PPI Special Report: Skyrocketing Values of Key 2011 Panini Preferred Basketball Cards

Last week we brought the first of what's sure to be many fun-filled segments of what we call the Weekly Panini Price Index (PPI for short). As this segment continues to evolve, we couldn't help but turn your attention to the astronomical dollar values that 2011-12 Panini Preferred Basketball continue to yield after only a few short weeks on the market.

Last week we brought the first of what’s sure to be many fun-filled segments of what we call the Weekly Panini Price Index (PPI for short). As this segment continues to evolve, we couldn’t help but turn your attention to the astronomical dollar values that 2011-12 Panini Preferred Basketball continue to yield after only a few short weeks on the market.

Description: https://paniniamerica.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifAt $200 per box, Preferred Basketball boasts four high-end cards — three blind-wrapped autograph cards and one six- to eight-swatch memorabilia booklet card. Assuming collectors bought and paid for a box at full SRP, some are realizing more than 2,000 percent returns on investment from the sale of just one card.

The Crown Royale Silhouettes Auto Patch cards continue to explode with cards regularly selling for more than $1,000. The top seller among this cream-of-the-crop insert is an inscribed Derrick Rose Silhouette Prime Swatch Auto numbered 1/1 which sold for $4,000. The Panini’s Choice Award insert has posted staggering sales, too – three Kobe Bryant autograph cards have sold for more than $3,000 apiece.

Several factors are at play for driving these high prices, according to Panini America Product Development Manager Keith Hower. “The goal with Preferred Basketball was not just to deliver content, but to deliver great-looking cards and an enjoyable opening experience,” Hower said. “The entire Panini America team stepped up on this one, from photo selection to prepress to design to acquisitions. The end result is a testament to a solid team. The cards look great, and now we’re seeing that translated through the secondary market.”

For more on the lofty prices being paid for Preferred in recent weeks, check out this post from our friends at Cardboard Connection.

Enough from us, we’ll let the gallery and staggering dollar amounts do the talking.


25 Replies to “PPI Special Report: Skyrocketing Values of Key 2011 Panini Preferred Basketball Cards”

  1. Not a surprise given the exceptional quality and value from the product, The booklet cards have been going at a good clip too, especially the prime variations. Excellent job!

  2. I love Panini Preferred!!!! My daughters and I have opened 8 or 9 boxes so far and we LOVE the design, the content and the auto checklist. We havent pulled a Kobe or Durant auto yet(our fav players) but you can bet will we keep on trying. We cant wait for the next Panini NBA release!! That would be “Past & Present” right? Panini’s #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Got 2 patches. Mark Eaton and Ed Davis. The high numbered ones are hard to find. Got myself 8 nice booklets i hope they go up in price but it looks like the patch auto cards are gonna get highest value.

    1. With that said i may have to save ip my money and buy a case of this diring black friday. Try my luck unless all the good cards get taken LOL

  4. I sold the Kevin Durant Patch Auto 3/5 for $2,700 and a Defence Book Card 3/3 for $540. Incredible product and insane return. I bought 10 boxes and almost tripled my return. Are you listening Upper Deck what a great product should be like. Collectors are not asking for double on their return but at least give some hope to collectors. The Cup should give collectors hope but this year’s product was horrible.

    1. It’s called luck, if you didn’t pull the 1 Durant you wouldn’t have 3x your return. Most people are lucky if they get 1/2 their money back on any break.

  5. Loving the look of this series. Gotta love the Avery card that sold on ebay. Once upon a time it was a lot easier to get his cards for my collection. Its getting harder and harder as more people jump upon the bandwagon!

    1. You didnt lose 1300. You just didnt get a big hit. Total value of cards including the booklets is roughly 2000 bucks which is the value of the case. If every card was on average 20 bucks which the lowest priced card is 15 bucks in BV and rising, youd have 900 dollars of card value, lucky for you prices are going up and the booklets are 30-250 dollars in BV each, depending on players and print run. So With your 30 cards and 10 booklets you got around 1500 hundred bucks card value, probably more but you are probably downplaying your break. You are just unhappy that you didnt get a 1/1 Kobe lol

  6. What is my card worth it’s panini it’s triple signed by three rookies paul George, cole Aldrich, Xavier henry let me know

  7. I pulled a DECADE booklet with Kobe, Pippen, Penny, T-Mac, Pierce, Carter, Iverson and Nash numbered 1/10 all prime patches. Wonder what thats worth. Havent seen one anywhere else yet

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