Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball

Watch the innocuous Panini America triple team of Tracy Hackler, David Porter and new recruit Keith Hower rip open two certifably hypnotic boxes of 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball.

Watch the innocuous Panini America triple team of Tracy Hackler, David Porter and new recruit Keith Hower rip open two certifably hypnotic boxes of 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball.

Although the trio couldn’t get its grubby hands on one of the history-making Panini HRX Video Trading Cards, it did unearth some simply splendid specimens, several of which you can win just by commenting with your thoughts on the break.

Oh, and stay tuned all the way through for the world premiere unveiling of the Kevin Durant Solid Gold 14-karat gold 1/1 card from the forthcoming release of 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball.


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  1. Sweet, I didn’t know that all the cards would be numbered. I like the rookie cards a lot, die cut with an on card auto! Great peak at the KD Solid Gold, a beaut!

  2. i saw the first cards on ebay.its really looking good.
    but i saw a Fabrics of the Game Jersey of David West which was not on the checklist.
    please dont tell me you replaced that card with the Rasheed Wallace because i have not seen a Sheed yet.

    1. i just saw the checklist on changed david west with Marcin Gortat 🙂 And Sheed is in there 🙂 Thank you very much Panini! Can’t wait to see more Rasheed Wallace Cards in the upcoming series 😉

  3. II just love the rookie jersey autos from this series. As a collector of mostly basketball I enjoy the craftsmanship that the design team put into these.Once again thanks Panini for keeping my hobby going.

  4. Certified is always one of my favorite brands of the year. I enjoyed the football one for a very long time and now the basketball version is awesome as well. Thanks for producing it. And a big thanks for sharing this break.

  5. Overall, I really like the look of the Totally Certified with the gloss and shine. It gives a hypnotizing look to it that really captivates collectors. I also like how the base cards are serial numbered, making the set more limited but I wish that there weren’t so many variations of jerseys. Jerseys nowadays are starting to all look the same and don’t really feel special anymore when you get something in each pack. I liked it back then when there were really rare inserts like credentials from EX and Precious Metal Gems from Metal Universe. That is just my opinion though. Based on just this set though, I think it’s one of the more unique basketball products out there and I look forward to hopefully hitting a video ca

  6. they look really nice, will have to get me a couple of boxes to bust! good to see panini upping the anti with the card designs and technology, as a collector one suggestion which would be great to see would be a game-changer on redemptions, this is an sticker auto’s seems to be the only issues that collectors constantly whinge about, it would be really cool if you had a redemption much like a “golden ticket” willy wonka style in a variety of your products that entitled the person reedeming it to an all expenses paid trip to Dallas to bust some boxes with an NBA star “could be the star on the packaging” for a Special Edition of Panini Unwrapped, think collectors would be excited to bust boxes and see redemptions with the hope of it being the golden ticket, busting boxes is addictive, busting boxes with an NBA star now that would be great for the hobby, Panini are doing some great things keep up the good work

  7. Totally Certified looks like one of the best products in a LONG time. And that gold card is sick!

  8. They look amazing! They’re definatly for the high end collector, at 20 bucks a pack, but with a hit in every pack I think it’s definately worth it! The rookie Diecut on card autos look amazing as well, the designers really did a great job. I also love the style, they look like the Adrenalyn Ultimates somewhat, and that was my favorite panini design, but I think thats changed. Thanks guys!

  9. I just love the design and the mesmerizing look. This product might be hard to get but it is a product that is worth collecting. The rookie autos are just amazing with the patches and the design. Im looking forward to land on some of these cards because these are awesome.

  10. Nice stuff, love the rookie die cuts and the on card autos. The HRX cards are def sweet and the Gold card is def awesome. Good work and keep it up.

  11. Totally awesome groundbreaking these cards are really out of this world and there all numbered which makes it great for the collectors and the gold cards are really cool I cant wait to see these cards in hand to really check them out and the HRX video cards inserted in some boxes what a great concept you guys are really on the top of your game keep up the great work im so excited about these cards cant wait for them to come out wow.

  12. The blue and red foils pop like nobody’s business. And the rookie design, as almost everyone agrees, is pretty dang tight. Plus all rookie autos are on-card… HRX will definitely be a game-changer.

  13. Hi Tracy! Hi Guys! Thanks for the box break looks on this years 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball! Love the cards! And would LOVE to have that Lazar Hayward Rookie Jersey Auto! You guys are AWESOME there at Panini! Thanks Tracy for everything 😉 Keep up the good work there! And that Durant GOLD Card is just AWESOMENESS in itself! Sweet! Thanks again!

  14. Can’t wait to bust some of this. I remember this product from way way back in the days when Pinnacle used to put it out. Those mirror golds were sweet looking. Jerseys look good, always great to have oncard auto, diecuts are awesome, hope to break a couple packs!

  15. I can’t wait to get my hands on a case of gold standard. Very excited! And we all want to see those HRX cards in action….

  16. Despite the name change which I am not a fan of, this product looks like one of the best basketball products of the season. The rookie cut auto/jerseys, the bright colors in the mirrors and inserts, and the on card autos makes it look great.

    Getting ahead of myself as well, Gold Standard looks very good as well. That gold KD looked awesome and I’m amazed by the amount of gold you guys are putting in that product.

  17. WOW! This is a good looking product! I love a good looking base card, and these are some of the best I’ve seen. I LOVE the die-cut rookie cards. The Fabric of the Game cards jumped out at me right away, too. Great design. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!

  18. These cards look AWESSSOOOOOMME. Waiting for my LCS to stock them. really like the rookie cards and the overall look of the base cards themselves.

    Also thanks for the giveaway 😛

  19. I like the look of this year’s NBA Certified better than last year’s. I do agree with John’s comment (see above) that the multiple parallels of jersey cards get tiresome. Is there any chance of reintroducing any tough-to-pull insert sets…. akin to the old Jambalaya or Linchpins…. with pull ratios of 1:360 or 1:720….but not necessarily numbered? Most of today’s inserts are at least one per box if not 2, 3 or 4 per box. They might have more “value” than endless jersey cards….which end up being a dime/dozen.

    As someone who busts a lot of NBA wax, and has pulled hundreds of redemptions, I can appreciate the delay in release of any product to make sure there are as few redemptions as possible. I look forward to busting some.

  20. love the look of the base cards…would definately be a fun set to put together…they sort of remind me a little bit of old Fleer Brilliants basketball 98/99…which was an awesome looking set, but this set has so much more to offer in terms of great autos and mem cards. cant wait to add some of this product to my collection!

  21. This is my first time looking at the certified series from Panini. They seriously look sweet. Love the die-cut game used. The base design is so sweet, reminds me of the old metal cards from the 90s.

  22. Been looking forward to this for a while. Loved Certified in 2010, looks better in 2011. The rookie cards look really nice.

  23. Wow! Tracy is right that these cards are hypnotic. Dang! Those are some of the most beautiful cards Ive seen a really long time. Thanks for upping your game on this product, Panini!

  24. The cards look amazing! Very happy with the checklist produced and can’t wait to add some more Dirk’s to the collection!!

  25. I love the die-cut etching, particularly on the rookies… The fact that all the rookie autos are ON CARD… And especially love that the colored variation memorabilia are all prime pieces. Well done on this product Panini!

  26. I love the Totatally Certified Basketball release. I know that some collectors will put down the holo-foil but with basketball it works so well because we want to focus solely on the player not to mention it brings up memories of the 1990s Certified product which is nice. I love the rookie die-cuts plus adding in an on-card autograph makes it pop. Being a life-long Suns fan I really love the Steve Nash card, even without the jersey relic it would still be an awsome card.

  27. like the work, maybe an extra design to the panel on the jersey autos would help them stick-out more from the rest of the bunch. overall nice design taking a twist on a very successful past brand.

  28. Really like the rookie jersey cards, with the die cut “rookie” over the jersey swatch. Sad to see Jordan Crawford in a Wiz jersey, though…

  29. Can’t decide which card I would want to get framed more; the Jordan Crawford or the Steve Nash insert. Either way, with a fresh new look, and many jersey/auto combo’s, this year’s addition is certifiably amazing.

  30. I think panini certified are one of the top brand’s that collectors will be chasing thus far.From prestige to absolute memorabilia,i am in love with every thing Panini produces.

  31. Love the rookie jersey autos. Plus all the cards are numbered 🙂 Will be sure to buy a few boxes of this stuff, keep it up panini!!!!

  32. Great product!!Love the special epix-style foil etchings on jersey and auto cards which we don’t see everyday. Definitely a game changer with the HRX!

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