Panini Unwrapped: A Two-Box Rip of 2011 National Treasures Football

In this special episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez rip two boxes of 2011 National Treasures Football and uncover, among other things, NFL Hall of Famers aplenty and one of the sweetest rookie patch autographs you'll ever see.

In this special episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez rip two boxes of 2011 National Treasures Football and uncover, among other things, NFL Hall of Famers aplenty and one of the sweetest rookie patch autographs you’ll ever see.
Stay tuned till the end to find out how you can win some of their sweetest pulls.


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  1. Great box breaks some totally awesome cards great job of making some sick cards would love to have some of those cards specially the blaine gabbert superpatch auto whens the blogtv show coming?

  2. Tonger LIves!!
    Wow!! this is amazing. I have never seen or touched anything high end. Most expensive box I have touched is around 150. So watching this is fun. Tamper proof box is awesome! These cards are very well protected.Its like a treasure chest. Hence I think where the name comes from. And 2 weeks for QC. Wow.
    Sweet Sam Huff go gmen, NFL gear looks nice, like the Colossal size swatcches, nice John Elway, Sterling Sharpe auto, sweet Jim Kelly, one sick, sick, Delone Carter thats awesome!, and how much begging would it take to win the Blaine Gabbert. Thats one of the peeeerrrrtiest patches I have ever seen.
    Great break guys!

  3. Simply AMAZING!!! As a Colts collector I am very impressed with Tracy’s box in particular but there is definitely something that appeals to everyone from this break. I’m calling it right now: Product of the YEAR from every awards group that matters! Thanks for bringing it to us guys, can’t wait for the live show!

  4. Amazing look as usual from NT. Really love that Sterling Sharpe and Ryan Taylor. Hopefully everyone there is ok after the terrible storms.

  5. Hackler… that’s an eye-popping product! Detractors are going to loathe the redemptions, but the bounty of Canton-goodness in Mr. Torrez’s box would certainly assuage any hurt feelings on my end; the Jim Kelly ‘graph is flat-out nice, the Gabbert piece is artwork, but for me… the Sharpe auto pushed the box over the top. If “Thou Shalt Not Covet the Neighbor’s Cards” isn’t the 11th Commandment… It should be! Looking forward to hearing more about winning one of the pulls and “the longest trading-card ever made” raised both of my eyebrows.

  6. Nice looking cards, way out of my budget 😉 but still fun to watch them opened.
    I called CS 2-3 weeks ago about a replacement for a redemption from last year, she said she would find something in a couple days and update the request online but nothing as of yet posted my requests. Don’t seem to have any luck getting a response thru the site and rather not spend an hour trying to not get a busy signal. Anyway you can check on that for me Tracy? Request: 174767
    thanks for the preview of that product,

  7. Wow that is an awesome Gabbert Swatch!!! NT always has the best patches. Still cant wait for the blogtv show!

  8. Unlike others, I don’t see the benefit of paying $400 for this particular product. If you take the sample from one of these two boxes, you will clearly see the value of the box to be less than $400. I was curious and I looked up each card value on Ebay (the Tracy box). It is worth less than $250; factor in ebay fees and you are looking at a $200 value. The other gentleman had a nice Gabbert RPA card that will probably go for $125. That box, per ebay is less than $300 worth of product.
    I opened a case of Leaf Basketball yesterday and there was a card missing. I am not sure if the product are really pack tested or if that is a basic quality control value word. The other two boxes were decent. I think Leaf Best of Basketball is a good product but not National Treasures at $400 a box. More like $300 a box but that is still a risk.
    With most high-end cards, it is a business for people. I have looked at other videos on other social media sites and seen the same outcome. Please look for yourself before realizing that you will immediately lose 25% of your money once you get the case.

  9. Tracy what is it with the North Melbourne AFL jersey im a Geelong supporter and what do you know about Aussie Rules im an aussie and have played that game for 20 years Before moving over here. Go see a game live it is the best at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

      1. I have started collecting cards and would either love that Gabbert, Carter, or that Jim Kelly card. Sorry to say not a fan of the Kangaroos you are classed as our rivals back home im going back in 2 weeks for a month and going to see my cats play those Adelaide crows at AAMI stadium in Adelaide.

  10. WOW!!! Great video Tracy! I just got one of my 2 boxes of National Treasures after work and i cant wait to open it!!! Im going to go play catch with my daughters for awhile and then open it later tonight. Im getting my second box this Satruday. Wish me luck! Looks like its going to be footballs product of the year as always!!! Keep up the great work guys!!

  11. Very nice break. I love the choice of wearing a Kangaroos Jersey from Australia. I live there too but you should have had a Lions one 😉

  12. Some ncie stuff i have seen so far. Was very happy to see some of the under appreceiated guys in the Probowl get cards. Like John Denney the Long snapper for the dolphins. Nice to see him get his 1st card ever.

  13. i love the NT look… its awesome product…. going to get more
    i just saw a made in CHINA on my box…
    very 🙁

  14. Tracy, just curious but are you guys still giving these away? I was on the blog site the other day but it seemed you guys were having troubles with the video feed? Are you going to give it another go? like i said, just curious. thanks

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