Panini Unwrapped Called-Shot Booklet-Card Prize Edition: 2011 Donrus Elite Football

On a day when most of the Panini America marketing team was out of the office on business, what would arrive but the department's boxes of 2011 Donruss Elite Football, one of which was just begging to be busted for another can't-miss episode of Panini Unwrapped.

On a day when most of the Panini America marketing team was out of the office on business, what would arrive but the department’s boxes of 2011 Donruss Elite Football, one of which was just begging to be busted for another can’t-miss episode of Panini Unwrapped.

All alone with no one to hold the camera, I cranked on my trusty laptop webcam for this scintillating 12 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. But since it includes my called-shot pull of one of our company’s first booklet memorabilia cards (and details of how you can win it), you’ve gotta watch, right?

Part One:

Part Two:


78 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped Called-Shot Booklet-Card Prize Edition: 2011 Donrus Elite Football”

  1. Just subscribed today. Love the booklet cards. I think that the old school/ throwback look is real cool and the colors match well. One thing that always concerned me about booklet cards are how the cards are connected. I think the cards u made look pretty sturdy so no real criticism. But i would really like if there could a way to flip the cards around whenever u wanted to. Like having the two jersey cards flipped outward but be able to flip them back later on. something like that

    Thanks for the contest again panini and tracy,

  2. That’s a great combo on a booklet card like that.

    I know the back of the card doesn’t get as much love as the front or the inside but I wanted to see how the back looked also. I like the front of the booklet’s design for the fact it gives some suspense to how the inside of the card will look like. It’s a very classy look for a card named “throwback threads” and fits it’s name. The inside of the card looks great. It has good pictures and nice layout to have mirroring both sides. It has a nice retro color theme along the card too.

    Overall, that booklet is a very nice piece. are there patched versions of that booklet as well?
    Anyways, i hope i can get that card in my collection. Good job panini !

  3. Love the look of those booklet cards. The design looks good and all the player selections for them were solid. Congrats on Panini’s first booklets, I’ve pulled a booklet from other companies but not yet Panini and it’s about time I get the chance to!

  4. Love the booklets. Not only are the the inside of the booklets nicely designed,but I love the rustic outside look. Well down Panini keep up the good work.

  5. love the new booklet, and love the fact that you’re incorporating a number of veterans (old and new) into the series 🙂
    would love to see a “textured” like linen card in the future, think it would bring a distinctive look to the series 🙂
    thanks for the great contest 🙂
    John from Canada

  6. Sadly, I’m already subscribed (no shot to win!), but hey, I’ll comment anyway.

    I, personally, love the booklets. I love the design, the BIG pictures, and player selection. I haven’t seen the checklist yet so I’m not sure if these have patch parallels, or jumbo swatch parallels, but I’d love to see those to go along with the game-used and auto/game-used deals.

  7. Tracy, sweet booklet, love the design/and the quality, actually saw one at the shop that i was def jealous of, and they seem to be in way better shape then your standard triple threads booklets etc. cant wait to see the auto versions, and love the various combos that were put in this set!!! Gonna be sweet to collect

  8. the booklets rock, and so do all the inserts as well as the base… cool t-shirt btw
    panini is king of cards! the booklets are well done, from what i can see, i will let you know more when i hold one in my hands, overall they are fine, the only change i would make is to put a picture on the cover of the booklet, and if the booklet is of just one player, i would make the cover of the booklet look like a ‘regular’ or insert card, with player picture, and or team logo, but thats not all, surprise, it opens into a booklet. booklet cards have a wow factor to them initially, so why make the cover bland?

    got to ask, why did you cut the video into 2 parts?

  9. Sweet booklets, its nice to see that kids won’t have to invest 500$ into a box to get nice booklets. Most of the booklets were usually found in NT and other high end products.

    Great job Panini!
    and thanks for the give away.

  10. I have never pulled a booklet card either, so maybe your luck is my luck too

    Thanks for the sneak peek

  11. New subscriber I think those booklet cards are awesome and definately they look like they will be BIG HIT!

  12. I love that booklet. But Speeking from one Bronco Fan to another We need a Champ Bailey Card in that Orange Uni or even the Mustard and Brown. But if i had my way i would put in a Matt Prater card bc we need to show the kickers some love too. But if you want to be really awesome and unique next year throw in a Jason Elam Card

  13. Darn! im already a subscriber… so i don’t think i can enter… but the booklets are sweet! I think there should be like more than 2 players per booklet…

    1. By the way, to all of our existing subscribers, all I can say is: “Thank you. You are appreciated.”

      In fact, how about we award some of the other hits in the box to existing subscribers.

      That way, everybody wins.

  14. new subscriber think the booklets are ok but not a huge fan of them. I think all booklets should be autographed and unique Numbered to less then 5. I think they should also have a different type of feel maybe like wood or leather

  15. The booklet looks great, I love the throwback always been a fan,would like to see them auto’d & #’d to 5 or 10,I like the old/new players in it especially if they played on the same team,never owned a booklet of any kind it’s time to get my first.
    Thank’s for the contest good luck to all.

  16. New subscriber, oh yeah!! Already purchased 3 boxes of Elite trying to chase down one of these booklets. Sweet cards, love the die cuts. Wish they had the short print cards this year and a little more color to the patches. The booklet card is sweet and would be the first time ever winning a contest. Hook it up Tracy, and keep up the good work. What a dream job!! Are you hiring? LOL

    Keep making these good products and keeping the hobby alive!


  17. Nice video and cards as always Tracy! I like the booklet cards alot (even though I cant win this one), but one thing id like to see is..well you know when you get a birthday card from grandma (or whomever), you open it and you just hope something falls out, usually cash :). Maybe insert a coupon for 10% off your next box purchase of a specific product (times are tough man!) or better yet, an exclusive “chance” for an online contest to win even more great stuff from Panini, even if its just a shirt (a subtle hint!!) Just thinking outside the booklet here! Thanks for letting us share your break! GB

  18. Wow those booklets look awesome. I’m not sure how you would be able to display them yet, so that would be a downer, as I’d hate for it to get damaged. Have you considered making the booklets along the length, so it sort of matches the size of a novel. Never the less, thanks for youtubing the break!

  19. Always a fan of the box breaks. I’ll take anything NFL related when I can! can’t wait to see some multi-color’d autograph variations pop up. Oh so pretty 🙂

  20. Awesome break! I love the Elite product. Started getting into it last year and can’t wait to purchase a sealed hobby box! I busted a few packs the day it came out and hit 2 for 2 at one shop and then 2 for 9 at the next and pulled a SWEET “New Breed” Alex Green 2 color patch/auto/rc 09/10 for the Packers! Great looking card! My first hit yestereay was an Aspirations auto/rc 15/49! in my first pack!! Maybe my new good luck will stay with me and help me win this SICK Bo Jackson Threads Booklet? I absolutely love getting my hands on or atleast seeing older veteran star memorabilia and auto cards! It’s why I collect this stuff now. I got hooked a few years ago. Anyway, enough for the excitement. Great vid, Id rather see a solo break most of the time rather than a duo because you get to the action a little quicker. lol oh yeah, btw, still waiting on a few redemptions from last november guys……please help sos maybe you can nudge quality control or customer service for me cause I can’t wait to get that stuff. thanks and look forward to watching more breaks! Good luck to all!

  21. Great lookn cards, love the design! if i could have the choice id love for that card to have autos!lol but none the less there sweet and i love the elite product all together so all in all this product looks strong! by the way RRAAIIDDERRSSS!!!lol sorry that was for my bronco fan who opened the box in the unwrap! gotta represent! thanks

  22. That booklet looks amazing, Tracy. I’m just browsing the checklist and you guys did a great job of pairing up players for these Throwback Threads booklets. The booklet design is sharp, front, back and insidse. I don’t do much football collecting now, but I may have to see if I can get one of these booklets in my hands. I’m more interested in the teasers I have seen of Dominion Hockey – those Peeless Patches Duals, Quads, and 8 is Enough are all booklets too, right? *drool*

    I’ve never gotten a booklet from any card set, any manufacturer. For people that have them, how do you display them? Just put them in a magnetic holder so it can easily be taken out for viewing?

  23. Haha, While I was scrolling down and reading comments mine was answered – I can’t wait to see a Prime, autographed booklet!

  24. I hadn’t subscribed yet because I have the Knights Lance bookmarked and tend to check it everyday anyways, but I have now subscribed.

    I like the fact that the booklet card has 2 all-time great players on it, but agree with other posters that it would be better with either larger swatches or autos included… Thats not to say that I wouldn’t be doing backflips if I pulled one like you did. I have bought 4 hobby packs of Elite thus far, and I did pull a Ryan Mallet Gold Status Auto #’d out of 24. Needless to say I was quite happy with that pull… It’s no booklet, but still!

    Thanks for the contest!

  25. GREAT looking cards. Panini has taken alot of flak the last year or so and I definately believe this could put Panini back in the spotlight. Innovative and unique looking base. I am definately a fan. I like the Rookie cards alot. I like the Throwback Threads logo on the front of the book instead of a very base look of the players like most books. Overall Love the Product.

  26. Wow, I never thought i would like cards so much! My husband has been collecting for years now and i am starting to get into it with him because he enjoys it so much. I have been thinking of starting my own collection to see if i can out do him (he hates when i get better pulls than him from the boxes he buys). That sweet booklet card would be a great start for me since he has never had the pleasure of pulling one!
    As far as the design of the card, i think it looks great. I love the players from the old days on the card as well.

  27. Tracy, I love the overall flow of the cards but i feel that the book cards are and should be really special pulls! Most of the ones i have seen so far are just two small jersey swatches. The players represented, you guys did a great job picking them but i think auto’s and prime swatches are best suited for these super hard to pull cards!
    I busted 2 boxes at my Local shop and got some cool stuff but another customer busting with me pulled the book card(Bears tandem). We both were expecting something more when he opened it up, but i think over all he was happy with his pull.

  28. Just subscribed…getting back into the collecting world has been great so far. Amazing pulls! Booklets seem to be hot right now

  29. Just subscribed. I pulled the Emmitt Smith/ Eric Dickerson Auto Booklet Redemption. Cant wait to recieve it. Love the checklist, especially the Sanders/Jackson card. Would love to have it. I have a case coming in next week from my LCS, hoping for some nice pulls!

  30. Tracy my friend, You gotta learn to rip. Challenge you to a ripping comp at National LOL Winner take all. NY

  31. I actually like the look of these cards. I think they are a great idea that even non-collectors will enjoy the look of. On top of that it has awesome players on it. I hope this concept comes to hockey cards as well. I truly enjoy your products, sports and non-sports. This concept would also look good in your entertainment field as well. Keep up the great work Panini. John

  32. I just signed up for the blog and just started collecting Panini cards with the 2010-11 Playoff Contenders hockey cards, and I’m moving onto Donruss Elite 2011 football next. The booklet cards are a big part of the reason that I’m excited to start in on this set. They look great. Some of the key upsides for me is that the connection between the cards looks very sturdy, the design is classic and clean and doesn’t distract from what’s inside, and the player choices seem really good from what I’ve seen so far. I know that I’ve always been disappointed as a collector when I pull a very rare card of a player that quickly becomes a nobody, and it doesn’t look like that’ll happen with these booklets. I also just wanted to say that I’ve bought two packs so far, and I pulled an autographed rookie printing plate in one pack, which has definitely got me hooked on Panini!

  33. I would say a bigger swatch, or always a multicolor prime patch. Another idea would be to have a HOF and a current star from the team wearing the throwback threads. Puts another meaning on it.

    Other than that, the cards look Phenominal!

  34. New Subcriber, love the booklet card in the new elite football!! Booklet cards are the best hits, and that box was packed with great stuff. Good job giving your buyers a value added experience. Now all we need to see is the dual auto dual relic bookett. I want to see some in 2011 Elite baseball. Suggestion… maybe Harper and Strasburg!!

  35. Just Subbed. Nice Booklet nice knowing you can pull a booklet in elite. Can’t wait to bust some boxes.

  36. I love the idea of booklet cards. The problem prior to your donruss elite 2011 booklets was they are extremely pricey to buy as singles and so rare to pull. I like that you have made the booklets with just jersey instead of with patch auto’s.I do love the patch auto’s but being a college student,I just can’t afford to obtain many of them.Now with the Elite booklets I can collect a great deal more booklets of my favorite players than before. I am not a huge fan of cards with lots of foil so I am really glad to see the very subtle but beautiful design ,it really makes the jersey,even the one color, the part of the card that catches the eye,as opposed to the really flashy foil cards that take away from the jersey and in my mind are detrimental to what the booklets really feature.(The memorabilia swatches,autos,etc…)

  37. Another new subscriber here! Actually, I was quite surprised that I had not stumbled on this site earlier, but am glad I have now! The next best thing to breaking boxes myself is watching others do it. Very fun! I have seen a few of these booklets on ebay and other websites but have not seen one up close yet. I really like the design layout. It does not look like you are trying to cram it all in a little space. Good job! The only thing I might be against is the thickness. Like I said, I have not seen one up close so what I see in the video might be the wrong perception, but I might like to see the booklets a bit thinner. That is my only negative about them which means you have a truly nice product! Keep em comin!

  38. hey Hack great to see the break and i like booklet cards just need a great holder to display them.
    I have always loved Elite Fb and got to tell you my son hit a Cam Newton rc #’d /999 sweet!!
    I do have a a general comment overall and it goes to the postage size jersey/relic cards.
    I’d like to see them increased to the size in the booklett. Given the prices of the boxes today Card company’s need to refresh the concept a dime/thumbnail jersey card is a just not what collectors want. Now that said I’m new to the blog but a longtime fan of Panini/Donruss.
    Are there plans for a Tools of Trade bookletts love to see that.

  39. think to booklet cards are great – good idea to not just have auto booklets but jersey/patches as well i think a jumbo patch booklet would be something nice to look for in the future 🙂

  40. Congrats on your first booklet pull and it was a nice one ! I love what Panini has done to the card market and i hooked on Panini products. Thanks for the chance to win and keep up the GREAT work !!!!!/-

  41. Love the look of the booklet cards, congrats on the pull! I’m getting back into the hobby after being out for some time and it’s exciting to see all of the awesome new insert cards coming out. Keep it up Panini!

  42. As always great looking cards and great card design from the look to the player(s)! As a current subscriber hopefully I’ll score one of the other hits. I may have to try and pull a few of my own. Keep all the great collector info comming.

  43. lol id be ” giddy” too if i pulled one of those sweet booklets. i just noticed i hadnt subscribed but ive been commenting for a while . woooooo maybe i got a shot at this booklet its so sick

  44. Just subscribed. I pulled the Montana/Brady /99 version the other day. My 1st book! They are a cool addition to the hobby. My concern is the easier they are to pull the less valueable they will be.

    1. Not yet, but I plan to pick a winner for this contest — as well as the Prestige, Michael Jackson and LaMarcus Aldridge contests — before Friday. Sorry for the delay.

  45. Give us a new contest Tracy!!! I enter in ever football contest on here and over at and I have yet to win….my time to win must be near!! haha

  46. Donruss elite is a product that never let’s you down and collecters are always firing for it to come out the next year

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