Panini Unwraps 2011-12 Rookie Anthology

Panini America's Scott Prusha and Tim Trout sit down for a revealing two-box bust of 2011-12 Rookie Anthology Hockey. The rookie-rich, cleanly crafted product updates Rookie Card checklists from previous 2011-12 Panini America products while also delivering a stand-alone Rookie Anthology design that will have collectors clamoring.

Panini America’s Scott Prusha and Tim Trout sit down for a revealing two-box bust of 2011-12 Rookie Anthology Hockey. The rookie-rich, cleanly crafted product updates Rookie Card checklists from previous 2011-12 Panini America products while also delivering a stand-alone Rookie Anthology design that will have collectors clamoring.

After you’ve watched the video, you can access the Rookie Anthology “Bonus Autograph” checklist by clicking the link below.

Want to win some of the hits from these two boxes? Let us know your thoughts on the product — good or bad — in the comments section below. We’ll give you all a week or so and randomly select a few winners next week.

Here’s the “Bonus Autographs” checklist: Anthology_Bonus


29 Replies to “Panini Unwraps 2011-12 Rookie Anthology”

  1. We are already seeing an increased interest in this product that a couple of weeks ago wasn’t there. Comparisons to Upper Deck’s Rookie Update product from years past aren’t really true comparisons. Rookie Anthology has a much better player selection, awesome patch cards and some terrific autos. Comparing UD Rookie Update to Anthology would be like comparing a VW with a Mercedes and that is a kind comparison. This is a superior product with an excellent price point and lots of bang for the buck.

  2. I really like the idea here of inserting some of the best hits of the past year rookie class! Great product.

  3. cards look very nice – love the rivalry concept. great pulls just on the bonus packs alone! this definately makes me excited for the upcoming season… 3+ months to go, but who’s counting

  4. I really love the thought behind Anthology. I like that you are getting in some rookies that didn’t get into the other products due to issues obtaining the autographs or their debut was a little later in the season. It gives those team and player collectors the opportunity to grab those cards during their rookie season…as well as those veteran cards you had the opportunity to grab that may have been long redemptions in other products.

  5. This looks to be a very promising product and shows once again why Panini is storming ahead of the other major card companies with its innovation and determination to put the best cards in the world on the market. I am impressed with this collection as it focuses on many of the late season rookies making the NHL. It is nice that some collectors won’t have to wait till next year to get that ookie card a year too late. Kudos to Panini for delivering the goods!!

  6. You’re having too much fun with the special effects. Love it. Keep it up. Really enjoy that you guys open boxes to give us a sneek peak at the product.Thank you.

  7. Am I allowed to use the word LOVE here?? From the outside of the box…to the inside one incredible product. When I think of this product..other than the rookies…I think about the Crown Royal Rookie Silhouettes. What an amazing looking card and tremendous idea from the brilliant minds of the Panini design team. I loved the football, basketball and hockey versions of these cards. With a strong rookie class with Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Ryan Johansen, Cody Hodgson, and Adam Larsson and more this is a must have product. The bonus pack is another great idea. This product overall is a winner!

    Thanks for the bonus auto checklist as well!

  8. Great product – love the bonus pack. Is there going to be a checklist of the bonus pack cards so we can see if our favourite players have made it in there?

  9. I really like it… IMO. its like Series 2.. but better 😉 everything in this product is simple, and clean. amazing job guys 🙂

  10. Wow am I ever going to have to go a buy some of this product. The number of autos and game used cards alone is great but then you throw in a bonus pack and also the die-cut cards and the cards that have what I believe was called the pinnacle museum design and this product has a little something of everything and a little something for everyone. Great looking product. Way to go!

  11. Really like the look of this product.
    – rookie treasures are really clean, sweet looking patches an other memorbilia
    – RPA’s are just sick, great job!
    – beautiful limited phenom autos
    – maybe u will get lucky and find the luxury suite auto. Rare but really really nice!
    I think u got a winner here Panini

  12. I have been happily surprised by this product so far. I was one of the people who was originally comparing it to UD’s Rookie Update, and thought it would fizzle quickly. So far it looks good and a bonus pack never hurts.

  13. Come on guys get it right I am the hockey guy being from Montreal where it all started ….lol….I have been waiting for Hockey product and I have to say awesome start Contenders done me well,Elite,Titanium was just fanfreakintastic some really great patches and auto’s….and I just started with Rookie Anthology only busted a couple of packs and like what I had seen so far just waiting on my box……..if you would like to see some of my hits check out Panini’ home page as I posted a couple of real sweet ones…………Great stuff guy’s!

  14. I picked up three boxes of this set today LOL I actually got a Marc Staal card from one box, Jarmoir Jagr from another and the best hit has an RNH signed Jersey card 91/99. Love the set, the base set is nice crisp clean and the jersey cards are awesome.

  15. Product looks great! Bonus pack hits should be awesome. really looking forward to getting my hands on a couple boxes!

  16. I love the hits in this product, especially the bonus packthat you KNOW is going to be a hit. I saw somebody get a Lundquist jersey/stick card that made me quite jealous. I love rookie auto jersey cards, so I have a lot to love about this product, from what I’ve seen.

  17. I love that the concept with this product. Now I can get rookie cards of players like Joakim Andersson (who played for my swedish favourite team Frolunda) with the Pinnacle design. I also love the National Treasures cards which have a great and classy design. Also, the Luxury Suite cards looks great as last year, with some incredible stick pieces!

  18. The concept of the idea is truly clever because of the NHL’s rules on rookie cards. A lot of the designs do bore me though because they have already been created in previous products. But none the less, I think it works for this product. The never before made cards are interesting for the product and might help aide in the interest of adding a few different products back on store shelves. I might buy a box of this product but I am eagerly awaiting the release of Prime and Dominion. Thank You for putting out products at a price point friendly to most collectors, Panini!

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