Panini Unwrapped: 2011 Prestige Football

That faint yet festive celebration you hear right now -- listen carefully, it's there -- is most likely collectors in your neighborhood counting down to the official kickoff of the 2011 NFL collecting season. For the record, it starts in less than 24 hours with the celebrated arrival of 2011 Panini Prestige Football.

That faint yet festive celebration you hear right now — listen carefully, it’s there — is most likely collectors in your neighborhood counting down to the official kickoff of the 2011 NFL collecting season. For the record, it starts in less than 24 hours with the celebrated arrival of 2011 Panini Prestige Football.

To ensure that you’re properly prepared for the joyous occasion, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Joe White spent some quality time with the first box of the product for this special episode of Panini Unwrapped. Want to win the hits or perhaps a cool Panini T-shirt? Watch the video to find out how.


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  1. This years Prestige is awesome i like the stars of NFL inserts better than last years,they look more modern.Joe is right.,everyone loves prestige because it is the first product,official product to hit the shelves.It is also a product that’s in collector’s budgets.

  2. Love watching the videos of box breaks so I can see the product and judge wether it is something I would like to invest in. I always look forward to the first product of the year from Prestige. Always enjoy the Football helmet autos in this product and really like the design this year, it’s a lot better than last year in my opinion.

  3. I love the look of the product. The Helmet auto is just awesome, I can’t wait until tomorrow when they come in so I can buy a box or four. The inserts are bright and brilliant, I can’t say enough about what Panini is to the hobby. The FIRST official product of the year can’t wait to bust a box.

    Any hints on what the short prints are and what they are going to be numbered to?

  4. PANINI and PRESTIGE are the best! First licensed product of 2011 and I LOVE this year’s design. You will not find a bigger Daquan Bowers fan than right here with me, well maybe his mom!

    I’ve been waiting for this all year, its like Christmas EVE!!!!!!

    Thanks for making the hobby fun and keeping it enjoyable and affordable for fans of all ages!!!!!


  5. Wonderful looking product, guys. Good to see Kerrigan amongst the hits! Without him at the Premiere, I wasn’t sure how much of his stuff would be around.

    And by the way, nice shirts. It’s rare that you see a company shirt that actually looks good. Too often they come off a little hokey.

  6. Always nice to see the first fully licensed NFL product. Looking forward to the SP prestige chase cards. Good design, looking forward to picking some up.

  7. What a great start to the football collecting calendar. The design team have done a great job this year, especially with the helmet autos. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff. They say start as you mean to go on, and hope all the products this year are as strong as this one appears to be.

  8. Great Product…Look forward to busting a few boxes of it!! Would LOVE to sport one of those Panini Shirts at my next Pack wars!!

  9. really think the helmet cards are cool. a lot better than the ones used in ud sweet spot. those a cheap crap.

    great job panini. look forward to snatchin all the todmans from this product.

  10. Always the product I look forward to the most every year. I love the base design, the inserts, and the auto/memorabilia in this brand. I countdown every year for this product. Thanks for making such a great overall product!!

  11. You guys are killing me; I can’t wait to get a hold of a box of 2011 Prestige!!!! That Helmet card is amazing; those are my favorite cards of any set to collect. Ever since I got a Mark Sanchez Helmet Card at the NFL Draft two years ago I’ve made every attempt to collect as many Helmets as possible. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the box breaker and I am super excited to get over to my Hobby shop to grab a box.

  12. Do you guys ever go outside of the in-house design staff for ideas or seek freelancers? I have been a card collector for years an would literally work for FREE to have my name/designs attached to an industry I truly love. Just curious if there was a specific person I could contact and send sample ideas for inserts or full sets… or if an outside design team is completely out of the question. Thanks!

  13. this is one of the best products of the year i look foward it every year seems like some awesome stuff will be available on this years product

  14. I know we’ve seen pictures of the on card autos before, but seeing them pulled and shown on video, they look so sweet. Can’t wait to get my hands on a couple, I especially like the Helmet ones! Thanks for the video break!

  15. Cannot wait, doing a case break with a group of guys and this is the official kick off to the 2011 season. Love that prestige, Thanks guys Marty

  16. Very cool, I love doing case breaks, The Hobby store in my area did a Case break on this product for the last two years, very fun. Looks like they wont be doing it this year…:(
    Let us know how you make out.

  17. Prestige is always a favourite of mine. It designates the start of a new season, like always the design is solid and the on-card autos is always well received. Hoping to pull a Locker auto myself, keep up the good work!

  18. Nice break, guys! Those on-card autos look far better than last year. Kudos to the design team on those, and the rest of the set in general. Jersey swatches seemed kind of small, but otherwise, a nice product to kick off the collecting season.

  19. Love the focus on the on-card autos for this year’s set, that’s a key point to collecting in today’s market. Lowering the redemption count from some of last year’s products is also a very important point you guys have addressed and hopefully will continue to do throughout the 2011 product run. I am not the biggest fan of products that feature rookies still in their college uniforms however I understand why based on when this product hits the market, I may still get some to chase some of the veteran hits which are always very well done. Great video Tracy and Joe, I’d love to rock that shirt out in my local card shop and show!

  20. Design looks crisp and clean! I like it! Also, it’s awesome you pulled a Daquan Bowers auto, definitely think he will be a steal for the Bucs. Of course, I’m biased since I’m a HUGE Clemson fan, but I think his cards will turn out to be worth something once people see how much of a beast he is.

    Oh, and those shirts are cool too!

  21. How could you not love the first licensed product of the year with on card autos? It marks the beginning of the football season!

    Now about those awesome t-shirt. I’m a big boy at 6’8 245pds. Hope you got something bigger then a large 🙂

  22. I like the look of the RC’s. The subtle logo on the bottom has plenty of space for nice looking autographs to get in person or otherwise. Thumbs up!

  23. Wow those helmet autos look fantastic! These cards provide exactly what I expect to find in a Panini product: great design, perfect amount of numbered cards, and great looking hits and inserts!

  24. Nice set, wish you would have gotten Newton and Ingram in on time but I look forward to the future cards with them

  25. Cool box break and so glad some football products are finally coming out. I just hope we get a season! Love the new product and would love to win a t-shirt, too!

  26. I liked the design it is crisp, I really like the on card autos on card is always good. Alot of rookie cards in the box and of course the first NFL product of the year. Cant wait to see what big hit come out of it.

  27. I love Prestige because of the quality of its content available to collectors at a fairly cheap price. It’s a nice addition to have on card autographs of top draft picks on officially licensed football cards so early in the season!I will definitely be busting a few boxes of these!

  28. I really like the base card design, which is the main thing in determining if I’m going to buy product to build a set or just get the hits off ebay. These cards all look good, so I’ll be grabbing a few boxes!

  29. I love watching the box breaks as for this product of the Prestige i love this first Panini Football product of the year as the best thing about this product that no other product does is the team helmets signatures. They are the best and quite different. The product design is fantastic and clean. Good job Panini cant wait to get my hands on some of this product.

  30. Love watching the box breaks and i will definately buy a box as soon as it hit the card shop here. Panini is doing an outstanding job with all the products they have put out so far. And the t-shirts have a wonderful design on them. Keep up the good work and thought it was mighty nice of you to let your guest rip almost all the hits !

  31. Love the clean look of the helmet on card autograph, simple is good. Are the t-shirts “unwrapped worn” ? Maybe Tracy could throw them both on for the next edition? Did I hear something about “octographs” dual side four per, maybe?? Will definitly be looking for them. Hope I find a Ponder auto in my break, thanks guys!

  32. Nice to see football arrive. Really nice design on the helmet autos, but to be honest I did not like the looks of the Draft inserts, the player picture was way too small. Hope to bust a few packs at least, and HOPE to pull a Christian Ponder or two. Look forward to your future breaks.

  33. I wasn’t sure I would like the rubber helmet auto’s at first.. but a week or so ago I pulled a John Elway rubber helmet auto (#ed to 10) from last year’s Gridiron Gear and I have to say, in person, the Rubber Helmets are pretty cool. I definitely wouldn’t mind pulling a couple top rookie’s autos on those cards from Prestige.

  34. It is so exciting to see the first cards of 2011 and the design of this year’s Prestige is a great way to kick it off. I especially love the helmet autos, the sharpness of the photos and the great use of foil. Everything looks bright, bold and modern. Kudos to the design team on this one!

  35. Awesome set! I opened my first box todayand am hooked already. The on card helmet autos will be a tough set to complete. I am looking forward to the challenge!

  36. Awesome Product but just got a question. I pulled a Martez Wilson helmet auto but it’s actually a 49ers Helmet instead of a Saints helmet which who he was drafted by. Is anyway to replace this if I send it in? Thanks in advance!

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