Some Cards are About to Get Wild in Panini America’s New 2020 XR Football

Panini America’s new 2020 XR Football drops today in hobby shops across North America and while there are any number of aspects in the product sure to make collectors go wild, there’s one in particular — of an unannounced variety — that might be just a tad more mysterious. In fact, early rippers of the product may already be decoding the mystery.

Indeed, randomly inserted throughout 2020 XR Football are Wild Card Points cards that must be redeemed before collectors know exactly how many points they’re holding. Point values are randomly distributed across the run but know this: Point values within the Wild Card Points program range from 150 to 15,000 — but there’s only one way to find out.

There are some traditional Rewards Points cards included in 2020 XR Football as well.


2 Replies to “Some Cards are About to Get Wild in Panini America’s New 2020 XR Football”

  1. Please lower the prices on your online products so that the trickle down effect to retail will stop. These people are committing three simultaneous crimes at retail stores all over the country – loitering in the store, stalking the card distributors (literally into the parking lots) and committing unemployment fraud. They spend all day following the card distributors from store to store but are supposed to be actively looking for work.

    I haven’t opened a new blaster of basketball products since the end of February, because I can’t find any anywhere. I can’t compete with them.

    You can directly change this if you are willing to listen to actual collectors, not just hoarders who are flipping your retail products for substantial markups.

    Happy to discuss in more detail and would really appreciate a followup.

    Thank you!

  2. After having gotten these rewards “vouchers” in more boxes than I care to share-replacing a “hit”, I cannot say I am a fan of the new format. Perhaps if you raised the minimum to 1000 points, I might care more or at least be a little more positive.. Most I ever got was 600 points, which won’t get you a helluva lot in the rewards store. Lots of 150 point code cards over the years. When I call in about really old redemptions, your customer service often offers rewards points, but personally they aren’t worth it. I’d rather wait a year for my KJ Hamler Prizm autos from March/April 2020 to show up.

    I also agree with RJ above/below about retail. My daughter works at Target part time and she has told me how her manager had gotten into verbal altercations with people about “where’s the product in the back” after filling their shopping carts full of just put out product (Topps, Panini, etc). She says that people often get handed boxes from the distributor as he is putting them on the shelves and invariably, all product is gone within minutes of the guy showing up. NO product left for the casual fan or kid.

    I dunno, losing my interest in the hobby lately (collector since 1979). New boxes seem to cost 2-3x as much as they did just 1-2 years ago, but my salary (yes I am thankful to have a job in this pandemic) certainly isn’t 2-3x what it was a few years ago.

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