implied me being broke.haha) makes it hard for me to buy a lot of the insane 100 dollar a pack stuff. Well Score kinda goes back to the roots of what the hobby is about.Of course we buy the products to collect the cards,but the real thrill is opening up the packs and wondering what the next card is.At 99 cents a pack it actually makes it affordable for everyone to collect their favorite players and not break the bank. I think products like this are really what drives the hobby.
    Not only is it affordable but the cards are very high quality.When you hold a card from the score product you don’t realize you are holding a card from a 99 cent pack. Keep it up guys!!!

  22. More bang for the buck is an appropriate descriptions. I also like that most of the cards have a matte finish, which is excellent for autographs. Another great product from Panini! Well done!

  23. I love Score. Always one of the earliest products which is a plus. Be the first to see the new players in new uniforms, especially the new rookies! And most importantly they as cheap as they come! Also for me doing a lot of TTM autographs, they sign beautifully! Great Product.

  24. This has always been a tried and true product. As has already been mentioned, the biggest thing going for it is the price. Very reasonable! I love the fact that this is really one of very few products that can still lure those just starting on collecting. Very cool!

  25. I am a huge fan of this product, because of the deep checklist especially all of the extra defensive players. I picked up 3 boxes from the LCS and it’s amazing for the price. Keep it up guys. Nice unexpected wrinkle with the new inserts and rookie variations!

  26. Score is a wonderful product. Every year I cove the simple design and also the deep checklist. The huge 100 rookies checklist brings a lot of attention to the product making it collectable. I am looking forward to collect this product and good luck Score! Probably the best product out there!

  27. I love the idea of an affordable but good quality card product. My family (when I was around 11-14) owned 5 sports card stores. I remember busting boxes, eating the gum, and reveling in pulling a RC card of my favorite player. Not only do sets like Score’s allow the younger collector to be able to collect these days….but it gives them the perfect opportunity to get a card they pull themselves of their favorite young players. With most sets now inserting RCs sometimes one per box…having a shot at 1 if not more in every pack is essential to keeping what we love to do as adults alive in today’s youht. Sports card collecting has moved so far away from the core collector of the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. Now it is aimed, marketed, and sold to almost an exclusive adult base. It’s sad….collecting cards was such a highlight of my youth….and I now have to tell my son no when at a card store because the boxes are priced so high. It’s nice to have a company like Score, a mainstay in the card world, still be able to put out an “entry” level product out so that maybe…just maybe….card collecting will still be alive when my generation isn’t around anymore.

  28. Score is an affordable product that has all the new rookies in their NFL uniforms. The SP’s fall frequently. What I really like is the chance of pulling a great auto is easier this year then in years past. 2 of my favorite cards are Score RC autos. Dez Bryant & Austin Collie.

  29. My brothers and I have been collecting Score cards for the past few years. We send cards out TTM and the matte finish is perfect for signatures. In addition, the cards are generally high quality (although I preferred the 06-08 designs more than the flimsy 2011 ones). It’s also refreshing to be able to get a high volume of cards (77) in a $10 box as opposed to some boxes that are $20+ and you only get 30, which is fine if you make a good pull but often you don’t, and then you’re a kid left with a bunch of worthless cards and no allowance left for the next month and a half. I hope Score is never discontinued!

  30. Simple, basic, inexpensive, and just a good product. I haven’t bought football cards in probably over 20 years, and this is a nice way to get my feet wet again. A good amount of base cards, not too many sub-sets, and just enough chase cards (the rookie variations) to make it interesting putting together a full set.

    Nice job Panini!!

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