Spoiler Alert: Panini America Knows What's in the Cards for Peyton Manning

One day, the Denver Broncos are front runners. The next, it's the Arizona Cardinals. But the Tennessee Titans are still alive. And, just maybe, the Miami Dolphins have a chance, too. The Houston Texans are allegedly out, but no one knows for certain at this point.

UPDATE: Monday morning several news outlets reported that Peyton Manning picked the Denver Broncos. ESPN’s Adam Schefter Tweeted out that Manning called John Elway to notify him of the decision and that he has informed the other teams he was going to the Broncos. 
UPDATE: Friday was a busy day in Manning Mania. Just two days after the NFL world was convinced Peyton Manning was going to end up in Tennessee following more than eight hours of meetings with the Titans, seemingly everyone in the Denver Broncos’ organization flew to North Carolina for a follow-up meeting with Manning and to work him out. It was also revealed on Friday that Manning had already worked out for the 49ers earlier in the week, adding a dark-horse contender in the Manning sweepstakes.
One day, the Denver Broncos are front runners. The next, it’s the Arizona Cardinals. But the Tennessee Titans are still alive. And, just maybe, the Miami Dolphins have a chance, too.

Indeed, seemingly every day in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes — one of the biggest free agent stories in NFL history — generates a juicy new headline.
For the record, Manning reportedly met with the Titans’ brass today on the heels of last week’s well-publicized visits with the Broncos and Cardinals. In the meantime, I managed to secure a clandestine face-to-face meeting of my own, with Panini America prepress guru Robert Greinke, in an attempt to extract a little levity from all this Manning mania.
Ultimately, Manning’s high-profile meetings will net the same result as my meeting with Greinke already has: The four-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion will be playing for a team other than the Indianapolis Colts in 2012. And we have the football card evidence below to prove it.
Greinke crafted the following four fantasy football cards — one each depicting Manning with his most likely destinations — using Panini America’s 2012 Prestige Football design. One thing’s for certain: One of these four cards will be arguably the most coveted single card of the summer.
WARNING: The following football card images are graphic. Seeing Manning in a new uniform after 14 seasons with the Colts can be quite jarring.
After you’ve appreciated the gallery, vote in the poll to tell us which team you’d prefer Manning sign with.

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19 Replies to “Spoiler Alert: Panini America Knows What's in the Cards for Peyton Manning”

  1. I have trouble seeing PMann anyplace but a warm weather city with talent at the skill positions, and Arizona seems to be a good fit. The sole drawback being…any NFC Championship would come at Eli’s expense. I wonder if Miami has enough pieces and promise to lure Peyton, in what is essentially “Montana Redux” Great debate!

  2. Nice work. Although I think he is headed to Arizona, I have to say the card in the Denver uniform has the most visual appeal. I wouldnt print any of these just yet.

  3. Is this really the design for Prestige 2012!Stunning! Dont want him in tenn. He will kill my Jake Locker Plates and Patches rookie jersey auto. Denver has Tebow Time (sorry Tracy) and I feel bad for Miami. They need someone..anyone! Without Brandon Marshall and no talent at WR and the WRs in the free agency drying up..well and Arizona has Kolb. so I guess Miami would be my suitor for him even though I bet Tenn will get him.

  4. You need to add a fifth option to the poll for Colts fans: it’s not Indianapolis so I don’t really care. Or something to that effect. Nice concept though!

  5. I’m a Giants fan and as much as I would like to see Peyton face off against his brother, I think I would regret that so am hoping he either goes to Miami or Tennessee. He actually looks best in a Dolpins uni and would make Marino proud!!

  6. #18 is retired in Denver. He will have to go #16 if he goes to Denver. Come on Panini, do your homework.

  7. So we can get airbrushed photos of Peyton Manning in a Broncos jersey but Panini cant get Kyrie Irving in a Cavs uniform for any of the 5 NBA base sets this year?

  8. Another thing, not only is #18 retired in Denver, but they will not be wearing the blue jerseys next year. They are going with Orange as there home jersey.

  9. Not to be a buzz kill, but check the spacing between the dots and the team name. The one on the right is space but the one on the left is not. Just helping out.

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