Panini Unwrapped World Premiere: 2010-11 Dominion Hockey (with Checklist Reveal)

The time has come. After months of intense buildup and exhaustive sneak peeks that have created the kind of massive word-of-mouth buzz rarely -- if ever -- seen in the sports card industry, 2010-11 Dominion Hockey is ready to be unwrapped.

The time has come.

After months of intense buildup and exhaustive sneak peeks that have created the kind of massive word-of-mouth buzz rarely — if ever — seen in the sports card industry, 2010-11 Dominion Hockey is ready to be unwrapped.

Earlier this week, amid the Panini America hockey team’s 16-hour work days spent hand-packing every last box of the most anticipated NHL product in years, we sat down with Karvin Cheung — the company’s Director of Product Development for Basketball and Hockey — to open the first three Dominion boxes off the line.

This special episode of Panini Unwrapped, filmed on location at the Panini America printing facility during the final hours of packout on Wednesday, provides just a glimpse into the endless possibilities that Dominion provides.

After you’ve watched the must-see world premiere video, be sure to access the product checklist provided — and then count the hours until 2010-11 Dominion Hockey releases to the public on September 14.

And now, for you exclusive first look at the checklist:

2010-11 Dominion Checklist


31 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped World Premiere: 2010-11 Dominion Hockey (with Checklist Reveal)”

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    1. The Card is Amazing. Four of the best Leaders of the previous generation. You obviously didn’t get to experience his career whatsoever. It’s not as if he had the respect, and still has the respect, of not only those other 3, but the majority of the rest of the past/current NHL players. And its not as if he was the head of the NHLPA… But you’re right, GROSS. Everyone at Panini, you guys did an amazing job on that card and the entire set! Can’t wait to get my hands on a box!

  1. Patch plates are absolutely great whatever product they are in. Hope to see some Ray Allens hit the market one day (hint hint) The on card auto’s and the centering on them are nice. Who’s the guy in the oldschool picture on the box? Hand packout sounds like a hard slog but good to see it being metered out so there can be no machine stuff ups or cases stacked with multiple identical hits.

  2. I’m actually breaking some of this….I don’t break a lot. But this has my intrigued.

    And Rhys, the oldschool photo is Lord Stanley himself. The guy the Stanley Cup is named after.

  3. And we end it with a Lucic base? Booooooo, you guys need to set those boxes up better. 😉

    All kidding aside, those quad autos are absolutely gorgeous as are the Benchmark cards.

    I do some rough breaks coming though, lots of parallels of varying colors and jersey parallels. If it is a parallel with an auto or patch that makes it a tad more palatable.

    All in all I am really liking what I see and it’ll be good to have something to chase other than The Cup which is a growing a bit redundant.

  4. No need for words, the cards speak for themselves.

    Did I see rounded corners on the plate/patch cards to match the plate? If so, amazing attention to detail.

    Panini has just raised the bar. Congrats!

  5. Just scanned the checklist, lots of good stuff. Not a fan of the colored parallels, but oh well.

    A question/clarification on the Private Signings cards. Lots of players have two cards in the Private Signings subset. LaFleur as a Canadien and a Nordique. Leetch as a Bruin and a Ranger. Roy as Avalance and a Canadien. But Bobby Hull has two Private Signing cards – both are Blackhawks – one isn’t a Jets or Whalers card? Similarly, Marcel Dionne has two cards – both are Red Wings, one isn’t a Kings or Rangers card?

  6. Watching the video and looking through the checklist, I must say there are some extremely fascinating cards in this product. Although under Tag Team Combos Canadian Flag there’s a card with Tim Thomas on it who isn’t Canadian, still a very, very, very nice looking product. 😀

      1. It’s not as bad as a manufacturer making Canadian Rinkside Signings of Bobby Ryan and Paul Stastny…………especially after Statsny had a Canadian Pride of a Nation card the previous year. 😉

        You can change the flag on a card but not the tag on a jersey.

  7. Very nice stuff, not much left to say that hasn’t already been posted over the lastw eek or so.

    It was cool hearing from Karvin, not just his experience with the set but also his understanding of what collctors are looking for and how they experience the product. When he flipped the card back on to slowly reveal the quad auto right there you can tell he has spent time watching collectors break boxes.

    Great video.

  8. this product seems to have only one major flaw for me to buy it. there’s not a single card of forsberg. well done, though!

  9. Looks good, but to be honest, I’m worried about the high number of parallels and plain jersey cards. I guess we’ll have to wait and see… What I would really like to know is the size of the cards. The competition has set a standard where all their highest-end set cards are 180pt. What about Dominion? Do the sizes vary or are they all the same?


  10. Way to nail the video Hack! Great job by all the guys and gals who spent day and night getting this out hand packed for the Collector! Karvin great first Panini video! Welcome to the family!

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